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Constructing the innovation mandate

Paul Hobcraft

So often innovation struggles to be recognized for what it is. Innovation is a critical source of future competitive advantage. To get to a consistent performance of innovation and creativity within organizations you do need to rely on a process, structure and the consistent ability to foster a culture of innovation.

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10 Things We’ve Learned From Deploying 400+ Enterprise Innovation Programs

PlanBox Innovation

Introduction Innovation isn’t just a buzzword in the business world; it’s the lifeblood of growth and sustainability. At Planbox, our extensive journey through the deployment of over 400 enterprise innovation programs has offered us a front-row seat to the transformative power of innovation.


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Innovation Program Recipe for Success: The Three Essential Ingredients


At Qmarkets we have spent the last 15+ years helping leading organizations to build and implement effective innovation initiatives. Along the way we have seen a wide variety of approaches and formats, from small-scale hackathons with a few hundred participants, to long term innovation programs involving tens of thousands of users.

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Culture Jolt #21 - Align engagement, not obligation

Values Centered Innovation

Welcome to our 3-Minute Conscious Innovator ® process! Are you ready for a new, insight-provoking “Jolt” … something designed to “rearrange your molecules” as it elicits your unique, innovative potential in life and work? Jolt #21: Align engagement, not obligation. Engagement expands. Jolts wake us up.

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The Hidden Culture Benefits of Crowdsourced Innovation


Crowdsourcing ideas has a number of different virtues: from improving the likelihood that you’ll source disruptive ideas to lowering the overall program costs of running an innovation program… but there are some other cultural benefits to a crowdsourced innovation program.

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Employee Engagement Propels Innovation


Most companies will agree that innovation is critical to sustaining growth and remaining competitive. Creating a culture of innovation is seen by most business leaders as the number one way to drive innovation for the business. However, for this culture to exist, employee engagement is imperative.

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7 Best Practices for Effective Management of Innovation


Companies that excel in the management of innovation not only stay ahead of the curve but also pave the way for sustainable growth and development. Establishing a clear innovation strategy is the first step, laying the foundation for effective innovation management.