#2,000 – Information Has Mass

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

And it doesn’t get much bigger than the game-changing, mind-blowing idea that there’s no such thing as Dark Matter and that instead it’s really “information” that has mass. Shannon was also the first to define one unit of information as a bit.

How to Beat Information Overload


We’re living in a world of information overload

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Inform Your Product Development with Innovation Roadmaps


As you learn more and incorporate new information, it’ll change where you want to go, even if only slightly. The post Inform Your Product Development with Innovation Roadmaps appeared first on IdeaScale. To get where you want to go, know where you need to go to get there. Product roadmaps are powerful tools to get the team organized and to get a new product launched. However, they can also be used for the conceptualization of the product itself.

Innovation Differentiators: Information and Implementation


The post Innovation Differentiators: Information and Implementation appeared first on Innovation Management. What separates the great innovators from the industry laggards? What empowers long-standing hierarchical organizations like LEGO to make big, creative bets that pay off (like the LEGO Movie) while other once-great brands like Tower Records, Pan Am, or Pets.com have all gone away?

How ZoomInfo Enhances Your Database Management Strategy

Forward-thinking marketing organizations have continuously invested in a database strategy for enabling marketing processes. Download this ebook to learn how to maintain a strategy that includes refreshed information, database cleanses, and an accurate analysis at the same time.

Authentic Informal Leaders Transform Culture


A Few Authentic Informal Leaders (AILs). Authentic Informal Leaders (AILs). When organizations are undergoing major challenges, such as strategic or operational transformation, engaging authentic informal leaders can help the greater organization accomplish what would otherwise be considered impossible.” For innovation to flourish, enable a creative culture throughout your organization.

Looking at Information and Ideas

Beyond the Obvious

Book Book Excerpts Alex Mandl best ideas e.magine information manufacturing process no value TeligentMy wife is famous for being a little frugal. She once routed me and our son Logan from Las Vegas to Phoenix to Los Angeles and finally to San Jose because she could save twenty bucks each over the nonstop fare. Kind of nuts, right? But if I’m honest I have the same mind-set in […].


Information Systems Management: What Is It?


What is information management when compared to computer science? While computer scientists are focused on science, mathematics, and a technical approach to computing, information systems is more focused on individual and organizational development. The real difference is in application. This typically involves using the programming created by computer scientists. Enabling Factors

5 of the Biggest Information Technology Failures and Scares


The post 5 of the Biggest Information Technology Failures and Scares appeared first on eXo Platform Blog. Thought leadership Industry trends Information TechnologyIT has become an essential part of our lives nowadays. IT allows us to complete most of our daily tasks, and most jobs require software and a computer.

The War on Information

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The world as we know it today is rich in information. At whim, we can usually find (without much delay) an information source that answers a question, suggests nearby restaurants, tells us how to travel, or provides us with data for the paper we are writing. For our ancestors, obtaining information was the primary challenge; the shifting technological landscape now means we must deal with, rather than search for, information.

Book in Brief: Living in Information

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Living in Information: Responsible Design for Digital Places by Jorge Arango. Unfortunately, many of today’s most popular information environments are based on business models that incentivize the latter. You can think of attention as your ability to focus your mind on one piece of information among many so that you can achieve a particular goal. The sound of breaking glass offers your senses new information that interrupts your train of thought.

How ZoomInfo Helps Overcome the Top Pain Points of Inside Sales

Recent digital transformation has shifted the B2B landscape by ushering in the era of buyer empowerment. With more access to user reviews, analyst opinion, and industry research, decision-makers are more informed than ever while navigating what is now known as the “buyer’s journey.”

Information Architecture’s Teenage Dilemma

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Imagine if you will information architecture as a pimply-faced, malcontent teenager. The IA Summit (and information architecture) enters adolescence. The first IA Summit was held April 8-9, 2000, in Boston, MA, and was titled Defining Information Architecture. Taking the slogan to heart, a number of Summit workshops, sessions, keynotes, and discussions focused on reframing information architecture as a practice and as a field. Remaking information architecture.

