Storyboarding iPad Transitions

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Join us Saturday, May 28th, 2011 at UX SketchCamp [“ :[link] or &# @sketchcamp&# :[link] on Twitter] in San Francisco for a chance to learn from the experts, practice UX sketching and share what you know with others.

Design 107

Complexity and User Experience

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The best products don’t focus on features, they focus on clarity. Problems should be fixed through simple solutions, something you don’t have to configure, maintain, control. The perfect solution needs to be so simple and transparent you forget it’s even there.

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Alignment Diagrams

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8] Booz & Co, “Executives Say They’re Pulled in Too Many Directions and That Their Company’s Capabilities Don’t Support Their Strategy,&# (Feb 2011). Did you ever get bounced around between departments when interacting with a company or service?

Novices Orienteer, Experts Teleport

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Would you rather take a photo using your phone, a point-and-shoot camera, or a digital SLR ? How you answer this question is probably a good indicator of your photographic expertise. If you snap casual shots, your phone or a point-and-shoot camera will probably suffice.

Taxonomy of the Lean Startup Anti-Pivot

Grasshopper Herder

Sometimes pivoting describes how entrepreneurs adapt to customer feedback. Sometimes it's an annoying buzzword, grating to the ears. Customer Development Entrepreneurship Investment Lean startup Pitching anti-patterns lean startup pivot pivot


Top 3 Ways to Fail at Customer Development

Grasshopper Herder

Top 3 Ways to Fail at Customer Development: Fail #1 - Talk talk talk Fail #2 - ??????? ???? Fail #3 - Being Gullible. Customer Development Entrepreneurship Lean startup


A Minimum Viable Team is more important than a Minimum Viable Product

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The pursuit of someone who is "committed to the idea" is insidious because it's less obviously flawed. Why wouldn't you want a co-founder who's in love with your idea? Entrepreneurship Finding Co-Founders Human Resources cofounder cofounder dating finding a co-founder

Humanity’s Greatest Innovation

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Are our expectations of humanity so low that we are prepared to proclaim not fighting amongst ourselves as an innovation? Entrepreneurship

Is the business plan dead?

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Yes and no. A business plan as a lengthy 40 page document which lays out a five year plan is still used in many companies, in many industries, in many countries around the world. Entrepreneurship Strategy business model business plans

Three Lean Startup Principles to Live By

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Three principles that everyone at the TechBA lean startup bootcamp by TechBA agree on including Patrick Vlaskovits, Brant Cooper, Tim McCoy and Hiten Shah. Customer Development Entrepreneurship lean startup startup


How do you validate your startup idea with customers?

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If the customer doesn't start complaining for the next fifteen minutes, they don't have a pain point. The length of time a person will complain uninterrupted is a pretty good proxy for the amount of pain they're feeling. Customer Development Entrepreneurship customer validation entrepreneur

What is the best way to divide up ownership in a startup?

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When considering this issue, many people will focus on incentivizing the founders as well as issues of equality and equity. I would recommend a deep understanding how roles and responsibilities will be divided prior to discussing the equity split. Finding Co-Founders Investment co-founders equity vesting schedule


Personas for Customer Development

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Personas are an amazing tool for doing customer development. They are the clearest form of hypothesis, test, and learn (a.k.a. build, measure, learn). Customer Development Entrepreneurship User Experience design lean user experience personas user experience

Blame Culture: “Who Gets Shot”

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If something is wrong with your spark plug, you don't shoot it. And threatening it with violence isn't going to prevent it from getting dirty. Entrepreneurship Management blame leadership management

Who is the Mother of Invention?

Bennett Cherry

Oh, yes, I now remember that Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Sorry, Plato, I had to borrow your quote here as I was reminded today by a former student that simple innovations are often the best innovations. See for yourself by watching this short video.

