The power of [very] small entrepreneurial teams

Bennett Cherry

In fact, the race for space has a variety of prizes for those first to:suborbital flight -- $10 million Ansari X Prize awarded in 2004 to Mojave Aerospace Ventures for their flight of Space Ship One.similated lunar landing -- $2 million NASA/Northrop Grumman challenge ongoing, but likely that it will occur this weekend (Oct 27-28, 2007). In case you haven't heard.there's a new race for space.

What do you want: the short or the long wow?

Bennett Cherry

I came across this article today and really found value in much of what the author, Brandon Schauer, presents in his discussion of "the long wow".What What do you think? Is he off-base or point-on? innovation service delivery strategies


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Dean of Download? Not sure, but it was a nice article.

Bennett Cherry

--from the archives--Before I started blogging, an article about my teaching methods showed up in the San Diego Union-Tribune. If you're interested in learning more about why the author referred to me as the "Dean of Download", read this article.For those of you too lazy to click on the link, here's a short excerpt:Cherry has plucked a paper-clip-size microphone from the head of his Apple iPod; clickers innovation podcasting San Diego teaching

Dirty Pictures.unbelievable

Bennett Cherry

If you've ever read the book, How Are You Peeling, then you may be familiar with this type of art. I refer to it as "art from the everyday". Like the authors of How Are You Peeling, artist Scott Wade takes the everyday and makes art of it. Check out a few of his pictures and watch him in action on the 2 videos. Truly amazing talent in his ability to see art in the everyday.I wonder how many. answers in the everyday creativity innovation youth

Video 40 accident

Bennett Cherry

It's enjoyable to come across a story like this one. It seems that a smart, engineering- and tinkering-minded gentleman has come across a way to turn sea water into a combustible material. Yes, you read that correctly.combustible sea water. As the article mentions, this new find could serve as a springboard to a new discussion on sea water as an alternative fuel. Since our. creativity ingenuity innovation Invention

Certainly a departure from the norm.

Bennett Cherry

Maybe a more appropriate title would be "A retreat to the past". This physician is taking a different approach to medicine and, I think, it's a worthy venture. If for nothing else than to aptly show that relationships (ongoing and informed) matter in the doctor-patient experience. While most of the time the quality of care experienced at many doctor's offices borders on a kind of "oil-change. creativity innovation service delivery strategies

Don't you love 10 year-old ingenuity?

Bennett Cherry

I love this story.10 year-old Chase Colin, of Bonsall, developed a "Dog Wash" as part of an assignment called Invention Convention. This creation was good enough to net him 2nd place at his school contest. In most cases, 2nd place doesn't get you much in life, but in this case, young Chase is going to be interviewed on the Ellen Show for his innovative idea. Read more about it Waldo creativity dog wash Ellen Show ingenuity innovation youth

Inside the ‘Near-Future Sensing Team’ at UNICEF

Innovation Leader

In 2007, Christopher Fabian and Erica Kochi founded the UNICEF’s Innovation Unit. We spoke with Fabian about innovation at UNICEF and how the venture fund operates

These 3 Indicators May Be Projecting the Next Financial Collapse

Innovation Excellence

” In August of 2007, I had a meeting with the. While there is no one magic indicator of the market’s future, these three may provide some of the best insights into the current and future state of the economy. Warren Buffett once said, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” Finance

How Coca-Cola Created the Soda Fountain of the Future

Innovation Leader

The inside story how how a skunkworks team of Coca-Cola engineers created the Freestyle soda fountain back in 2007 — and what they’re working on and imporving for the second iteration

Overcoming the Not-Invented-Here (NIH) Mindset

Innovation Excellence

When Chris Messina, a former Google designer, conceived of a simple way to filter content and create channels on Twitter in 2007, he blogged about his idea: “Every time someone uses a channel tag to mark a status, not only do we know something specific about that status, but others can eavesdrop on the context.