Business Strategy – How to Handle Confidential Information


Last week’s “Inside the Executive Suite” from Armada Corporate Intelligence featured ideas for how to handle confidential information. The business strategy focus revolved around how an executive can maintain confidences while employing confidential information to best benefit his or her organization. While passing along confidential information was more in the news last week than this week , it’s a daily issue in business.

Information Architecture, A Global Perspective

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Podcast Summary On today’s show I had the pleasure to talking with the first Global Director for World Information Architecture Day , Jessica DuVerneay. The Information Architecture Institute is seeking a new Gobal Director for World IA Day in February 2013 and we look forward to hearing from those interested in taking on this volunteer position! Show Time: 35 minutes 20 seconds. Download mp3 (audio only) Download m4a (with visuals, requires iTunes, Quicktime, or similar).

Virtual Water Cooler: Unique Potential Of Informal Communication


The post Virtual Water Cooler: Unique Potential Of Informal Communication appeared first on acuvate. Millennials, a significant share of our workforce, are costing enterprises up to $30 billion in turnover annually. However, this turnover rate halves for those operating in a high-trust culture. With more remote workers and distributed teams across many cultures and industries, businesses are conscious of this investment and are spending more time and resources into […].

When Information Design is a Matter of Life or Death

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Medicine or patient information leaflets refer to the document included inside medicine packaging and are typically printed on thin paper (see figures 1.1–1.4). European 2 and individual national legislation sets out the information to be provided, in a specific order, within a medicine information leaflet. Paracetamol medicine information leaflet (front). Paracetamol medicine information leaflet (back). Designing information about medicine for people.

How ZoomInfo Solves Recruiting Pain Points

For recruiters to build their pipeline and search for the next candidate, they need to ensure they have access to the most accurate data on the market. More specifically, having access to updated information lets you engage faster with ideal candidates searching the job market. To begin getting these candidates in the right positions, it includes utilizing updated contact data and enhancing your outreach strategy for improved effectiveness.

Choose the Right Human Resource Information System to Stay on Top of Your Game


Strategies HRIS human resources information system onboarding payroll management recruitmentThe backbone of any company, an HR department can be a catalyst for a brand’s growth and success. A tech-supported, effective HR unit will help you improve employee experience, which translates into better engagement and higher performance.

Are you looking for ideas from staff or just information?


Advice seekers often view the purpose of the interaction to be more information-focused, while advisors view it as more guidance-focused. Employees don’t contribute ideas when their boss is not interested. There is often a mismatch in goals between givers and recipients of advice. Though we usually have experience both with seeking and giving advice, when we put our advice seeker’s hat on, we seem to forget our perspective when we are giving advice.

Clarifying Information Priorities to Make Better Decisions

Michael Roberto

In a feature for Kellogg Insight, h e argues that you have to identify and clarify your information priorities. According to Hughes, "This means determining the most important information they will need in order to decide—as early as possible—whether the plan is moving forward as intended, or whether it might need to be adjusted." Then you think about what essential information is needed throughout the plan to achieve success.” decisions information priorities

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Information Technology and strategic decisions: start giving your IT a voice now


In addition to meeting the traditional requirements for process and communication integration, Information Technology is considered a factor of innovation throughout the company. This pillar includes skills in: Planning Project and budget management Information management Change management Performance evaluation of the IT area. It helps to reduce overall infrastructure costs and ensures information security, scalability, and mobility, among other benefits.

The D&I Garden: Seeds of Innovation that Grow into Creative Breakthroughs

Speaker: Donald Fan, Senior Director of the Global Office of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion at Walmart Inc.

In the digital era, rife with uncertainty and ambiguity, innovation plays an essential role in sustaining organic growth and outperforming the global competition. Research proves time and again, there exists a robust bond between innovation and diversity & inclusion (D&I); our challenge is to help our leaders understand how to plant the seeds of innovation in the fertile D&I garden in order to drive a strategic and competitive advantage from the office and in the digital landscape.

