Lessons From Airline Industry Downtime

Daniel Burrus

If you were one of the millions of travelers impacted by the technology breakdown of two major airlines a few months ago, you have my sympathies. In July 2016, Southwest Airlines canceled 2,300 flights when a router failed, delaying hundreds of thousands of passengers.

Innovating for a Worse Customer Experience (Insights from United Airlines)

Innovation Excellence

This week’s debacle at United Airlines highlighted a darker side of Innovation. While this was an extreme example of terrible customer service, I think it is merely the tip of the commercial innovation ‘iceberg’ that has been pervasive in the airline industry for many years.

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Branding Strategies – A Scary Mistake for Southwest Airlines


I’m not sure where to start with the brand experience problems for Southwest Airlines in this picture. The entire Southwest Airlines ticketing area was decorated for Halloween. We talk about Southwest Airlines frequently example in Brainzooming branding and content marketing workshops.

Innovation Sighting: Adjustable Airline Seats

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Consumer Innovation Creativity Growth Strategy airlines flying invention travel innovationHere's a nice example of the Attribute Dependency Technique, one of five in the innovation method called Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT).

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

named after an Australian airline promotion for dirt-cheap, same-day round-trip. BOOK GROUP PRESS www.gbgpress.com GREENLEAF The H o w t o C r e a t e a C U l t U r e o f i N N o v a t i o N S o r e n K a p l a n , p h D An Excerpt from.

Change Management and the Structure of Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Innovation change management heirarchy Holacracy Malaysian Airlines Organizational Structure P&G Shimano WalgreensOften innovation is cast in the minds as a pure product related process.

Ten Things United Airlines Might Have Done

Gregg Fraley

Improving Customer Service at United Airlines Requires a Paradigm Shift and Recognizing They Have a Problem. 10 Things United Airlines Might Have Done (see below). Once again we have an incident of extremely poor customer service from a major airline.

Are You Setting Yourself Up For Failure

Rmukesh Gupta

The Situation : My job entails a lot of travel and that has resulted in me amassing a decent number of miles on an airlines frequent flier program. I have flown atleast three more sectors since the announcement and I am yet to see in-flight entertainment in the airline.

Virgin just invested in new supersonic jets which travel faster than Concorde

Idea to Value

hours, yet would be cheap enough to run that they would be economically competitive with normal airlines taking more than twice as long. Boom has also reportedly signed a $2 billion (£1.4bn) deal with an unnamed London airline to help it develop its own planes. times faster than any other airliners, up to speeds of 1,451mph (Mach 2.2). Virgin will partner with Boom to buy 10 of its new supersonic aircraft, with ticket prices about the same as current business class.

Four Mind-Bending Business Models to Shake Up 2016


In April 2015, French budget airline Transavia reframed the value of their low-cost flights via a campaign that compared their ticket prices to casual spending decisions made in a grocery store.

Comment on Turning Failure into Success by marvidigile

Stephen Shapiro

Your observation is correct especially with the United Airlines fiasco, most companies learned their lesson pretty well. Customer experience is now the new marketing and social media is a very accessible channel. Customers today know what they want and they’re not afraid to vent their dissatisfaction over Facebook and Twitter. Most organisations also built their own alerts whenever someone mentions them online.

Warren Buffet’s powerful “Two List” productivity tip for creative people

Idea to Value

Buffet was speaking to his personal airline pilot Mike Flint, who was asking for some advice on how to prioritise the activities which will help his career. Warren Buffet is known as one of the most successful and generous investors of all time. And he recently shared one tip for how to spend less time procrastinating and more time actually executing your ideas.

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Lufthansa’s Inflight Open Innovation Platform


The German airline has come up with a neat way of doing open innovation and that is with its FlyingLab, which involves passengers testing new products and services while they are flying.