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Minimum Viable Test is a Terrible Name Minimum Viable Schism If an MVP Falls in the forrest without anyone around to hear it, does it make a sound? Minimum Viable Interaction. Entrepreneurship

8 Tips to Getting Your Email Read

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I receive a large number of requests for referrals to investors, co-founders, feedback, etc. I also send out a lot of requests for help, advice, etc. I try to respond to all of them and I try to be as helpful as possible, but sometimes I can't. So I filter. Pitching cold call email pitching

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Pivoting on Investor Feedback a.k.a Beware of Mentors

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Don't outsource your decision making. Even if it's someone you respect and they've tried a similar business model before, do the customer development yourself. Customer Development Entrepreneurship Investment Lean startup experts mentors pivot


I am not an Expert at Jumping the Lean Shark with a Pivot

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I'd rather learn from someone who has screwed up ten companies than someone who has only started one. After all, what's Zuckerberg going to teach you?). Entrepreneurship lean startup consulting experts


Game driven innovation

Innovation 360

In a recently report Gartner state that games will be used to drive innovations, an old phenomenon but interesting.

13 Tactics and Tips for Running Meetings

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I recently ran across an old guide to running meetings that I wrote for a larger company. Here is is with only minor edits: Productivity meetings organizing meetings

Management by Pippi Longstocking

Innovation 360

Recently José Angel Gurria at OECD pointed out Sweden’s finances as strong as Pippi Longstocking, quite fun… That led me to think about Pippi and her philosophy realizing that it might actually be applicable on managing a company.

The 3 Best Tools for Mockups and Wireframes

Grasshopper Herder

"What the best tool for wireframing?" I've used quite a few and I've come to a pretty strong opinion on the best tools for the job. Product Management User Experience design mockups wireframing

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Designing in a Vacuum a.k.a Design != Pretty Pixels

Grasshopper Herder

Since writing more about design, I've been getting emails asking for design feedback. Unfortunately, no one seems to include a description of the customer. Entrepreneurship User Experience customer personas design user experience

Michael E. Porter sends CSR back to the stoneage – now it is time for real entrepreneurship…

Innovation 360

Michael E. Porter Harvard University professor, explains in an new video post, why business leaders must focus on shared value – creating products and services that benefit not only the company but also society.

How to Lose a Customer in Six Easy Steps

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It started simply enough, there was a fairly obvious $8,364,175.00 error in my financial statement from that prompted me to contact customer support. Customer Development Customer Support customer support

The Stability of Startups

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A friend of mine was thinking about joining a startup and asked me, "How stable are startups?" Well.not very. Entrepreneurship Human Resources Investment hiring stability startups uncertainty

National Endowment for Open Source

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It's time to consider whether it's time for a National Endowment for Open Source. Is there any doubt right now about the strength and power of open source software for accelerating technological innovation? Entrepreneurship Uncategorized open source politics

Lean User Experience Residency with LUXr

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There's a whole academic (and practical) discipline out there which has been doing something suspiciously close to Customer Development over two decades. Customer Development Entrepreneurship Lean startup Product Management User Experience design lean user experience leanux user experience ux


The world’s best company to work for

Innovation 360 Group

Just the other day A Great Place to Work also released their list 2011 FORTUNE’S 100 BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR® which is based upon a deeper cultural audit and as far as I can see much more reliable. Their Top 5 on the Fortune list 2011 is: SAS. Today Hey Group release their Global Top 20 companies for leadership, top five at the list was: General Electric. Procter & Gamble. Intel Corporation. Siemens. Banco Santander.

The Birth Of A Really Bad Idea: Peter Thiel And Knowing Less As A Life Strategy

Bill Fischer

Image via Wikipedia 2011 is the 100th anniversary of a really bad idea. In 1911, the British Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott’s determination to learn less, rather than more -- about life, clothing and diet in extreme cold conditions -- led to his assuming that he was smarter than thousands of

The best moble learning app is awarded in Sweden

Innovation 360

The Swedish Learning Award 2011 is completed and the winner selected. Guess if I am a proude chairman of Lexicon Interactive as they won in the category mobile learning. The winning contribution was a complete new kind of App for the Swedish Addison Society , and the motivation was “Addison is a serious fatal disease that requires constant attention to immediate life-saving measures if it would end up in an Addison crisis.