Heavy Duty Information: Maximizing Efficiency In Your Haulage Business

The Human Factor

The post Heavy Duty Information: Maximizing Efficiency In Your Haulage Business appeared first on The Human Factor. source. Efficiency in any business is about a handful of the essential components. While you need to be hiring the right people and making sure that the tools are in place, when it comes to specific industries there can be very isolated cases of problems that require fixing.

Turning information chaos to order on a new project


At the start of any project, or actually at any time in any project, there is a ton of new information that you discover every minute. How do I handle all this information? This is all unstructured information, and a great way to think about it is through divergent and convergent thinking. As each new piece of information arrives you can find where it fits in your schema. You have a method for collecting information, and a different method for making sense of it.

How Formula 1 and other ‘extreme contexts’ inform breakthrough innovations [Case Studies]

Innovation Excellence

Understanding the essence of our context can be the key to innovation In my last year at University, I had one course that caused me major headaches: Project management. In groups, we had to devise a project that provided a solution to a problem and implement it. The hardest part was, obviously, conceiving of an. Case Study Disruption Inspiration Formula 1 Great Ormond Street Hospital

Information Overload: How Can Digital Minimalism Create Innovation?


Unless you have a game plan, it is very easy to fall into the information overload hole you started in. The post Information Overload: How Can Digital Minimalism Create Innovation? The innovation dinosaur overseeing the messy Ideanote HQ. In a world filled to the brim with technologies, apps and programs that promote an increase in productivity and enhanced innovation, cluttered devices, and minds are a common phenomenon.

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Best Practices for a Marketing Database Cleanse

As frustrating as contact and account data management can be, this is still your database – a massive asset to your organization, even if it is rife with holes and inaccurate information. Entrusting a vendor to help maintain its accuracy and completeness is no ordinary engagement. Download ZoomInfo’s latest data-driven eBook aimed to help marketing leaders understand the best practices around choosing a B2B contact data provider.

How Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) may replace the traditional Chief Information Officer (CIO)


When the Internet arrived 20 years ago, it necessitated roles such as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO). Information is gradually becoming synonymous with innovation as CIOs make use of technologies such as analytics, cloud, and artificial intelligence to identify growth markets and empower their employees. The post How Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) may replace the traditional Chief Information Officer (CIO) appeared first on HackerEarth Blog.

Andre Fredericks, Chief Information Officer IndieFin at IndieFin

BPI Game Changer Interviews

Life Insurance is a complicated product. It’s typically a grudge purchase made mostly because an agent convinced you that you needed it and assisted you over the purchase line. This in itself can be a complicated and drawn out process which could take a few weeks to complete, with underwriting and medical tests that need to be conducted. Life insurers also typically struggle in attracting


Information Overload: How Can Digital Minimalism Streamline Your Work Process and Create Innovation?


The post Information Overload: How Can Digital Minimalism Streamline Your Work Process and Create Innovation? We are surrounded by apps that promise us efficiency and innovation. But where is the line between apps that streamline and apps that clutter? Read more to discover how digital minimalism can remove distractions and let you focus on creating. appeared first on Ideanote.

Information Overload: How Can Digital Minimalism Streamline Your Work Process and Create Innovation?


The post Information Overload: How Can Digital Minimalism Streamline Your Work Process and Create Innovation? We are surrounded by apps that promise us efficiency and innovation. But where is the line between apps that streamline and apps that clutter? Read more to discover how digital minimalism can remove distractions and let you focus on creating. appeared first on Ideanote.

The Recruiting Crossword Puzzle

Test your recruiter-brain with this crossword puzzle, which reveals the best ways to move forward in your efforts with every answer!

Information Overload: How Can Digital Minimalism Streamline Your Work Process and Create Innovation?


