Brussels Cargill Event


I am recently back from an event that we ran and was excellently hosted by Cargill at their R&D facilities in Brussels. I want to share some observations on what made this event so personally enriching for myself, and as was confirmed by many of the other attendees.

The Top 8 London Event Planners You Should Consider for Your Next Event


The fact is — you can't host a successful corporate event without the support of an experienced event planner. An event planner is an indispensable asset before, during, and after your multi-day conference, holiday party, or networking event. Event Venue

The Top 9 London Event Planners You Should Consider for Your Next Event


The fact is — you can't host a successful corporate event without the support of an experienced event planner. An event planner is an indispensable asset before, during, and after your multi-day conference, holiday party, or networking event. Event Venue

Who Are the Best Corporate Event Planners in London?


Hosting a successful corporate event in London requires the expertise of a skilled corporate event planner. When it comes to planning events, time management, resource allocation, and communication across multiple teams are absolute necessities. Event Venue

Spigit's 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report

workforce in innovation where event- based approaches alone fall short. THE 2018 STATE OF. CROWDSOURCED. INNOVATION. REPORT Methodology Spigit’s 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report. is based on quantitative and qualitative data from an. online survey fielded in February 2018.

6 Creative Event Management Companies in London


A corporate event is a great way to engage employees, clients, and other key business stakeholders. From lavish receptions and galas to away-days and networking events, a great corporate event requires.

How to Negotiate and Book Corporate Event Space


Hosting a corporate event can be pretty costly. There are a handful of things that you need to budget for including event space, catering, transportation, and more. At the end of the event, you're often left wondering if it was even worth the investment. Event Venue

4 Ideas to Steal From These Stunning Corporate Events in London


A successful corporate event consists of several combined elements including event venue , decor, entertainment, food, drink, and more. We know that big-budget corporate events around the world spare. Event Venue

10 Types of Venues for Corporate Events in London


There are hundreds of corporate event venues to choose from in London. Event VenueFinding the right venue is paramount to the success of your next corporate gathering, board meeting, multi-day conference, away day, and more.

Looking for an Event Agency in London? These 5 Agencies Are at the Top of Their Field


Planning a corporate event is an exciting but demanding task. Whether a seminar, conference, retreat, or product launch, planning your own event can leave. Event VenueIt is a chance to highlight your business and achieve dramatic results.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

in innovation growth strategy, innovation culture, and leader- ship, jump start your next event or conference by delivering. BOOK GROUP PRESS GREENLEAF The H o w t o C r e a t e a C U l t U r e o f i N N o v a t i o N S o r e n K a p l a n , p h D An Excerpt from.

5 Things to Consider Before Making a Corporate Event Hire in London


There are so many ways your corporate event could crash and burn. Is the event space easy to get to? Even for the most experienced event planner, planning a corporate event in London can be relentlessly stressful. Events


5 Critical Corporate Event Planning Dos and Don'ts to Save You Headaches


Let's face it — planning and executing a successful corporate networking event, awards reception, or multi-day conference can be a massive headache. From finding a great corporate event space to coordinating with.

Hosting the Perfect Corporate Event

The Human Factor

Contributed post – Corporate events are a great way of promoting a business and saying thank you to existing customers. The first thing you will need is the inspiration to come up with the idea for the type of corporate event you want to host. image source.

6 Things People Need to Hear About Kaizen Events


With more and more companies in almost every industry adopting the Lean management approach or at least taking a few pages from it, Kaizen events are more popular than ever. We hate to burst the bubble, but Kaizen events require planning, leadership, and precise application.

Using a Non-Revenue North Star Metric

Speaker: Ashley Carroll, Partner, Social Capital

This special event will show you how to embrace unconventional metrics to your product's benefit. In this session, we’ll look beyond revenue as the primary metric in product analytics. What other metrics are applicable as your north-star, and how do you establish reliable data sources?

The Little Known Event that Made Einstein a Legendary Icon

Innovation Excellence

On April 3rd, 1921, a handful of journalists went to interview a relatively unknown scientist named Albert Einstein. When they arrived to meet his ship they found a crowd of thousands waiting for him, screaming with adulation.

Your Brand Event Made Easy.

The Human Factor

Brand events are one of the best ways to get a lot of industry people together, and get them talking about you, and what you do. When you start to imagine what your event might look like, it is tempting to think about the biggest bash possible. The post Your Brand Event Made Easy.

Innovation Events: Spring Planner

Innovation Excellence

This is your Innovation Events Spring Planner. Below are a variety of innovation-related events, conferences, and festivals that should be on your radar. These are located across the globe and all take place before May. Registration is already open for all of them.

