Business Storytelling Training Workshop

Storytelling has become a powerful approach for leadership, innovation, and design thinking. A business storytelling training workshop can help us to learn this craft and develop our communication skills. Our workshops are highly interactive and engaging.

Leadership Workshop That I Cant Recommend Enough

Rmukesh Gupta

If I were asked this question, I have no doubt in my mind that the single 100 USD or less purchase that has had a profound impact on my life has been the investment of 90USD that I made to participate in a leadership workshop organised by THE SETH GODIN.

Innovation is Potent Leadership

Idea to Value

Innovation as Leadership and Professional Development. The primary objective of Leadership and Professional Development is to cultivate emerging leaders who show nascent traits of greatness—and to harness their value they bring to their organizations. As a veteran of many training programs, I can attest that there is no more engrossing of a leadership development process than attending an innovation bootcamp or workshop. You can’t outsource the important things.

Guest Post: Running Better Lean Startup Workshops

Grasshopper Herder

Five actionable tips on running better workshops. The post Guest Post: Running Better Lean Startup Workshops appeared first on Lean Startup Teamwork & Leadership Facilitation Workshops


Here’s A Great Workshop Exercise To Help Your Leadership Team Challenge Their Beliefs / Assumptions


I’ve recently been asked to recommend a good workshop exercise for a leadership team to help them challenge their beliefs / assumptions. Creativity entrepreneurship Innovation LeadershipHow do you think what no one else thinks?

The workshop from hell


Today I like to share with you the story of a workshop I was supposed to lead. It was a true workshop from hell. I am sure you’ve been to your own workshops from hell. This process ended with a 3-day strategy workshop with about 30 participants from top management. Every business unit (in this case: product group) had to carry out a strategic analysis, derive proposals for strategic options, and present its findings in the strategy workshop.

Creative Thinking Exercises – 2 Ways to Create Innovation Workshop Inspiration


We facilitated a follow-up innovation workshop for an industrial client. In previous workshops, a large group convened and re-imagined a manufacturing process to improve quality, while maintaining costs and production efficiency. Take on leadership and responsibility for decisions.

Harvard Business Review Leadership Development Articles

HBR resources focused on leadership development and growing the next generation of leaders. These Harvard Business Review (HBR) leadership development articles are focused just on that, and may serve as inspiration for your organization: Educating the Next Generation of Leaders.

Winning Ideas and Beyond: 4 Steps to Effective Product Concept Development Workshops

Planview Spigit

Are you utilizing concept development workshops as part of your ideation processes? This blog post will help you understand the value of concept development workshops and the steps you can take to find out if those winning ideas you have are the right ones to implement.

7 Expectations from Creative Thinking Workshop Training


What are your expectations from a creative thinking workshop? That is the first question I ask the audience at a Brainzooming creative thinking workshop. 7 Expectations from Creative Thinking Workshop Training. At that workshop, we concentrated on the “What’s It Like?”

Are you starving for powerful female leaders in your strategy planning workshop?


We were facilitating report outs at a strategy planning workshop after multiple teams tackled developing high-level plans to improve various employee challenges in a relatively high-performing company.

5 Ideas for Expanding Innovation Strategy Workshop Participants


Who should you invite to participate in an innovation strategy workshop ? Working with a client to identify potential participants for an innovation strategy workshop, we identified five other participant profiles to expand the workshop diversity: 1.

Leadership – What Real Transparency Looks Like


Learn all about how Mike Brown’s workshops on creating strategic impact can boost your success! Brainzooming - All Posts Collaboration Communication Implementation Performance Strategic Thinking Strategy honesty leadership

Radical Innovation Begins with These 2 Leadership Skills

Innovation 360 Group

This month we’re featuring a guest post by Chicago-based Licensed Practitioner Erin “Pink” Mosley is president of a rapidly growing consultancy that provides innovation leadership programs and coaching. They analyzed a data collected from 2,900 companies over 52 months and found that radical innovators are more structured and better able to handle both certainty and uncertainty by using multiple leadership styles.

