9 Ideas on How to Involve a Team in Group Strategy Exercises


Whenever possible, we try to help clients select a mix of people to participate in group strategy exercises. We are also proponents for reaching beyond familiar people that are always involved strategic planning meetings and drive the outcomes of group strategy exercises.

Strategic Planning Exercises – 6 Ways to Organize Lists of Ideas


Taking a look at the list, we started trying different approaches to arrange the big list of ideas from their strategic planning exercises into sensible groups to help stimulate progress. In Groups of Items Doing Similar Things.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – Use a New SWOT Nobody Expects


Going into a strategy meeting today that is sure to be a snoozer ? Here is a way you can turn a typical strategic thinking exercise into something new and fun that both adds variety to your strategy meeting AND could trigger some new ideas to get our strategy out of a rut!

Team Collaboration – 14 Benefits from Pre-Meeting Outreach


Learning what participants in an upcoming big meeting know, think, and believe before they come together in a large group is one tactic to strengthen team collaboration. Identify strong ideas upfront so you are ready to listen for and act on them in the larger group meeting.

Community Collaboration Workshops Come in All Sizes


On Wednesday, I delivered the closing keynote at the Real Time Marketing Lab with a mini-workshop on using strategic thinking super models to help C-suite executives understand social networking and content marketing strategy.

Abruptly Halting the Cluster F%@k of Business Meetings


The thing is, there’s a different way to structure business meetings to help a group come together and collaborate in an innovative, productive way. In short they need strategic thinkers who can develop strategy and turn it into results.

11 Fun Strategic Planning Ideas to Stop Strategy Snoozefests!


That happens when strategic planning becomes too complex, gets detached from real business issues, or the whole process focuses on trying to complete cumbersome strategy templates. Mike Brown Founder of The Brainzooming Group, and an expert on strategy, creativity, and innovation.

What Hidden Segments Exist In Your Market?


Market segmentation is a method that companies use to target unique offerings to groups of customers that will value them. In other words, this group had unmet needs that other drivers did not have. Innovation Process Innovation Strategy Market Segmentation

Who Should Facilitate Strategic Planning? 10 Vital Characteristics


Then contact us at The Brainzooming Group and let’s get started working together! 10 Keys to Involving Employees In Your Strategy. Creating Strategic Impact” Leaders need high-impact ways to develop employees that can provide input into strategy that turns into results.

Leadership Skills – 8 Ways to Fake It Until You Make It


Aggregate and organize the ideas before the meeting to identify new, overarching insights unknown to the group. Return any questions you receive with questions in return , asking for clarification or soliciting the group’s ideas on a particular topic.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – A SWOT Analysis to Push Thinking


Yesterday’s post on using a new type of SWOT analysis to stimulate bolder strategic conversations in strategy meetings garnered quite a bit of attention. This helps a group inside of a strategy meeting work harder and more effectively to generate ideas.

Innovation in the Automotive Industry


By having an accurate picture of the state of innovation, these companies can better assess and incorporate new technologies into the long-term business and product strategy. The automotive industry is undergoing massive technological and social change.

113 Ideas for Strategic Planning Process Improvement


To make it a little easier to track down ideas for how you can approach developing strategy this year, here are nineteen Brainzooming articles filled with 113 techniques and ideas for improving your organization’s strategic planning process. 10 Keys to Developing Collaborative Strategy.

Strategic Thinking Exercises – 11 Things Running through a Facilitator’s Head


We facilitated a two-day innovation strategy workshop for an industrial company. The company wants to make significant changes to a major production process. During the innovation strategy discussions, we addressed the production process changes from five different perspectives.

Strategic Thinking – 6 Ideas to Put a List in Order


Taking a look at the list, we started trying different approaches to arrange the big list of ideas into sensible groups to help stimulate progress. In Groups of Items Doing Similar Things. Another possibility is always combining two of these groupings to create a matrix or a table !

41 Surprising Things about Community Collaboration Done Well


Small unknown group collaboration”. Group work”. Collaboration was so easy with the group that I was with.”. One of best group brainstorming sessions in a long time.”. Increase focus for your community with productive strategy questions everyone can use.

The Best Time to Engage Your Audience in Collaborative Strategic Planning


Talking with one city’s representatives about strategies to sell-in a broadband recommendation with voters, they asked whether it is okay to engage its citizens after city leadership develops a recommendation. You gain insights your leadership group does not possess.

The Innovation Generation Has Arrived

Legacy Innovation Group

They got to be a part of the steady execution of the company's slowly evolving product line, happy to help develop and launch the next version of the company's stayed and true products. The Innovation Generation Has Arrived. Oct 04, 2014 | Anthony Mills.

