Innovating in the digital age- a terrific report

Paul Hobcraft

The report from Arthur D Little “ Innovating in the digital age- a cross-industry exploration ” has to be the one report that really stands out for me from this year. This report contributes in very helpful ways.

Report 164

A really worthwhile report on Innovation not to be missed from Innovation Leader.

Paul Hobcraft

The report provides insights from 270 innovation, R&D and strategy executives and considerable work on structuring the conclusions in highly thoughtful and valuable ways to the reader. What I do think the report is well worth you investing time to read?

Report 239

Driving Innovation in Higher Education – Insights From an LSE Report

HYPE Innovation

In response to this fast changing environment, institutions in higher education are changing too. There are a variety of forces impacting colleges and universities today: economic and demographic, financial and ideological. Even forces related to how higher education is “consumed”. Higher Education

What to Look for in an Event Reporting System


Event reporting, also known as incident reporting, got its start in aviation and healthcare, two types of organizations that are considered high-reliability organizations. Here are the features that we consider essential when evaluating event reporting solutions.

Spigit's 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report

REPORT Methodology Spigit’s 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report. The report also. Throughout the report, we share insights from this. In this report, we’ll share findings in five key areas, each. annual online survey of these companies, this report.

Creating Systemic Change In An Age Of Dwindling Cooperation

Innovation Excellence

The latest Global Risks Report from the World Economic Forum highlights the need for collective action to help tackle crises ranging from climate change to cyber attacks. Change Sustainability change climate change GovLab systemic change WEF

“Why are You Showing me That?” The Decision-Making Behind IdeaScale’s New Reporting


Over the next couple of months, IdeaScale will be rolling out a suite of new reports alongside improvements to our ability to integrate with Analytics and BI tools. — I honestly don’t want to tell you when the first mocks for reporting improvements were made here at IdeaScale.

Report 130

2017 Interbrand Breakthrough Brands [Report]

Innovation Excellence

40 brands, 7 trends, global insights: In this 2017 Interbrand Breakthrough Brands report, you'll find the 40 startups and upstarts changing the world and discover the key trends they're driving.

What do we expect from Innovation? Mostly disappointment

Paul Hobcraft

The status quo of the existing places an increasing drag on the forces of change. Two reports recently came out. Am I happy with this, no of course not but in my view “nothing can change until something does change” What do I mean by that? Will something change?

Report 208

Next-Gen Restaurant Apps Are Changing the Industry

Innovation Excellence

A recent report highlights how the restaurant industry is embracing digitization – and is increasingly dependent on digital and delivery sales. According to a report from Zacks, analysts. Change Consumer Innovation Apps restaurants

7 Takeaways for Corporate Innovation Teams from Mary Meeker's 2016 Internet Trends Report


Corporate innovation teams may have access to a wealth of resources, but just like scrappy startups they're navigating uncertainty in a rapidly changing environment.

Trends 130

Capgemini Report on Innovation Centers: Top 5 Takeaways

Planview Spigit

Here are our top 5 takeaways on innovation centers from a recent report released by Capgemini. They Even Encourage (Calculated) Risk-Taking… Innovation is risky by nature, what with it being so tied to change and predicting outcomes and ‘disrupting the status quo’.

Report 111

Global Project Portfolio Management Software Report 2017-2021


Global project portfolio management software market report 2017-2021. Following the publication of the report: Global Project Portfolio Management Software Market 2017-2021, Bubble are pleased to announce that they have joined Technavio’s list of Prominent PPM Software Vendors.

Can We Have One of These? A Product Innovation Platform

Paul Hobcraft

I have argued we do need to change the way we undertake innovation and its development. Be the disrupter that innovation actually needs to inject a sea-change of how we manage innovation and view it, as an integrated design system, all can see and work within.

10 Industries The Internet of Things Will Change Forever


As Nico Adams of CSIRO points out , with IoT companies can evolve from product businesses to service businesses that are capable of affecting real economic and social change. Here are ten industries the Internet of things will change forever: Manufacturing.

The problem of scaling can confuse those innovating.

Paul Hobcraft

The problem of scaling can confuse those innovating and can this be changed? It is being forced back in the production process to meet rapidly changing demand. The changes we are undergoing around a new strategy design play towards innovation outcomes.

Report 194

3 Open Innovation Reports You Need to Read Right Now

Planview Spigit

Read these three in-depth industry reports to find out the new rules of the collaborative economy, why the United States is leading the way in turning customer feedback into innovative products, and what challenges are soon to crop up in crowdsourcing.

