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Were we all upside down in 2022?

Paul Hobcraft

What an utterly strange year, 2022 has been. To build more on collaboration, seek greater coordination, understand where speed and scale work, and finally build the reflexes & strength for releasing new creative energy. The post Were we all upside down in 2022? Image adapted from Imaginary Forces for this post.

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16 Best Free Online Brainstorming Tools in 2022


What are the best tools for brainstorming in 2022? These web-focused brainstorming innovation tools will allow you and your team to put together more ideas and collaborate smoothly regardless of distance. A “like” button serves as an informal polling mechanism among teams, especially if you’re managing a big group.


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Future industry ecosystems will be highly collaborative and adaptive.


Future connected industry ecosystems will be highly collaborative Seizing breaking opportunities, dealing with disruptions and delivering on more demanding customer needs are raising the complexity of managing today. Expansion, collaboration and innovation need to remain highly flexible.

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Flow Metrics for the Win — Planview Named a Leader in Forrester Wave™ on Value Stream Management


I was not sure who Forrester was and why they were researching a category called Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). We held a mutual view on how collaboration and tooling are needed to span the end-to-end software lifecycle. A similar shift is underway in how we visualize, manage, and optimize flow across our organizations.

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The 3 Principles that Lead to Better Collaboration Between Design and Product Management Teams

Speaker: Felix Watson Jr., Product Manager at Google, and Terrell Cobb, Designer at Microsoft

As more product teams adopt agile working styles, poor collaboration between Design and Product Management can harm a team’s ability to create consumer and business value. In this webinar they will teach you: 3 principles that allow Design and Product Management to work together more effectively.

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BIG Ideas: How ICL Built a Billion Dollar Innovation Accelerator


Powered by Qmarkets’ idea management solution Q-ideate , BIG gathers and implements ideas sourced by over 13,000 ICL employees around the world. What can ICL’s approach to crowdsourcing tell us about how to launch a successful idea management program? By the end of 2022, ICL had received almost 5,000 ideas from its employees.

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What impact does a Hybrid working model have on performance?

Idea to Value

And Elon Musk sent an email to all Tesla employees on 31 May 2022 sent by Musk to Tesla employees, saying: “Anyone who wishes to do remote work must be in the office for a minimum (and I mean minimum) of 40 hours per week or depart Tesla. This is less than we ask of factory workers.”.

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