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Is Design Thinking dead?

Idea to Value

A few weeks ago, I saw an article in Fast Company about the layoffs at IDEO , one of the world’s most respected Design Thinking firms. In fact, IDEO was one of the pioneers of Design Thinking back in the late 1970s, but the process of using Design Thinking as part of innovation work really exploded in the 1990s and 2000s.

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Can creativity training really improve your creativity?

Idea to Value

This is what a large body of research into the effectiveness of creativity training has set out to answer. After all, we have previously seen that most corporate creativity training is not actually designed to deliver results. So is it possible for people to improve their creativity, even if it has fallen over time?

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Innovation thinking in Ecosystem and Generative AI design.

Paul Hobcraft

Innovation thinking in Ecosystem and Gen AI design I believe there is a real need to construct a different innovation process. For me, ecosystem innovation and generative AI have arrived at that pivotal point to significantly influence future innovation design. Innovation needs reinventing.

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Design Thinking Empathy Training

Learn how to gain empathy when practicing design thinking. Empathy is an important element in design thinking and human-centered design. In this guide, we’ll cover what empathy for design thinking means as well as how to learn empathy to apply to your innovation- and design thinking-focused projects.

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Designing For Engagement: Revive Your L&D Strategy with Gamification, VR, and More

Speaker: Stephen Baer - Chief Creative Officer, ELB Learning & Luke Talbot - Chief Product Officer, Userlane

With the emergence of AI-enabled coaching and teaching platforms, companies are being inundated with new training modalities that promise a bright future for eLearning. Storytelling design. How to design efficient eLearning training programs to prevent employee frustration and disengagement. Video coaching programs.

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Empowering Leadership Excellence: Investing in Emotional Intelligence Training for Leaders


It’s not surprising that emotional intelligence training for leaders is gaining momentum in leadership development programs as executives recognize its value. Leaders who have undergone emotional intelligence training often report improved self-awareness, which is foundational to understanding one’s impact on others.

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Investing in Women Through Technology Training

Business and Tech

Depending on the business, a basic understanding of how to code can help you design a website, create a shopping integration and analyze your business drivers. The post Investing in Women Through Technology Training appeared first on Business and Tech. “Follow up regularly with specific updates about how you acted on their advice.

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AR/VR Simulations for Sustainable, Regenerative, Circular Cities

Speaker: Nik Gowing, Brenda Laurel, Sheridan Tatsuno, Archie Kasnet, and Bruce Armstrong Taylor

This conversation considers how today's AI-enabled simulation media, such as AR/VR, can be effectively applied to accelerate learning, understanding, training, and solutions-modeling to sustainability planning and design.

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Measuring Innovation Performance

Why do only a third of the organizations worldwide have formal innovation metrics in place despite accepting that innovation is critical to survival? Download this eBook to learn about the 5 basic principles that guide every successful innovation process.