Product roadmap software study


New report into the Product Roadmap Software Marketplace is published. Bubble is pleased to share news that our PPM Software Bubble Innovator features in a new and independent review of the Roadmapping software marketplace. In its recently-released (49 page) research report, ‘Roadmapping Software Studie’, TIM-Consulting and Fraunhofer IAO evaluated a number of prominent vendors offering technology and product roadmapping software. Inspird roadmap.

All You need to know about Roadmapping in Innovation


Roadmapping has been used in industry for a while and recently has been extensively scientifically analyzed and further developed. All companies from corporations to SMEs need a quick and effective opportunity to deal with the topic of roadmapping, identify new technologies and embed them in their own corporate strategy. Thus, it’s essential to actively use robust methods such as roadmapping – to stay ahead of the competition. 4 Types of Roadmaps You should know.


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A Simple Equation for Innovation Success

Innovation Excellence

A bad economy, globalization, consumer attention deficit disorder, lack of resources, poor technology infrastructure, corporate politics, bad luck and loads of other excuses exist in companies that are not getting good innovation results. Innovation Strategy Innovation Strategy perspective Portfolio Management Roadmap Roadmapping Strategic Roadmapping

All You need to know about Roadmapping in Innovation


Roadmapping has been used in industry for a while and recently has been extensively scientifically analyzed and further developed. All companies from corporations to SMEs need a quick and effective opportunity to deal with the topic of roadmapping, identify new technologies and embed them in their own corporate strategy. Thus, it’s essential to actively use robust methods such as roadmapping – to stay ahead of the competition. 4 Types of Roadmaps You should know.

Now’s the perfect time to plot a course for the future

Innovation 360 Group

It requires a roadmap that identifies the path you need to take to improve your profitability. Market Innovation: The upper left quadrant is where you use external resources in an open, co-creation process to achieve a larger accessible market through building value nets and growing the total market. Level Three includes a detailed roadmap plus senior consulting support and a free reassessment. Blog Covid19 digital nomad innovation assessment Innovation Management roadmap

BCG 2020 Report: Three Steps to Organizational Learning

From the foundation built in steps 1 and 2, companies can create and follow a clear roadmap moving forward. The learning ecosystem roadmap should guide every step of the transformation. For more innovation and design thinking resources, continue to our blog.

Innovation Services: In-House or Outsourced?


Before you launch your innovation strategy, you should work out a roadmap, look for key points where you need more resources, and consider where these resources will originate. Start the outsourcing process before you hit that milestone, however, so you can stick to your roadmap. Time and resources saved compared to building your own solution and processes. When you should outsource is a tough question to answer.

Increasing innovation focus on the end-user segments within the energy transition story

Paul Hobcraft

There is a compelling need to design a roadmap for changing the energy system in nearly all cases. Each energy roadmap needs to build a business case, one that starts by asking where are the efficiency increases going to come from to pay for any change? Bioenergy is a versatile resource that can be converted into the final energy for heat, power, and transport fuels. What solutions can be achieved in retrofitting or renovating buildings over a building roadmap design concept?

A new normal is upon us, the paradigm shift that will change the World.

Paul Hobcraft

But truth be told, we don’t really want to respond with preexisting roadmaps or checklists. As Brian suggests in his post , “our preexisting roadmaps are going to be inadequate.” One of the possible consequences of the current “virus crisis” is the way we spend our resources and money to bail us all out of the economic downturn. There is a real increasing pressure to totally reinvent my business.

Change 184

7 Virtual Design Sprint Templates from Miro

Miro, a popular design thinking and innovation software tool, offers templates and resources for design sprint facilitators looking to conduct virtual sessions with their teams. For more helpful innovation and design thinking resources, continue to our blog.

No thinking time left- help

Paul Hobcraft

We just simply don’t seem to have a more systematic, connected roadmap within our thinking that points the way to the improving longer-term as we keep doing this ‘reacting’ only. Today most executives seem to be time-starved.

