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Demo Day Fundraising and The Lean Startup

Grasshopper Herder

If our biggest risk is that our demo day fundraising pitch will fail, we can test that. The post Demo Day Fundraising and The Lean Startup appeared first on Lean Startup takes our biggest business risk and reduces it. Accelerators & Incubators Lean Startup Fundraising


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Why Google Does ‘Beer & Demos’ Every Friday

Innovation Leader

Craig Nevill-Manning of Google talks about why the company encourages engineers to show off raw prototypes every week over beer. Find out more here

Go for Launch: Interviewed, 3XR & Plannuh

Innovation Leader

In this episode of our startup demo series, entrepreneurs from three startups share their offerings in 30 minutes

Best Practices for Accelerating the Sales Process

This eBook takes a look at three headache-free strategies you can employ today to accelerate selling the right way. Read on to learn how to adopt specific workflows and approaches that append your existing processes to deliver value to your prospects and internal counterparts.

7 Fintech Companies from the UK to look out for in 2017


Last week I had the pleasure of attending Startup Bootcamp’s Fintech Demo Day in London

How That Vicious Inner Critic Can Be Your Closest Ally


So yours addresses a tiny niche with a quirky set of differentiating features that matter mostly to you for pitching on demo day… So what? Business Creativity Innovation Achilles Heal Apple II crap filter demo day differentiating features incrementality lone wolf minimum viable product naysayers peanut gallery Snow White and the Seven Dwarves speechifying Steve Jobs Walt DisneyThere’s something about optimism.

Go for Launch: Wellnys, Veriphix & LEAD

Innovation Leader

Three startups demo their products, which include on-demand wellness programming, virtual coffee meetups, and a way to guage customer emotions

Go for Launch: Rendever, Spatio Metrics & Bedestrian

Innovation Leader

Three startups demo their products, which include virtual reality for senior citizens, data-driven design software, and a robot that delivers medical supplies

Go for Launch: Alyce, Aryballe & Owl Labs

Innovation Leader

Three startups demo their products, including an artificial intelligence powered gifting platform, a 360 degree meeting video camera, and odor sensors

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Go for Launch: Tertill, Diana AI & Appsmith

Innovation Leader

Three startups demo their products, which include a robot to weed gardens, a voice-controlled AI to sort enterprise data, and an open source app builder

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Go for Launch: Rugged 3D, Spaces & Liteboxer

Innovation Leader

Three startups — Rugged 3D, Spaces & Liteboxer — demo their offerings, ranging from durable 3D printing solutions, virtual meeting rooms, and at-home workout equipment

Go for Launch

Innovation Leader

Each episode features three startup demos in 30 minutes Go for Launch is a live webcast designed to give corporate professionals exposure to promising startups.

Webinar: Accelerate your Enterprise Transformation


Register for a free online demo of One2Team, a platform to deliver work & projects, to learn how to leverage work management at scale with a work management platform built for your entire organization. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, April 20 at 11:00am (PST).

7 Fintech companies from the UK to look out for in 2017 | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Startup Bootcamp’s Fintech Demo Day in London

Webinar: Get An Inside Look at IdeaScale


Join us for a live demo July 14th at 10 am Pacific Time for a half-hour of product demonstration with a question and answer session to show why IdeaScale is right for your company. Remember, our demo is at 10 am PST on July 14th. Overview: Curious as to how IdeaScale works?

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Inside Verizon’s ‘Window Into Innovation’

Innovation Leader

He also offers a demo of augmented reality for “smart cities Tim Gorman of Verizon discusses the company’s innovation centers in San Francisco and the Boston suburbs.

Webinar: Use your IT to Accelerate your Business Strategy


Register to the free online demo of One2Team, Platform to Deliver Work & Projects, to find out how you can leverage your CIO to accelerate your business strategy, secure your delivery and optimize your resource management.

Four Principles Of Digital Transformation

Innovation Excellence

When Steve Jobs and Apple launched the Macintosh with great fanfare in 1984, it was to be only one step in a long journey that began with Douglas Engelbart’s Mother of All Demos and the development of the Alto at Xerox PARC more than a decade before.

What to Do When a Team Member Isn’t Matching Your Group’s Innovative Spirit


To learn more about how an innovation platform can help, request a demo. Highlights. Team members need to be informed, engaged, and part of the process to ensure everyone’s working together. Remember that the issue may not be related to work, but rather a private problem.

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Retail Accelerator XRC Labs: Startups and Industry Shifts

Innovation Leader

In kicking off XRC’s 2017 demo day, Managing Director Pano Anthos discussed some of the trends he is seeing in the retail space, and what retailers must do to stay relevant

Which Rock Band is the Model for your Innovative Startup?

Innovation Excellence

You create a demo tape or prototype product to show people. It has been said many times that founding a startup is similar to launching a rock band. For example: You gather a small, talented team with different skills but a common passion. You practise for long hours to improve your product. You network like. Management Beatles Coldplay Google hewlett packard Ian Leslie REM rock band Rolling Stones Startup

University of Alabama at Birmingham Podcast – Creating a Team Driven by Innovation


” Learn more by listening to Dr. Carver’s episode of the IdeaScale Nation podcast , or get started yourself and request a demo !