A disruptive world requires new leadership capabilities


Whether you are a company that wants to attract top talent or an individual who is trying to land your dream job, or create a new business, it’s becoming clear that the future of work is both human and technology centred and involves the development of new leadership capabilities.

Ten Reasons to Hire an Innovation Keynote Speaker

Braden Kelley

Innovation Keynote Speakers are often misunderstood, maligned, and underutilized. We have all been to many conferences, and heard many good (and bad) keynote and session speakers with a variety of styles (all of which are perfectly acceptable), including: 1.

Does Your Team’s Creative Leadership Need a Boost? Here’s the Answer!


Stronger creative leadership to identify productive tactics, make better (and faster) decisions, and successfully implement with a major impact. The Answer to Boosting Creative Leadership within Your Team! A Creative Leadership Workshop Maximizes the Innovation Impact.

Innovation is not a Game for Juniors

Destination Innovation

I am often asked to give corporate innovation training workshops. We select and present the best ideas at the end of the workshop. Despite the assurances given before and immediately after the workshop something has derailed the good intentions.

Why a Thought Leadership Strategy Isn’t What Your Brand Needs


I’m scheduled for a background interview today on creating a thought leadership strategy. The interview is an outgrowth of an eBook on thought leadership. The eBook came from a workshop someone did at a conference I’ve spoken at many times. Value Leadership Strategy.

Getting Practical at Spigit’s Idea Implementation Success & Value Measurement Workshop

Planview Spigit

At a recent Spigit customer-only workshop in Washington D.C., This interactive workshop was led by Spigit strategists, each of whom have experience launching innovation programs at hundreds of well-known multinational Fortune 500 organizations. Throughout the workshop, the group discussed the barriers they face when it comes to idea implementation and measuring value, and the solutions they could implement to get them over the hump.

Expert Interview Series: Roddy Millar Helps Business Leaders Translate Academic Research to Innovative Leadership


Academia Provides a Wealth of Research on Effective Leadership. He’s the founder and Managing Editor for IEDP – covering the global executive development sector– and cofounder of IEDP’s sister organization, Ideas for Leaders , which reviews, distills and shares the latest research on business leadership coming out of universities and business schools around the globe. And it takes sound leadership at the top. This can come in the form of workshops and development programs.

Personal Leadership – What Would You Do with an Extra Day?


Eight years ago today, I published an article about personal leadership, asking the question, “What would you do with an extra day?” Brainzooming - All Posts Career Collaboration Performance personal leadership

10 More Amazing Innovation & Design Card Decks

Innovation Excellence

In the last 18 months we’ve shared 900+ sets to innovators in 28 countries on 6 continents – led 35+ workshops for groups in corporate innovation, academia, startups & non-profits – and learned a ton about what really stands between innovation ambition and impact. Innovation Leadership Management Strategy card deck cards Design play stimulus workshopLast year LPK created a card deck of the top 50 Roadblocks to Innovation.

5 Reasons Every Company Needs an Innovation Coach

Innovation Excellence

Feature Of The Week Innovation Leadership Strategy Advice Consulting external perspectives innovation coach Innovation coaching innovation keynote innovation keynote speakers innovation training innovation workshop Open Innovation Personal Advisory Board Value Access Value Creation value translatio

Turning Intuition into Science©


The ‘Turning Intuition Into Science’© workshop explores how the employees in your organization are critical to your success. Dr Peck has a broad background in business practices, technology, leadership, and workplace behavior, and is a recognized expert in Organization Network Analysis (ONA).

Day 1 – Strategy Sprint – A DIY Guide

Innovation Excellence

Leadership Strategy DIY DIY Innovator workshopsThis is the third in a series of five DIY posts on holding a strategy sprint. You now know how to prepare for a strategy sprint, and you’ve gathered the right people. You’re ready for the first full day of sprinting. Take a deep breath, you’ll need it! Day 1 is all about grasping the.

Why most innovation and creativity training are NOT designed to deliver results

Idea to Value

Most “innovation” and “creativity” training and workshops (even the most expensive ones) don’t actually produce any tangible results! Innovation experts facilitation leadership video

Helping a 1000 Entrepreneurs

Rmukesh Gupta

Seth Godin : I had the pleasure of interacting with him for the first time earlier this week as I participated in a leadership workshop that he hosted to raise funds for the Plus Acumen. You can register for these workshops here.