Why Your Cellphone Bill is Decreasing

Michael Roberto

The same dynamic exists in the airline industry. The airlines have an incentive to cut price so as to fill every available seat, since the marginal costs of an additional passenger are very low. In an article by Ryan Knutson, the Wall Street Journal reports this morning that, "The cost of U.S. cellular service is rapidly plunging, reversing years of increases that have squeezed consumers’ budgets and generated huge profits for wireless companies."

Create your own Corporate Miracle Garden

Destination Innovation

It contains many unexpected and incongruous items covered with flowers e.g. an Emirates Airlines plane, two cars stacked one on the other or two houses leaning together. I recently visited Dubai to give a class on Innovation.

The Internet of Things Is Creating Smart Airports

Daniel Burrus

The technology failures that caused the widely publicized shutdowns of both Southwest and Delta Airlines in 2016 underscored the very real need to update aging IT infrastructure. Thanks to new technology, many other aspects of airline travel have definitely improved. The tools that we ourselves carry have also improved airline travel. For countless travelers, the term “smart airport” is an oxymoron.

Comment on Turning Failure into Success by Wellington Manjengwa

Stephen Shapiro

Hi Stephen, I think many of us can relate to your airline experience. And yeah, I must agree that when something that seems bad turns out good, it makes us feel good. In my case for example, I was asked by a restaurant manager if I liked their food and I honestly pointed out the things I didn’t like. It turned out that I was given a discount and they promised that they will be improving their food.

Gamification and Open Innovation


Examples include: Airline Frequent Flyer Programs. Each of these systems gives rewards for participation, whether it’s crossing the street safely or getting a free airline ticket.

Cutting Complexity with Lisa Bodell of Futurethink


In this episode, Lisa and Mark reconvene to share more essential tools for leaders and teams to simplify their work environment from her second book, Why Simple Wins , they explore insights into how companies like SAP, Southwest Airlines and Syngenta are putting simplification principles into action.

Analysis Of The Next-Generation Mobility Value Chain

Corporate Innovation

Car rental companies, and even airlines as we consider personal mobility drones and flying cars (and here ), could provide key areas of expertise to the new value chain and become important participants. Table 2 : Areas of expertise contributed by car rental companies and airlines.

Change Your Thinking, Improve Your Results

Daniel Burrus

Just ask Delta Airlines , the British bank Tesco or any other company whose legacy software caused breakdowns and data breaches. Just like old software that can shut down an entire airline, so, too, can legacy thinking cripple your organization.

The Whole Foods Strategy…Isn’t (Whole)

Matthew May

Think Southwest Airlines. There’s an interesting strategic play being made by Whole Foods Markets, in the midst of the company’s nearly $2 billion one-day drop in market value a few weeks ago, on the announcement of a shareholder lawsuit.

The Value of One Good Idea


For example, in 1972, Southwest Airlines was in deep trouble: they had already been forced to sell a number of their aircraft, and were still losing money at a rapid rate. By transforming Southwest into an airline that was extremely efficient (and known for it), Franklin turned the business around almost as fast as one of his planes. Southwest isn’t the only airline to benefit from one good idea.

The Importance of Casting a Wide Net While Innovating


Read on to discover innovation best practices from Robert's experience working at a range of renowned companies, including Citibank, Delta Airlines, and most recently Southwest Airlines.

A new value chain for next-generation mobility

Corporate Innovation

This is common practice today in the airline industry. I am calling this function out as a separate part of the value chain because, as it is increasingly happening in the airline industry, the fleet operator may decide to outsource its fleet’s maintenance to a specialist. Today, each TNC runs its own reservation system, much like airlines used to do in the past. Remember that American Airlines originally developed Sabre and later spun it off.

What’s Really Happening with United’s Board?

Adam Hartung

The airline consistently ranks near the bottom in customer satisfaction, and on-time performance. Retired since 2004, is Mr. Bethune really in step with the needs of airline customers today? Orbitz was originally created as the Travelocity and Expedia killer by the major airlines.