How Technology is Shaping Marketing in the Next Decade

Innovation Excellence

If you took a reasonably competent marketer from 2007 and transported her to today, much of what she knew about her job would be irrelevant. Ten years ago, social media was in its infancy. Nobody even heard of mobile marketing, content marketing or big data. The iPhone hadn’t even been launched yet. We’re at a. Innovation

Fly, Crash, Adapt

Destination Innovation

Paul MacCready (1925 – 2007) was an aeronautical engineer and inventor of the first human-powered aircraft. He died in 2007 from a melanoma. Paul MacCready. MacCready was born in Connecticut to family of doctors. He was fascinated by engineering and airplanes from a young age.

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FinTech Startups Are Democratizing Finance and Incumbents Must Adapt


The financial crisis of 2007 chipped away at the trust that many people used to have in traditional providers of financial services. This loss of faith, combined with the new technologies and an influx of money into fintech startups, has led to the creation of innovative new financial products and services, ones that put financial control back into the hands of consumers. Working With Startups Open Innovation Corporate-Startup Partnerships Partnerships FinTech Innovation Models

Here’s What’s Wrong With Your Great Idea

Innovation Excellence

When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in 2007, many pundits were less than impressed. Some said that its unusual shape made it unwieldy. Others thought that it was too expensive. Still others remarked that all the extra software made it a poor choice for its primary function — making phone calls. Apple Build Capability Culture & Values Design Feature Of The Week Innovation Leadership marketing Strategy

How Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft miss Creative Talent

Innovation Excellence

In 2007. There are pervasive myths that older people are stuck in their ways, lack creativity and dynamism and cannot cope with new technology. This is reflected in ageism in hiring. According to research firm Payscale, the median age of a worker at Facebook is 29, at Amazon it is 30 and at Microsoft 33. Creativity culture ageism bias discrimination Google michelangelo titian woody allen zuckerberg

Innovation Lessons from the Troublesome Start of AIRBNB

Innovation Excellence

AirBnB started in 2007 and is valued now at over $ 25 billion. What began as a simple idea to earn some extra income and help out travelers from out-of-town eventually took off globally. There are at least 3 important lessons learned from its troublesome start. Here's their story. Feature Of The Week airbnb Disruptive Innovation incubator Innovation Leadership lean startup Management Startup

Government has a big Role to play in Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Steve Jobs announced the iPhone to the world on 9 January 2007. This iconic product became a sensational success and propelled Apple to become the most valuable company on Earth. It created a new product category, the smartphone, which has become the must-have item for people in all nations. It launched a platform for secondary. Government Apple ARPANET cern DARPA iphone Steve Jobs

How to Manage Complexity in Strategy

Cascade Strategy

Take strategic planning for example, imagine you poured hours into crafting a thorough and detailed strategic plan in 2007. People expect specific solutions to resolve complex problems. The thing is, there isn’t always a definitive solution, rather, some problems require continuous management.

Airbnb; How rent payment struggles can give you an idea for a billion-dollar company

Articles from GroundControl

The idea of Airbnb In 2007, two of Airbnb’s founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia moved to San Francisco. The story of how Airbnb started is a great example of “how startups learn by experimenting” As the founders stumbled upon the idea of Airbnb because of financial problems that they were facing. They had no […]. The post Airbnb; How rent payment struggles can give you an idea for a billion-dollar company appeared first on GroundControl. Staff Picks

Game-Changer’s 10 Most Popular Posts of 2017


Yes, I’ve been writing Game-Changer since 2007. 2017 was a good year in many ways. For one, it was my 10 year anniversary as a blogger ! And as I’ve done in years past, here are the 10 most popular posts of 2017. A Critical Measure of Innovation: Leadership and Priorities. Either You Drive Disruption Or You’re Outpaced By It. We Need To Think About Failure Differently To Drive Innovation. Innovation Is The Opposite of What We’re Pretending The Word Means.