An Inside Look at IdeaScale


You’ll see both front-facing tools, such as voting and reviews, and more nuanced processes like tagging and weighting, brought into play during the demo. If you are ready to see what IdeaScale can do for your organization, request a demo !

10 Startups Aiming to Change Shopping from XRC Labs

Innovation Leader

The startups that pitched at last week's Demo Day at retail accelerator XRC Labs ranged from instant interior design services to a smart mirror that could change your routine

The Top 10 Female Innovators of All Time


To see how you can encourage diverse innovation, request a demo ! Women innovators historically haven’t had the opportunities or visibility their male counterparts enjoyed.

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Why a Caring Culture Is Essential for a Healthy Employee Experience

Business and Tech

Find out more about Limeade and request a demo: Companies that create and nurture a culture of care have more engaged employees and reduced turnover. That’s according to Limeade, an immersive employee well-being company that creates healthy employee experiences. “A

How the $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan is Boosting Innovation


Request a demo ! Highlights. The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) has allocated billions of dollars to federal, state, and municipal government innovation efforts. How those funds are spent will depend on federal and state directives, goals, and initiatives.

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Webinar: How United Way Served Community Needs During the COVID-19 Crisis


You can register here, and if you’re curious to learn more about innovation strategy, request a demo.

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How Innovation Can Aid a Weakened, Post-Pandemic Economy


To learn how IdeaScale can help you develop and implement your innovation strategy, request a demo. Highlights. Innovation strategy will be crucial to overcoming the post-COVID pandemic challenges faced by global economies.

Why Successful Innovation is a Marathon and Not a Sprint


To learn more, request a demo ! Highlights. Despite seeming to appear out of nowhere, most great innovations are the culmination of years or even decades of work from multiple entities.

What’s the Real Difference between Creativity and Innovation?


To understand how to apply creativity to your innovation strategy, request a demo ! Creativity and innovation are often seen as interchangeable. However, while they overlap, they’re different in key ways. Here’s how to understand the differences and apply them in your innovation strategy.

Remote Work Has Become One of the Business World’s Most Innovative Tools


To learn more, request a demo. Remote work is here to stay.

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Innovation Roundup: The Top Innovations in 2022 (So Far)


To learn how, request a demo. 2022 has been a year of trying to get a sense of what must change as we move forward to a new equilibrium from the pandemic. Here are five innovations from the year so far to keep an eye on. Top Technology Innovation: Occupancy Tracking.

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Evaluating software platforms: a tech scouting approach


Within software, we’ve worked with several clients to scout for possible software options, prioritize potential tools against one another based on key criteria and Comparative Value Propositions, and evaluate the top candidates through custom demos or trials.

How Better Access to Data is Improving Government Innovation


To learn more, request a demo. Highlights. Government innovation is being increasingly centered around data access, such as big and open linked data (BOLD).

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#1,887 – Neuralink Update

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

But throughout the demo I couldn’t help but wonder what was the actual point of all this? Well, those questions were answered at the very end of the demo when the entire staff went around and envisioned what they think the future holds.

The Evolution of My Speaking Video

Stephen Shapiro

In a post last week, I shared with you my most recent demo video. In this post, I share my four primary demo videos from over the years. a Personality Poker demo video), they aren’t included here. I’m sharing this to help other speakers evaluate their own demo videos. 7 years later, I decided to retire my first demo video and replace it with my unedited 6-minute TEDx talk I gave to 1,700 rocket scientists. My next demo video was created in 2014.

Video 54

Vancouver Coastal Health Case Study: Generating Ideas to Create Sustainability in Healthcare


Request a Demo now. Creating a sustainable workplace is a concern across all industries. Preserving the environment and decreasing the carbon footprint is at the forefront of innovation efforts for many companies. Idea sharing is where innovation begins.

Penton's IoT Emerge Offered Real-World Insights, Education and Technology

BPI Thought Leadership Media Coverage

Penton's& IoT Emerge, a new event that targets the opportunities and challenges posed by IoT devices, platforms and services, presented by the& IoT Institute, concluded its inaugural event by offering real-world insights, education and IoT technology through a robust conference program, live demos and case studies.

My New Speaking Video ? 3 Minutes of Pure Content

Stephen Shapiro

I am thrilled to share with you my new demo video. In a future post, I will share with you my past demo videos – and earlier versions of this one. The team at Video Narrative did an incredible job of pulling this together. We had one design principle: Don’t sell; educate. We didn’t want this to be a sales pitch. Rather we wanted a video that was content-driven.

Video 40

Wolters Kluwer Podcast – How Innovation Awards Can Fuel Business


And if you’re ready to bring innovation strategy to bear on your company, request a demo ! Overview: Wolters Kluwer, a global provider of information, software solutions, and other services for professional sectors, has been running its own innovation awards for over a decade.

FeaturedCustomers Report Names IdeaScale a Market Leader


Join our newsletter to learn more about idea management software, and request a demo today. Idea management software is recognized as an innovative tool for helping organizations improve productivity, and when it comes to choosing the right platform, IdeaScale is leading the way.

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