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Reimagining the Future of International Events

Business and Tech

Face-to-face events are essential for so many organizations globally, from meeting planners organizing events, to services providers and the entire hospitality industry. With the pandemic literally putting a stop to in-person gatherings, everyone needed to rethink what the future of events will look like. .

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Ignite Inspiration: Selecting an Innovation Keynote Speaker for Your Corporate Event


The choice of speaker can set the tone for the entire event and influence the mindset of every attendee. Defining a Keynote Speaker’s Impact on Corporate Events A keynote speaker does more than just address the attendees of a corporate event. They imbue the gathering with energy, insights, and inspiration.


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Top 5: How to plan your 2023 innovation activities and events for maximum success

Idea to Value

If you have an event and are planning to book an inspirational speaker , ensure that the topic highlights how creativity can be enhanced, at any age. Innovation projects often fail because innovation teams, management, leadership and operations are not aligned on what success actually looks like.

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If You Want To Innovate, Learn To Say “No”

Digital Tonto

Change and transformation aren’t about coming up with the idea and doing a fancy kickoff event followed by an extensive communication campaign, it’s about converting those ideas into impactful solutions to problems people care about. To do that effectively, leaders need to learn to say, “no.” This is no accident. CLICK TO READ MORE.

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Measuring Innovation Performance

Download this eBook to learn about the 5 basic principles that guide every successful innovation process. Why do only a third of the organizations worldwide have formal innovation metrics in place despite accepting that innovation is critical to survival?

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Innovation Project Governance Do's & Don'ts


Innov8rs | Despite its importance, innovation project governance is often handled ineffectively, slowing down rather than driving innovation. Innovation project governance is a decision-making discipline where organizational leaders decide which ideas to pursue, how to allocate the innovation budget, and how to assign resources.

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We need to shift from scalable efficiency to scalable learning.

Paul Hobcraft

We need to shift from scalable efficiency to scalable learning but how can we liberate creative energy, how can we achieve higher engagement? The best way is to encourage everyone to have the ongoing experience, to get really involved and caught up in projects and initiatives that have the potential for impact.

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