How Facebook misses out on Talent

Destination Innovation

In 2007 at age 22 Mark Zuckerberg profoundly stated, ‘Younger people are just smarter. Consider these examples: Steve Jobs was 52 when as CEO of Apple he launched the iPhone in 2007. There are pervasive myths that older people are stuck in their ways, lack creativity and dynamism and cannot cope with new technology. This is reflected in ageism in hiring. According to research firm Payscale, the median age of a worker at Facebook is 29, at Amazon it is 30 and at Microsoft 33.

Nomination Wanted: 2015 Thinkers50

Matthew May

Author, THE ELEGANT SOLUTION: Toyota’s Formula for Mastering Innovation (Free Press, 2007). Not until this year’s Thinkers50 nominations would I have ever given the possibility of being nominated a glancing thought. I consider myself to be more of a solid practitioner of others’ ideas than a high-concept thinker.

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The Importance of Prioritizing Employee Well-Being and Psychological Safety

Business and Tech

My turning point came in 2007, when I collapsed from exhaustion and broke my cheekbone. Three business leaders discuss the importance of fostering a healthy company culture and creating a safe space for employees to feel supported in their mental health.

The Startup Equation with Ja-Nae? Duane


In 2007, she was nominated as one of New England’s Most Innovative Leaders of 2007. Starting a business? On this episode of The Big Bang Podcast I talk to Ja-Naé Duane , serial entrepreneur and co-author of The Startup Equation , about her mission to help one million entrepreneurs worldwide create one trillion dollars for the global economy. For over 20 years, Ja-Naé Duane focused on one mission: make life better for as many people as possible.

Cracking the complexity code

Paul Hobcraft

There was a good article within the McKinsey Quarterly published way back in 2007 entitled “Cracking the complexity code,” written by three authors Suzanne Heywood, Jessica Spungin, and David Turnbull.

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Why Government is Essential for Private Sector Innovation

Destination Innovation

Steve Jobs announced the iPhone to the world on 9 January 2007. This iconic product became a sensational success and propelled Apple to become the most valuable company on Earth. It created a new product category, the smartphone, which has become the must-have item for people in all nations. It became a platform for secondary markets in apps, music and videos. Steve Jobs, Sir Jonathan Ive and the design team at Apple deserve the tremendous credit they get for this seismic innovation.

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The Podcast Renaissance: How Podcasts Boost Creativity and Inspire Audiences

Idea to Value

Though we’re used to podcasts getting millions of streams now, back in 2007, it was considered Guinness World Record-worthy for Ricky Gervais to have an average first-month episode download rate of 261,670 times. Podcasts have become a familiar aspect of our cultural landscape.

How Should Your Business Find the Next Big Thing?


Netflix’s streaming video model seems blindingly obvious now, but stop and consider the state of television in 2007. Disruptive or incremental innovation? In pop culture, the story of innovation is sudden as a brilliant idea arrives in a flash of genius. The reality of innovation is usually far less dramatic, with hundreds of people at dozens of companies chipping away at a rock and discovering, to their surprise, that all those years of chipping have yielded a beautiful statue.

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Design Thinking Case Studies

In 2007, Denmark had over 125,000 elderly citizens relying on government-sponsored meals. Find examples of how design thinking is used to solve problems, prototype, and innovate.

Innovation’s New World Order

Innovation in Practice

We’ve done that analysis in this year’s study , comparing today’s data with the situation in 2007, when we first examined the globalization of corporate innovation spending. The fact that innovation spending is rising in Asia is not a surprise, but our study details the magnitude and rapid pace of the growth: Total corporate R&D activity grew 120 percent in China, for example, between 2007 and 2015, and by 115 percent in India.

Study 66

Is It Possible for Companies to Over-Innovate?


Motorola’s RAZR and RIM’s BlackBerry were cutting-edge until 2007 when the iPhone arrived and made both of them utterly irrelevant in the time it took to explain what an “iPhone” even was. Remember when this was the height of innovation? Is it really possible to “over-innovate?” It seems baffling, on the face of it. What’s wrong with “too much” creativity and thinking ahead. The answer is that there’s a question of balance.

