Lessons From Airline Industry Downtime

Daniel Burrus

If you were one of the millions of travelers impacted by the technology breakdown of two major airlines a few months ago, you have my sympathies. Are you and your organization rolling the dice with aging #technology or #legacy systems?

The Risks of Sticking with Legacy Technology

Daniel Burrus

Legacy technology is like that old pair of jeans you wore as a teenager. Move that anecdote onto a larger stage and you have a fairly accurate picture of why many organizations hold on to legacy technology—tools that are long outdated: comfort. Legacy Technology Defined.

Internal Branding Strategy – 3 Ways to Be Smarter than United Airlines


The folks at Armada Corporate Intelligence offered an internal branding strategy take on the United Airlines woes, offering strategic thinking questions you can ask and answer to improve your brand’s resiliency and avoid brand crises.

The Dangers of Legacy Thinking

Daniel Burrus

Legacy Technology—Dangerous but Also Diverting. Legacy thinking has a better-known cousin—legacy technology. The issue of legacy technology is old news—in more ways than one. The issues reach beyond outdated technology.

Spigit's 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report

verticals, including: biotechnology, chemicals, construction, CPG, education, electronics, energy, finance, food, government, health care, insurance, law, manufacturing, media, pharmaceuticals, public sector, retail, sports, technology, and telecommunications. THE 2018 STATE OF. CROWDSOURCED.

How to Skip Your Biggest Problem (And Still See Results)

Daniel Burrus

In 2015, United Airlines had to ground a number of flights as a result of computer glitches. No, it was actually the underlying technology and, from there, the possibility that a skilled hacker would be able to break through and paralyze a large portion of its fleet.

Have You Taken These 5 Necessary Steps to Increase Your Cybersecurity at Work?


Data breaches at large companies like Facebook and Delta Airlines have brought cybersecurity to the forefront of boardrooms across the world. Strategies breach cybersecurity defense educate email employees enforce google Internet malware Mozilla phishing safety security tactics technologiesMajor corporations, the healthcare industry, and even the federal government are all monitoring network and digital infrastructures closely.

The Internet of Things Is Creating Smart Airports

Daniel Burrus

One exponential technology—a technology that is growing at an exponential rate—that’s helping to create smarter, more efficient airports is the Internet of Things (IoT). The technology failures that caused the widely publicized shutdowns of both Southwest and Delta Airlines in 2016 underscored the very real need to update aging IT infrastructure. Thanks to new technology, many other aspects of airline travel have definitely improved.

Change Your Thinking, Improve Your Results

Daniel Burrus

Legacy Technology—Dangerous But Also Diverting. Legacy thinking has a better-known cousin—legacy technology. Legacy technology is a major headache. Just ask Delta Airlines , the British bank Tesco or any other company whose legacy software caused breakdowns and data breaches.

Change 100

“Decouple” the Value Chain to Drive Digital Disruption


Digital disruption isn’t just about the internet or mobile technology. In the case of the travel industry, hotels, airlines, and tour operators decided to bypass the travel agencies and offer their services directly to consumers over the internet. “Decoupling” the value chain is the next big strategy for digital innovation and business models. It’s about the digitally-driven business models that forever transform business as usual no matter what you’re doing.

Lufthansa’s Inflight Open Innovation Platform


The German airline has come up with a neat way of doing open innovation and that is with its FlyingLab, which involves passengers testing new products and services while they are flying. Themes for the labs are drawn from the fields of technology, health and sustainability.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

Products, services, technologies, and even. The only defensible competitive advantage resides underneath the products, services, business processes, technologies, and business models we deliver to the. competitors—new entrants that offer up products or technologies at a fraction of.

Long live the pioneers, rebels and mutineers, go forth and have no fear.

The Future Shapers

” In that piece it also talked about how the Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies were enabling artists to take back control of their music’s value and how The Future Shapers are taking the design and functionality of these new music platforms and applying it to Thought Leadership and media to enable single article sales in a pay per read model. He made the argument and prediction that rapidly evolving technology will upend the power structure of society.

Customer Experience: How customer journey impacts business


Confira o post: Customer Experience: How customer journey impacts business em MJV Technology & Innovation. In the Thomson Reuters Annual Report, Customer Experience is one of the biggest concerns of large companies leaders.

Analysis Of The Next-Generation Mobility Value Chain

Corporate Innovation

To erect sustainable barriers to entry and build high-margin businesses the FOC may also need to control technology-related intellectual property around the ACE and Passenger Experience platforms that define ACE vehicles and enable the provision of on-demand mobility services.

