The Dynamics within Agility.

Paul Hobcraft

The number of helpful reports, observations and suggestions are constant and becoming overwhelming to translate effectively. After working through a number the one that held my attention and has become central to my thinking to take organizational practices forward was provided by a recent report from McKinsey “ How to create an agile organization ”. Agility for me is vital, it allows us to increasingly be adaptive in an uncertain world.

Agile 122

Meeting the Agile and Hybrid challenge with One2Team


In this example, the PMO has a view of all projects and can track agile transformation over time by comparing the number of projects carried out by methodology. Agile or even Hybrid projects (half Waterfall, half Agile) are still poorly represented because they often operate in silos!

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Here’s Your Agile Track Recap from Accelerate

Planview Blog

On the jam-packed agenda were several presentations, customer stories, and roundtable discussions aimed at supporting Agile leaders at all levels of the organization. Becoming Agile and Beyond. How to Build High-Performing Agile Teams. Why Agile Transformations Fail.

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The Agile Manifesto Re-examined

The Future Shapers

Recently, Per-Magnus Skoogh (co-founder of Agile Extreme) invited me to meet Arie van Bennekum. Arie is one of the co-authors of the Agile Manifesto that was written by 17 independent thinkers in February of 2001 at a ski resort in Utah, USA. Agile as an umbrella.

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New report on gaining the ability for cloud agility

BPI Thought Leadership Media Coverage

The BPI Network has launched a new report entitled& Gain the Ability for Cloud Agility: Assessing Enterprise Capacity to Embrace a Multi-Cloud Strategy, which examines the growing shift of enterprises to a cloud-first IT strategy

Planbox Acquires Imaginatik Creating an Agile Innovation Powerhouse


Planbox, the pioneering provider of AI-Powered Agile Innovation Management software, and Imaginatik, the #1 ranked leader in Corporate Innovation Management according to Forrester Research, will join forces to seize on the innovation boom. Going forward, Planbox and Imaginatik will combine their solutions to create a best of breed agile innovation management solution. Planbox was quickly recognized as a Leader by Forrester in the Innovation Management Wave Report in 2016.

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Agility Levels the Playing Field. Anticipation Changes the Game.

Daniel Burrus

To jump ahead with both confidence and lower risk, you will need more than agility. Agility. Agility serves an important role helping companies react quickly to unforeseen change. The biggest advantage to an agile organization is that they can react faster than their slower competitors. Did the people who came up with the innovative, billion-dollar idea for Uber or Airbnb use agility? Agility without learning to Anticipate has trouble doing that.

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Agile Learners are ideal for Innovation

Guide 4 Innovating

Agility holds a special interest for me. I named my consulting business Agility Innovation Specialists and constantly am looking to emphasize that agility is really important to managing innovation. If you want to read more from their report here is the link. My takeaways from this: “Learning agility is a reliable indicator of potential for leadership roles. The discussion of these seven profiles I will leave for the downloadable report to outline.

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Agile Sprint: how it brings efficiency to your business


Agile practices transform business in multiple directions, providing powerful models of product and service creation, project management, and much more. In this article, you will understand what agile practices are, what benefits this approach offers to your company. You’ll also understand how Sprint’s approach, derived from Agile, can boost results. What are Agile Practices. More agility. Agile

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Scaled Agile Framework: what is and how it works


SAFe is an agile framework for development that has been gaining a lot of prominence among developers and managers of software projects. Acronym of Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe is an agile development framework that provides a simple and lightweight experience for the team as it is divided into three segments: Time, Program, and Portfolio. One of the most difficult elements of agile philosophy is scaling. Want to understand more about agile practices? Agile

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The UX Professionals’ Guide to Working with Agile Scrum Teams

Boxes and Arrows

The adoption of Agile software development approaches are on the rise across our industry, which means UX professionals are more likely than ever to support Agile projects. Many UX professionals seem stymied by the challenge of effectively integrating UX within an Agile development framework –but there are others in our field who have encountered the same problems yet are finding effective solutions. Frequent communication outside of standard agile interactions.

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5 Key Trends from Deloitte’s 2021 Global Human Capital Trends Report

Deloitte’s latest 2021 Global Human Capital Trends Report makes the compelling argument that organizations need to shift from a “survive” mindset to a “thrive” mindset.

3 Business Innovation Reports You Must Read Right Now

Innovation Excellence

The following business innovation reports cover three core elements that consistently prove important to success: developing a certain kind of company culture; the connection between data, legislature, challenges, and opportunities; and finally, emerging business trends that continuously impact enterprise innovation programs.