Learning from Steve Jobs

Bennett Cherry

It's been a few days now since Steve Jobs passed away and his legacy continues to occupy my thoughts throughout my week. I recently watched the video of his memorial service from Apple's Cupertino campus and wanted to share a few items with you, in the hopes that you'll be encouraged by this.The service began with a moving introduction from Apple CEO, Tim Cook. While all of his remarks were. what if?"

Starting a StartupWeekend in 9 Days of Chaos

Grasshopper Herder

For the past 7 days I've been working round the clock to organize and promote a StartupWeekend in San Jose. It start in two days. A ridiculous and ill advised timeline. Entrepreneurship Finding Co-Founders lean startup Marketing startup startupweekend


Customer Feedback Management


Aberdeen’s study conducted in 2011 revealed that those companies that make use of monitoring social media and customer feedback, have rate of customer retention that is 15% better than does which do not.

Stay Tuned for Hacking User Experience

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I've spent the week hacking away on as part of the residency program where I'm learning more about User Experience design under the mentorship of Janice Fraser (@celevergirl) and her #leanUX mafia including my friend Tim McCoy (@seriouslynow). Entrepreneurship lean startup User Experience

Innovation trends

Innovation 360 Group

Over the last year the key topics within the world of innovations has been impacted by social responsibility and sustainability aspects, which can be seen by analyzing the last 12 months of Google searching using Google Insights for Search. The top area of interest over the last 12 month has been. business innovation. open innovation. innovation management. technology innovation. social innovation. US, Canada and KU is dominating all searches except from Open Innovation where Germany is leading.

Buy 10,000 green mil and get an Audi for free

Innovation 360

Social Innovation and sustainable thinking is emerging, business leaders shifting focus using social and sustainable thinking sharpening their competitive advantages. Interested reading more? Have a look at our new trend watch at [link]. The post Buy 10,000 green mil and get an Audi for free appeared first on Home of Innovation. Blog Uncategorized Audi Green Green Innovation Innovation Social Innovation Sustanability

Green Innovation – wash or reality?

Innovation 360 Group

It is a lot of buzz about green innovations and much talk about potential green washing. And we have seen it all before with pink washing and white washing. To understand whether green innovation is washing or not the question to ask is why it exists. To cover up? To gain short term winnings? To move the focus away from other issues? Or is it possible that it really might exist a long term market opportunity here? Let’s start with low energy light bulbs.

Extend your market making more profit with Social Innovations

Innovation 360

Joseph Schumpeter , the guru of innovation, addressed the process of innovation with his theory of creative destruction and his definition of entrepreneurs as people who combined existing elements in new ways to create a new product or service.

Combating Four Innovation Lies

Innovation 360

Last Friday we could read an interesting blog post by Scott Anthony. It was about four typical innovation pitfalls. Great article , and I like to comment upon it. The first lie is that you can trust the feedback when asking customers, and instead go for what they do today or if they are ready to spend some money on a new idea (on an early stage).

It’s The Angels’ Time

Innovation 360

That was the theme a few days back at 2010 Angel Capital Association Summit in San Francisco and the title of the speech by angel investor and blogger Basil Peters , who asserted that VCs are essentially dinosaurs saddled with too-big funds at a time when entrepreneurs can create companies cheaply and quickly, sometimes over a weekend.

One big open innovation square dance…

Innovation 360

Innovation is a way of getting competitive advantage which is well known and documented since ancient times, ranging from machinery, war equipment to the beauty industry and all trial building the perpetuum mobile. What´s happened lately is the paradigm shift of opening up the innovation process from being secret and closed towards inviting for collective wisdom and creativity. We call it open innovation or sometimes Innovation 2.0.