Product development through hypotheses: formulating hypotheses


Product development is confronted with the constant challenge of supplying the customer with a product that exactly meets his needs. In our new blog series, etventure’s product managers provide an insight into their work and approach.

Product development through hypotheses: formulating hypotheses


Product development is confronted with the constant challenge of supplying the customer with a product that exactly meets his needs. In our new blog series, etventure’s product managers provide an insight into their work and approach.

Product development through hypotheses – start of the new blog series


Product development is confronted with the constant challenge of supplying the customer with a product that exactly meets his needs. In our new blog series, etventure’s product managers provide an insight into their work and approach. The focus is on hypothesis-driven product development – an approach that is oriented primarily towards the “Lean Startup” philosophy. What is the secret of successful product development?

Scaling Lean Product Management for Better Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Can you truly predict a customers’ reaction to a new innovative product and then scale the success of the product? Lean practitioners say you can, if you measure the right metrics, interpret them correctly, and focus on the problem and the uncertainties that arise.


Lean & Startup Patterns – Interview with Sam McAfee

Grasshopper Herder

I reached out to chat about his approach on Lean, startups and teamwork. Q: What are the differences between Agile Software Development and Lean Software Development? A: At the highest level, the difference between Agile and Lean software development is mainly […]. Lean Startup Teamwork & Leadership lean manufacturing lean product development lean startup


What is Lean Innovation? Components and Examples

Moves the Needle

Lean Innovation Definition At Moves The Needle, we define lean innovation as “reducing waste in the discovery, creation, and delivering of new value to customers." We base Lean Innovation principles upon the 3 E’s of Lean Innovation : Empathy, Experiments and Evidence. And in practice, we combine three important ideas: design thinking, Lean Startup, and agile methodology. In this way, lean innovation and design thinking go hand in hand. Lean Innovation

Accelerating Innovation with Rapid Learning Cycles

Innovation Excellence

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Stop Believing your Publicity and Test it with a Minimum Viable Product

Innovation Excellence

Instead test your biggest and riskiest assumptions quickly with a Minimum Viable Product. Continue reading → Book Review Growth Innovation Strategy Customers Eric Ries growth lean startup minimum viable product MVP new product development NPD

The Right Way to Do Lean Research

Boxes and Arrows

Each panelist had made their mark on how design is done in start-ups: Laura wrote the influential O’Reilly book on UX for Lean Startups, and Todd penned the bestselling Rosenfeld Media Prototyping book. Mike founded an influential Lean UX community in San Francisco. . Although the conversation ranged widely, they kept coming back to research: the heart of the lean build-measure-learn cycle. Below is Laura Klein expounds on these key themes of lean research.


The Role of Lean Innovation in Mergers and Acquisitions

Moves the Needle

You can use Lean Innovation techniques -- Empathy, Experiments, and Evidence to ensure the driving force is sustained through the integration. Lean Innovation empathy work is a great way to understand the human side of acquisitions and again, this is from both sides of the table, acquirer and acquiree. Instead of dreaming big, for instance, that an acquiree's distribution channel will fit your existing product portfolio, you can test whether or not that’s true.


The 9 biggest challenges for corporates to implement lean startup

Board of Innovation

This post is written for innovation managers & corporate lean startup coaches. Here are the 9 biggest challenges for corporates to implement lean startup and 23 great best practices to tackle them: CHAPTER 1: Organizations designed to maximize efficiency Product development/Engineers have no direct contact with clients. The post The 9 biggest challenges for corporates to implement lean startup appeared first on Board of Innovation.


Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda Innovation

Gregg Fraley

The top person chooses one or more of the pitched ideas to put into the product development pipeline for introduction. Time to Plan for 2016 Innovation Now.

Applying Lean Startup to Health Insurance | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

If any industry is in need of applying emergent strategy to its product development methods, it’s health insurance The health insurance industry is facing significant disruption on a number of fronts.


