Announcing the BRAIN GAME Column, Inc. Magazine

Matthew May

magazine to be a columnist for their Innovate channel. Innovation brain game Inc Magazine winning the brain gameRecently I accepted an invitation from Inc. The column will be called (appropriately, given my new book) BRAIN GAME. It will focus on the nexus of neuropsychology and business, applying the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology to business. has a massive audience, and it’s the kind of mass appeal platform I’ve been wanting for some time.

Seattle Business Magazine’s Best Workplace 2019


Xinova Named Best Workplace in Washington State Last night, Xinova was recognized by Seattle Business Magazine as one of the 100 best workplaces in Washington! Earlier this year, Seattle Business Magazine […]. The post Seattle Business Magazine’s Best Workplace 2019 appeared first on Xinova. In the News best workplaces 2019 Seattle Business Magazine Seattle Business WA's 100 Best Companies to work for 2019 xinova Xinova Careers


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tED Magazine: Is Your Distributorship an Innovation Machine?

Faisal Hoque

The post tED Magazine: Is Your Distributorship an Innovation Machine? “Innovation isn’t just about coming up with the next cool product,” says Hoque, a serial entrepreneur, founder of SHADOKA, and author of the books Everything Connects and Survive to Thrive. appeared first on Faisal Hoque :: Entrepreneur | Author. Creativity | Innovation homepage-recent Growth Hacking innovation Leadership & Management MiddleMarket smb SME Sustained Innovation

Avoid Addition Bias – Crop the Photo

Destination Innovation

Nature magazine recently published a paper with the headline – People Systematically Overlook Subtractive Changes. Cognitive Bias Innovation Examples & Lessons addition bias cognitive bias crop the photo feature bloat gabrielle adams nature magazine tax code what can we take away

Voyage Dallas Magazine - Featuring Debra and William Miller

Values Centered Innovation

Voyage Dallas is an online magazine that shares inspiring stories about people and businesses in the Dallas area. We're delighted that they chose to feature an article about the co-founders of Values Centered Innovation, Debra and William Miller. Click here to enjoy! The bigger picture Innovation consulting Innovation programs Innovation capabilities

Comment on My SUCCESS Magazine Audio Interview by Stephen Shapiro

Stephen Shapiro

Thanks Linda


Comment on My SUCCESS Magazine Audio Interview by Linda Keith

Stephen Shapiro

Stephen, I was delighted to hear you talk about confirmation bias. In the work I do helping lenders make make good loan decisions, we have to tackle the tendency to draw a conclusion too soon. As soon as the lender thinks they know it is a good loan, or is not, they actively seek confirmation and ignore evidence to the contrary. It is human nature and brain chemicals. I had not applied that thinking to improving my business results, though. Thanks for connecting the dots


Comment on My SUCCESS Magazine Audio Interview by Edye Londer

Stephen Shapiro

Stephen, In your interview with Darren Hardy in May 2013 you reference to a study done in the Ukraine on education and the importance of parental involvement. In addition you referenced to a school in Bogota, Columbia that has/had 100% parental involvement and significant improvement in the education of those students. My son is in Isla Baru, Columbia right now teaching to students who need BIG TIME HELP.

Study 40

Avoid the Addition Bias

Innovation Excellence

The same is true in … Continue reading → Innovation Perspectives addition bias crop photo nature magazine paul sloane subtractHave you noticed that almost every photo that you take with your camera or mobile phone can be improved by cropping?

Leader in coming week´s Innovation Special Report published in the Swedish Business magazine Dagens Industri

Innovation 360 Group

The post Leader in coming week´s Innovation Special Report published in the Swedish Business magazine Dagens Industri appeared first on Innovation Consultant | Innovation 360 | Home Of Innovation. What´s happening now will have a greater impact on us than the innovation of the railway! When I talk about the ongoing globalization I talk about it as a series of waves, and right now, I´d say, we are in the midst of the third globalization wave.

