4 Brainstorming Exercises for Introverts


How do we make brainstorming enjoyable, valuable and fun for everyone involved? Get 4 brainstorming exercises that get everybody’s creative juices flowing. Open office spaces, coffee machine chats, and brainstorming sessions. Today we’re tackling the brainstorming beast. Inspired by how we work as a team here at Ideanote and this post by Susan Cain, we have comprised a list of 4 brainstorming designs that introverts can get behind.

Get Better Ideas with this Starter Exercise

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So before your next idea generation session try this exercise. You can refer back to it later as you run the brainstorm sessions. Share : The post Get Better Ideas with this Starter Exercise appeared first on Destination Innovation. Brainstorming and Ideation arms brainstorm exercise fluid icebreaker ideation physiology psychologyIt is well known that our physiology can affect our psychology.


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Strategic Thinking Exercises – 3 Responses to New Ideas


Strategic Thinking Exercises – 3 Responses to New Ideas. In planning how we would help these companies, we realized there were three possibilities whenever we asked people to answer a question inside our strategic thinking exercises: The answer could show their strategic thinking was in the right direction. With off-target ideas, we would say, “That’s great,” and suggest other strategic thinking exercises to re-orient them toward a better direction.

4 Strategic Thinking Exercises to Envision Future Strategy


How can you develop strategic thinking exercises to envision the future when it’s so easy to let previous experience cloud your imagination? Romano shared an important insight into the challenge of developing strategic thinking exercises to envision future strategy: “Until you drive an EV, you are colored by 135 years of going to the gas station. 4 Strategic Thinking Exercises to Envision Future Strategy. Strategic Thinking Exercise: Simulation and Role Playing.

5 Reasons Your Brainstorming Sessions are a Waste of Time

Stephen Shapiro

The traditional approach to brainstorming is wildly ineffective. Fortunately there is a better way… Brainstorming sessions are often the lifeblood of many corporate innovation efforts. Most brainstorming sessions start with ideas. Most brainstorming sessions do a poor job of thinking through the challenge. The alternative: Instead of starting brainstorming sessions with idea gathering, get clear on the problem/opportunity you need to address.

Fast Company’s Brainstorming Fail

Gregg Fraley

Fast Company Article “Brainstorming is Dumb” Misses the Point. Brainstorming, Done Properly, Is Not a Tool, It’s A Multi-Step Process. And yet another major publication publishes a misleading article about brainstormingBrainstorming is Dumb. The big picture the article misses is that brainstorming is not a single tool, it’s a system. They mention Osborn in the article but don’t accept his definition of brainstorming.

How to Improve Your Next Brainstorming Session


Brainstorming sessions sound like a great idea, especially for breaking out of creative ruts, but too often brainstorming fizzles out. The main reason for this is that organizations don’t actually use any of the ideas that come out of brainstorming sessions. When that happens, people go into brainstorming sessions feeling they’re about to engage in a time-wasting exercise. The key is to have the right brainstorming tools in your kit.

How Can You Make Your Next Brainstorming Session Rock

Rmukesh Gupta

Start your brainstorming session by playing a game that requires creativity. Get them to exercise (mild) – it could even be just laughter therapy. Ideation and brainstorming is very serious business. You will get the most out of your brainstorming sessions if you have identify and involve a coach or a moderator. Brainstorms are used to come up with ideas to solve a specific problem or find a creative solution for someone to perform better than they already do.

Strategic Planning Exercises – 6 Ways to Organize Lists of Ideas


We have been working with a client that had done a lot of strategic planning exercises about a new initiative. Taking a look at the list, we started trying different approaches to arrange the big list of ideas from their strategic planning exercises into sensible groups to help stimulate progress. 6 Ways to Organize Ideas from Strategic Planning Exercises. Do you ever get stuck with a big list of items and struggle to make sense of it all ?

Creative Exercises Designed for Left/Right Brain Types

Innovation Excellence

Richard Haasnoot continues his series for innovators on how to create 12 X more ideas that brainstorming. Continue reading →

Strategic Thinking Exercises – 11 Things Running through a Facilitator’s Head


From a facilitation standpoint, it was the most arduous couple of days of going through strategic thinking exercises I recall. In reality, I shared these eleven things going through my head at all times relative to the strategic thinking exercises we were using with the group: How quickly can I read the dynamics of this new group , even though I don’t have time for them to do meaningful self-introductions?

