Keys to designing a virtuous customer journey


And secondly, because it is a profitable venture: McKinsey states that organizations who invest in the design of their customer journey obtain up to 15% more income and reduce costs by 20%. Request a demo and discover our software. 1995: Every company is a customer company.

Four Key Principles of Mobile User Experience Design

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Prior to becoming a senior UX designer at Popular Front Interactive, I spent two years as a mobile UX researcher within the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Mobile Technologies Group – a lab tasked with both future-casting and then rapidly prototyping innovative mobile experiences. PRINCIPLE #4: Design for mobile platforms — the real ones. It is fun and easy to get caught up in the moment of the latest tech demo, press release, or rumor.

10 Startups Aiming to Change Shopping from XRC Labs

Innovation Leader

The startups that pitched at last week's Demo Day at retail accelerator XRC Labs ranged from instant interior design services to a smart mirror that could change your routine

My New Speaking Video – 3 Minutes of Pure Content

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I am thrilled to share with you my new demo video. We had one design principle: Don’t sell; educate. In a future post, I will share with you my past demo videos – and earlier versions of this one.

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The Evolution of My Speaking Video

Stephen Shapiro

In a post last week, I shared with you my most recent demo video. In this post, I share my four primary demo videos from over the years. a Personality Poker demo video), they aren’t included here. I’m sharing this to help other speakers evaluate their own demo videos.

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The Problem With Problems


Front and center was this high-level roadmap along with a checklist: The rest of the links in the document were tactical how-to guides for attracting prospects, running interviews, testing offers, and designing MVPs. And do you remember how he started his demo?”

6 Building Blocks for Innovation Department Success


This may mean designating a specific project for team members to charge their time to while working with the team. Innovation management software helps innovation teams make sure that all good ideas are recorded and are accessible to team members and designated decision-makers.

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The 8 great talks from 8 years of Union


Cesar told us about an amazing idea to use a novel and open source boat design to clean up oil spills. Date: June 2012 – Theme: Business Without Borders – Host: Method Design. The Union Network is almost 8 years old.

Could Your Innovation Strategy Use a Leg Up?


If not, your first step should probably not be designing mousetrap plans, but going to the hardware store. Request a demo of IdeaScale today! Give your team a step up. Innovation can be hard work.

My New Project — Unpacking the Innovator’s Gift


1,000 (Limited to 25 spots) Includes everything in Practitioner package plus 2 coaching sessions on effective problem discovery techniques where we will help you: Design a custom-tailored Problem Interview script, Review your interview results, and Prioritize problems worth solving.

From Consumer to Collaborator: A Look at Open Innovation


The best method for drawing on open innovation is to have a platform designed for it that encourages participation while giving you control of the process. To learn about how open innovation platforms work, request a demo today! Connect with your most important customers.

What Role Does Practicality Play in Innovation?


IdeaScale offers tools designed precisely for this process, which involves gathering, evaluating, scoring, prioritizing, and selecting winning ideas. If you’re ready to get started, IdeaScale invites you to request a demo.

Top Challenges for Open Innovation and How to Solve Them


WD-40, for example, was originally designed to protect missile housings from rust. To learn more about open innovation, request a demo. Sometimes an innovation finds you. Innovation works best when it incorporates a broad network of perspectives.

What’s an Intrapreneur?


Many of them use platforms like IdeaScale that are designed specifically for that purpose. If you would like to learn more about the best platform for empowering intrapreneurs, IdeaScale invites you to request a free demo today.

Day-Of Hackathon Blocking, Tackling & Facilitation

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In addition to making random announcements and keeping the event on schedule, the facilitator has two primary moments stage: The initial kickoff on day 1 and the start of the demos on day 2. Designer? In a few moments when I’m done, the shot clock starts and you’ll have 24 hours before demo presentations, which are at 12:00 noon tomorrow. “Let’s talk about judging criteria and demos tomorrow. For the start of the demos on day 2: “Kick it off with energy.

The Importance of Senior Management Involvement in Innovation

The Future Shapers

If innovation strategy isn’t designed to help an organization reach its overall goals, the executives are simply gambling on the innovation program coming up with a miraculous disruptive innovation out-of-the-blue, which will then hopefully lead the organization to a new direction.

Product Innovation the Easy Way: 3 Real World Examples


The company set up a unique, flexible community designed to let anyone submit ideas. To learn more about crowdsourcing and open innovation, request a demo ! Many voices can lead to brilliant places.

#1,387 – Brixels

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

According to Futurism , “Design studio Breakfast threw out that playbook with an extraordinary new demo of a technology it calls ‘ Brixels ’ — a portmanteau for ‘bricks’ and ‘pixels.’ All of which is to say that Brixels could very well be the future of design.

Give Yourself Permission to Scale


Her advice about first using demos for defining (before building) an MVP finally clicked. The trick, he realized, was taking the time to develop a high-fidelity mockup versus using just a simple wireframe for the demo. So I agreed to add them to the demo.

Wazoku Announces Autumn 2019 Product Release


Wazoku, a leading idea management platform, announced its Autumn 2019 product release with features designed to surface the right ideas, with the most relevant information, to the right people at the right time. Contact us for more information or to see a demo of the platform.

The AQX Series: Supporting the IP team’s Full Spend Lifecycle with Financial Management


Additionally, some users might not realize they can take advantage of Anaqua’s translation and filing services designed to reduce costs and administrative burden associated with PCT filings, EP validation, and national phase processes. Schedule a demo

Essential Steps Toward Open Innovation Success


To be effective, the commercialization step should include all aspects of bringing a product to market, including pricing, package design, and shelf displays. Request a demo to experience the power of eZassi.

