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Summaries of the 50 Best Business Books

Destination Innovation

Would you like to have read the best 50 books on sales, marketing, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and self-improvement? Just imagine all the insights and lessons you would have learned and how that would have helped you in your business career. But how much time would it have taken?

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The Lean Scale-Up: Innovation & Entrepreneurship for New Ventures

Open Innovation EU

But the world is changing, and the digital era calls for a fresh view on how to design organizations. Organizations are now operating in a globalized, dynamic world and see their workforce change from homogeneous to diverse and educated. As a result, to facilitate the growth of a company, organization design needs process view.


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Three Ways a Peer-Based Network Can Energize Entrepreneurs

Business and Tech

As a startup entrepreneur, you wear all the hats — sales, marketing, fulfillment, invoicing, accounting, and business strategy, to name just a few. Anyone who has taken on the risk of entrepreneurship and endured its frequent failures knows it can be a lonely path. It changed my life. According to the U.S.

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Lean’ is the buzzword of the last decade, challenging old school thinking that dictates that a successful business must be resource-heavy to achieve sustainable growth, whilst also giving credence to those who want to launch “almost-there” app startups today to achieve market domination tomorrow. Pros for a lean app startup.

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50+ Business Cases on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Open Innovation EU

During a course we developed at Avans University this winter, we asked students to gather relevant business cases on innovation and entrepreneurship in order to analyse them and prepare discussions around organization design. Source:

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11 Paradoxes of Entrepreneurial Thinking: why entrepreneurship can hardly be taught

Open Innovation EU

As opposed to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thinking is not necessarily bound to entrepreneurs (to be); it is an essential skill for ‘strengthening human capital, employability and competitiveness’ (Bacigalupo et al., Entrepreneurship. These two extremes – and everything in between – have been topic of discussion ever since.

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Why We’re Digging Deep at Lean Startup Conference 2018

Moves the Needle

It’s that time of year again: the temperature is dropping, leaves are changing colors, and after a sleepy summer, companies are ready to reflect on how they are going to improve their operation for the new year. Mon, Nov 5, 2018 11:00 AM EDT The first event we have is featuring our Co-Founder and CEO, Brant Cooper.