4 Steps to Supercharge Your Next Brainstorming Session


If you use the right brainstorming tools, you’re more likely to get better ideas. You know that brainstorming isn’t just thinking. What kinds of brainstorming tools can help you come up with more and better solutions? Do the right prep work with brainstorming, and you’ll reap the benefits. Most businesses have a problem in mind when scheduling a brainstorming session. Guidance brings focus to a brainstorming session.?.

Content Marketing Strategy – 5 Exercises for Audience-Oriented Topics


Small groups prepared the personas in advance by brainstorming answers to ten questions on each audience member. Here’s an overview of each of the strategic thinking exercises : 5 Content Marketing Strategy Exercises to Generate Audience-Oriented Topics. The initial exercise explored three phases of an audience member’s journey. The comprehensive list of questions each group identified became the basis for the second content marketing exercise.

Seven Ways to Prepare for Effective Brainstorming

Gregg Fraley

Prepare, Then Brainstorm. Most brainstorming doesn’t work. The literature bashing brainstorming is extensive. I’m going to focus on one problem with brainstorming in this post: lack of preparation. There is not enough mental preparation done with participants before brainstorming/idea generation sessions. Nor is there enough attention paid to planning and facilitating the exercises and stimulus in the session itself.

Online Courses to Grease the Gears of your Brain

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Advanced Brainstorming Techniques. The courses consist of a series of short lectures and a few exercises. Creativity Online courses advanced brainstorm grease the gears master lateral thinking online course six thinking hatsAs an author and trainer, I have run master classes around the world on lateral thinking and innovation. I have now created a number of online courses to help you acquire skills in these areas. Please take a look at these courses. Master Lateral Thinking.

Course 162

When Is the Right Time for Brainstorming in Strategic Planning?


When is the right time for brainstorming in strategic planning , or really any other type of planning for that matter? Brainstorming CAN make sense throughout a strategic planning process. The Right Time for Brainstorming in Strategic Planning. The way we look at it, brainstorming – or whatever you want to call trying come up with new ideas – is typically, give or take, the third step in any phase of a strategic planning process.

How Brainstorming Questions, Not Ideas, Sparks Creativity

The Inovo Group

We have all experienced brainstorming sessions. Questioning exercises seem to have more across-the-board participation. In short, coming up with a large number of questions, prioritizing them and identifying the top few questions to answer often results in better outcomes than trying to brainstorm ideas for new products or services. The post How Brainstorming Questions, Not Ideas, Sparks Creativity appeared first on Inovo.

Generate Great Ideas from a Cluster of Strangers

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We ran the following exercise. The whole exercise with ten participants took under 40 minutes. Running the exercise the way we did was quick and fruitful. Gather a cluster of strangers and share this brainstorm method. Brainstorming and Ideation brainstorm CEOs cluster of strangers group ideas innovation suggestionsI recently ran a workshop for a group of CEOs of small companies from different sectors and industries.

Know Your Brain Type and Get More Ideas

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This is another article about Quantum Idea Generation a process proven to generate at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming. Continue reading → Build Capability Cognition Creativity Uncategorized Brain Assessment Brain Exercises brainstorming ideation Quatnum Idea GenerationIn previous articles, I've addressed the first two of four Quantum Idea Generation elements – diversity and stimulus.

For Innovative Ideas try a Cluster of Strangers

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We ran the following exercise. Creativity Innovation brainstorm. I recently ran a workshop for a group of CEOs of small companies from different sectors and industries. Each person started with a blank sheet of paper on which they answered the following questions about their organization. What are your main products or services? List three or four. What are. paul sloane cluster cluster of strangers ideation proudest achievement Suggestions

BRAINSTORM TRAINING: OnSite, Online, and On-the-Fly

Idea Champions

Do the people in your organization treat invitations to brainstorming sessions like jury duty summons? Do people roll their eyes when the brainstorming is over, convinced that nothing new is going to materialize? Indeed, mastering the art of brainstorm facilitation is a kind of apprenticeship -- a transfer of tacit knowledge that is best sparked live and in-person. -- Two-hours. -- Half-day. -- One-day. -- Two-days. -- Three-days.

