Steps to Design Thinking in Practice

Are you interested in learning about the steps of design thinking so you can take action on applying the process? What is design thinking ? Steps in the Design Thinking Process. There are many frameworks or processes for design thinking that are used today.

How to Run a Virtual Design Thinking Project with Remote Teams

In this guest post, learn how to effectively implement a virtually-led design thinking project. Design thinking is a hot topic for business these days, and it’s no surprise. Doing Design Thinking With Remote Teams (Well) Isn’t Easy. Design Thinking

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Design Thinking & Human-Centered Design in Medical Devices & Pharma

Examples of design thinking and human-centered design in the medical devices and pharmaceutical industries. What is design thinking and human-centered design? Take a closer look at design thinking and human-centered design on our blog.

What is Mural and How to Use Mural for Design Thinking

Discover how this innovation tool can be used for your design thinking workshop or design sprint. One of these ideation and visualization tools was Mural. We’ve also featured on our list of top design thinking software tools.

Learning Design Thinking By Design Doing

Rmukesh Gupta

I was invited by the organising team of the Society for Technical Communication’s India chapter conference to introduce the concepts of Design thinking to the participants. Innovation Design Thinking DT introduction to design thinking STC what is design thinking

11 Templates for Brainstorming

These top ideation and brainstorming templates from Miro can be used with your team remotely or in the same room. Interested in templates for brainstorming that you can even use with a team online? In this guide we will share some of the most popular brainstorming frameworks.

To Innovate: Learn, Scaffold, Ideate

Gregg Fraley

It may seem like an obvious connection, but when I made the “innovation is learning” statement at a recent presentation — thinking everyone would agree — I got a room full of raised eyebrows. So, let me explain my thinking. This done before ideation.

Fast Company’s Brainstorming Fail

Gregg Fraley

Fast Company Article “Brainstorming is Dumb” Misses the Point. Brainstorming, Done Properly, Is Not a Tool, It’s A Multi-Step Process. And yet another major publication publishes a misleading article about brainstormingBrainstorming is Dumb.

Seven Ways to Prepare for Effective Brainstorming

Gregg Fraley

Prepare, Then Brainstorm. Most brainstorming doesn’t work. The literature bashing brainstorming is extensive. I’m going to focus on one problem with brainstorming in this post: lack of preparation. Use Diverse Springboards to Scaffold Thinking.

Design Thinking is Hard on the Brain

Michael Roberto

In a new article published in Research-Technology Management ( When Cognition Interferes with Innnovation: Overcoming Cognitive Obstalces to Design Thinking ), my colleague Allison Butler and I offer one plausible explanation for why many individuals struggle with the design thinking process. We argue that design thinking is "hard on the brain." During the ideation stage of the design thinking process, fixation becomes a significant problem.

How to Run a Good Brainstorming Session

Rmukesh Gupta

Last week I was invited to run a Design thinking experiential workshop for the STC conference in Bangalore. I am sure that everyone of us, me included, have at one point or other, been invited to join in a brainstorm to come up with ideas to solve a given problem. As a design thinking coach, I end up facilitating a lot of such brainstorms as it is one of the core steps in the problem solving approach. Think about it.

Ideation: Anatomy of a New Product Idea


Ideation: Anatomy of a New Product Idea. Brainstorming. Brainstorming is a concept generally known. Which is why we’re proponents of Design Thinking (DT). These will surface in statements that start like “I believe…” or “I think…”.

Seven Facilitation Fails

Gregg Fraley

They may know frameworks, like Design Thinking or Agile, and a few tools, but very few have the extensive training and experience at hands-on facilitation required to make a difference. There are specific tools for visioning, problem framing, and ideation etc.

How to innovate in complex environments?

Board of Innovation

Design Thinking, again? By now, everyone has heard of design thinking and even debating whether or not it is already outdated. Well let me tell you, there are still many companies out there using design thinking methodologies successfully and organizations that have never even explored its benefits. design thinking Innovation charity Complex environments Hybrid Brainstorming Ideation New Services Wheel Tools

Creativity Is Where Innovation Starts

Gregg Fraley

Creative Thinking Can Be Trained. I’m also a bit weary of chasing or developing the latest, greatest, and most sophisticated tool for ideation. I think I need the mental equivalent of a shot of wheatgrass. Their creative thinking solves complex problems.