Leader in coming week´s Innovation Special Report published in the Swedish Business magazine Dagens Industri

Innovation 360

The post Leader in coming week´s Innovation Special Report published in the Swedish Business magazine Dagens Industri appeared first on Home of Innovation. What´s happening now will have a greater impact on us than the innovation of the railway! When I talk about the ongoing globalization I talk about it as a series of waves, and right now, I´d say, we are in the midst of the third globalization wave.

Trusting Adults to Behave like Adults

Rmukesh Gupta

Leadership Culture of Innovation Dummy proof Importance of trust in leadership Michael Bang Peterson Nature Magazine REspect trustI read a post on which talks about lessons to be learned by governments about communications and trusting the public with hard truth.

Extract Value from Old Assets

Beyond the Obvious

Magazine publishers are in the same predicament as the book-publishing and recording industries before it. Some fashion magazines are experimenting with making their print issues feel like “must-buy” items; Bazaar and […]. Book Book Excerpts Bazaar Bon Appétit Condé Nast customers Elle future customers i-D Interview magazine publisher potential customers product Time Vogue

Less is more: Why our brains struggle to subtract

Rmukesh Gupta

transformation additive thinking Andrew H Hales Benjamin A Converse Delegate Eliminate Gabrielle S Adams Leidy E Klotz Lessons for change agents Lessons in change management Nature Magazine Subtractive Thinking

Value creation in the digital age – monopolisation, networking or demise!


Magazin Trends Viewpoints digitale Plattformen Digitale Transformation E-Commerce etventure Mittelstand PlattformökonomieWhy German SMEs must act now and how digital platforms can help. Platforms are the central business model of the digital economy.

Weekly Product Gallery: Pipe, valves and fittings


This week’s gallery shines the spotlight on pipe, valves and fittings: added sizes for grooved couplings and nipples; a female drop ear elbow for showerhead applications; a corrosive waste piping system for a variety of applications; residential plumbing lead-free brass valves for PEX; a one-piece supply line with stainless-steel braided connector and supply stop; and fittings for corrugated stainless-steel tubing

Me and AI!

TILE Magazine

Me & AI: Turing exposed us to AI almost 69 years ago, the notion that a machine can think and process like a human. Clearly decades have gone by and we have not realized the full potential of AI and we are still a long ways away from Generalized AI. AI has gone through a serious winter and now is blooming into its fullest shape. But the journey has been super interesting and now at the verge of reaching a critical peak, why? Why AI now?

Data 43

How to scale your startup to Berlin – Recap Deep Dive Week Berlin


Magazin wavespace StartupsBerlin has established itself as one of the most important startup hubs in Europe over the past years. Its digital economy is booming – the economic federation partner “Berlin Partner” estimates that around 300.000 new jobs will be created in the next 15 years. But how can you scale your startups business into the German market in a successful way?

The Future of Data Startups in Europe and how to shape a European Data Economy – ”We should get rid of all the fear to use data”


etventure News Magazin wavespace EDI European Data Incubator incubator Startups WavespaceMany of the most groundbreaking technologies of our time (e.g. Deep Learning) require access to huge amounts of data to reach their full potential.

When the future of mobility comes together in a “creative space” – how co-pace drives innovation


Magazin wavespace Co-Creation cooperations etventure EY insurHUB WavespaceWhen it comes to innovation and digitalization, the concept of a “creative space” keeps popping up.

Agile 52

Ceramics of Italy Launches 25th Anniversary Tile Competition

TILE Magazine

Ceramics of Italy announced the launch of the 2018 Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition

The Future of Education – how to build future-ready education


Magazin wavespace digitization Education Future of Education WavespaceWhat do we have to learn today to be prepared for tomorrow? What skills, what knowledge will we need in the future to be able to succeed in the working world?