Four Mind-Bending Business Models to Shake Up 2016


In April 2015, French budget airline Transavia reframed the value of their low-cost flights via a campaign that compared their ticket prices to casual spending decisions made in a grocery store.

Oil and Water: Why Corporations and Startups Rarely Mix


But, frankly, we’re not building an airliner. Illustration by Christian Laborin. There are many experienced, talented and well intentioned people who are, without knowing, blockers to innovation.

Is Surge Pricing Coming of Age?      

Rmukesh Gupta

Hotels, airlines are known to have done this for ages and done well. This could be an option for airlines seats, cineplexes, conferences, railway/bus tickets, car parking, workshops, fund-raisers, limited edition items, etc. Surge Pricing is Coming of Age.

The “Joy” of Innovation: What We Can Learn from the Story of Serial Innovator and Entrepreneur Joy Mangano

Idea to Value

After her divorce in 1989, Joy Mangano was struggling to pay the bills working two jobs as a waitress and an airline-reservation manager while living with her three kids in Long Island, NY. Producer David O. Russell’s most recent movie, Joy [1] , begins with a title card appearing on the screen announcing this dedication: “Inspired by the true stories of daring women. One in particular.” [2]

The Role of Creativity in the Life of a Product Manager

Rmukesh Gupta

It really took off, once an airline pilot, Robert Plath , affixed two wheels (instead of four) and a long handle to suitcases that rolled upright that the luggage with wheels took off. The Role of Creativity in the Life of a Product Manager by Mukesh Gupta.

Why CEOs have Liberal Arts Degrees


They are leading global airline, chemical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and financial companies, among others. Some of today's top CEOs were history, political science, sociology, chinese and music majors in college.

Overcoming fixedness before being locked in amber

OVO Innovation

Conversely we can see why it is difficult to innovate in the airline industry. It seems strange to me, after working for over 12 years in innovation, that so many people can view the same set of circumstances and opportunities in so many different ways. Our economy is awash in innovation opportunities, and the opportunities are growing and expanding. There are opportunities to innovate new products and services, of course, but also new channels and new business models.

Open Innovation Challenge to Improve Air Travel: Winners Announced


Several airline passengers have a little more money in the bank thanks to an open innovation competition in Germany.

Brand Strategy – Giving Employees Time with a New Brand Promise


He was flying on United Airlines as it introduced ‘United Rising.’ When a brand strategy change is planned, what happens first?

Commentary: How much fraud is too much?

Open Innovation

Passengers are understandably skittish to fly an airline that’s lost two jumbos full of passengers in six months (even if the 2nd case was just pure bad luck). Many people forget that it took only a single plane crash to respectively drive out of business two of the most storied brands in US aviation, Pan Am (1988) and TWA (1996), even though neither airline bore the primary blame for the resulting crash.

Innovation Strategy – 6 Possibilities with Regulatory Constraints


The “Inside the Executive Suite” article from Armada Corporate Intelligence profiled an intriguing innovation strategy example within a regulated industry. The feature looked at JetBlue Airways and its plan to introduce an internal training program for pilots.

5 Practices for Leaders of the Future #FutureOfWork

Rmukesh Gupta

One of the best examples of this behaviour that I have come across is by Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines. He is famous to have taught every employee of the Organization to decide based on the one shared vision they had – to be the lowest cost airline.

Summer Travel Blogging – All the Fun Places You’ll See


I was on a late Southwest Airlines flight where I think they decided to just not do any drink service because the flight attendants didn’t want to work.

My Innovation Management Summer Reading: Ideas are Free.


The authors cite lessons from corporations such as Toyota, Southwest Airlines, and Kraft to drive home the significant benefits of a correctly executed innovation program. The start of September means we begin saying “last”. Last seasonal beach trip, last barbecue, and the last time to wear those white summer jeans. September also brings me to the last pages of my summer reading, Ideas are Free by Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder (also co-authors of The Idea Driven Organization ).