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Episode 17 – Part 2: How to Manage Change and Create Resilient Organizations Through Innovation

IM Insights

.” The paper’s primary focus is to understand the culture and processes that enable successful corporate venturing, a critical strategy for organizations looking to thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape. External pressures from government and end-users drive organizations to change rapidly.

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Innovation Should Serve People, Not The Other Way Around

Digital Tonto

These days, innovation has become, far too often, solipsistic and self-referential, pursued for the glory of the innovators themselves rather than for the benefit of anyone else and there is increasing evidence the venture-funded entrepreneurship model is crowding out more productive investments.


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Unique Ways Successful Startups are Changing the Corporate Innovation Landscape

Idea to Value

The corporate landscape is changing drastically, and for a corporate brand to stay relevant, they must innovate in order to change with the market. Innovative entrepreneurship has taken organizational innovation to the doorstep of many corporates by facilitating the understanding of its benefits.

Change 180
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The needs of Innovation Coherence

Paul Hobcraft

They are not drawn into the need for change and its implications from an innovative perspective. ” What is specifically being deployed or recognized needs to change and to get into the necessary detail becomes essential. Alignment should be a rigorous evaluation. Pretty bad, I think? So we end up with costly failures.

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Systems Change in Social Innovation Education

The Inovo Group

Its central thesis is that we need to start thinking of innovation as a way to change complex systems rather than just attempting to ‘solve problems’, and teaching as such. Training programs offer accelerators, business plan competitions, and funding as a means of helping hopeful change agents translate their good intentions into impact.

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Envision Energy as a living, evolving community


My underlying thinking is through ecosystem thinking and design, triggering innovation engagement and activation strategies to promote innovation and change the energy transition dynamics within a community setting, offering decentralized community energy. This emotional bond can drive behaviour changes and long-term commitment.

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A Book for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Phil McKinney

It then dives into entrepreneurship and innovation and how it has changed. Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for years, this book will help you better understand what it takes to succeed in today's competitive market.