Strategic Planning – 3 Surprising Ways Online Collaboration Works


We’re big proponents of the value of bringing together a diverse group of people with varied creative thinking skills for strategic planning workshops within organizations and communities. Sometimes they proceed an in-person strategy planning meeting, but not always.

11 Boring Details for Making Strategic Planning Fun*


I’m a strategic planning guy, and even I don’t enjoy strategic planning the way it is typically handled for groups. Creating Strategic Impact” Leaders need high-impact ways to develop employees that can provide input into strategy and then turn it into results.

Strategic Visioning Exercises – 14 Articles for Creating a Vision Statement


Strategic Planning – All the Strategy Roles You Need. Strategic Visioning Exercises – Group Collaboration the Right Way. Creating Change and Change Management – 4 Strategy Options. Increase focus for your team with productive strategy questions everyone can use.

7 Strategic Thinking Questions When Things Aren’t Working


While I didn’t start with a formal group of questions, here are seven strategic thinking questions that helped me quickly identify potential changes to the plan and settle on the best possibilities: Is there something that IS working that I can work with more?

Strategic Planning Exercises – Two Types of Structure, One Works


You can provide people with strategic thinking exercises, creative thinking tools, strategy questions, and ways to collaborate with one another, using structure to help imagine better strategies. This means there is no opportunity for productive collaboration to devise the plan.

Strategic Thinking – Job Descriptions Don’t Define Innovation Potential


I reminded them (in case no one ever had) that they had a HUGE brand role no matter how narrow everyone thinks they are as a group. Increase focus for your team with productive strategy questions everyone can use.

Innovation Strategy – Here, There, and Everywhere


I have been traveling more recently for speaking than at any time during history of The Brainzooming Group. While there’s more to come in the months ahead, here are highlights of a couple of innovation strategy presentations this week to very different groups.

Branding Strategy – 3 Keys to Engaging Your Internal Brand Team


I’ll be presenting a Brainzooming workshop on internal branding strategy at the Brand Strategy Conference in New York, April 6-8. The workshop, while drawing on material from my Fortune 500 work, springs from multiple conversations at the 2015 Brand Strategy Conference.

Creative Thinking Activities – 3 Questions to Stop Squandering Diversity


Based on all The Brainzooming Group experience in helping clients generate new ideas and innovative strategies, diversity is vital to successful creative thinking activities. The group did include several different sales groups.

5 Ideas for Simplified Strategic Planning this Year


Prioritize the time you invest in creating specific product/service marketing plans based on each one’s expected contribution to revenue and profit growth. 10 Keys to Involving Employees In Your Strategy. Actively engage stakeholders in strategy AND implementation success.

 4 Ways to Make a Strategic Planning Process Productive


4 Ways to Make a Strategic Planning Process Productive. What can you do to make strategic planning more productive before, during, and after? Contact us to discuss how your next strategic planning process can be energizing, productive, AND improve your business results.

The Transformation of IP Technology


All companies, high-tech or not, need to constantly innovate and push themselves in order to maintain a competitive advantage in an age where product features and capabilities are no longer enough to differentiate a company and create lasting value. By Erik Reeves, CTO of Anaqua.

Strategic Thinking Exercise – An Alternative Vision Statement Approach


During in-person and online strategic planning workshops , we regularly use a strategic thinking exercise that helps leadership groups quickly identify a shared future vision statement. Increase focus for your team with productive strategy questions everyone can use.

How Should Customer “Needs” Be Defined?


The marketing team needs to know the customer’s needs in order to define the company’s value proposition, segment markets, position products and services, and create marketing communications. First, we define a market as a group of people and the “job” they are trying to get done.

Strategic Thinking Exercises – 3 Responses to New Ideas


Since all the companies competed with one another, each one needed to determine its own business strategies. And if it’s bad, use other strategic thinking exercises to gently bring the ideas back to something smarter and more productive. – Mike Brown.

When Is the Right Time for Brainstorming in Strategic Planning?


We apply that approach no matter whether we’re clarifying strategy, determining objectives, developing the strategy plan, or beginning implementation. If the gaps pertain to unknown facts and information, brainstorming won’t be productive.

Colorado Innovation Training

Gregg Fraley

Essentially this is intensive, hands-on workshop that trains people in innovation frameworks, and tools for strategy, ideation, research, and project management. It’s a course for innovation project managers, consultants, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs who want to have more productive strategy, idea generation, and innovation action plans. One reason is they are now able to facilitate their own strategy and ideation sessions, that can save a lot of money.