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How could SouthWest Airlines spend A Billion Dollars for IT Modernisation

Rmukesh Gupta

One of the biggest news story this last Christmas season was the cascading effect of flights being cancelled by Southwest Airlines. According to their SEC filing, they had to cancel more than 16700 flights over the holiday period in December, costing them an estimated $725million-$825 million.

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JetBlue Acquires Spirit Airlines: Will Straddling Work?

Michael Roberto

Source: Getty Images The bidding war for Spirit Airlines has ended. Today, we learn that JetBlue has completed the deal at a price of $3.8 The combined airline will have 458 planes—up from JetBlue’s fleet of just over 280 jets now—and will have over 300 more on order. JetBlue and Frontier both sought to acquire Spirit.


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Internal Branding Strategy – 3 Ways to Be Smarter than United Airlines


The folks at Armada Corporate Intelligence offered an internal branding strategy take on the United Airlines woes, offering strategic thinking questions you can ask and answer to improve your brand’s resiliency and avoid brand crises. 3 Ways Your Internal Branding Strategy Can Be Smarter than United Airlines.

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Highly creative brains may have more “random” connections

Idea to Value

This is similar to how many airlines will have a regional hub that shorter flights connect to, and then switching planes at those hubs for connections to other international hubs. So what can we learn from this? Even if it comes at the price of making the brain a bit less energy-efficient in the process.

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Can AI Help Reframe Business Problems?

Stephen Shapiro

Work with airlines and other partners: Collaborate with airlines and other partners to find ways to improve the baggage handling process. Work with airlines and other partners: Collaborating with airlines and other partners to coordinate baggage handling procedures can also help to reduce wait times.

ChatGPT 98
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Herb Kelleher's Legacy at Southwest Airlines: 5 Important Lessons

Michael Roberto

Source: Southwest Airlines Yesterday, Southwest Airlines co-founder and long-time CEO Herb Kelleher died at age 87. What can we learn from Kelleher’s leadership at Southwest? Here are five simple, yet powerful, lessons that come to mind as I reflect on the Kelleher era at the airline: Make tradeoffs. Think systemically.

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Innovation Sighting: Adjustable Airline Seats

Innovation in Practice

They adjust and learn, then adapt their performance to suit the needs of the user. From Fox News : The airline legroom wars may finally be coming to an end. It's a great tool to make products and services that are "smart."