Strategy to Execution to enable Intelligent Enterprise

Rmukesh Gupta

Like Southwest Airlines’ obsession on being the lowest cost airlines or Alcoa’s obsession of having zero incidents in their factories or Amazon’s obsession on serving the customer what they want (even if they themselves don’t know what they want) or Apple’s obsession on design. . Great examples are the one’s that I have mentioned above (Alcoa, Southwest Airline, Apple or Amazon). . Premise.

Oil and Water: Why Corporations and Startups Rarely Mix


I’ve seen and experienced this way too many times, and experienced it again recently while advising iAir Platform ; who have developed a potentially ground breaking technology that could be used in the various industries with a wide variety of applications.

Data From 3.5 Million Employees Shows How Innovation Really Works

nable pipelines and applied technology to manage those pipelines. With the right technology, could you manage this pipeline the way you manage a sales pipeline? The company’s customers – airlines – found this frustrating because sometimes planes land late and need to take o?

Average company lifespan has shrunk to 10 years – Don’t be average!

Innovation 360 Group

WOW Airlines had to cease operations this year while more than thousands of their passengers were in the middle of their journeys. It can happen due to reasons out of your control, like changing cultural values, changing technology, or shifts in customer demographics. Technology is changing so rapidly now that the assumptions you made about the market a few years ago probably no longer hold true. IBM has successively reinvented itself in the image of new technology.

When Creative Destruction is the Right (or Wrong) Foundation for Innovation

New Market Advisors

New technologies and new business models are fundamentally redefining entire industries. In the airline industry, for example, airlines may offer an array of options that includes Economy, Premium Economy, and First Class, among others. Even Southwest Airlines?—?famously

Leave Your Title at the Door and Remove the Door From It's Hinges

Idea Champions

Southwest Airlines also understands this. And so, I decided to share my title-changing revelation with my colleagues -- the "Senior Consultant," the "Webmaster," the "Chief Technology Officer," and the "Director of Operations.".

Rediscovering sustainable competitive advantage

The Future Shapers

We won’t find it in strategy, business models or technology. Gary Hamel uses different words, but means the same: Management is a social technology, the technology of human accomplishment. Sustainable competitive advantage? Seriously? In our time?

Overcoming fixedness before being locked in amber

RTI Innovation Advisors

The basic building blocks of opportunities - customers, unmet needs, emerging trends and technologies - are all growing. Apple was able to disrupt music distribution and publishing because the form factors changed, the technology (digital versus physical media) changed and the music players themselves changed. Conversely we can see why it is difficult to innovate in the airline industry.

Evolution of Hyperloop: Propelling innovation the Elon Musk way


He said the price for a ticket would rival that of an economy airline flight. Two months after the paper was published, The first hyperloop company— Hyperloop Transportation Technologies , a company that was incorporated in Nevada. “Travel anywhere on earth in a rocket under an hour.”

Is your Firm Prepared to Collaborate?


Most product and technological innovations come from knowledge-intensive industries like computers, biotechnology, health care, and national defense.

What is Digital Transformation in Business and Why is it Important?

Moves the Needle

Digital Transformation (also known as “DX”) is the phenomenon that virtually all companies are incorporating digital technology at some level. In fact, it has been around since the 1990s, when technology started to become commonplace in businesses, and email and the Internet emerged as ubiquitous productivity tools. Digital transformation is just as much about changing the company culture as it is about the technology.

Stockholm Innovations for the New Year and Beyond

Innovation 360 Group

More precisely, (not to mention, much more honestly), I recently had the privilege and opportunity to visit Stockholm, Sweden for Innovation Technology training at the offices of Innovation360 Group AB. And, thanks for sharing this great technology! I missed the Nobel Prize by a smidge.

A new value chain for next-generation mobility

Corporate Innovation

In my book, The Big Data Opportunity in Our Driverless Future , I make two arguments: 1) that societal and urban challenges are accelerating the adoption of on-demand mobility, and 2) technology advances, including big data and machine intelligence, are making Autonomous Connected and Electrified (ACE) vehicles a reality. Shifts in personal mobility and technology open the door to ACE vehicles. Changes in technology. This is common practice today in the airline industry.

Aurea Experience 18's Mainstage Keynote by AWS on the Advantages of Graph Databases


” At Aurea Experience 18 , Brighton will unveil details of the massively scalable PeopleGraph technology Aurea is building on Amazon Neptune. is the technology behind some of the world's greatest customer and employee experiences, for the largest and most successful brands.