GFi Innovation — Fall Training Course Schedule

Gregg Fraley

Innovation Intensive, Beyond Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a popular framework that is viewed as best practice, but it’s only part of the solution. Brainstorming done effectively, more ideas, better ideas, and powerful tools for amping and refining ideas.

Digital Technology MoshPit

Gregg Fraley

It’s designed to uncover unlikely, but useful, combinations of technologies, products, services, trends, and insights that lead to breakthrough innovation. The customized session design and associated proprietary tools in Digital MoshPit are only available through GFi.

What is Miro and How to Use Miro for Virtual Collaboration

One such tool is Miro , who we feature on our design thinking software guide. Miro is a digital “whiteboard” platform that can make it easy to brainstorm and collaborate with members of your team or innovation program. Design Thinking Innovation

4 Ways to Amplify Digital Innovation in 2018

Gregg Fraley

How do you integrate all this new fancy stuff into strategy and ideation to create actual projects? Innovating with digital technology requires a blended approach, truly diverse teams, training, and new ideation methods. Learn 4 Ways to Amplify Digital Innovation in 2018.

Why Do Some Brainstorming Sessions Suck?


9 BAD HABITS TO BREAK FOR BETTER IDEATION Time flies, seasons change, and before you know it, the annual barrage of articles trashing the validity of brainstorming is once again upon us. To argue that brainstorming doesn’t work is to simply ignore the thousands of amazing ideas and innovations that came to the world as a result of countless sessions of collaborative creativity that was, for all intents and purposes, brainstorming. Brainstorming is similar in that way.

Top Human-Centered Design Resources

Discover our guide to human-centered design books, articles, tools, and other resources. One up-and-coming innovation framework is human-centered design, an approach centered around the end user and their unique problems and needs. What is Human-Centered Design?

Innovation MoshPit

Gregg Fraley

It’s my contention that a lot of breakthrough innovation is left on the table because not enough thinking work is done to combine well known, if very disparate, concepts. The scaffolding for mash-up thinking in the IdeaKeg framework is a necessary factor in any complex concept blend.

GFi Innovation Public Training Course

Gregg Fraley

It includes an overview of key frameworks ( Design Thinking, Agile, Lean, TRIZ, Synectics, Stage-Gate, CPS ) and their essential tools. How to plan and execute training, ideation, strategy, and brainstorming sessions. Innovation Intensive .

Training is an Innovation Accelerant II

Gregg Fraley

Inexperience in: the kind of divergent thinking necessary to innovate, in specific meeting behaviors and facilitation skills, and in innovation process, approaches and frameworks. You need focused imaginative, divergent, visioning, strategic, and conceptual thinking.

Best practices: How to facilitate a virtual workshop?


This is the time for any organization to involve people to think together and share ideas, engage and progress collaboratively?—?even These tips are from more than 500 remote collaboration and ideation workshops we have facilitated virtually. Ideation, 4. VIRTUAL IDEATION.

Affinity Diagram Template

During the ideation and brainstorming process, exploring as many ideas as possible and collaborating together with your team is key. Virtual innovative teams can easily collaborate online using a design thinking software tool like Miro.

How a (crowdsourced) idea becomes a product


But that campaign, and other ideation campaigns like it, didn’t require any creative problem solving. To gather new ideas, his team traditionally holds brainstorms, listens to end users and talks with cross functional teams. That approach reflects a design-thinking methodology.

Colorado Innovation Training

Gregg Fraley

Essentially this is intensive, hands-on workshop that trains people in innovation frameworks, and tools for strategy, ideation, research, and project management. I’ll touch on topics like innovation frameworks (including Design Thinking ), cycles, team formation, C hallenge Mapping , usage of trends and research, idea generation or brainstorming techniques, idea or concept development, usage of story and improvisation, and more.

What is Conceptboard?

This visual collaboration workspace is being used for innovation and design thinking workshops and projects. Easy to use templates to get started quickly with brainstorming, meetings, product development, and more.