What PR Firms Say About Our Brainstorm Facilitation Training

Idea Champions

Idea Champions has trained quite a few PR and Marketing firms in the art and science of facilitating breakthrough brainstorming sessions. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Idea Champions' ability to quickly and effectively teach my colleagues and me how to facilitate brainstorming sessions changed the future of our business. The techniques we learned have also been built into our internal brainstorms. Our brainstorming website.

Mindfulness and Innovation


This can include meditation and yoga but also short exercises you can incorporate into your daily life. I would like to share three short exercises that can help you in a pinch. Use the remaining time you set aside for this exercise to list everything that comes to mind. This exercise can help you if there is one thing in particular that you feel is blocking your creativity. These simple exercises can help a busy mind settle down and get into a creative state.


Michael Michalko

THOUGHT EXERCISE. Articles and Techniques brainstorming business creative thinking business creativity corporate innovation create creatgive thinking creative genius creative techniques creative thinking articles creative thinking blogs creative thinking books creative thinking exercises creative thinking techniques creativity generating ideas genius getting ideas ideas incubation innovation Michael Michalko michalko perception thinkertoys thinking

Don’t Reject Radical Ideas with ‘Yes but….’

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One of the exercises on my Creative Leadership workshop runs like this. Brainstorming and Ideation amazon bezos idea institutional offbeat radical yesPeople in pairs have short conversations. In the first conversation one person makes a suggestion for something new that could be done for customers (say). The second person replies with an objection. They start their sentence, ‘Yes but….’ The first person then rebuts the objection with another sentence starting, ‘Yes but….’

To Innovate: Learn, Scaffold, Ideate

Gregg Fraley

Learning and exploration come first, then interactive exercises and tasks that have people playing with the data points, leading to concept blends and brilliant, new, fresh ideas. This might include brainstorming alone, prior to a group session. Any exercise or game that explores and produces more data points, across more domains, in multiple modalities of learning. Think activities like Mind Mapping, Improvisation Games, and other highly interactive exercises.


Michael Michalko

BRAINSTORMING BOARD. Put up a bulletin board in a central area and encourage people to use it to brainstorm ideas. You could describe the sale situation on a colored card, post it on the brainstorming board and ask people to post their ideas and suggestions. When brainstorming in a group, try dividing the group into left-brain (rational) thinkers and right-brain (intuitive) thinkers. Articles and Techniques Exercises


Michael Michalko

In traditional brainstorming groups, people suggest ideas one at a time. If a brainwriting group has 10 members, up to 10 ideas will be generated for every one generated in a typical brainstorming session of 10 members. Whereas group brainstorming involves participants shouting ideas out loud, Abrainwriting@ has people silently writing down ideas. Articles and Techniques ExercisesBRAINWRITING.

Brainwriting Template


This brainwriting exercise template can help your virtual or in person innovation teams succeed. 6-3-5 Brainwriting is a group-structured brainstorming technique that is a highly collaborative way to generate as many ideas as possible in groups within a short period of time. In this article, we’ll explore this technique and provide a resource that can help you conduct your own brainwriting exercise, whether it’s virtually or in the same room online.

For Creativity Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect


Brucks and associate professor of marketing Szu-chi Huang, regular brainstorming sessions are not likely to lead to an increase in unique ideas. There’s a reason why books like Thinkertoys exist, which is filled with many creative exercises; the brain needs to be shaken and stirred to be creative even when you’ve tried the same method again and again. According to recent research by Stanford Graduate School of Business alumna Melanie S.

Too Many Goals! Apply strategic thinking to motivate not overwhelm.

Focused Momentum

This was the question I posed to stimulate a brainstorming exercise during a recent Strategic Thinking Workshop. “What are the greatest challenges you face?”. Too many goals. We have too many goals put upon us.” Said one soft-spoken participant. Heads of the other participants nodded in agreement. And it is assumed we can deal with it.” Said another woman around the table. “I I do what I can, but I can’t take all of them seriously.”. Yikes!

Is Your Innovation Training Program All It Could Be?


Since innovation is becoming a business discipline, training must encompass much more than just the brainstorming phase of innovation. Academic training without hands-on exercises won’t make as lasting an impact. Further, the exercises should require a range of tools and techniques and emphasize collaboration. Active, hands-on training exercises in addition to academic learning. Businesses can no longer ignore innovation and hope to remain competitive.

