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Future industry ecosystems will be highly collaborative and adaptive.


Future connected industry ecosystems will be highly collaborative Seizing breaking opportunities, dealing with disruptions and delivering on more demanding customer needs are raising the complexity of managing today. Expansion, collaboration and innovation need to remain highly flexible.

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Were we all upside down in 2022?

Paul Hobcraft

What an utterly strange year, 2022 has been. Our mindset or conditioning was fairly hard-wired, we felt unable to justify “permission” to change or felt the impact of being remote, and many simply walked away. There are clearly many new threats with our changing economic conditions.

Agile 161

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Why do we need to change our thinking about innovation?

Paul Hobcraft

I have been arguing in recent posts about the need to change the way we approach innovation. we have to build scalable learning and different skills dealing in partnerships and collaborations and 3, work out how to fuse and share new value creation. The Innovation Ecosystem Cascading Effect. What do I take to my boss today?

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ICYMI: Planview Recognized as a Leader in Adaptive Project Management and Reporting


Across industries, strategic PMO and business leaders are using adaptive project management to drive strategic delivery and value while adapting to quickly changing customer needs and preferences. Many of them rely on Planview to help their organizations realize their adaptive project management potential to deliver on strategy.

Project 52
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Acuvate’s 2022 Year In Review Bidding farewell to one of Acuvate’s best years yet


It’s a time of reminiscing, celebration, and gratitude at Acuvate too, where we have had a game changing year. And our most significant achievements in 2022 have been aligned with this goal. And our most significant achievements in 2022 have been aligned with this goal. So, let’s get right into it.

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Benchmarking Innovation Impact, from InnoLead

Paul Hobcraft

To help meet these challenges, this report provides you with a meaningful understanding of some of the critical topics related to innovation: Budget and Resources, Collaboration and Spaces, Focus and Activities, and Challenges and Enablers. Is that due to it being “too risky” or the appetite for change, is less but due to what?

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The UN should host a “leadership” summit in 2023 instead of a “no nonsense” climate summit

Christensen Institute

Despite hosting 27 UN Climate Change Conferences over the past three decades, UN chief, Antonio Guterres remarked in November, 2022 that the world is on a “highway to climate hell.” Depending on where most collaborators reside in the matrix is what determines the kind of tool they use. There are four main cooperation tools.