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Fantastic Away Days And Team Building Activities For Small Businesses

The Human Factor

Even though your team will no doubt be very busy in the office, it’s still a really good idea to try to organize a day for team building every few months. Team building and away days give your team the chance to work together on slightly different tasks and activities that they would usually collaborate on.

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3 Keys to Team Building Exercises that Create Impact


I was the “interviewee” for an “Inside the Executive Suite” article from Armada Corporate Intelligence about how to plan team building exercises that create impact for work teams. As described in the article, I’ve been on the good and bad side of various team building exercises during my career.


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5 Principles That Govern High-Functioning Teams


Low-functioning teams, on the other hand, are unstable, disorganized, and do the bare minimum. These teams are often managed by leaders who fail to inspire their employees to devote more of themselves to the team. Building high-functioning teams takes time and requires the right leadership skills and strategies.

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DigitalBasel Launches Open Innovation Challenge on Qmarkets Platform


The campaign was announced during a joint session hosted by DigitalBasel and Qmarkets at the 2020 Swiss Digital Days – a nationwide event supported by leading companies including Swisscom and SBB. The campaign challenge includes four main stages: ideation, team building, proposals, and pitches.

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How to Run a Hackathon that Spurs Real Innovation


The term has since evolved to encompass other types of intensive collaboration events. Hackathons usually have a preparation phase between event announcement and the actual “hack time.” During the hackathon itself, teams create the magic and innovation, and it is the most exciting and creative phase.

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7 Ways to Boost Employee Morale in Your Workplace

Idea to Value

Send a card or gift for birthdays, the birth of a child and other special events. Many individuals are motivated to work hard when they feel as though they may let their team down if they do not. You should focus on building a team environment away from the office as well. Help Them Grow.

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Leadership Retreat Facilitation and Planning

Depending on budget, your organization may take a trip over a few days or host a one-day event locally or virtually. This time can be spent training the leadership team’s natural abilities to support the organization and its goals. A second great reason to consider holding a retreat is to improve team building and bonding.