Swimming along a road in a flood of digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

We need to create a digital transformation strategy, a clear roadmap and build the business case as it is going to be, well, umm…… transformational. This is going to require a significant investment in energy, focus and resource commitment. Forming a strategy, roadmap and business case needs real considerations. I am so caught up in transformation, no, actually I am swimming in it.

7 Steps to Prepare Your Business Model for Post-COVID-19

The BMI Lab Blog

Focus on change drivers that lead to new or changing customer needs, where you can use your skills, as well as your resources to create offerings to build new business models around it. Step 7: Build a Roadmap for Further Procedure Last but not least, you should develop some kind of roadmap for further procedures. Download a free excerpt of the book or take a look at our free resources section. Uncertainty and risk will remain high.

The Benefits of Losing a Star Employee (Temporarily)

Michael Roberto

At the same time, training programs can help the star develop team building or leadership skills that contribute to the firm’s longer-term roadmap upon her return. high potentials human resources leadership development star employees talent managementWe often convince ourselves that star employees are indispensable. We worry about losing them, even for a short time.

The Shining Digital City On the Hill

Gregg Fraley

We are not taking advantage of the ample resources available to innovate. The team cranked out 320 ideas, wrote up 20 as elaborated concepts with mini-plans, and we roadmapped innovation projects for the next three years. Digital Technology Remains An Unharvested Field.

Unleashing Innovation Within Your Company


This requires a commitment and allocation of prioritized resources. Do you have the resources to pursue that? • For example: • How are you building your roadmap to accommodate your new products or services? Is innovation embedded into every thread of your company? Or is innovation still something that is truly yet to be realized? Most companies have a huge untapped potential that they are not fully utilizing.

Al-Hasan Al-Shaibani

Innovation 360 Group

Proficient in business and IT consulting service lines like Quality Assurance, Project Management & Supervision, Diagnostic Review & Opportunity Assessment, Software Selection & Implementation, Business Process Reengineering & Development of Human Resources, Supporting Functions, Policies & Procedures, Business Development & Sales Action Plans and Strategy Roadmaps. Based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Product Managers, Priorities, and Pandemics

Peer Insight

Prioritizing product roadmaps in a pandemic: what’s now, next, later? But by now, you’re likely re-evaluating the product roadmap and/or the product portfolio. The output is more clarity and confidence on product market fit and new requirements on what to build (with your precious development resources) that might serve the near-term challenge of emerging from the fog with a resemblance of a next step for rebuilding and growth.

What is Miro and How to Use Miro for Virtual Collaboration

Laying out a roadmap or strategy for an innovation program/workshop. Miro Training Resources for Collaboration and Innovation Work. The following resources can teach you how to effectively use this software tool. For more innovation and design thinking resources, continue to our blog. Learn about the Miro collaborative whiteboard software tool and find tutorials to use it here.

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3 Warning Signs Your IT Strategy is All Wrong


Strategic planning enables an organization to determine how its vision and objectives will be met through its resources and capabilities. Your digital transformation begins with a digital strategy and technology roadmap. Here are some resources to help you start on your journey: The Evolution of Digital Transformation and the CIO.

Connecting Innovation is the New Order of Play

Paul Hobcraft

We must jettison much of the older ways, building in silo’s, wanting to have all our resources in-house. My opening roadmap for our individual future design is built on connecting and collaborating. Exploring innovation through more facilitated conversations and investigation, designing pathways, roadmaps, blueprints and recognizing pattern recognition. There is a lot of change occurring in our innovation abilities.