Global Project Portfolio Management Software Report 2017-2021


Global project portfolio management software market report 2017-2021. Following the publication of the report: Global Project Portfolio Management Software Market 2017-2021, Bubble are pleased to announce that they have joined Technavio’s list of Prominent PPM Software Vendors. Global project portfolio management software market report 2017-2021 . An increasing focus on analytics and agile practices. •

Top Takeaways from the 2019 Innovation Trends Report

Review what you need to know from the 2019 Innovation Report released by Stanford Professor Bret Waters. Image taken from the 2019 Innovation Trends Report. In the 2019 Innovation Trends Report , Stanford University Professor Bret Waters looked at disruptive innovation at some of the largest companies in the world and how their executive teams are driving it on. Learn more about this report and the top takeaways from it below. Top Takeaways from the Report.

The problem of scaling can confuse those innovating.

Paul Hobcraft

Those of dealing with greater ambiguity, of building in the needs of agility, higher levels of flexibility, curiosity and the willingness to explore and experiment and take increasing risk. It needs to be more agile and flexible. The problem of scaling can confuse those innovating and can this be changed? I have been often returning to scaling struggling with finding the best answers. Many organizations struggle with scaling.

Report 177

Inspiring Agile Ways of Working: How Design Sprint mindsets help organisations get comfortable with agile ways of working

But if you’re trying to behave in a more agile way, mindsets need to change. If you’re given an urgent report in a seemingly impossible time limit, somehow you make it happen. If you want to inspire more agile ways of working, don’t just tell people about it – help them live it and experience it. It’s easy to get stuck in our ways. We’re only human. But if transforming business is the goal, it requires completely new ways of working. Not just for some, but for everyone.

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Report: Shift to Multi-Cloud Architectures Requires New Data Management Approaches

BPI Thought Leadership Media Coverage

The BPI Network has launched a new report entitled Gain the Ability for Cloud Agility: Assessing Enterprise Capacity to Embrace a Multi-Cloud Strategy, which examines the growing shift of enterprises to a cloud-first IT strategy

Increasing innovation focus on the end-user segments within the energy transition story

Paul Hobcraft

The share of Renewable power is expected to rise to 85% by 2050 (source: Irena 2018 “Global energy transformation report”). How will it be designed and operated, to help in gaining from the new innovative solutions emerging, ones that utilize and deploy decentralized storage, smart grid designs in transmission, in distribution, to advance commercial and industrial solutions that can lead to new energy solutions that provide increased flexibility, agility, and adaptability.

No Company deserves to survive with apathy in its future

Paul Hobcraft

Following on the heels of reading and then reviewing reports from Accenture on how US big business was treating their innovation as left to chance in cloudy execution, it felt not so good for my beliefs that we were actually not making progress. Then I reviewed Deliottes report on how leadership within Boardrooms is being disrupted and equally struggling to get their ‘collective heads’ around disruption and how innovation can, or cannot , dig them out of the threats they are facing.

How law firms can take governance seriously in today’s changing work environment


Those clients will each have preferred systems for project management, so law firms need the ability and agility to support all of them,” he explains. Here firms can automatically pull out key legal project details as well as documents from the DMS – task assignment, deadlines and reports – and of course sync them in securely. Blog blog IP portfolio dashboard IP reporting

Rethinking the measuring of innovation

Paul Hobcraft

Developing the agility to quickly react to changes, effective and decisive intent. Polymers hidden assets for innovation intangible capital integrated reporting for organizations intellectual capital measurement of innovation. I’m a little tired of the lack of original thinking that goes into measuring innovation. Most trot out the same old chestnuts, including ‘return on investment’ as always, as near or at the top.

Report 147

The Trifecta of Innovative Project Portfolio Management


When it comes to the trifecta of innovative Project Portfolio Management (PPM), PPM, Continuous Innovation and Agile come together to create a complete framework for innovation success. This is where Agile comes in. Agile – The Soda.

Are you curious? Is your organization?

The Human Factor

In a survey conducted of more than 3,000 employees from a wide range of firms and industries, only about 24% reported feeling curious in their jobs on a regular basis, and about 70% said they face barriers to asking more questions at work. Hire for curiosity and learning agility.

Top 5 Digital transformation use cases for the BFSI industry


“Digital banking,” “super apps,” “hyper-personalization,” “customer experience,” and “agility” — are the terms redefining the BFSI industry today. Infusing agility in banking operations with legacy system modernization.



Our aim is to make c orporate learning agile, by making gamification accessible, and scalable to everybody, across all time zones, modalities, geographies, and technologies.

Solve the Real Problem with Exponential Thinking

Daniel Burrus

Overnight, teachers, office executives, and many other white-collar jobs turned remote while doctors, nurses, and other service industry professionals reported to new on-site tasks, labeled as essential workers and sent to the front lines to wage this terrible battle against an invisible enemy.

