Experiments & pivots that kept Emirates Airlines alive in COVID times

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Since the start of our Low Touch Economy series, we’ve kept a close eye on the airline business. Within this field, Emirates Airlines seems to stand out. The post Experiments & pivots that kept Emirates Airlines alive in COVID times appeared first on Board of Innovation.

Lessons From Airline Industry Downtime

Daniel Burrus

If you were one of the millions of travelers impacted by the technology breakdown of two major airlines a few months ago, you have my sympathies. Running an unsupported operating system in an area where security is supposed to be paramount should make us all wonder about other forms of aging technology in the airline industry. In July 2016, Southwest Airlines canceled 2,300 flights when a router failed, delaying hundreds of thousands of passengers.

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How WOW Air Disrupted The Airline Industry

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So, how did one airline company disrupt the airline industry through a low-budget carrier? Innovation Airline Industry airlines disruption Iceland travel Wow AirA remote, often misunderstood country, Iceland has become one of the hottest tourist destinations. The Rise of Icelandic Travel in the United States: Iceland is anticipated to have more tourists than their entire population this year according to Vox. This is quite alarming.

Innovation Sighting: Adjustable Airline Seats

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Continue reading → Consumer Innovation Creativity Growth Strategy airlines flying invention travel innovationHere's a nice example of the Attribute Dependency Technique, one of five in the innovation method called Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT). It's a great tool to make products and services that are "smart." They adjust and learn, then adapt their performance to suit the needs of the user.

Yet Another Interesting Safety Announcement by an Airline

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Here is another interesting in-flight safety announcement by Turkish Airline. It is always great to see brands and businesses having fun and collaborate with each other, just like the Lego team and the Turkish Airlines have done so for this campaign. .

Branding Strategies – A Scary Mistake for Southwest Airlines


I’m not sure where to start with the brand experience problems for Southwest Airlines in this picture. The entire Southwest Airlines ticketing area was decorated for Halloween. No, the Southwest Airlines ticketing area went with an over the top death theme for its Halloween decorations: multiple hanging skeletons, ghosts, and tombstones (sitting on an overhang, front and center) featuring RIP (Rest in Peace) on them.

Ten Things United Airlines Might Have Done

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Improving Customer Service at United Airlines Requires a Paradigm Shift and Recognizing They Have a Problem. 10 Things United Airlines Might Have Done (see below). Once again we have an incident of extremely poor customer service from a major airline. United Airlines is a jaded, faded, uninspired, culture — that will die — unless they pull out of this lack-of-innovation, and lack-of-consumer-empathy death spiral.

Innovating for a Worse Customer Experience (Insights from United Airlines)

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This week’s debacle at United Airlines highlighted a darker side of Innovation. While this was an extreme example of terrible customer service, I think it is merely the tip of the commercial innovation ‘iceberg’ that has been pervasive in the airline industry for many years. Innovation Leadership Management Strategy branding Business and Innovation Strategy Customer experience innovation recruitment Innovation Strategy negative innovation

Herb Kelleher's Legacy at Southwest Airlines: 5 Important Lessons

Michael Roberto

Source: Southwest Airlines Yesterday, Southwest Airlines co-founder and long-time CEO Herb Kelleher died at age 87. Here are five simple, yet powerful, lessons that come to mind as I reflect on the Kelleher era at the airline: Make tradeoffs. At Southwest, Kelleher chose to run an airline in a very different manner. Kelleher once said, “"I can teach you the secret to running this airline in thirty seconds. This is it: We are THE low-cost airline.

Alaska Airlines’ Lean Startup Test in Airport Lounges

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Two members of the airline’s Customer Innovation R&D team discuss a recent test of a new system aimed at delivering a more personalized travel experience

Southwest Airlines: Remarkable Customer Service Once Again

Michael Roberto

Last week, my wife and I tried to book some flights on Southwest Airlines using credits we had for some cancelled flights from last year. I relate the story because it is yet another example of how Southwest Airlines has empowered its employees to act quickly to remedy customer problems. customer service social media Southwest airlinesUnfortunately, we had waited more than twelve months, so the credits had expired.

Strong Airline Profitability? Is it Really About Fees?

Michael Roberto

Source: Dallas News For decades, the airline industry has been characterized by abysmal profits. The list of airline bankruptcies is seemingly endless. airline industry profitability is very strong at the moment - "healthier than ever" according to the headline. The newspaper credits the litany of fees charged by airlines for the strong income numbers: Profit per passenger at the seven largest U.S. airlines averaged $19.65 airline industry Southwest airlines

Norwegian Airlines: Are They Built to Last?

Michael Roberto

Travelers in my area have been enjoying incredibly low fare trips to Europe on Norwegian Airlines. The Wall Street Journal's Heard on the Street column has some doubts : The airline operates a very different growth model to tried and tested low-cost carriers such as Southwest Airlines Co. The Wall Street Journal has expressed skepticism about the airline in the past as well. Columnist Stephen Wilmot wrote, "You can’t build a low-cost airline without low costs."