Top 10 Innovation and Design Card Decks

Innovation Excellence

I love them so much I helped create one this year – LPK’s Roadblocks to Innovation – shared 600+ sets worldwide and led a couple dozen Roadblocks Workshops. collaboration Innovation Leadership Management Strategy barriers cards failure Roadblocks success tools

Situational Medicine, Purpose, and Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Encouraged by 1000s of Leadership Training workshops, books and sessions, I took a time to contemplate and draft my purpose. Design Innovation Leadership Design Thinking michael graber purpose Southern Growth Studio Strategy vision

How Leaders Can Foster an Innovative Climate

Innovation Excellence

One is the microclimate that you create in a workshop situation. Continue reading → Creativity Experience Innovation Innovation Leadership Processes & Tools collaboration Creative Climate Questionairre creative leaders innovative climate

Books about Behavioral Economics

These books can not only help in your own understanding and personal or professional development, but are also great resources for behavioral economics training programs and workshops. The post Books about Behavioral Economics appeared first on Innovation Training | Design Thinking Workshops.

The Labyrinth of Innovation Death

Gregg Fraley

Leadership is how this is overcome, another missing bubble. This could be done as a consultation, a keynote, or a workshop. The Classic Pitfalls of Innovation. Mandates, Training, Process, Talent, Conflict, Risk. Where Have Your Initiatives Failed?

3 Small Things that will Increase Innovation in Your Company the Most

Innovation Excellence

Last month I delivered my "un-kill innovation" executive workshop to an executive team of a Fortune 500 technology company in Florida. It was a great experience all around, but at the end I was asked for the key takeaways, and I narrowed them down to the following.

Complacency Is A Silent Killer


There is no class, course, workshop that teaches one how to “unlearn” old habits and skills which only use is to maintain the status quo. Creativity entrepreneurship Greatness Innovation Leadership Clayton M. Complacency kills…big time!

Innovation Programs Are Good, Just Not Good Enough.


It might be small workshops, departmental level programs, the rollout of an enterprise idea management tool like Spigit, or something less formal. future hellofuture innovation leadership management patents strategyLike most big companies, you’ve probably run or are currently running, at least one internal innovation program.

Who is your Corporate Innovation Role Model?

Destination Innovation

When managers at the local Siemens plant want to learn about leadership or teamwork they will often call in a conductor or players from the orchestra to contribute ideas. In the examples above this involved customer service, operational efficiency, leadership, teamwork and courage.

Never stop investing in yourself. It’s vital for staying creative

Idea to Value

Sometimes it’s about staying aware of what developments are taking place in your industry, such as by reading trade journals, attending workshops and conferences. Creativity Leadership budget frank kern san diego self investment

Top Takeaways from the 2019 Innovation Trends Report

Contact us today to take the first step toward designing or facilitating leadership and innovation development workshops, events, or even a conference at your organization. Innovation Leadership

How Do You Overcome The Early Adopter Challenge?


Adopting new technology isn’t simply a matter of going to conferences and workshops, but of bringing it into the organization; it’s about intensity of use. Early adapters in the B2B space have the following traits: Visionary leadership.

B2B 141

Atoms vs. Bits - Making Matters


Students working on projects in the Brown Design Workshop. The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture **If anyone ever wonders why I love doing my office hours in the Brown Design Workshop , just come in and smell the wood!

The 3 P’s: Putting Innovation Into Practice


Rather, they believe they act – through some version of an innovation program that includes training, workshops and tools – and revert to their old ways when that fails. Creativity entrepreneurship Innovation Leadership

Tools 191

Crossing the Innovation Delaware

Gregg Fraley

Inspiring hope is a key role of innovation leadership. That kind of leadership inspires hope. Consider a Brown Bag lunch workshop with Gregg Fraley and have operational employees and managers learn more about innovation mindset and specifically how to contribute to innovation.