Leading Innovation = Managing Uncertainty

Strategyzer Innovation

A great example of the Three Horizons approach was when Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s ten year roadmap at the F8 conference in April 2016. The roadmap was divided into three sections: the first three years were focused on improving Facebook as an ecosystem; the five year horizon was focused on strengthening products such as WhatsApp and Instagram; and the ten year horizon included technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Innovation needs Time, Talent and Temperment

Jeffrey Phillips

Even passionate people need to have guidance, and can work more effectively if they have a roadmap and a defined end goal. Invest in defining what a successful innovation roadmap looks like, and here's a hint. If the culture or executive team won't support innovation, doesn't provide resources or won't make critical decisions in the lack of full information, exasperation and cynicism increase.

A new cycle of innovation design

The Future Shapers

Just remember a new innovation design needs to be radical, totally connected and resource rich. Forming a strategy, roadmap and business case needs really many new considerations. The critical first points to address are the lack of something, be this the resource to undertake such a task, a lack of digital talent residing in the organization or digital savvy, the ability to make this a corporate priority and not leave this to limited pockets of divisions, functions or channels.

Managing Energy Transition through Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

A united voice where people demand change and demand Governments construct the new world order, to integrate, coordinate the full gambit of interventions in economic, political, technological and social systems to make this energy value chain realizable as a significant part of reducing the climate crisis of depleting resources, warming temperatures and natural disasters, caused mainly by carbonizing our world. Source IRENA [link].

Develop Your Annual Innovation Strategy


Obviously, you’ll want to allocate resources based on your product roadmap, but don’t forget to look beyond it. By estimating and planning how and when each project stage will occur, you’ll have a much better idea how many resources and team members you’ll need. Estimate: cost and resource estimation for the short and long term. It’s that time of year when organizations close the books for the current year and start focusing on the next.

How much is innovation costing your organization?

Innovation 360 Group

Successful organizations use external resources in an open co-creation process to achieve a larger accessible market through building value nets and growing the total market. Results are benchmarked against the success patterns of leading innovators from around the planet, across 66 different innovation capabilities and resulting in a roadmap for the future. Recapture your innovation investments. Three actions you can take to improve your innovation ROI.

7 Must-Read Books on Innovation Strategy


Khan offers a detailed roadmap to avoid this pitfall. Raworth makes a salient point as you look to the horizon: No form of growth, whether its population growth, economic growth, or the growth of resources, lasts forever; and a key driver of innovation will be changing our mindset towards all forms of growth, particularly in what we consume to drive it. Part of good business is reading business theory.

Four Steps for the successful Implementation of a holistic Innovation Management


With the help of questions on innovation strategy and objectives, innovation organization and processes, methodological competence, software solutions and the evaluation of innovation success, a personal innovation benchmark and an individually tailored roadmap are set up to show the potentials for an increasing innovation performance. We differentiate between Innovation Management Frameworks, Trend/Technology/Startup Management Frameworks and Roadmapping Frameworks.

Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector

Innovation in Practice

Through ten stories of struggles and successes in fields such as health care, education, agriculture, transportation, social services, and security, the authors show how collaborative creativity can shake up even the most entrenched bureaucracies—and provide a practical roadmap for readers to implement these tools. Facing especially wicked problems, social sector organizations are searching for powerful new methods to understand and address them.

Confusion or Diffusion in Energy Transition?

Paul Hobcraft

We lack any clear roadmaps or commitments from industry sectors, governments, or institutional framework. Enabling policy to drive the energy transition, in the shift away from existing subsidized policies supporting fossil fuels, of allowing fossil fuel designs still to come on stream, to continue to actively support the extraction of our resources and many, many more existing supporting policies need to be switched into supporting and funding renewables.

If you want your employees at the forefront of innovation, let them fly free


Being quick and innovative is a demand they also share, because it isn’t just the client at stake: technology has brought new actors, capital, resources and talent to different markets. To be autonomous, employees should refer to the organization’s roadmap; this should stay present and not dissipate between the sea of tasks that make up their daily activities. Flying freely without hindrance is a desire most companies share.

The Need for Digital Innovation Platforms

Paul Hobcraft

Through the digital capture, we can have our innovation digitally mapped, modeled and having in place a clear “system of record” for any design, so we can have a roadmap of design decisions and validation points and the established basis for building out further, due to these digital captured activities. I want to offer some thoughts that need us all involved in innovation to think about as we finish out 2018.