Internal Branding Strategy – 3 Ways to Be Smarter than United Airlines


The folks at Armada Corporate Intelligence offered an internal branding strategy take on the United Airlines woes, offering strategic thinking questions you can ask and answer to improve your brand’s resiliency and avoid brand crises. 3 Ways Your Internal Branding Strategy Can Be Smarter than United Airlines. United Airlines is at the forefront of recent business and general news due to having forcibly removed a passenger from a partner airline flight.

Southwest Airlines President: ‘If You Don’t Like Change, You’re Going to Hate Extinction’

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We spoke with President Tom Nealon about how Southwest is working to address customer and employee pain points

United Airlines Eliminates Bonuses, Angers Employees

Michael Roberto

News reports this morning indicate that United Airlines has announced a significant change to its employee compensation policies. United Airlines President Scott Kirby issued a memo to employees explaining the change. The Points Guy" online travel site obtained a number of employee comments posted over the weekend on tthe airline’s “Flying Together” internal forum (in total, the Points Guy reports that more than 1,700 comments were posted on this forum).

United Airlines Reverses Bonus Policy Decision

Michael Roberto

After a firestorm of criticism, United Airlines has walked back their compensation policy change. Well, that didn't take long. They will not be moving to the lottery system that they had proposed to replace regular quarterly performance bonuses for employees. United President Scott Kirby issued a new memo to all employees.

The Risks of Sticking with Legacy Technology

Daniel Burrus

In July 2016, Southwest Airlines canceled 2,300 flights when a router failed, delaying hundreds of thousands of passengers. Legacy technology is like that old pair of jeans you wore as a teenager. They are comfortable” was always your answer to any inquiry. Move that anecdote onto a larger stage and you have a fairly accurate picture of why many organizations hold on to legacy technology—tools that are long outdated: comfort. In a world of exponential change, legacy technology is trouble.

This Is How Your Business Will Be Disrupted

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Innovation Core Competence Southwest Airlines Wal-MartThe principles of running a business are fairly straightforward. You create clear objectives, achieve them efficiently and try to get better as you go. Business school professors have fancy names for this stuff, like “strategic DNA,” “core competencies” and “continuous improvement,” but in a nutshell all that stuff means is that you try to do things.

Exciting Innovations at CES 2020


Two in particular, jumped out at us: Parallel Reality from Delta Airlines & MisappliedSciences demonstrated personalized content tailored to individuals’ itineraries, simultaneously, on a single screen; and.

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The Dangers of Legacy Thinking

Daniel Burrus

For example, Delta Airlines’ entire fleet in the United States was temporarily grounded because of computer problems—the second shutdown over a period of six months also shutting down the carrier’s website and mobile apps. Just as old software shut down an entire airline, legacy thinking can cripple your organization. Every successful company and organization inevitably must confront a powerful question: Is what got us to where we are helping us move forward or holding us back?

How to Capture Your Strategy in a Single Sentence

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Kennedy lexus Southwest AirlinesIf I were to ask you what your company/unit/team strategy is, could you answer in a single sentence? Is that even possible? And even if it is, why would you want to (other than to respond to some smart-aleck strategy facilitator)? I know it’s possible, and there are several worth reasons for stating strategy in. Strategy Abraham Lincoln Clare Booth Luce Four Seasons John F.

Are You Setting Yourself Up For Failure

Rmukesh Gupta

The Situation : My job entails a lot of travel and that has resulted in me amassing a decent number of miles on an airlines frequent flier program. A few weeks back, I got an email from the airline announcing that they will equip their aircrafts with wi-fi and if I downloaded an app, I shall be able to have access to an array of inflight entertainment options. I have flown atleast three more sectors since the announcement and I am yet to see in-flight entertainment in the airline.

Change Management and the Structure of Innovation

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Innovation change management heirarchy Holacracy Malaysian Airlines Organizational Structure P&G Shimano WalgreensOften innovation is cast in the minds as a pure product related process. Apple’s iPod to iPhone to iPad, for example, is, perhaps, a perfect reflection of how most people would define innovation. But innovation doesn’t have to be limited to product design and new product ranges. It also encompasses process and structure, where change.

How to Skip Your Biggest Problem (And Still See Results)

Daniel Burrus

In 2015, United Airlines had to ground a number of flights as a result of computer glitches. Big Ideas Innovation Leadership Strategy Anticipatory Organization Anticipatory Organzation Model Business Problems Dan Burrus Daniel Burrus Problem Skipping problem solving United AirlinesOften, when confronted by problems, we have a tendency to work the problem. Then work it some more. And, from there, work it even more.

The Sky’s the Limit with Open Innovation


As part of its efforts to innovate and maintain a leading position in its market Singapore Airlines (SIA) is ramping up its open innovation endeavors. Settings its Sights on Being the World’s Leading Digital Airline. With the launch of our Digital Innovation Blueprint, we aim to be the leading digital airline in the world.”. Open Innovation Digital Innovation Blueprint Singapore Airlines and open innovation

PBTO S2E7: Fusion – How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies with Denise Lee Yohn

Rmukesh Gupta

Why is she on the show: Her book “Fusion” comes out today in which she shares her insights on the importance of bringing … Continue reading "PBTO S2E7: Fusion – How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies with Denise Lee Yohn" Marketing Podcast Branding delta airlines DEnise Lee Yohn fusion orgqanisational cultureWho is on the show: In this episode, we host Denise Lee Yohn.

