Supplier Innovation Seminar October 27, 2016 in NYC

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Excellence is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with The Conference Board to offer our members and community a 50% discount to attend the Supplier Innovation Seminar taking place October 27, 2016, in NYC. Feature Of The Week Conference Board Creativity Customer relationships Event Discount Food Industry global challenges ideas Innovation New York Seminar Supplier Innovation

Free creativity seminar: 18 August at Google Campus London

Idea to Value

For everyone in London who is interested in creativity, I will be hosting a seminar at the Google Campus on the 18th August. Originally published at Free creativity seminar: 18 August at Google Campus London. It is for the benefit of the area’s entrepreneurial startup & technology community, and will be free and quite informal. You can get up to 10 tickets for your company using the […].


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Win at New Product Development: Become Agile and Adaptive in Exclusive Seminar with Dr. Bob Cooper, Father of Stage-Gate


The post Win at New Product Development: Become Agile and Adaptive in Exclusive Seminar with Dr. Bob Cooper, Father of Stage-Gate appeared first on Sopheon. Interested in learning how to be agile and adaptive as you implement Stage-Gate into your organization?

Kreativne karte


edukacije hrvatski inovacije poduzetništvo seminarŽelite potaknuti kreativnost? Ponovno razmisliti o svojoj ideji ili smisliti novu ideju? Naših 50 karata postavlja pitanja “Što ako…?” koje vas mogu navesti na razmišljanje iz drugog kuta ili preispitivanje koriste?i i slijede?e


Purpose: A Key to Success | Hosted by C2E2 for UConn Center for Clean Energy (Nov 16, 2020)

Inspiring Next

On Monday November 16th 2020, C2E2 hosted Dr. Ripi Singh for a seminar on “Purpose” on a professional and personal level. The audience consisted of professors and students who are affiliated with the UConn Center for Clean Energy.


How to Conduct Virtual Office Hours

Innovation Excellence

Guest Post from Arlen Meyers We have all had experience with various forms of virtual interactions, be they meetings, seminars, presentations, informal get togethers or virtual networking events.

Talking about Omni-Channel Challenges

Innovation 360 Group

This Wednesday we had a breakfast seminar about innovation in retail, focusing on the next step of Omni-Channel. Wrapping up the seminar, Magnus Penker , also Director Level Consultant here at Innovation 360, elaborated on how to build a lasting organization in this rapidly changing retail environment. All in all, a great morning and I look forward to our next breakfast seminar the 12 th of June , when we will examine different ways to found innovation.

Looking for an Event Agency in London? These 5 Agencies Are at the Top of Their Field


Whether a seminar, conference, retreat, or product launch, planning your own event can leave. Planning a corporate event is an exciting but demanding task. It is a chance to highlight your business and achieve dramatic results. Event Venue

Pretotyping to Build The Right It from Alberto Savoia at Stanford

Here is a Stanford eCorner Seminar video on “Build The Right It” from Alberto Savoia. Description from Stanford eCorner of this Innovation Seminar Online. Alberto Savoia and I presented at a conference a couple of years ago in Napa Valley.

Comment on 30-Day Innovation Challenge by Hank Longo

Stephen Shapiro

It’s like giving each attendee a model to take home after the innovation seminar, and then asking them each day what part they assembled, so at the end of 30 days, if they successfully participated, they have assembled the entire model car, instead of it still sitting in the box I find this concept fascinating, an “AH HA” moment, a very simple concept, with huge benefits! A fun way to make your educational investment develop into profitable action and retention.

Comment on 30-Day Innovation Challenge by Hank Longo

Stephen Shapiro

It’s like giving each attendee a model to take home after the innovation seminar, and then asking them each day what part they assembled, so at the end of 30 days, if they successfully participated, they have assembled the entire model car, instead of it still sitting in the box I find this concept fascinating, an “AH HA” moment, a very simple concept, with huge benefits! A fun way to make your educational investment develop into profitable action and retention.

Lunch Talk: How to Make Innovation a Habit

Innovation 360 Group

About the Seminar. Niclas Claesson from Innovation 360 will moderate the seminar and Sofie Lindblom will share how companies can make innovation a habit by build long term capabilities for innovation. Innovation is becoming ever more important in the face of the rapid change most industries are facing. In a McKinsey survey 84% of executives rate innovation as important for their business. However only 6% of them are happy with the innovation efforts in their companies.

IdeaScale’s Open Nation 2019 Set to Inspire Innovation


Organizers have jam-packed at least a dozen seminars led by some of the most influential innovation leaders at top organizations into this two-day event. The spotlight will be on creativity, communication, inspiration, and innovation leadership at Open Nation 2019, IdeaScale’s annual conference set for Oct. 24-25 in Washington, D.C. Presenters include NASA, the United States Air Force, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Freddie Mac, and the United Way.

The Single Biggest Weakness of Corporate Training Programs

Ankush Chopra

Toward this purpose, even a seminar method is less useful. The case study method is the most popular way to teach in a business school. When you want to convey a plethora of interconnected ideas, a lecture fails to serve the purpose.

