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The necessity of market creating innovations

Christensen Institute

At the Christensen Institute, we espouse the virtues of market-creating innovations. Market-creating innovations transform complex and expensive products into simple and more affordable products, making them accessible to a wider segment of the population–nonconsumers. Javier Lozano’s market-creating innovation targeted these people.

Marketing 122
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Episode 17 – Part 2: How to Manage Change and Create Resilient Organizations Through Innovation

IM Insights

.” The paper’s primary focus is to understand the culture and processes that enable successful corporate venturing, a critical strategy for organizations looking to thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape. External pressures from government and end-users drive organizations to change rapidly.


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Summaries of the 50 Best Business Books

Destination Innovation

Would you like to have read the best 50 books on sales, marketing, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and self-improvement? Just imagine all the insights and lessons you would have learned and how that would have helped you in your business career. But how much time would it have taken?

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Unique Ways Successful Startups are Changing the Corporate Innovation Landscape

Idea to Value

The corporate landscape is changing drastically, and for a corporate brand to stay relevant, they must innovate in order to change with the market. Innovative entrepreneurship has taken organizational innovation to the doorstep of many corporates by facilitating the understanding of its benefits.

Change 180
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Reinventing the Entrepreneurship Game


In my November blog I described how important it is to unleash the power of innovative entrepreneurship in our digital & connected world. So here is the next instalment of my ongoing personal entrepreneurship story. Mindsets are foundational to any change process. Taking collective action. Being a congruent role model .

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Envision Energy in living, evolving communities that challenge conventional wisdom.

Paul Hobcraft

It aims to trigger innovation engagement and activation strategies to change the energy transition dynamics within a community setting, offering decentralized community energy. It encourages radical change simply because we do need this radical shift. It focuses on the community in a decentralized way for its energy.

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Change is Uncomfortable. Not Changing Can be Regrettable.

Daniel Burrus

Change Is Uncomfortable. Change may be the only constant in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we are happy about it! Change is possible, often unpredictable, and when it is unpredictable, it is uncomfortable. Every human being, both working adults and young children, experiences change every day. Change Is Disruptive.

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