What Can We Learn About Crowdsourcing in a Pandemic from NASA?


The post What Can We Learn About Crowdsourcing in a Pandemic from NASA? Collaborative Innovation Idea Management case study communication strategy Crowdsourcing NASAWhen COVID-19 shut down the United States in 2020, everyone wanted to be a part of the solution.

How to Conquer Distance with Collaboration


As a result of their Frontline 2020 initiative, the WAP feels more connected and collaborative than ever. The kilometers between are hardly noticeable with the centralized digital meeting spot to recommend better ways of working, solutions to problems, and collaborate with fellows—regardless of physical location. To find out more about the Western Australia Police and Frontline 2020, click here to download the recent case study. Long distance relationships are never easy.


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Build Your Career by Sharing a Crowdsourced Idea


Moderators say it’s a powerful tool for employee engagement and collaboration. He says surprising things happen when you pull together a multidisciplinary group to crowdsource ideas. “It’s Stearns’ story is a great example of this sort of crowdsourced product development. It showcases how they’re thinking about crowdsourcing and innovation as part of their daily routine. The post Build Your Career by Sharing a Crowdsourced Idea appeared first on IdeaScale.

4 Companies With Jaw-Dropping Innovation Case Studies


These innovation case studies will uncover a secret weapon that your organization might not be leveraging to its fullest! Well, you can work with external networks of talent and expertise by extending your crowdsourcing efforts beyond your organization’s walls.

Webinar to Highlight Best Practices from NASA’s Internal Crowdsourcing Journey


Internal crowdsourcing can change how you do business.?. Internal crowdsourcing corrals problems, ideas, and solutions at your place of work or in your industry in one central location. Why Implement Internal Crowdsourcing? Internal crowdsourcing fosters the exchange of ideas among employees. This type of collaboration provides innovative solutions quickly, and it allows for new answers to old problems. A Role Model for Internal Crowdsourcing.

How Crowdsourcing is Shaping the Future of Digital Interaction


Crowdsourcing is quickly evolving and gaining notoriety in the business world. According to a study performed by the company Eyeka in 2014, in the past 10 years, 85% of the top global brands have used crowdsourcing efforts within their company. Interacting digitally through crowdsourcing is the quickest way this can be done. A growing service among a variety of industries, crowdsourcing is the next step for your company when it comes to extra support.

4 Myths About Crowdsourcing Innovation


You might have heard that crowdsourcing innovation is really hard to manage. Here are 4 crowdsourcing myths you’ve probably heard — and why you shouldn’t let them stop you from giving it a try. Crowdsourcing Ideas Leads to Mob Mentality. But, according to Gallup’s State of the American Workforce report , organizations experience a 240% rise in performance-related business outcomes when both customers and employees are actively contributing to collaborative innovation.

From Consumer to Collaborator: A Look at Open Innovation


The point, however, is that consumers are stakeholders in the project; their opinions have been collected, studied, and incorporated where relevant. Because it invests customers in product development, it can also be useful from a marketing perspective or if you want to use crowdsourcing, but don’t want to deal with the downsides of the entire internet having a vote on your product. The post From Consumer to Collaborator: A Look at Open Innovation appeared first on IdeaScale.

Spigit Customer Spotlight: Crowdsourcing Safety with PUSD’s InnovationU


Crowdsourcing innovation is one of today’s most powerful tools for effecting real, lasting change. It was exactly this benefit that led the Poway Unified School District of California to develop their InnovationU program, backed by Spigit , to crowdsource ideas for improving the safety and security of all students and staff district-wide. Crowdsourcing Safety Solutions from Unexpected Sources.

A Look Back at Crowdsourced Innovation in 2020


Crowdsourcing can influence innovation. According to a 2017 survey, 86% of companies who incorporate crowdsourcing in the workplace cite employee engagement as a top priority. IdeaScale has put together an infographic showing crowdsourced year-in numbers for 2020.