Why you need extreme constraints to fuel innovation


The team calls itself a curiosity driven research group at Stanford, trying to invent novel technologies with clinical applications with a current focus on resource-poor settings. Have you heard of the “Prakash Lab”?

Shifting Innovation Perspectives for 2019

The Future Shapers

We have also seen a growing recognition that hype around new technology doesn’t always drive impact. [6] 6] In other words leaders are starting to recognise that technology can only take you so far and that true differentiation comes from delivering something more. Andrea Sutton, Vice President of Design Technology at AT&T commented in November 2018 that. “ Three years ago Derek Bishop, Jo Geraghty and I published our book, Building a Culture of Innovation. [1]

Need for Speed in Business Model Innovation

Tata Consultancy

There is considerable untapped value in the emerging connected ecosystems for automobiles, airlines, cities, and homes. However, organizations face certain challenges to innovation agility, beginning with a lack of digital skills in emerging technologies and leadership.

Why Your Cellphone Bill is Decreasing

Michael Roberto

The cost of the infrastructure and the technology is astronomical. The same dynamic exists in the airline industry. The airlines have an incentive to cut price so as to fill every available seat, since the marginal costs of an additional passenger are very low. In an article by Ryan Knutson, the Wall Street Journal reports this morning that, "The cost of U.S.

Monetizing Big Data in Next-Generation Mobility

Corporate Innovation

Despite the growing number of announcements about technological achievements, investments, partnerships and acquisitions relating to autonomous vehicles, we are still several (7-10) years away from the broad utilization of vehicles with Level 4 or Level 5 driving automation.

How Aurea PeopleGraph is Unlocking Relationship Intelligence


At Aurea Experience 18 , Aurea CEO Scott Brighton shared how the company is helping its customers unlock human potential and drive deeper employee engagement by leveraging graph database technology to fundamentally transform traditional discov ery and collaboration experiences.

20 Ways to Think & Act Like an Innovator

The Future Shapers

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment & Design and their slogan is “ Ideas Worth Spreading ”. or Southwest Airlines that were forced to radically reduce the turnaround time of their planes due to financial pressures. 1 – DARE TO BE DIFFERENT (even a little crazy).

LEAN 102

U.S. Air Force Leverages External Innovation to Surface Innovative Ideas

Planview Spigit

Providing our airmen and women and operators of the US Air Force with top-notch technology is crucial to keeping our country safe. AFWERX Challenge is a platform, heavily relying on Spigit’s crowdsourcing technology, that enables the world of startups, small businesses, academia, and defense to collaborate through ideation in one central platform that can be accessed anywhere.

Why CEOs have Liberal Arts Degrees


They are leading global airline, chemical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and financial companies, among others. As a college student in this technological era, I’ve felt the constant burden of having to pursue a “practical” degree.

What is Gamification?


Making technology more engaging and more communicative with humans. A common example from earlier times is the Frequent Flyer Program, like the one that was pioneered by United Airlines and many other airlines just followed suit.

The 3 Biggest Lessons from Our Financial Services Panel


Technology has already and will continue to touch all industries, and our panelists shared their advice on how to both adjust to and embrace these new players through the concept of “coopertition.” One panelist used the example of the air travel industry to highlight how technology companies and established corporations can successfully work together. Since 1937, we’ve witnessed a rise in the average human life expectancy from 61 to 78 years.

Stockholm Innovations for the New Year and Beyond

Innovation 360

More precisely, (not to mention, much more honestly), I recently had the privilege and opportunity to visit Stockholm, Sweden for Innovation Technology training at the offices of Innovation360 Group AB. Awaiting my luggage in the Baggage Claim area, my eyes drifted to the surrounding walls where large “Poster-Pictures” touted key advances in Science, Technologies and the Humanities in which Sweden played an integral part. And, thanks for sharing this great technology!

Monitoring User Experience Through Product Usage Metrics

Boxes and Arrows

For example, an airline product team might monitor conversion rates of its mobile app, whereas perhaps flight check-ins are a more meaningful metric for that product. conversion rate, renewal rate, revenue) and technology-oriented metrics (e.g., Reviewing conversions/abandonments and other types of success/failure rates by browser and/or device types can reveal where issues might exist for customers with specific technology configurations, highlighting QA issues.

To succeed, Optimise the one variable that matters

Rmukesh Gupta

In some cases, it could be increasing worker safety (Alcoa) or reducing cost (Southwest airline) or delighting customers (Virgin). However, today, with all the technology solutions available with us, we have the unique ability to use these technologies to see the impact of each one of our decisions on this key variable and then decide in a way to optimise this key variable. Premise: One of the things that almost everyone of us does is to optimize.