Top Remote Working Software Tools to Innovate & Collaborate

We’ve compiled this “meta-list” from looking at the software tools that were recommended again and again from 30 different innovative designers, collaborators, and facilitators who were posting their own lists of recommended software and online tools in our social networks. Online Whiteboarding, Ideation, & Collaborative Visualization. Create diagrams, brainstorm topics and ideas, and facilitate more impactful meetings and workshops.

Gregg Fraley - Untitled Article

Gregg Fraley

“Innovation Intensive, beyond Design Thinking” Public Course* With Master Trainer Gregg Fraley. Innovation Intensive, beyond Design Thinking is comprehensive in its approach and provides compelling methods, insights, tools, and stories from master trainer, Gregg Fraley.

Creative Problem Solving Workshop

Creative problem solving is an innovation framework focused around better ideation and brainstorming sessions. We build a customized sequence of activities for you and your participants to get better at ideation and implementation through the CPS process.

Creative Problem Solving Techniques Training

One such approach is creative problem solving, a methodology focused on divergent thinking. Conventional thinking is countered with looking at the problem in a different way. . Divergent and convergent thinking must be balanced – know when to practice each one.

Are We Taking the “U” Out of UX?

Boxes and Arrows

What is a UX designer? Some excerpts: Work with the development team to follow a user-centered design approach as you work collaboratively to brainstorm and design innovative solutions to complex problems. I think it’s a visual designer who can prototype.

Design 106

What is Lean Innovation? Components and Examples

Moves the Needle

And in practice, we combine three important ideas: design thinking, Lean Startup, and agile methodology. What is Design Thinking? Design thinking is a way of problem solving that evolved out of applying the scientific method to the process of design. In this way, lean innovation and design thinking go hand in hand. But design thinking alone is not enough. Where design thinking ends, Lean Startup begins.

3 Dimensions of Innovation: the 23 Capabilities your company needs to succeed

Idea to Value

These are the activities and skills which are required for a team to ideate, design, test, iterate and pilot a new innovation. Idea Generation: Generate creative new ideas that address the identified challenges, beyond basic brainstorming exercises.

Non monetary incentives


She loves the Betterific community, finds tremendous value in the brainstorming and connection with other members and companies. She’s encouraging us to think through rewards beyond our current roster of incentives. With our crowdsourcing, design-thinking innovation challenges, here is the rewards that winners get: -(1) Grand prize wins between $350-500. The Betterific member suggested we endorse them on LinkedIn for Design thinking, ideation and brainstorming.

Strategies for Innovating Your Workspaces

From the layout of your office to the business tools you use each day, our work environments play a key role in our ability to think critically and creatively about unexplored avenues for future success. What is the relationship between the places we work and our ability to innovate?

New Innovation products we’re working on


The Betterific platform helps brands co-create new concepts with our memberbase of design thinkers and ideation enthusiasts. Our first product was our ideation and brainstorming product , which connects our members with each other over new and innovative ideas.

Innovation is still being innovated - Part 2 of 2

Values Centered Innovation

In this blog, I’ll review 3 other signs that innovation is still being innovated: the transformation in how we treat innovative thinking, innovation ROI, and the innovation process itself. Design Thinking’s emphasis on empathy when determining key factors and issues is another example.

Agile 52

Digital transformation: Good ideas implemented badly or bad ideas implemented well?


Of course, we could do that – hold a brainstorming session and off we go. Focusing on people is a key factor in design thinking /human centered design. Lean startup is a suitable approach to begin the practical implementation in a streamlined way after the brainstorming.


Corporate Innovation – How To Overcome Unique Challenges


Without thinking about all of the important parts of their innovation journey out of the gate, money gets tossed at things that can best be described as “innovation theater” — showy, but ultimately useless. The core of your business is designed to identify and squash risk.

How B2B2C Drives Digitalization and the Innovation of New Business Models

Innovation 360 Group

Think of the B2B2C business model as a form of cooperative competition where the end-user experience is the primary concern and data sharing generates original market intelligence. Design firms, wholesellers, manufacturers, media companies, med tech producers, etc.

B2B 52