Boeing Seeks Fresh Thinking with Open Innovation


An artificial intelligence-based platform to help airline pilots with situational awareness and decision-making

PBTO S2E7: Fusion – How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies with Denise Lee Yohn

Rmukesh Gupta

Why is she on the show: Her book “Fusion” comes out today in which she shares her insights on the importance of bringing … Continue reading "PBTO S2E7: Fusion – How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies with Denise Lee Yohn" Marketing Podcast Branding delta airlines DEnise Lee Yohn fusion orgqanisational cultureWho is on the show: In this episode, we host Denise Lee Yohn.

Here’s How You Know Your Industry Is About To Be Disrupted

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In a variety of industries today, ranging from airlines to healthcare to even buying a coffin for a funeral, a handful of major players dominate, which allows them to raise prices and restrict consumer choice.

What’s Really Happening with United’s Board?

Adam Hartung

The airline consistently ranks near the bottom in customer satisfaction, and on-time performance. Retired since 2004, is Mr. Bethune really in step with the needs of airline customers today? Does he really have a current understanding of how the best performing airlines keep customers happy while making money? Although Mr. Bethune has commented that the new board would be one that understands the airline industry, the slate does not reflect this.

Invent IT: Lufthansa Intrapreneurs Program

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Lufthansa Systems, IT services provider in the airline industry with over 300 airline customers, initiated an Intrapreneurs program named Invent IT in 2007-2008. New Business and Innovation manager at Lufthansa Systems, and key executive of the program, Carina Leue-Bensch takes us step by step through this extensive journey, and draws some leassons learned out of this 10 years experience.

An Innovative Complaint: United Breaks Guitars


In 2008, Dave Carroll, a Canadian guitarist and songwriter, flew with United Airlines from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Omaha, Nebraska with a stop at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. During the layover at O’Hare a fellow passenger saw the baggage handlers throwing baggage including Carroll’s precious guitar. The post An Innovative Complaint: United Breaks Guitars appeared first on Innovation Management. Editorial innovative people

Brands In Memoriam 2012


Here then are my top label farewells for the current calendar year: Continental Airlines : As a result of the merger between United and Continental, the marketing folks did the right thing and picked one brand to make it easier to find your tail logo on the runway. The parade of eliminated airline brands welcomes another, while customers fume with rising prices and deteriorating service.

United Exec Shares Idea Scoring System, Innovation Challenges

Innovation Leader

Jason Flores of United Airlines shares his scoring system for employee ideas, and talks about the challenges of leveraging new tech

The Principles of High Reliability Organizations are On Display During COVID-19


Nuclear energy facilities, airlines, and certain military operations are also on that list.). Because so many of our clients and employees are current or former healthcare professionals, a lot of our attention has been on the impact of COVID-19 on our nation’s hospitals.

What are Fidelity, Schlumberger & Others building for Glass?

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Companies are experimenting with Glass apps for airline check-in personnel, oilfield workers, and assembly line workers. The hoped-for benefits are better service and more productivity

12 Slide Presentations from Big Company Innovation Executives

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These dozen slide presentations offer insights into innovation strategy at organizations like NASA, Alaska Airlines, Nike, and Clorox. Get them all here

Virgin just invested in new supersonic jets which travel faster than Concorde

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hours, yet would be cheap enough to run that they would be economically competitive with normal airlines taking more than twice as long. Boom has also reportedly signed a $2 billion (£1.4bn) deal with an unnamed London airline to help it develop its own planes. times faster than any other airliners, up to speeds of 1,451mph (Mach 2.2). Virgin will partner with Boom to buy 10 of its new supersonic aircraft, with ticket prices about the same as current business class.

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Have You Taken These 5 Necessary Steps to Increase Your Cybersecurity at Work?


Data breaches at large companies like Facebook and Delta Airlines have brought cybersecurity to the forefront of boardrooms across the world. Major corporations, the healthcare industry, and even the federal government are all monitoring network and digital infrastructures closely. However, many individuals have a hard time grasping how cybersecurity is essential to them.

#1,929 – Space Week: The Flying V

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

kg and 3-meter scale model of the futuristic airplane, developed by researchers at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and partner Dutch airline KLM, to take the highly anticipated aircraft along its next developmental steps.”

What High-Reliability Organizations Have in Common


How is it possible that we can go years without a commercial airline accident, but the guy at the drive through can’t seem to get your order right? High-reliability organizations (HROs) are those that successfully complete their missions despite massive complexity and high risk. Examples include the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Control system, aircraft carriers, nuclear power plants, and NASA. In each case, even a minor error could have catastrophic consequences.

Comment on Turning Failure into Success by marvidigile

Stephen Shapiro

Your observation is correct especially with the United Airlines fiasco, most companies learned their lesson pretty well. Customer experience is now the new marketing and social media is a very accessible channel. Customers today know what they want and they’re not afraid to vent their dissatisfaction over Facebook and Twitter. Most organisations also built their own alerts whenever someone mentions them online.