The post Information Overload: How Can Digital Minimalism Streamline Your Work Process and Create Innovation? We are surrounded by apps that promise us efficiency and innovation. But where is the line between apps that streamline and apps that clutter? Read more to discover how digital minimalism can remove distractions and let you focus on creating. appeared first on Ideanote.

Streamlining Success – How Continuous and Disruptive Innovation Examples Can Inform Business Transformation


Sometimes it seems like organizations, even large enterprises, live and die by their ability to implement innovations that completely redraw the market landscape, putting them at the forefront. But do these disruptive innovation examples reflect the strategy that all companies should adopt? Uber's fleet of self-driving cars had barely been on the road a month this March when a vehicle in fully autonomous mode was involved in a collision with a human-operated car in Tempe, Arizona.

What Information Do We Wish That We Had?

Michael Roberto

Over the years, Garold Stasser and his colleagues have demonstrated that many teams exhibit "shared information bias" - i.e. teams spend a great deal of time discussing information common to all team members, and they do not share, discuss, and integrate privately held information effectively. How can teams overcome the shared information bias? decision making facilitation shared information bias teams

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Future Squared Episode #101: Fast Fix Friday on Why Sharing Information is Key to Innovation | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

On this episode of Fast Fix Friday, listen to Steve talk about a topic inspired by the co-founder of Reddit, Aaron Swartz; the importance of sharing information

Living With Technical Debt: Balancing Quality and Perfection

Speaker: Cliff Gilley, The Clever PM

As a Product Manager, you probably have to deal with technical debt. Regularly. Whether you like it or not - because it can’t be avoided. Unexpected details pop up, as small as UX that needs clean-up, and as big as a previously unforeseen flaw in the infrastructure of a project. We have to accept that nobody gets away without some technical debt. And of course, the longer you take to deal with your technical debt, the more difficult it becomes to address fully. Feeling frustrated? Fortunately, we can take a step back, gain clarity, and see how the decisions we make impact our technical debt. Then, we can make decisions about how we want to balance technical debt with other priorities. Are we willing to live with some level of technical debt in order to ship product and meet deadlines? Can we mitigate technical debt to get to an MVP faster?

Toward a theory of information relativity


People often ask me how to visualize information. Getting the question right is the most important component in information design, and it’s the most common point where information design goes wrong. This is because information is always relative. A look at the history of information will confirm this point. Like a flashlight, the audience and question will illuminate the information that’s relevant to your goal, while leaving the rest in the dark.

Saum Mathur, SVP for Big Data Analytics and Information Management CA Technologies at CA Technologies

BPI Game Changer Interviews

The CA Technologies Business Analytics team is a global corporate team that provides business insights to stakeholders across the company, including sales, marketing, customer support, customer success, product engineering, HR, finance – you know: everybody. The charter of my team is to help improve the top line of the company by changing our culture so that decision-making is very data

Research Paper Support Step by Step Research Paper Information

Gijs Van Wulfen

Hold an informal opening for example “hi” for colleagues you understand very well and therefore are not uncomfortable with. Their site presents valuable information on managed reports and helps you set one up quickly. Although email isn’t as official being a hardcopy business letter, additionally it is not as relaxed as emailing friends. Even though mail’s existed for many years, for utilizing it correctly the etiquette is not always apparent.

Signaling and Shame: Why We Don't Seek Information & Advice From Others. Even Though We Should

Michael Roberto

They examine how individuals make the choice to seek or not seek information and advice from others. The scholars argue that seeking information has obvious benefits, in that it helps us to learn from others and make more informed decisions. On the other hand, asking others for information may bring with a social stigma. The scholars go on to argue that there are two mechanisms that may cause people to refrain from asking others for useful information.

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Why B2B Contact and Account Data Management Is Critical to Your ROI

64% of successful data-driven marketers say improving data quality is the most challenging obstacle to achieving success. Given data’s direct impact on marketing campaigns, reporting, and sales follow up, maintaining an accurate and consistent database is a top priority for B2B organizations. This latest eBook aims to help marketing leaders understand the impact of data management on their company’s ROI.