A Model for Dual Corporate Innovation Management

Tim Kastelle

Do executives with responsibility for explorative innovation report to the CEO/executive management, or to another line executive responsible for today’s business? Exploration-oriented initatives are anchored in a dedicated exploration unit, headed by a “chief explorer” who reports to the CEO – just as the business unit leaders. It requires integration of optimization and adaptation by means of an operationally embedded, agile organizational structure.



Where organisation, leaders, and teams can increase speed, agility and improve simplicity and strategically generate new ways of tapping into the power of, and harnessing, and mobilizing people’s collective intelligence.

Are you playing to win…to achieve excellence?

The Human Factor

Instead of presenting your vision of winning like a quarterly financial report, make it come alive! Strategic Agility Using Your Brain winning destination modeling goals Holly G. Green Pause-Think-Focus Science of Thinking strategic agility The Human Factor Using Your Brain to Win



Where, according to the recent Ideascale “Crowd Sourced Innovation Report 2021” “ crowdsourced innovation capabilities have grown and innovation output indicators like implementation rate and time to implement have improved.

Aligning Organizations for Digital Innovation

Innovation Excellence

They have recently published their findings in a report, titled Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Future. Build Capability Change Culture & Values Digital Innovation Leadership People & Skills Strategy Technology Adaptability agility change management collaboration digital Digital Culture Digital Innovation Digital Leadership Digital Skills digital strategy Digital Talent digital transformation Innovation Management organization design technology Three Horizons



Speed Up Reporting. No matter what your business, you can’t get away from reporting. You can then export expense reports to gain essential insight into how much you’re spending and what you’re spending money on… and that’s just one example. By taking an agile approach.

Upskilling to drive growth in the new economy


According to the World Economic Forum – Jobs of the Future Report , the Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating demand for millions of new jobs, with vast new opportunities for fulfilling people’s potential and aspirations.

Social Networks and Big Data: the best strategy for getting to know your customers


The results are reports and indexes that support decision-making processes. Be agile: when implementing disruptive technologies, many obstacles can arise, including some that no one imagined initially. Download our 2021 Business Trends Report now, and keep advancing your knowledge!

Startup Engagement in Corporate Innovation

Integrative Innovation

Little have released an interesting report, titled “ The Age of Collaboration “ The study does a good job in synthesizing the global state of play of corporate-startup collaboration and latest findings on success requirements for its implementation. Without further ado I’d like to share some of the report’s key findings and visuals at a glance. For (worthwile) details, please delve into the report PDF. Recently, Match-Maker Ventures and Arthur D.

How Small Business Puts Diversity to Work

Business and Tech

With a reported 10 million unfilled U.S. Amassing an array of perspectives and talents helps cover individual weaknesses and blind spots, and cultivates workforce agility and adaptability.

Agile 207

One2Team and Sciforma Recognized in 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Product Portfolio Management as a Representative Vendor!


according to this report. In this new report, One2Team and Sciforma are both Recognized as Representative Vendors in Product Portfolio Management! They are also adapted to project management in agile mode, which implies a capacity for change and continuous improvement.

Are You Stuck in A Leadership Bubble?

The Human Factor

< [link] > In this survey of 300 C-level executives and their teams, more than two-thirds reported that their teams often seem to operate as though they are stuck in a bubble, seemingly cut off from their organizations and the real world. decision making destination Leadership Performance Excellence performance management Strategic Agility/Planning strategic plan Your Brain.

The Right Way to Do Lean Research

Boxes and Arrows

Sure, you can learn things just by chatting with your users, but too often what you’ll get is a combination of bug reports, random observations, feature suggestions, and other bits and bobs that will be very difficult to act on. Discovery, Research, and Testing Special topic: Agile/Lean UX StartX , a nonprofit startup accelerator, recently devoted an entire day to the role of design in early-stage companies.


Nine Questions CEO’s Should Ask About Innovation

Gregg Fraley

There are great frameworks and tools out there for innovation projects, like Design Thinking, Agile, Lean, and blended processes. But research and insight departments typically don’t invent , they report. Or do they hand off their report and forget about it? Nine Questions CEO’s Should Ask About Innovation. Tell me what I should be thinking about.” The man asking, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, was dead sincere. We were at a social event.

Employee Engagement 2015: Not Much Has Changed

The Human Factor

reporting a strong sense of engagement. agility Communications destination employees growth and development leaders and managers Leadership winning Architect of Pause Holly G. Green Pause-Think-Focus strategic agility The Human Factor Using Your Brain to WinDo you have an engaged, committed workforce? How do you know? Here’s one way to find out. Each year, Gallup surveys a broad base of employees on this issue.

How To Drive and Sustain Innovation With Learning and Development Training


According to the 2019 L&D report from, companies with growing revenue are 3x more likely to predict an increase in their L&D budget. Agile Training Breeds Innovation. Is your organization struggling to keep up with the innovation demands in your sector?