Help guide for Titles: Guidebook Titles, Content Titles, and others

Gijs Van Wulfen

Seminar displays all information. Seminar Research Psychology and Sociology learners. Seminar research. Here is an example, psychology trainees may perhaps have to write a seminar review using a unique content that does not only assessments that which was announced involved in the seminar on, say, the research paradigm in mindset, and fleshes it. Help guide for Titles: Guidebook Titles, Content Titles, and others.

How Online Whiteboards Create Lasting Innovation


One of the most important aspects of virtual workshops or virtual seminars is the takeaways you receive. Innovation is critical to establishing new solutions and is something that every business handles.

3D Printing -”To Disrupt or not to Disrupt?, that is the Question”

Innovation 360 Group

But let´s first take a step backwards to see what 3D Printing really is all about; I recently participated in a Science and Society Forum seminar at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) in Stockholm with the intention to answer the question if 3D Printing is beyond the Tipping Point or not? It was a half day seminar, with international 3D printing experts that gave very good resume of its global state.

Is This the Best Venue Space in London? [Photo Tour]


From large-scale conferences, corporate networking events, seminars, private meetings, and cocktail receptions, this leading corporate event venue is purpose-built to support a variety of event types. Your search for the best venue space in London is over. Moreover, with access to next-generation audio-visual equipment, renowned services and amenities, a professionally trained support staff, and more, this event venue will exceed guests expectations — every time. Event Venue

How To Write a Book in 45 Days

Matthew May

But after a decade of giving now over 100,000 people in workshops, classrooms, seminars and speeches the same kind of thought challenge and observing the same sub-optimizing thinking patterns repeat, and after battle-testing myriad facilitation tools to settle on a super-curated quiver of “fixes” that neutralized those patterns, I had a story to tell. It came together fast. Perhaps too fast. The proposal and contract for a new book, that is.

How To 185

The Largest Innovation Management Survey in the World – Lessons Learned!

Innovation 360 Group

Join SACCNY and Innovation360 on December 11 for an insightful Breakfast Seminar where CEO and Founder, Magnus Penker, will discuss the lessons learned and best practices from the largest innovation management survey in the world, InnoSurvey®. This Seminar will be recored by a Hollywood TV-production team, surely an event not to be missed!

Professional Growth Plan – 11 Ideas for a Week Dedicated to Getting Smarter


Taking professional mini-courses and seminars each day at a community college. Attending a lunch seminar every day, with the added benefit of getting away from the office and talking with a variety of new people. If you had the opportunity to spend an entire week dedicated to getting smarter, what would your professional growth plan be?

eBook 79

How to strengthen your innovation capabilities for growth and profit?

Innovation 360 Group

Seminar starts 6:30pm. How to strengthen your innovation capabilities for growth and profit? In a world where nothing is constant except for disruption, innovation has become imperative to every company. Innovation360 knows how to prepare for a future of constant change. Join SACCNY and thought leader and author, Magnus Penker from Innovation360 for an interactive innovation session specifically designed for c-suits, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs.

Creative Ways to Improve How People See You: Adding Prestige to Who You Are

Innovation in Practice

Whether that’s graduate work, a seminar, or online training, do it in a way that makes you unique. What makes luxury brands and products so special? They’ve got the prestige or reputation that’s unparalleled. Now, what if you’re able to translate that into you as a person? Here are some steps to upgrade who you are and transform yourself from where you are today into a person of prestige. The Checklist to Prestige. Become a masterful solution. .

Are Japanese Companies Afraid of Innovation?


I also noted that the main responsibility of the members of these dedicated departments is to attend as many as innovation related workshops, seminars and public events and let the world know that their company was there. How do you define innovation? I define innovation as creating and capturing new value as the Global Innovation Management Institute does. . We asked 930 companies in Japan the exact same question. Surprisingly, 0 companies had defined innovation for their company!

Innovation at China Speed

Innovation 360 Group

We are pleased to welcome you to an evening seminar, arranged by Innovation 360 Group and Geely cars’ innovation company CEVT (China Europe Vehicle Technology). Experiences from Geely cars’ Swedish innovation hub CEVT. How do you stay competitive and unique during accelerating change in a hyper competitive environment? How does a Swedish organization relate and adopt to Chinese innovation culture? How does one organize to stand up to extreme rates of innovation?

6 Vital Enablers to Boost Post-Pandemic Inclusion & Diverse Thinking


Virtual meetings removed the physical space barriers that impede adding people to in-person meetings, workshops, or training seminars. Collaboration dynamics changed dramatically in March 2020 , especially for business meetings expected to foster groups effectively innovating.

Mindfulness and Innovation


Restore calm and focus in a noisy workshop or seminar. The start of a new year is so motivating. A fresh start, a new leaf – we usually enter a year with a lot of good intentions and plans to make positive changes in our lives. I know it can be tricky to stick to your resolutions, but I like making these promises to myself. This year I decided to integrate mindfulness into my life.