It’s a BatMobile! It’s a Pod Racer! It’s…the Polaris Slingshot (A Tale of Crowdsourcing Success)


But only Spigit customer Polaris has crowdsourcing to thank for the unique design of the Slingshot, their recently-released three-wheel motorcycle that’s been compared to every superhero transport in the books. Crowdsourcing a Best-Seller at Polaris. In our newest case study, the team at Polaris shares: How they took their innovation program from manual and time-consuming to turbocharged and automatic.

How NASA Leads Intrapreneurial Innovation


Not everyone knows that NASA has embedded crowdsourcing into their strategy and capabilities. But in fact, back in 2011 (after they ran a highly successful crowdsourcing pilot) NASA established the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI).

One Weird Thing About Customer Satisfaction


To read more about how Banchile Inversiones enacted their innovation campaigns, and about the five new projects which were implemented, download our recent case study here. Case Study IdeaScale collaboration crowdsourcing employee engagement idea management Innovation innovation management open innovationHere’s one weird thing about customer satisfaction: it may be that your employees have the key to improving it.

The Need for Digital Innovation Platforms

Paul Hobcraft

We are in an ever-increasing engaged world of collaborators and customer feedbacks to build concept designs, test prototype reactions, investigate product use and explore customer satisfaction, all helping to improve product application and deliver closer to customer needs or provide evolution in innovation application. They are comfortable with assessing risk, knowing the need to build in as much collaboration as possible.

Report 181

The fascinating story of Giffgaff: A co-creation case study

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Unlike crowdsourcing, co-creation uses a small group of known partners and involves deeper collaboration. One could perhaps think of crowdsourcing and co-creation as different aspects of open innovation. There are so many interesting case studies on how giffgaff runs on the principle of mutuality and co-creation to deliver a great customer experience. The post The fascinating story of Giffgaff: A co-creation case study appeared first on HackerEarth Blog.

ISPIM Grand Prize 2017 – we have a winner!

Innovation Excellence

Associations Build Capability Case Study Competitions Feature Of The Week Management Presentations Social Innovation collaboration Crowdsourcing Innovation Innovation Management Strategy successWow, so close! We are delighted to announce that, by a single vote, the winner of the ISPIM Grand Prize 2017 for Excellence in Innovation Management is Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), with the Fraunhofer Institute a close second.

Lessons Learned About Innovation Communications from the City of Calgary


myCityInnovation initially invited the City’s 12,000 “wired” employees to share, collaborate, and test new ideas for improving City services. To learn more about the City of Calgary and their myCityInnovation program, download their case study. . Case Study city of calgary crowdsourcing employee engagement engagement

Internal Crowdsourcing vs. External Crowdsourcing: How to Determine the Best Solution


Recently I had a chance to read a terrific article in the most recent issue of the MIT/Sloan Management review about internal crowdsourcing. An ideation challenge is a time-bound collaborative multi-step process to solve a specific business challenge, and is powered by ideation management software like Spigit to uncover the best ideas by using both crowd input as well as crowd science and machine learning algorithms. Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing and User Innovation Conference 2014

Open Innovation

Format The format, participants and topics have made the OUI conference the most relevant in the world for the study of innovation outside the firm. Four of the 16 sessions were about crowdsourcing (a fifth on crowdfunding), making this the major theme of the conference — by far the most popular in terms of submissions. In his Monday plenary, Karim Lakhani bifurcated the crowdsourcing world into contests (competitive) and communities (collaborative).

Five Product Innovations that Evolved Over Time


A 2012 study found that companies that allocated about 70% of their innovation activity to core initiatives, 20% to adjacent ones, and 10% to transformational ones outperformed their peers. IdeaScale collaboration crowdsourcing crowdsourcing innovation Innovation innovation management inventions open innovation product innovationsThe product innovations that generate the most excitement and public interest are the disruptive innovations.

6 Steps to Getting Executive Buy-In for a Crowdsourced Innovation Program


In fact, Gartner recently named crowdsourcing as the most effective independent discipline that CIOs can adopt to drive digital transformation. From vehicle manufacturer, Polaris, leveraging its employees’ creativity to out-innovate the likes of Harley Davidson, to the UNHCR changing the lives of millions of refugees through crowdsourcing ideas. The advantages of crowdsourced innovation can’t be ignored. Real-life case studies. Step 6: Share case studies.