Report 180

Innovation Lesson From Firefox Quantum


The problem with extensions is it made browsers slow by using more processing and system memory resources; hence the opening Google saw and took advantage with Chrome. This smart resource allocation means Firefox Quantum is technically the quickest browser on the market, depending on your benchmark. For you, this means you have to understand technological evolution by creating a technology and market roadmap. I’ve been a loyal Firefox user since version 0.4,

PESTLED360: Iron Out Key Driving Forces in Your Current Environment and Anticipate Future Ones

Innovation 360 Group

Do you have a roadmap for its short- and longer-term implications? Operational Strategic Initiatives (those initiatives that need to be executed now) are prioritized by using Impact-Feasibility mapping, making sure to optimize resource usage. Are you confident in your strategic thinking, and your organization’s internal innovation competencies and skills? Have you identified what is coming in your business environment and have you prepared for it?

Stop Building Products No One Wants: How to Experiment Your Way to Success

Moves the Needle

Put that together with difficulties in tracking pertinent details of each project while being hit with a steady flow of new information from leadership and other key stakeholders, it becomes clear how a product roadmap might become muddied and lose focus. Since the PM is the eyes and ears of the customer, it only makes sense to include tools that address who the target customer is, and what their needs are before jumping in and developing a product roadmap.

My 5 S for future Innovation: Smart, Stacks, Scale, Storage, and Software

Paul Hobcraft

What greater validation that this, that this takeover has the “legs to run” was that Siemens offered Mendix a lot of autonomy, significant financial backing and the wish to see the present roadmap deepen, broaden and keep Mendix strongly in a leadership position. Building the right technology stack is essential for delivering strategy and the underlying digital roadmap. If you do not have the financial resources to “find solutions to scale” you struggle.

Timing of Innovation – Getting the Odds On Your Side

Idea to Value

However, by understanding how the prices are going to behave, you can plan your product roadmap accordingly. Thus, the time and resources spent on lobbying is simply a fight for delaying the inevitable. When it comes to innovation, there are countless ways things might go wrong. However, one of the most prevalent ones is incorrect timing.

Digital Innovation Strategy: 3 things to consider


As a result, adequate resources must be provided to the most beneficial innovation projects. With the modular software suite, the innovation strategy can be actively shaped and managed from trend , technology , idea and portfolio management all the way to technology and product roadmapping. Digital innovation is considered as a priority for most of the companies, but designing tactics to hit the right targets is hard.

AI in Foresight & Innovation Management


Moreover, enabling innovation management and foresight at any company also allows us to look at and update the innovation roadmap to understand what the future may hold and how to act upon it.

How the Kindling Team Uses Idea Management


We even have a Customer-Requested Features Category, where customers can contribute directly to our feature pipeline, commenting and voting on the features that are most relevant to them and gaining insight into our roadmap. For Account Management, this adds a lot of value: we can better understand which customers are healthy and engaged in the product, we can quicker feedback to customers and a closed feedback loop, and easily set expectations about the product roadmap.

7 Things Every CEO Should Know About Their Patents


Turning to R&D, innovation, and IP data and analytics, we are nowhere near that maturity in terms of depth, resources, or evolution in metrics and analytics – and this should give us all an important reminder that there is “gold in them hills” – we are nowhere near diminishing returns and hubris here is fatal. Does our product roadmap include an IP roadmap and implications for financial projections? by Erik Reeves, CTO of Anaqua.

7 Strategies to Accelerate Through Uncertainty

Peer Insight

Zoom out and look across your full growth portfolio, asking: “what is the best investment of my time and resources today? Here are a few alternative ways to measure success: clarity on learning goals, deep understanding of why users feel the way they do, reported satisfaction with the offering, clarity on future roadmaps, willingness to recommend.