How Smart Product Managers Use a Business Case

Innovation Excellence

Properly used, a business case embodies the essential learning and planning derived from Lean, Design Thinking, and similar approaches to product development. Continue reading → Innovation Product Innovation Training business case Product Development Product Management


When Innovation is a Moving Target

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Build Capability Innovation People & Skills Processes & Tools Technology Uncategorized lean startup new product development NPD Product Performance technology

A Beginner’s Guide to MVP


In our beginner’s guide to MVPs our Head of Product, Gregor Ilg, explains what a minimum viable product is, how it is developed and how it can help companies to enhance innovation. MVP” is an acronym for “minimum viable product”. Understanding MVP Development .

What if it works?

Mike Shipulski

The best known method is the Lean Startup method. The Lean Startup is also quite good when money’s tight. And then there’s the VC/Lean Startup combo. A set of high potential projects run in parallel, each using Lean’s build, show, refine method to learn at light speed.


Who’s Really Sitting at the Top of Every Organizational Chart


It’s a wild, energetic, real-time experiment in organizational development that is already being praised and criticized from inside and outside the company. I’ll confess to that in a moment, but the title of this article has likely already given away my leaning.

Innovation Myths Debunked: Part II

Robert Brands

An example of businesses in the retail industry who tried something new would be the subscription box-based model where subscribers pay in advance to receive curated boxes of products. Top 8 Popular Myths about Innovators and Innovation – Debunked! Part 2 of 2).

The secrets behind building a Unicorn

Matthew Griffin

You’ve heard their names and you’re already using their products and in many cases they are now the new market leaders, the companies everyone wants to be or to beat. Development. Their product has an obvious, communicable, quantifiable value. Stage 2: Development.

15 most important Innovation Theories your company should be using

Idea to Value

What it is: One of the most challenging aspects of innovation for most companies is not the generating of ideas, or the development of new innovations. I’m not putting my neck and job on the line to promote something which I wasn’t involved with developing.

Innovations to be thankful for… & the importance of the NPD process

Robert Brands

POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle is a revolutionary new roofing product that combines the performance and protection of a conventional asphalt roof with an integrated photovoltaic solar system that powers the home. The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. New product Development (NDP) is cultivated in an environment where creativity combines with structure.

A new competitive edge

The Future Shapers

Such as: that the success or failure of a product or company depends solely on the strategy used. Or that strategy development is a tedious process eating up countless hours. Simplifying, in iterative product development, a new prototype is produced and tested in real conditions.

Startup Engagement in Corporate Innovation

Integrative Innovation

There are distinct differences by industry: Financial service corporates are leaning towards Corp-Up (63%), One-off events (56%) and CVC (38%), media players towards CVC (80%) and Corp-Up (60%), and telecoms towards Corp-Up (57%) and incubators/ accelerators (56%).

Innovation Thesis

The Future Shapers

The innovation thesis needs to help take more deliberate investment decisions, both internally (own product development) and externally (investing in startups). Also, the thesis is going to be a decision companion across the entire product lifecycle while catering for the needs of every hierarchical level. As the product matures, the anti-thesis needs to stipulate the type technologies the company will not back. Idea Management Innovation Lean Methodology

The fallacy of "modern" management when it comes to innovation management

Moves the Needle

His very lean progressive assembly process was the result. Today, the cost and time it takes to build, launch, and deliver new products at scale is lower than ever. This wasn’t just for the product, but for the entire company. This is Lean Startup. Lean Innovation

Strategy Sprints – A DIY Guide

Innovation Excellence

A software developer practicing "agile" thinks of it as a short, iterative cycle of work, often weeks or months, rather than seconds. An entrepreneur practicing "lean startup" methods thinks of it as minimally viable product development effort of a week or less. The word sprint means different things to different people. A runner thinks of it as a race, a mad dash of a few seconds.

Why Build, Measure, Learn – isn’t just throwing things against the wall to see if they work – the Minimal Viable Product

Steve Blank

I am always surprised when critics complain that the Lean Startup’s Build, Measure, Learn approach is nothing more than “throwing incomplete products out of the building to see if they work.”. Waterfall Development. It often took companies three tries to get products right.