Accelerate Innovation — With Experiential Learning

Gregg Fraley

Magazine by Jessica Stillman. Magazine innovation facilitation training innovation frameworks Jessica Stillman Jon Pearson Lean learning Meade Momentum Team Effectiveness Training Montessori Sage Publishing scaffolding Sunni Brown TRIZ WammesExperiential Learning Accelerates Innovation. Innovation Session Designs Don’t Engage. New Study: Drawing is the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Learn. I read with interest an article stating that drawing accelerates learning. It does.

Corporate meets Startup – Join the European Data Incubator with your Data Challenge


etventure News Magazin Corporate meets Startup etventure European Data IncubatorWhat is a Startup Accelerator? A startup accelerator support startups’ economic growth. These programs usually help young companies by offering funding, business and tech support over a short period of time. Several programs focus additionally on corporate and startup collaboration. 3 reasons why you should participate.

Corporate meets Startup: 3 reasons why you should participate in tailored Matchmaking events


Magazin Trends StartupsMeet, mingle & connect! Business Matchmaking events are a great platform to establish valuable connections and unique business opportunities. Whether you are a startup looking for the next customer or a corporate that seeks startup cooperation. Such events are a powerful networking experience for various stakeholders. What is a Matchmaking event? Business Matchmaking events come in different shapes and various formats.

insurHUB 3.0 – when competitors become partners


Magazin wavespace Co-Creation cooperations etventure EY insurHUB WavespaceIn this post in our “wavespace residents” series we would like to present the insurHUB program. Five renowned insurers put competition aside to collaborate on innovating in the insurance industry and rethinking insurance. Yasmin Saathoff, manager at EY Innovalue and project coordinator for the insurHUB, gave us some exciting insights in an interview. Key takeaways: . Cooperation is essential to successfully innovate.

Agile 40

Review: Meetup in January & MegaTalk in February


etventure News Magazin wavespace Events WavespaceJanuary & February saw two events around the themes of Energy and IoT in the Automotive Sector. The “Future of Energy” in January was 2019’s first edition of our meetup series the “Future of Industries” It takes a deep dive into a selected industry and engages with various stakeholders within the Berlin ecosystem around current questions with a focus on the role of Digital Transformation.

“For 12,99 € to Platform Champion”


Magazin wavespace Megatalk platform Startups WavespaceAt the beginning of April, wavespace Berlin Kreuzberg again filled up with numerous guests – this time to listen to the hotly discussed topic “Platform Economics” Three representatives with first-hand expertise were guests: Sarik Weber, Chief Digital Officer of the traditional company Ottobock, Product Manager Marc Pudelski of the SMS Group and Stephan Heller, founder and CEO of the startup FinCompare.

Corporate meets Startup Interview: Successful Collaboration Between Exit Entry and EY


etventure News Magazinetventure Startup Hub fosters the collaboration between corporates and startups in various ways and is also partnered with Startup Lighthouse , a project that helps startups scale into different European markets. Each partner organizes “Deep Dive Weeks” in different cities all over Europe – a week full of workshops and meetings with potential clients and investors. We spoke with the startup Exit Entry.

Does Artificial Intelligence always make the better decision?


Magazin Tools & Methods wavespaceBig Data, Artificial Intelligence – terms that have dominated the business world for quite some time and which, among other things, provide a large mass of data that not everyone knows how to deal with properly. Our next “wavespace resident” deals with decision making in a complex world of digitization and networking.

Data 40

Real estate visit “remote”


Magazin wavespace StartupsOur series “wavespace Residents” enters the second round. This time we present the startup of Berlin Hyp, OnSite ImmoAgent GmbH, with its managing director Viola Siedler. A lot of time is spent and, in the end, no suitable real estate is available – a situation that Berlin Hyp’s customers, owners and investors of commercial real estate, know well.

Is Imitation More Valuable Than Innovation?