Celebrate Pride Month by Recognizing the Role of Diversity in Innovation


For example, in 2007, the German company TrekStor debuted their new MP3 player, which was highly technically accomplished, but somehow got through the entire process with nobody challenging a product name that sounded like a literal hate crime.

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Continuous Improvement and Breakthrough Innovation: Why You Need Both


The iPhone was considered a true innovation back in 2007, opening up an entirely new approach to telecommunications and changing how people used phones forever. Innovation has to come from somewhere. Even the biggest game-changers come from understanding the “game” and are built on in-depth knowledge of how existing products or processes work. How businesses conduct operations on a daily basis can encourage or discourage breakthrough innovation.

Innovative Businesses Prioritize Creativity

Daniel Burrus

Some have been through the Great Depression, world wars, the Great Recession of 2007–09, and now, most recently, the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic downturn. Human beings are meant to be creative.

Innovation Lessons from the Master, Steve Jobs

Destination Innovation

The Apple iPhone was launched in 2007 and became the market leader in the mobile phone market. Steve Jobs was adopted at birth in 1955. He grew up in California. He dropped out of college but voluntarily took a course in calligraphy. He found it beautiful and fascinating. The marriage of aesthetics and technology became his life-long obsession. Jobs led a company which embodied the combination of art and science. He was an eclectic revolutionary.

Business Model Innovation Basics Series - Part 2: Why Business Model Innovation Matters

The BMI Lab Blog

Let’s take a look at how the British cycling team went from zero Tour de France victories and ninety-five years without any Olympic medal by 2003 to sixty-six Olympic or Paralympic gold medals and five Tour de France victories between 2007 and 2017 (Clear, 2018).

How to Take Meaning from a Black Swan Event

The Inovo Group

According to Nassim Taleb in his seminal book The Black Swan (2007) , a Black Swan Event is defined as follows: An outlier – as it lies outside the realm of regular expectations, because nothing in the past can convincingly point to its possibility, It carries an extreme “impact”, and.

Leading Experts Share Challenges in Human Resources During the Pandemic and Trends in Employee Health and Wellness

Business and Tech

AH: My turning point came in 2007, when I collapsed from exhaustion and broke my cheekbone. During the pandemic, the relationship between employers and employees has changed dramatically.

Avoid the Iridium Moment

Destination Innovation

Another example given by Ismail is Nokia’s purchase of Navteq for a staggering $8B in 2007. Every company has to make important strategic decisions. We can see with hindsight that some decisions which looked smart at the time turned out to be dumb. Often it was because the wrong assumptions were made. In his excellent book, Exponential Organizations, Salim Ismail coins the phrase an Iridium Moment.

Two Quite Different Questions that Begin: "What's the Worst Thing."

Michael Roberto

Rendle said she recalls feeling nervous ahead of the 2007 Green Works meeting, having mentally laid out an argument for why the company should implement a widespread rollout of the brand instead of the limited, niche launch executives were planning. Source: The Clorox Co. The Wall Street Journal recently ran a feature on the new CEO of Clorox, Linda Rendle. She has become one of the youngest Fortune 500 CEOs.

Treating Discovery Like Execution Will Kill Innovation

Tim Kastelle

It’s from 2007, and one of the first (and still one of the best) applications of the three horizons framework that I’ve seen. “In the end, these projects are all business model problems.” ” That’s what I said to my friend Steve Adelman about the projects we collaborate on as part of the Wharton-UQ Global Consulting Practicum program. “Why aren’t they market entry problems?” ” he replied.

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9 Way Bailey’s Irish Cream Can Help You Innovate


On December 3rd, 2007, Diageo announced the sale of the billionth bottle of Baileys since it was first introduced in 1973. It’s a cold, wet Spring, so let’s take a moment (and a sip or two?) to reflect on how great ideas become reality. Specifically, let’s consider the invention of Bailey’s Irish Cream and what it can teach us about idea management strategies that can support and amplify successful ideas.

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