Top 8 Digital Workplace Trends for 2019


Chatbots are designed to deliver a conversational user experience in the business applications with a minimum learning curve. Schedule a demo now. As workplace demographics are transforming, employers struggle to match the evolving needs of a multi-generational workforce.

Hyping your Hackathon

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Demos at the climax of the event will take too long. Hackathon participants (being mostly engineers, developers and designers) tend to appreciate efficiency. While time-consuming, go to meetups, demo days, and networking events to spread the word in person.

PPM software user experience and rising star awards


They are evaluated based on interface design and functionalities in facilitating workflows. Request a Demo About Bubble: Bubble is a leading provider of cloud based Project Portfolio Management Software. Bubble Innovator Earns Two 2018 Project Portfolio Management Software Awards.

Upcoming Event: Product Hunt Columbus – Jan 25th


SHARE picks riders up at their home or designated pick and drop-off locations. 7:00 – 8:00 : Break out into tables, watch product demos, Q&A with presenting companies, more drinks, food, and socializing. Upcoming Product Hunt Columbus. Thursday, January 25th, 2017. Z

Assess Your Innovation Program

Planview Spigit

It is designed to help people understand how they’re doing with their program and identify opportunities for improving and scaling, all based on Spigit’s unique expertise in working with hundreds of companies to kick-start and grow their innovation efforts. Take the assessment today to see where your organization stacks up against others, and if you’d like to learn more about how Planview Spigit can help further your innovation program, register for a free demo.

Culture of Innovation Video and Case Study: Cambia Health Solutions Transforms the Health Care Landscape Through Innovation

Planview Spigit

We had to become a lightning rod of innovation, attracting and engaging employees to join us in ideation and design.” For more information about how to start your own innovation program to create a culture of innovation, check out a demo of Spigit at [link].

Ezassi to Attend FEI Boston 2018: What to Expect


The FEI Boston Innovation Conference is designed to help you master the art of serious innovation with elite leaders at the world’s most innovative and ambitious companies. To provide value, Ezassi will be demoing our latest platform release – including our technology landscaping.

10 Tips to win a hackathon


A good team has people from diverse domains and backgrounds like designing, frontend development, backend development, business development, etc. Picture your perfect demo and work backward from there. Involve the audience in the demo. . Everyone wants to be a winner.

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What are innovation labs and how to set one up


An innovation lab is a space designed to foster collaboration over creative ideas and provide resources for individuals to work on turning these ideas into reality. “Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have.

Crowdsourcing Case Study: Polaris Industries

Planview Spigit

A few years later, an industrial designer and vehicle dynamics engineer conceptualized the Polaris Slingshot, a new form of three-wheel motorcycle that would shatter preconceptions about hybrid or trike-style bikes and attract an entirely new buyer segment. To learn more about how to get you innovation program started, Visit the Planview Spigit website for more information , and register for a free demo today to see the solution in action.

Continuous Improvement: To employees and beyond!


If a project receives over 10,000 votes , it goes into a review phase where Lego set designers and marketing professionals decide if the product is viable for production.” Request a demo to find out how am idea management platform gives a voice and role to everyone in the innovation process.

The AQX Series: Continuing Our Innovation in IP Management Solutions


Jason: AQX is the go-to IP platform, designed with our clients, that helps IP professionals perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Schedule a demo By Jason Streciwilk, Sr. Director of Product Management. Nancy Hegarty, VP of Marketing.

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Qmarkets to Power Industrial Innovation at Leading Machinery and Components Organization


This initiative is designed to coordinate and promote activities for developing the professional, technical, operational, and management skills of the 4,000 people currently working for the group.

10 Teachings from the Startup Commercialization Trenches

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We train startups in storytelling, negotiation, and pilot design before any real meetings with the corporations happen. Instead of the corporation just leaning back and listening, everybody at the table is ready to work through a demo and discuss how the startup’s product can be implemented.


Case Study: How to Build a Digital User Experience Monitoring System

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This case study is therefore useful for any researcher, designer, or product manager interested in creating a similar monitoring system for their eCommerce, website, app, or SaaS products (and potentially useful for non-digital contexts as well).

Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer and Why He Still Has His Job at Apple

Steve Blank

These were not just product transitions, but radical business model transitions – new channels, new customers and new markets–and new emphasis on different parts of the organization (design became more important than the hardware itself and new executives became more important than the current ones).

Wazoku Announces Autumn 2018 Product Release


Our Autumn release includes many features and enhancements designed to enable our global customer base to further embed idea management across their entire organisation and broader ecosystem. Contact us for more information or to see a demo of the platform.

The Cult of User Personae

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When I am designing a control, I think about what Selene would like. And when I demo a feature that has been coded, I impersonate her, literally announcing, “I’m Selene, and I’d like to switch the display text language to French so I can conduct business in that language.”.

Make the Commercial First

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Design the box first” is a classic design exercise to use constraints to discover the unique value proposition. Why this matters to designers. Designers have a unique skill set. This may very well become a standard part of the design process.

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Qmarkets forms Strategic Partnership with Multinational Digital Services Company


Designed to help corporations develop synergistic interoperability across the 3 Ps of the business (People, Processes, Platforms) , the LevelNext innovation training workshop delivers a variety of hands-on exercises across a 3-day period.

Qmarkets forms Strategic Partnership with Multinational Digital Services Company


Designed to help corporations develop synergistic interoperability across the 3 Ps of the business (People, Processes, Platforms) , the LevelNext innovation training workshop delivers a variety of hands-on exercises across a 3-day period.