Agile 55

Before you can make a million, you’ve got to make the first one.

Mike Shipulski

With manufacturing and product development, it’s all about Gantt charts and hitting dates. Complexity Constraints Innovation Lean Technology Creativity Problems Trust-based approach Understanding PhysicsWith process improvement, the existing process is refined over time.

An Answer to the Pains of Integrating Agile and UX

Boxes and Arrows

One of attendees during the Q&A essentially went on a rant about how “Agile is a developer process,” essentially suggesting that we UX folks know better and shouldn’t even be trying to make Agile work. He used the term “developer” as if it were an epithet, and unsurprisingly, a lot of the audience cheered him on. It turns out that Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX (the book I’m reviewing here) has also faced the same challenges. Lean UX has its own challenges.

Agile 67

3 Traps of common market research methods

Moves the Needle

Here’s why: Modern market research methods, like Lean Startup, do a great job of focusing on customer-centric discovery. It generates insights through empathy (one of the 3 E’s of Lean Innovation, see 5 Ways to Spark Innovation at Your Organization ). In lean startup, before beginning to test solution ideas, one focuses on developing empathy through customer development interviews. Conclusion Market research has an important role to play in product development.

5 Things to stop doing to enable enterprise innovation

Moves the Needle

*This post originally appeared on Mind the Product. With this in mind, if you’re a corporate executive or part of a product or innovation team, here are some key habits that you should stop doing if you want to innovate in the enterprise. Lean Innovation

Leveraging New Ventures for Innovation

Integrative Innovation

On the other hand, by engaging with established firms, a startup acquires capabilities to develop and scale their business, e.g. supply chain and production capacity, sales and marketing channels and last but not least an existing customer base.

The Downside of Testing, Prototyping, and Experimentation?

Michael Roberto

I'm a big fan of the concept of testing, prototyping and experimenting during the product development process. However, new research suggests one very important limitation to testing that involves going to market with a minimal viable product (MVP). Andrea Contigiani, a researcher at the Mack Institute for Innovation Management and a Wharton doctoral candidate, assembled a fascinating dataset on the product development efforts at over 1,000 software startups.

Crossing the Chasm: Overcoming hurdles to scaling innovation


It is critical in any development process that innovation ‘show stoppers’ are recognized and nurtured quickly. In many cases, it’s the only way to achieve a scale that justifies the often-substantial investments in the development of technical prototypes and operations.

LEAN 208

The UX Professionals’ Guide to Working with Agile Scrum Teams

Boxes and Arrows

The adoption of Agile software development approaches are on the rise across our industry, which means UX professionals are more likely than ever to support Agile projects. Many UX professionals seem stymied by the challenge of effectively integrating UX within an Agile development framework –but there are others in our field who have encountered the same problems yet are finding effective solutions. Regular check-ins with product owners are also helpful in knowing priorities.”

Agile 87

How Schibsted Media Group Used Empathy and Evidence to Validate New Ideas

Moves the Needle

This disconnect leads organizations down the wrong path toward producing products and services that no one really wants , because they aren’t using evidence (data + insights) to guide their product development.

71 Innovation Methodologies

Open Innovation EU

A while ago I sat down with Machiel Wetselaar & David van Dinther to create a list of innovation methodologies for a course we’re developing. The Lean Startup (Ries). The Lean Enterprise. New Product and Development Service Process (Hauser).

Be Innovative if You Want to Drive Innovation


At IdeaScale we help Kane is Able and many other clients achieve their continuous improvement strategies such as Lean, Kaizen or Six Sigma.

"T" time for innovation

RTI Innovation Advisors

The efficient, effective environment isn't a good development platform for new thinking and new ideas. Your existing product or service development programs are likely overworked and will reject ideas or solutions that require new capabilities. What this leads to is "me too" innovation, where the innovations are indistinguishable from existing products. The first team wants to sustain existing products and profits and not ruffle feathers.

Agile 170