Internal vs. External Crowdsourcing: How to Determine the Best Solution


internal crowdsourcing. An ideation challenge is a time-bound collaborative multi-step process to solve a specific business challenge, and is powered by ideation management software like Spigit to uncover the best ideas by using both crowd input as well as crowd science and machine learning algorithms. Figure 1: Adapted from “Developing Innovative Solutions Through Internal Crowdsourcing” MIT Sloan Management Review, Summer 2017. Crowdsourcing

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a Great Innovator Because they Nurture Innovators


JUMP is an online crowdsourcing community launched in 2015. Upon announcement of the judges’ decisions, the innovator (the submitter of the winning idea), Lab technical advisor (a technical member of a national laboratory with relevant technical expertise for the call at hand), and industry partner collaborate to move the technology forward. To learn more about Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s use of crowdsourcing for innovation, read the full case study here.

3 Open Innovation Reports You Need to Read Right Now


Read these three in-depth industry reports to find out the new rules of the collaborative economy, why the United States is leading the way in turning customer feedback into innovative products, and what challenges are soon to crop up in crowdsourcing. The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy. Never before has it been easier (or more important) for leading brands to take advantage of the collaborative economy. READ MORE >> MSU STUDY: U.S.

Avoiding Groupthink and Empowering Introverts


When brainstorming and collaborative ideation happens in a physical location, it trends towards polite agreement or staying with the ideas that occur in that small frame of time and receive the most group consensus. There are lots of studies and articles and books about the virtues of introverts – they’re excellent listeners, observers, happily independent. To learn more about NYU’s AMC crowdsourcing initiative, download the case study here!

Innovations in Community Policing: Security & Public Safety for Cities of Brazil


It was a fascinating gathering of community-focused minds and experts, with special guests including the New York City Police Department’s Deputy Commissioner for Strategic Initiatives, Zachary Tumin, and Susan Herman, Deputy Commissioner for Collaborative Policing at the NYPD. It showcases how they’re thinking about crowdsourcing and innovation as part of their daily routine. Best Practice Case Study Voice of IdeaScale brazil citizen engagement community policing nypd policing

4 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Innovation Program


Studies show that it’s one of the biggest drivers of employee engagement across all industries. So, be sure that you put your money where your mouth is when it comes to advocating for crowdsourced innovation, and reward those who help turn other people’s good ideas into great outcomes. You’ve done the groundwork for creating a successful innovation program.

Unilever: Making Sustainable Living a Reality Through Global Collaboration


If you’re a company like Unilever, you collaborate with a community that’s spread across the world – from employees to entrepreneurs. To bring their vision to life, in 2014 they created the Unilever Foundry to collaborate with individuals, startups, and other organizations that believe in sustainability. Related case study: Unilever – Collaborating with a Global Community to Make Sustainable Living a Reality . This is the power of global collaboration.

Nine Short Innovation Lessons from Lego

Destination Innovation

There are many books and studies describing the company’s approach. Study the user in action. Lego commissioned detailed ethnographic studies to determine why this was. Collaborate to innovate. Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation Innovation Examples & Lessons bankruptcy future lab knudstorp lego movie star wars toyLego is now revered as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world.

Managing Fundraising Innovation: the Dangers of the ‘Echo-Chamber’


This case study explores the results of an innovation research process undertaken by Oxfam, which compared internal feedback vs. general public feedback to identical sets of ideas. Innovation Psychology Organization & Culture Strategies analysis analytics collaborative innovation crowdsourcing echo chamber innovation innovation culture innovation strategy nonprofit target audience third sector

3 Lessons Learned from Open Nation 2017


They came to discuss how crowdsourcing ideas is changing their organizations and to learn best practices from each other. Wing Tang of IKEA sat for a fireside interview (the fire was projected) with IdeaScale CEO Rob Hoehn to talk about how the spirit of inclusion that drives their crowdsourcing efforts. The company reaches out to universities, customers, suppliers and startups to cultivate a culture of collaboration.

