Will Blockchain Disrupt the Healthcare Industry?


And blockchain offers an intriguing potential solution for healthcare innovation management, a method to create a patient record that allows multiple sources to contribute to one patient’s record, and also tracks who looks at it. Blockchain And Healthcare.

Levers for Healthcare Innovation

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The healthcare system is complex. Continue reading → Health/Healthcare Innovation Disruptive Innovation health outcomes healthcare healthcare costs Healthcare Innovation patient experience

3 Reasons Healthcare Needs Idea Management


It’s hard enough to keep up in a complex industry like healthcare. But just wait till healthcare is disrupted as dramatically as retail or music has been over the past decade. Learn more about the state of innovation in the healthcare industry in our white paper.

Will AI Change Healthcare Forever?


Industry-disrupting innovation only occurs every so often, and very rarely in steady and sustainable growth cycles. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of these disruptors, and it’s highly versatile.

Data From 3.5 Million Employees Shows How Innovation Really Works

And surprisingly, the variables that make for a successful innovation program are independent of whether the company is seeking disruptive or incremental innovations. nancial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and energy. INNOVATION Data From 3.5

What’s Next – The Disruptive Innovation Toolkit™

Braden Kelley

I think managers and leaders are wondering now that I’ve written two popular books (Charting Change and Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire) and a chapter … Continue reading → Change Innovation Bank of Montreal Change Planning Canvas Change Planning Toolkit disruption Disruptive Innovation frameworks methodologies OSF Healthcare Tools value innovation… and a new Innovation Intervention service.

How Next-Generation Sequencing is poised to disrupt healthcare


Imagine going to see your doctor for chest pains, and walking out the same day with a diagnosis for a rare heart condition. That diagnosis would have taken weeks or months (at best) even a few years ago.

Digital Healthcare: What Are the Opportunities?

Daniel Burrus

Digital disruption and transformation within the healthcare profession is a Hard Trend — something that will happen, something we can count on seeing in the future. And since everyone, without exception, needs healthcare, this is great news for all of us.

Artificial Intelligence: Disruption or Opportunity?

Daniel Burrus

Consider the news that IBM followed its Weather Company purchase by snapping up Merge Healthcare Inc. The post Artificial Intelligence: Disruption or Opportunity? Artificial intelligence (AI), one of twenty core technologies I identified back in 1983 as the drivers of exponential economic value creation, has worked its way into our lives.

Debunking Disruptive Innovation – Why Disruptive Innovation is Not a Strategy


Disruptive innovation has become business’ biggest paradigm. While many companies scramble to create disruptive innovation strategies, the problem is that it isn’t a linear process or methodology. We asked him a simple question, “How do you do disruptive innovation?”.

How Experian Built a Disruptive Data Business

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2017 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards

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Here’s How You Know Your Industry Is About To Be Disrupted

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In a variety of industries today, ranging from airlines to healthcare to even buying a coffin for a funeral, a handful of major players dominate, which allows them to raise prices and restrict consumer choice. Innovation disruption

How Crowdsourcing Can Help Improve Healthcare


With patients demanding better customer experiences and pharma companies facing increasing pressure to improve outcomes, the need for the healthcare sector to innovate has never been greater.

Book Review – The Disruption Mindset by Charlene Li

Rmukesh Gupta

The book is about is basically about what do organizations (typically incumbent organizations) do to be successful at the business of disruption, the assumption being that it is unusual for the incumbents to disrupt themselves or their industries. Disruption doesn’t create growth.

eBay for Patient Data

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Data Disruption Health/Healthcare Innovation eBay Medical Research patient experienceEnormous amounts of patient data creates big business opportunities. In fact, some day, patient sick care might be a loss leader.

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Make Digital Disruption Your Biggest Competitive Advantage

Daniel Burrus

In 1983, I identified digital disruption as one of twenty technology-driven Hard Trends that would increasingly shape the future at an exponential rate, and at the same time drive economic value creation. What digital disruptions do you see that will transform industries?

Disruptive Breakthroughs in 3D Printing

Daniel Burrus

2019 is looking to be a big year for new, disruptive technology. The business sectors that will be most dramatically affected will be healthcare, manufacturing, construction, transportation, aerospace, and life sciences.

5G Entrepreneurs Creating Billion-Dollar Businesses

Daniel Burrus

Because of this, many industries will either be agile , reacting to an ever-increasing number of 5G innovators disrupting their industry, or they will be anticipatory innovators and use the predictability of 5G capabilities to become the disruptor. Healthcare.

Beat World Cancer: a birdseye view of crowdfunding

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Continue reading → Creativity Disruption Open Innovation collaboration marketing Cancer crowdfunding healthcareWelcome to a live Crowdfunding project where you can input your own ideas into the process. Going for an innovative approach, and learning, your thoughts are welcome.

Six Trends Shaping the Future of Health Care

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The healthcare industry is an ecosystem. So are the companies disrupting it. This time it’s healthcare. The healthcare industry is going through.

Key Tools for Back End of Innovation – How Philips does it

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The Cybersecurity of Banking and Finance

Daniel Burrus

I’ve discussed the importance of cybersecurity in healthcare due to the extremely sensitive personal data and the loss of trust if hacked. Anticipatory cybersecurity measures should be elevated at financial institutions much like the healthcare industry.

