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Disruption is not a strategy

Idea to Value

If you ask a number of startups what they are hoping to achieve, undoubtedly you will encounter one that is going to “Disrupt” their industry. Disruption is what Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and the iPhone did to their industries. Disruption is cool. Disruption is sexy. They suffered from disruption.

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How Disruptive Business Model is Changing the Game


In recent years, a new type of business model has emerged that has disrupted traditional industries and transformed the way we live our lives. This disruptive business model is changing the game in many different ways, from offering new products and services to disrupting existing markets.


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Discontinuous Innovation: Transforming Industries & Creating New Markets


Discontinuous innovation represents a seismic shift in how industries function and evolve. By definition, it refers to the introduction of groundbreaking products or services that fundamentally change market dynamics, often rendering existing solutions obsolete.

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Selective universities won’t be disrupted

Christensen Institute

Not only will the top selective undergraduate programs likely be OK, but they almost certainly won’t be “disrupted” at all. But not disrupted—as the word is understood when we’re talking about the Theory of Disruptive Innovation that Christensen coined. Disruptive innovations initially expand the pie, in other words.

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The Benefits of Innovation That Isn’t Disruptive

Harvard Business Review

Disruption is not the only path to innovation and growth. Creation without disruption or nondisruptive creation is about creating a new market outside or beyond existing industry boundaries, and has its own organizational and business advantages. 2) It is an effective way to respond to full-on disruption.

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HBR Podcast on Disruptive Innovation

Idea to Value

Do you know what disruptive innovation is? No, I am not talking about every start-up trying to disrupt their industry. I am talking about the original theory of disruptive innovation, as outlined by Professor Clayton Christensen in his groundbreaking Harvard Business Review article in 1995.

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Disrupt a Business-As-Usual Industry in 6 Steps

Entrepreneur - Innovation

The most influential innovators all have one thing in common: disrupting traditional industry markets. Here are six steps all market disruptors must follow to succeed. However, only some are able to pull it off.