IM Award Lessons: Rapidly Iterating on Promising Ideas


The reason that they won this award is, because they were able to collaborate with other crowdsourcing platform TopCoder to test and prototype promising solutions right away – a great use of crowd resources. The QED Group has been a pioneer in the area of Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting, an approach designed to foster continuous improvement through stakeholder engagement and change management. Case Study IdeaScale digital iteration mvp qed topcoder

Red Cross Case Wins MRS Award


It’s great for a crowdsourcing case like RED Innovation to be recognised by the market research industry and this points to the growing use of online platforms for generating insights as well as ideas. Here’s what the judges said: “RED Innovation is a fascinating case study and a fantastic example of how data from the front line can be synthesised and used to make a real difference.



In last month’s blog at ImagineNation we opened the door to a threshold for a new kind of co-creative, collaborative and cohesive team spirit to catalyse change through “innovation evangelism”. Case Study Example.

Top 10 Innovation Links of the Week: 11.13.15


Welcome to our brand new weekly link roundup, featuring a carefully curated selection of hand-picked links to great content on innovation, crowdsourcing, and more from around the web. 10 Commandments of Effective Crowdsourcing. The skinny: After conducting a multi-year study, Ehsan Ehsani unearthed these 10 best practices to make your crowdsourcing initiatives successful.

Agile 49

Wazoku Featured In The Open Assembly Quarterly


Wazoku was featured in Open Assembly ‘s quarterly report, The State of Crowdsourcing. Get the report to learn: What is crowdsourcing and why use it in your organisation? How to begin or improve your crowdsourcing programme. Engaging them in a meaningful way may be challenging, but this crowdsourcing journey poses an exciting opportunity to radically rethink the way organisations collaborate.

In the future you are either a digital business or a dead business


Because in aggregate we will see them both in the consumer and enterprise domain; specifically in how we get stuff done, how we hire and how we collaborate. In our phones we have apps of all kinds: social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp), transportation (Uber), navigation (Google Maps), travel (AirBnB), productivity (Evernote, Dropbox), collaboration (Basecamp, Slack, Trello, Skype), etc. How we collaborate. How will we collaborate in the future?

Data 219

Game Changers: How Citizen Science and Gamification Are Transforming the Business World


Today, this audacity is reflected in the rising influence of citizen driven innovation and science – that is, the collaboration of volunteer non-scientists with professional scientists in collecting data and analyzing it to resolve real-world issues. Our Blog Open Innovation Crowdsourcing

Innovation Management: Importance, Ideas, and Examples


Capturing innovative ideas from employees at various levels, building an active and collaborative workforce, recognizing employees effort and communicating effectively with all stakeholders are the vital building blocks of innovation management. According to the recent study by Accenture , over 90% of executives think innovation is key to their business success. Crowdsourcing innovation is slowly making its debut in the digital workplace and that too with high expectations.

Rule Breaking Series #3: Pilot Test Your Innovations

Flying Fish Lab

A pilot study results in cost and time savings. Crowdsourcing is a way for businesses to gather a lot of ideas generated, not only by their employees, but also by their customers and suppliers. What if you pilot test your innovations?

From Inspiration to Execution: Charting the Journey


There are some starting points, including the overall history of innovation, your own company’s institutional knowledge, and case studies within your industry. Sometimes you have to make your own path. Creativity is not a scarce resource.

Top 10 Features To Look in Any Idea Management Software


Using an idea management software to capture the idea pool emerging out of your organization is a key solution to ensure all your ideas are captured, identified, collaborated and evaluated. According to the recent study by Accenture , over 90% of executives think innovation is key to their business success. Crowdsourcing capabilities. Crowdsourcing is a collaborative feature which helps you to easily tap into the intelligence coupled with the expertise of your employees.

Ideation Rate: Quantifying a Culture of Innovation


The MIT Sloan Management Review article highlighted one component of the overall study, which we take a closer look at in this article: ideation rate. Several conclusions can be made from a company with a high ideation rate, including: The company has high participation and collaboration happening in its culture. Their net profit grew 6% over the two years we studied. Crowdsourcing