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Embracing Agile Methodology to Spur Innovation


Are you looking for a way to optimize your innovation strategy? The agile manifesto was created in the early 2000s by software developers who wanted to bring their products to the market faster and more efficiently. Hence, agile software was born. Implementing Agile Methodology. Iteration is the key.

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Integrating ‘Agile’ Approaches into ‘Waterfall’ Cultures

Agile” and “Waterfall” offer us very different approaches to project management. Agile design, on the other hand, begins without a clear endpoint, assuming that any presumptions about results may bias or limit our opportunities and options. Core Elements of Agile. Integrating Agile Approaches into Waterfall Cultures.

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A Day in the Life of a Planview Software Development Engineer Test Manager


For this month’s blog spotlight , we are going to travel to Bangalore and follow Geetika to spend a day in the life of a Software Development Engineer Test manager. Here is what Geetika had to say: Explain your role as a Software Development Engineer Test Manager and a few of your responsibilities.

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The building out of the Composable Innovation Enterprise Framework.

Paul Hobcraft

I have called this the Composable Innovation Enterprise Framework – here is why and what went into this proposal that I feel should be adopted for managing innovation in the future. We need to shift our innovative thinking from static to dynamic.

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Developing an agile innovation strategy

Idea Drop

Agile project management involves dividing tasks into short phases of work, or ‘sprints’, with continuous reassessment and adaptation of plans. Stemming from the word agile, meaning to move quickly and easily, it is no surprise that such a methodology goes hand in hand with innovation.

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Agile Coach: What is the role of this professional?


In this article, you will see what exactly agile coach does, what benefits it can bring and how to take it to your company. What an Agile Coach does within an Agile team. Agile Coach helps train corporate teams in agile methodology and oversees team development to ensure effective results.

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What Marie Kondo taught me about agile project management


She is the woman of the moment and can teach you a lot about agile project management! She is the woman of the moment and can teach you a lot about agile project management! In this article, in besides knowing better the Japanese sensation of the present, you will see what lessons she can bring us about agile project management.

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