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My Interview with Trusted Magazine

Stephen Shapiro

I was recently interviewed by Trusted Magazine. You can read my responses to all of the questions on the Trusted Magazine website. The post My Interview with Trusted Magazine appeared first on Stephen Shapiro. They asked me four questions about my career: How could you describe your career path in a few words?

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Announcing the BRAIN GAME Column, Inc. Magazine

Matthew May

magazine to be a columnist for their Innovate channel. Recently I accepted an invitation from Inc. The column will be called (appropriately, given my new book) BRAIN GAME. It will focus on the nexus of neuropsychology and business, applying the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology to business.


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How to Create a Vision Board Online? Vision Board Purpose and Goals


While traditional vision boards involve cutting out images and words from magazines and pasting them on a physical board, the digital [.] It's a visual representation of your aspirations, serving as a constant reminder of what you want to achieve in life.

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Voyage Dallas Magazine - Featuring Debra and William Miller

Values Centered Innovation

Voyage Dallas is an online magazine that shares inspiring stories about people and businesses in the Dallas area. We're delighted that they chose to feature an article about the co-founders of Values Centered Innovation, Debra and William Miller. Click here to enjoy!

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SenseMaking for Leaders

Rmukesh Gupta

Nitin Nohria also writes about this in a HBR Magazine article titled – Leaders Must React. You can read the article in the magazine or online here.

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Your Favorite HBR Articles of 2023

Harvard Business Review

They called out articles ranging from a 2001 classic article about managing your energy as a worker to a recent magazine piece on storytelling for leaders. We heard from readers in a variety of different industries, writing in from various corners of the world.

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Avoid Addition Bias – Crop the Photo

Destination Innovation

Nature magazine recently published a paper with the headline – People Systematically Overlook Subtractive Changes. The same is true in many other fields – taking things out can seriously improve performance. The study was carried out by Adams, Converse, Hales and Klotz at the University of Virginia.

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