HYPE Innovation

What do the Playboy Magazine’s beginnings, Swarovski’s Stardust collection, and a select range of Apple Stoers – not stores, the typo is deliberate - in Kūnmíng, China have in common? They have all found their glory in some more or less accepted form of innovation by copying/imitation. Disruption

Drones and tradesmen. Is that possible?


etventure News Magazin wavespace startup Wavespacewavespace Berlin Kreuzberg offers startups and corporates the opportunity to work together in modern premises and labs, to network and create innovations together. Who these “residents” are and what topics and technologies they work on, we would like to present in our “wavespace Residents” series.

wavespace Berlin – Opening of the innovation hotspot


etventure News Magazin wavespace EY WavespaceBerlin has gained a new innovation hotspot: On Wednesday evening in the heart of Kreuzberg the new wavespace was officially opened by etventure and EY, guests of honour such as Brigitte Zypries, former Federal Minister, as well as 200 other guests from business and the start-up scene. A milestone for etventure and EY and an enrichment for the capital.

Road to wavespace – Interview with etventure startup expert Laura Kohler


etventure News Magazin wavespace WavespaceWe’ll continue on our “road to wavespace”. Only two months until etventure will launch the new wavespace in Berlin Kreuzberg together with EY. Laura Kohler, partner at etventure and Head of wavespace & Startup Ecosystem, is in charge of this major project. In our interview she gives insights into the large-scale project #wavespaceBerlinXBerg. Laura has many years of experience in coordinating startup and digital projects.

Disturbance to Life


I have just finished 1st class of high school and sent the first article to IT magazine, the second one (already agreed) was never sent as I have no place … business creativity process workI was 15 when the war came to my town.

Ten Ways to Develop Logical Thinking, Ten Ways to Develop Lateral Thinking

Destination Innovation

Read a random book or magazine. Image by Elisa Riva on Pixabay. Here are ten ways to develop your logical thinking skills. Play chess. Solve soduko puzzles. Make lists, analyse your work, break it down into smaller tasks. Learn problem analysis methods such as six sigma and why, why.

Study 240

Creating the Physical Space for Innovation

HYPE Innovation

Whether you call them innovation hubs, maker-spaces, fab-labs, accelerators or hotspots you can hardly turn a street corner or a magazine page before you bump into another example. Building spaces for innovation is a hot topic these days. The names may vary but the underlying idea is the same – a place where people can meet to get inspired and supported by each other, to articulate and co-create. An environment in which ideas can be explored and played with. Innovation Culture

Solving the 'Who are My Stakeholders' Dilemma: A Quick Innovation Managers’ Guide

HYPE Innovation

To this, I’d normally reply forums, journals, HBR , Springwise , and Scenario Magazine. I was recently asked a very down-to-earth question: “Where do you find answers to practical issues in innovation management?” They’re all sources I recommend on a regular basis. This time, however, and to the amusement of the innovation manager asking, the word “Netflix” came out first. No, not the company – although they are setting new standards in the business world. I meant an actual Netflix show.

Future Squared Episode #203: Perry Marshall on 80/20 Sales and Marketing | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

Perry Marshall is one of the world's most expensive and sought-after business consultants, endorsed by FORBES, INC Magazine, and the most respected entrepreneurs in the world

Future Squared Episode #203: Perry Marshall on 80/20 Sales and Marketing | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

Perry Marshall is one of the world's most expensive and sought-after business consultants, endorsed by FORBES, INC Magazine, and the most respected entrepreneurs in the world

The One Thing That Will Kill An Innovation And What You Can Do To Avoid It

Phil McKinney

There have been many public reveals where a newspaper or magazine failed to […]. When most innovators pitch what they think is the next brilliant innovation, I’m shocked by how many of the innovators will make what sound like extreme claims without taking take the time to fact-check.

Future Squared Episode #161: Kevin Kelly on the Inevitable | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

Kevin Kelly is Senior Maverick at Wired magazine. He co-founded Wired in 1993, and served as its Executive Editor for its first seven years