Top 5 Innovative Trends in Event Management


Whether you operate as a small-scale startup and visit conferences and seminars personally or are looking for ways to innovate within your own event management process, implementing new and interesting trends into the pipeline can prove highly beneficial.

How AI and LMS are positively disrupting the workplace.


Traditional training programs like seminars and facilitations generally require high costs like travel, printed materials, cost of program instructors, venues and other on floor expenses.

About Michael Michalko

Michael Michalko

Posted by imagineer7. As an officer in the United States Army, Michael organized a team of NATO intelligence specialists and international academics in Frankfurt, Germany, to research, collect, and categorize all known inventive-thinking methods.



Michael provides keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars on fostering creative thinking for clients who range from Fortune 500 corporations to associations and governmental age If we toss seeds on hard packed ground the chances of them taking root and producing healthy plants is minimal.

Training Your Team to Innovate

Innovation in Practice

Here are some suggested ways to conduct innovation training in your company: First are what I call Open Seminars. To drive innovation across your company, you must train your employees how to innovate. Innovation is a skill, not a gift, and it can be learned like any other skill. Go back to your innovation competency model. Start there to think about the training needed to get employees up to speed.

Public Innovation Training, NW Indiana

Gregg Fraley

Gregg Fraley Innovation (GFi) and The Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest Collaborate on Public Training Seminar. — The Society of Innovators at Purdue University Northwest (PNW) is hosting a public innovation educational seminar from 8:30 a.m. Public Training Offering — Getting Innovation Started. Attention Michiana, NW Indiana, Chicago. Establish Fundamentals and Avoid Pitfalls.

Hidden tools at my fingertips


It’s an ugly truth that in life, time is money, and by attending Tony Harmer’s ‘Content Velocity with Adobe Creative Cloud’ seminar last Thursday, I was led to understand that how, as a designer, it was possible to create great content even faster. I am only 8 months into my career and this seminar enabled me to understand that to achieve a more efficient way of working, you need to learn to design fast and maintain a good work ethic to produce great outputs.

Tools 46

Why Help Employees Become Self-reliant

Tullio Siragusa

Meetings, seminars, and training sessions help spread the learning of one or two to the entire team. Why Help Employees Become Self-reliant. Companies who want to make sure that their employees keep working with them long term, must take steps to create a positive and memorable work environment. What people really want, besides competitive compensation, is a sense of autonomy, and belonging. They want their work to have meaning and want to feel empowered to make an impact.

5 Tips for Transitioning to Remote Teams


Offer a seminar on how to create a productive space for working from home. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of workplaces are looking at moving to a fully remote structure to increase productivity and promote a better work-life balance for their employees.

Tips 52

7 Ways to Boost Employee Morale in Your Workplace

Idea to Value

Offer them educational opportunities for development, such as massive open online courses, technology-based training, foreign language classes, seminars and more. Office morale can directly impact job satisfaction ratings as well as productivity and even talent retention. Unfortunately, some managers and business owners only think about the importance of morale when it sinks to a very low level.

PBTO55: Unleashing Human Performance with Jason Forrest (@jforrestspeaker)

Rmukesh Gupta

Every year, Jason delivers approximately 92 keynotes/seminars and conducts 850 group coaching calls with sales teams, managers, and executives. Who is on the show: In this power packed episode, we host Jason Forrest, the CEO and the Chief Culture officer at the FPG group.

Company Culture: 4 Ways to Improve the Employee Experience


Millennials and Gen Z workers have become the majority in many companies and professions, outnumbering Generation X’s smaller cohort and the fast-retiring Baby Boomer workforce.

Robots in Retail

Innovation 360 Group

We held a breakfast seminar on Omni-Channel 2.0 this Wednesday May 13th at our Stockholm Office. Read Saras’ post on it here. I spoke on how digitalization and automation can come to revolutionize the entire retail industry, and exemplified with what robots are actually used for in retail today. Here’s a quick recap: Sylvan Goldman invented the shopping cart in 1937 and since then progress on transportation of your goods in-store has been scarce.

3 Smart Ways To Choose the Best Staff Training Method

The Human Factor

At the senior level, seminars, conferences, and other social learning opportunities will help impart the relevant knowledge. After completing the recruitment process, there is still a necessity to train your employees not only to maintain but also to develop their skills.

How to Grow Your Company Without Spending Any Money

Stephen Shapiro

Leveraging my books, videos, and other materials, they developed a two-day seminar that they sold and delivered.

Service Businesses Offer 3 Types of Products. The Most Powerful Ones Are Tools–Here’s Why

Stephen Shapiro

Books, CDs/MP3, DVDs/videos, training seminars, e-learning courses, and most membership sites are “tell me” products. Sometimes the best way to grow your business is to stop telling customers what to do… No matter what business you’re in, you want leverage.

Tools 52