Report 101

10 Red Flags That Your Change Management Program is Poor


One of the greatest challenges of helping organizations with Change Management is that they often believe they are already doing it. After all, if you have a good leadership team that communicates with employees, they must be capable of leading change.

Why Reporting is the Answer to your Prayers


At Ideanote we’ve just released our reporting feature and we’re super excited! Reporting helps you answer questions such as: Who are undercover disruptors? What if you could use reporting data to identify flaws in your innovation focus?

How To Fail At Cultural Change

The Human Factor

In my previous blog, I noted that 56% of the organizations that participated in a survey by I4CP, a human capital research firm, reported recently or currently undergoing a major cultural change. Not exactly what I would call a glowing report card for cultural change.

Will Blockchain Change How Financial Businesses Innovate?


Blockchain will change finance, even if you never buy a bitcoin. It’s far from perfect, and that’s where innovation from blockchain can change everything. The public ledger that serves to verify transactions will change finance in a host of ways.

Change 148

An Anticipatory Leader™ Turns Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage

Daniel Burrus

An Anticipatory Leader understands that technology-driven change is accelerating at an exponential rate. They have discovered the power of using the certainty of Hard Trends to give the people that report to them the confidence to make bold moves.

2019 Annual Report: A Look Back and What’s Ahead


This change has had a similarly profound impact on how people consume content. As the economics have changed from price per unit model to an unlimited subscription service, consumption patterns quickly followed suit.

Recognizing it is all about Value Creation

Paul Hobcraft

Value creation is highly dynamic, it is going on all the time and can increase, decrease or transform, in different ways, when you exploit your different capitals that will be in constant change and adjusting to reflect your organization’s business activities and eventual outputs.

Report 158

I would recommend applying the Innovation Value Proposition

Paul Hobcraft

That now seems like ages ago, and a lot has changed in how we manage innovation since then. Enables earlier and more thorough detection of problems and opportunities: so early responses reflect the continually changing environment to capture ground-breaking valuable additions.

Report 232

Is Your Organization Changing Fast Enough to Win?

The Human Factor

One of my favorite quotes from Jack Welch, the former chairman and CEO of General Electric, is, “When the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” The problem isn’t so much the rate of change, which moves faster all the time.

How Will Transportation Change in the Next Thirty Years


So what sorts of changes are we talking about? Consider, too, how changes in transportation might change the landscape where we live. And finally, one of the biggest drivers (ahem) of change in the transportation field is sustainability.

The Need for Digital Innovation Platforms

Paul Hobcraft

If you are not, then simply “click away” and certainly my best wishes by ignoring a very changing innovation world that we are all undergoing. I want to offer some thoughts that need us all involved in innovation to think about as we finish out 2018.

Report 220

How Simplification is the Key to Change

Innovation Excellence

Why are change and innovation so hard to achieve? The reality is this: we spend our days drowning in mundane tasks – meetings, emails, reports – often self-created complexities that prevent us from getting to the meaningful work that truly matters.

No Company deserves to survive with apathy in its future

Paul Hobcraft

Following on the heels of reading and then reviewing reports from Accenture on how US big business was treating their innovation as left to chance in cloudy execution, it felt not so good for my beliefs that we were actually not making progress. Innosight in this report has a great passage.

REPORT SUMMARY: The New Formula for Business Innovation

Planview Spigit

But how can you ensure that the changes you’re making, from new processes to new products, are being received how you want them to be? According to this 2015 report by Edelman , the answer is age-old: build trust. Read the full report or view the infographic.

Report Highlights Increased Open Innovation Activity


That’s one of the conclusions of the 2016 State of Innovation Report: Disruptive, Game-Changing Innovation by the Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters. To get access to the full report, click here. Open innovation is thriving.

Are People Really Afraid Of Change?

The Future Shapers

When we talk of innovation, there’s a common perception that people aren’t particularly fond of change. “The result is that groups evolve to be unresponsive to changes in their environment and spend too much time copying one another, and not making their own decisions,“ the researchers say. All of which surely supports the argument that people hate change, right? Indeed, humanity has come to be defined by its ability to change and adapt to circumstances.

Digital Factory of the Incumbent: Software of the Mind


Technological changes are one of the leading advocators to shape customer value. They are characterized by a process of social technological variations, rooted in different disciplines e.g., economics, sociology, and psychology.

Four Visions of the Future of Work


A portfolio approach to work in which people build reputational rankings with each task they complete, combining multiple income streams to allow for a career that’s self-driven, entrepreneurial, and constantly changing. With that said, I encourage you to read through the report.

Report 237