GFi Innovation Public Training Course

Gregg Fraley

How to plan and execute training, ideation, strategy, and brainstorming sessions. There are a limited number of slots for this course in order to permit hands-on and interactive exercises. Innovation Intensive . Thursday, September 13, 2018, The Keith House, Chicago. Master Innovation Trainer: Gregg Fraley. Register Now: gregg@greggfraley.com. Course Description: Innovation Intensive is a one day, deep dive, into fundamental and advanced concepts in innovation.

Our predictions: what happened in the last 100 days?

Board of Innovation

During several exercises intrapreneurs have to brainstorm on what the future could bring to their organisation. When we run an intrapreneurship program in a large corporate, we aim to push participants out their comfort zone. Spotting emerging trends & technology is never easy. To speed up this process we’ve create a FutureScan Poster with +200 predictions. Allow me to zoom. Read More. The post Our predictions: what happened in the last 100 days?

Strategic Planning Process – Creating a Workshop to Develop Strategy


Using structure, exercises, and strategic thinking questions effectively. Strategic Thinking Exercises – 11 Things Running through a Facilitator’s Head. Structure, Exercises, and Strategic Thinking Questions. Strategic Planning Exercises – Two Types of Structure, One Works. Free Strategic Planning Exercises – 5 Warnings to Know. 9 Ideas on How to Involve a Team in Group Strategy Exercises. Fun Strategic Planning Exercises – 6 Last-Minute Ideas.

Re-thinking Innovation – the Keys for Successful Innovation Projects


Re-Thinking Innovation Keys for Successful Innovation Projects Just for a moment – let’s try a quick exercise together. There’s a pretty good chance that you picture a group of enthusiastic people gathered together, creatively brainstorming a list of new ideas. Close your eyes, and imagine an innovation project or challenge… What comes to mind?

600 Questions for a Storm of Innovation and Extreme Creativity Ideas


There are links in this eBook for 600 of the most powerful brainstorming and extreme creativity questions we use , including ones specifically tailored for innovation and creative boldness! If your creativity ideas have dried up, today is the day to download our FREE ebook, The 600 Most Powerful Strategic Planning Questions.

Silent Geniuses: Why we need more respect for the creativity of introverts

Idea to Value

Or you might even just think of the person in your business who is always the first person to come up with a seemingly great idea in a brainstorming session. Typically, a group will begin a brainstorming session recommending that everyone should feel free to share whatever ideas they can think of. Often, a small number of highly narcissistic and extroverted people will dominate brainstorming sessions.

Podcast #008 Simon Hill – How to get everyone involved in EveryDay Innovation

Idea to Value

Wazoku has grown steadily in the past few years into one of the big players in the idea management space, enabling companies to gather ideas from across the entire company and track their progress much more efficiently than with traditional brainstorming or idea suggestion schemes. Sign up now to get exclusive creativity exercises every single day and take your ability to generate ideas to the next level.

How to Get More and Better Ideas From Both Left and Right Brain People for Any Innovation Need.

Innovate2Grow Experts

In the previous blogs I have covered the following: Quantum idea generation produces at least 12 times more ideas than brainstorming. As you plan for an important innovation idea generating meeting, make sure you plan to understand the makeup of brain types in your session so that you can bring in the best idea generating exercises that best fit the brain types in the session. Conversely, if your group is 60% or more, primarily use right brain idea generating exercises.

Collaborating Without Words.


So by way of a new warm-up at last night’s Union Network event on Intercontinental Innovation , we tried a short exercise that we learned recently from Professor Jay Narayanan at IMD. The exercise is conducted as follows: Invite everybody to stand up and walk around the space. See a picture of where our group ended up towards the end of the exercise in the image above.

41 Surprising Things about Community Collaboration Done Well


In nearly every Brainzooming community collaboration workshop, we conclude with a Plus-Minus-Interesting-Recommendation-Question exercise (a PMIRQ for short). Brainstorming for technological advancements”. Effective Exercises and Process. One of best group brainstorming sessions in a long time.”. Loved the Boom / Bust exercise.”. Exercises presented to gain focus on a certain area.”. A bunch of brainstorming.”.

Innovation Dream Teams: The Secret Formula to Drive Team Success

Innovation in Practice

When you’re talking about innovation, a traditional brainstorming approach doesn’t work. If you want to generate better ideas, you have to be able to create your innovation dream team in a systematic way. . Different Roles in an innovation Dream Team .