Why Your Business Needs Event Marketing

The Human Factor

One thing that you definitely should not ignore is events. Live events are critical to your company’s success, and this is a trend which isn’t going anywhere any time soon. So what exactly is event marketing and how can you make the most of it? image source. Contributed post –.

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

Tank style events to create excitement and celebrate employees with ideas. 11 Proven Ways to. Turn Your Culture Into.

59 Innovation Events for Q4 2015

Innovation Excellence

Explorious Ventures, both a collector and connector, has curated the world's largest list of innovation-related events, conferences, festivals and happenings. Earlier this year, Jason Williams shared a list of 46 Innovation Conferences for 2015.

The Little Known Event that Made Einstein a Legendary Icon

Digital Tonto

Success, as it turns out, takes more than just talent and effort. You also need networks and a little luck. Related posts: The Primal Forces that Drive Social Networks. Innovation Is Never A Single. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. All Posts Management Network Theory

Top 2016 Corporate Innovation Events: Silicon Valley Edition


To see what's new and get a look behind the scenes, check out these events: EventsThe San Francisco Bay Area is known for its entrepreneurial ecosystem, culture of learning, and rich information hub. It's a unique place for startup founders from all walks of life to put their heads together to solve some of the biggest technical pain points in business today.

11 Essential Elements of a Kaizen Event Charter


While we are huge fans of standardization and consistency, we understand that each Kaizen event is unique. That’s why we would expect that each event charter has its own nuances that change from one project to the next.

What to Look for in an Event Reporting System


Event reporting, also known as incident reporting, got its start in aviation and healthcare, two types of organizations that are considered high-reliability organizations. Here are the features that we consider essential when evaluating event reporting solutions.

Designing an Innovation Management Event – Part 1: Laying the Groundwork to Engage Your Community

HYPE Innovation

Summer is not only an ideal time to catch up on some reading (maybe you remember Tim’s list from March), but also a perfect time to catch up on some skills. Collaborative innovation skills to be precise.

14 Event Marketing Strategy Questions You NEED to Ask Early


I mentioned in an earlier article how the Gas Can event on June 24, 2016 was “half empty” at best. After the event, I posted on Facebook about how difficult it is, once you’ve produced events, to sit in the audience and not re-produce an event with major production problems.

Upcoming Event: Product Hunt Columbus – Nov 16th


This month, we’re partnering with Cbus Product Club to deliver a new, interactive event that will bring members of CBus product club together with the Product Hunt. The post Upcoming Event: Product Hunt Columbus – Nov 16th appeared first on

Fall 2018 Corporate Innovation Events

Your Ideas are Terrible

The Enterprise Entrepreneurship Series. August 16th. Atlanta. CFO Rising Midwest Summit. Sept 6-7. Chicago. Future Trends. Sept 24-25. B2B Next Conference & Exhibition. Sept 24-25. Boston. BrandGarage Summit. October 3-4. Sonoma. Atlanta Techstars Demo Day. October 15th. Atlanta. Atlanta Corporate Innovation Summit. October 18th. Atlanta. WebSummit. Nov 5-6. Lisbon. Venture Olympics. Nov 14-15. Boston. Chief Strategy Officer Summit. Dec 6-7. Our Can’t Miss Pick!

B2B 40

Designing an Innovation Management Event – Part 2: Practice makes perfect or at least progress

HYPE Innovation

In the previous post we looked at laying the groundwork for an innovation event for your organization or local community. The building blocks included establishing the purpose of the event, picking appropriate topics, and assembling an event team to make it happen.

Design 152

Open Innovation: An Event or System?


This framework certainly still has validity today, but as methodologies have improved and tech platforms developed, open innovation for some has moved beyond this singular event. So how does open innovation move from unique and occasional events to perennial and habitual systems?

Innovation is Never a Single Event

Innovation Excellence

Greg Satell on the discovery of useless things, engineering innovation, and making good on the connected age. Continue reading →

20 Ways Business Meetings and Events Might Change in the Next Five Years


What are the key driving forces shaping the emerging future of business meetings, events, and conferences? The next five years promise to bring fundamental changes across society – from the clients we serve, to the technology we use, and the needs and priorities of business – literally everything is "up for grabs". Organization & Culture Trend Alert

Central London Event Space: Best Locations for Hire


Finding the right space for your corporate event absolutely matters. As an event organiser, your mission is to dazzle event attendees. As you know, selecting cramped and low-tech event space is a quick way to leave your guests feeling unimpressed. Event Venue


Upcoming Event:Product Hunt Columbus – Sept 28th


This month, we’re partnering with Cbus Product Club to deliver a new, interactive event that will bring members of CBus product club together with the Product Hunt. The post Upcoming Event:Product Hunt Columbus – Sept 28th appeared first on