5 Corporate Innovation Trends of 2019 Set to Disrupt the Business Landscape in 2020


It’s also predicted that “quantum innovation” will play an increasingly central role in the way enterprises disrupt the marketplace. In healthcare, it is being used to support visually impaired people with day-to-day tasks, as well as support doctors performing remote surgery.

59 Innovation Events for Q4 2015

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Earlier this year, Jason Williams shared a list of 46 Innovation Conferences for 2015. That list has grown to over 150 and provided the inspiration for Explorious Ventures.

3D Printing -”To Disrupt or not to Disrupt?, that is the Question”

Innovation 360 Group

I think the major disruption from 3D printing will be with socio-economic factors such as new truly disruptive business models appearing on the market as consumer (home) 3D-Printing becomes commoditized, which is actually happening here and now!

The Digital Tsunami


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Telcos Second Chance

The Future Shapers

5G will deliver a new paradigm shift and encourage totally disruptive business models. Telcos have been disrupted before, have they learned their lesson? Dan Toma discusses some of the many possibilities of 5G for Healthcare, Transportation and more.

Telcos’ second change

The Future Shapers

5G will deliver a new paradigm shift and encourage totally disruptive business models. Telcos have been disrupted before, have they learned their lesson? Dan Toma discusses some of the many possibilities of 5G for Healthcare, Transportation and more.

The Amazing Story Behind An Incredible Breakthrough

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Cancer Immunotherapy We tend to think of innovation as a moment of epiphany followed by an onward march toward disruption. Health/Healthcare Innovation Cancer Cancer Research Immunology Medical Research

Health Tech Startups to Watch in 2019


Startups are disrupting the health industry with technology that improves people’s physical and mental health as well as makes our current healthcare system more efficient. Innovation in HealthCare. Healthcare is on the heels of breakthrough innovation.

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The 4 V’s – How to Win at Health Innovation

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Back in the day, during the Vietnam era, the suggested credo was “Declare victory and go home” Some sick care entrepreneurs have taken a similar approach by hyping digital health and process solutions that will create “Uberized, disruptive, cutting edge” change. Health/Healthcare Innovation

How Status Disruptions Affect Teams

Michael Roberto

King and Nembhard studied 66 teams in 13 healthcare centers. They expected this role to improve patient care outcomes, given that prior studies have shown that coordination failures in healthcare lead to poorer quality care and higher medical costs. So when you change that, everybody is disrupted. I certainly have witnessed this type of unsettling disruption in the businesses with whom I have worked over the years.

4 Industries Poised to Benefit from AI

Daniel Burrus

The issue of disruption is another central element that pertains to the potential of AI. Further, there are only two sides to this particular fence—either you’re the one causing the disruption or you’re the one forced to react as best as you can to this powerful disruptive force.

Six Trends Shaping the Future of Health Care


The healthcare industry is an ecosystem. So are the companies disrupting it. This time it’s healthcare. The healthcare industry is going through massive disruption. Whatever your stance, it’s fair to say healthcare is broken.

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What’s New In Corporate Innovation 26 January 2018


Digital transformation is a global phenomenon and a universal disruption, changing every industry and every sector. This article provides a great insight into how the advances in the IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and AI can be linked to major innovative disruptions in our healthcare services, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries. Featured Innovation Blog artificial intelligence Cloud disruption Innovation Machine Learning Tech

Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 1

Tim Kastelle

Accelerating dynamics and pace of disruption in most industries, in particular triggered by the perfusion of new technologies, lead to decreasing life times of existing business models. Platform business models tend to affect, oftentimes disrupt, multiple industries over time.

BIF, Innovation & Nike


Lea should know - she's co-founder of Women who Innovate a nd a serial entrepreneur in healthcare. BIF BIF2015 Culture Disruption Innovation Leadership Nike Women who InnovateThank you Lea Carey for this short video from last year's BIF! Yup - Just do it!!!!

3 Examples of Revolutionary French Innovation


We can trace o ur entertainment, our healthcare and our forms of communication directly back to Le Prince, Méliès, Denis, and Braille. Innovation disruptive innovation france great ideas innovation new ideas radical innovation

The new ROI for digital innovation

Paul Hobcraft

HealthCare, becomes one of those announcements that must have struck a real fear into all the prescription-drug middlemen. As Warren Buffett has stated “it won’t be easy or quick ” to solve healthcare. One that Healthcare solutions might need to travel, so all become highly engaged.

Spigit Webinar: Embedding Innovation into Company DNA, Featuring Cambia Health

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It goes without saying that the healthcare industry has a thing or two to do with people. But the team at Cambia Health Solutions isn’t convinced that’s the case, which is why they embarked on a collective mission to disrupt and transform the healthcare industry as a whole.

How to know when the old models don't work any more

Jeffrey Phillips

This article was clearly written by a communications master, because it has an attractive title that seems to address an intractable problem (and suggest an answer) and is based on a premise that seems inescapable: too many companies fail to innovate because they trust their existing understanding and the existing perceptions of the way the world and the market work, while missing key signals that a disrupter finds, interprets and implements.

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Technology Scouting Excellence 2017 Speaker Lineup


Baxter Healthcare. Olaf Gruess, Disruptive Technology Manager & Global Connector. Baxter Healthcare. Olaf Gruess, Disruptive Technology Manager & Global Connector. Announcing Technology Scouting Excellence Speakers.