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New report into the Product Roadmap Software Marketplace is published. Bubble is pleased to share news that our PPM Software Bubble Innovator features in a new and independent review of the Roadmapping software marketplace. Roadmapping Software Study 2018. Inspird roadmap.

2017 Patent Analysis: Patentees are Making More Informed Filing & Renewal Decisions


These applications better align with their strategy assuring that patent portfolios do their job of protecting their products and roadmap, or providing defensive use, and/or can making money via licensing, sales, and enforcement. By Matt Troyer, Director of Patent Analytics at Anaqua.

How to Incorporate Client Feedback into Your Product Roadmap and Plan for Iteration


Top companies use client feedback as a roadmap to complete a project on time. Once you understand the value of client feedback, it’s time to develop strategies for collecting useful and actionable information.

Purpose Driven Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Purpose informs every step of the innovation process, whichever framework you use. Do Purpose First, Select a Framework, Then Do Projects. Without a Clear Purpose, Innovation Drifts Off Course.


Creating the "Right" Product Roadmap With Data

Speaker: Sunil Parekh, Head of Product Management, SimplyInsured

Manoj Khanna

Innovation 360 Group

I’ve integrated my experiences to advance clients’ agenda in three areas: Creating value from information assets – next generation systems, business engagement platforms, data management, analytics. Enabling organizations – strategic roadmaps, IT optimization, operating model definition.

ITONICS mentioned in the Gartner Hype Cycle on Enterprise Architecture


Digital Business Transformation, Information Architecture, EA Governance) and Climbing the Slope (e.g. Architecture Roadmaps, EA Frameworks). ITONICS is mentioned in the context of Continuous Planning and Architecture Roadmaps as software and solution provider.

3 Warning Signs Your IT Strategy is All Wrong


They have to demonstrate the ability to integrate Information and Technology (I&T) operating models from IT-centric to business-centric and define core I&T capabilities to execute to business strategy. Your digital transformation begins with a digital strategy and technology roadmap.

An Innovation Lexicon


Information technologists may argue that innovation is mostly about new processes or process re-engineering. Innovation means different things to different people. Sometimes it’s hard to have a good conversation about innovation, because people understand the concept in very different ways.

Connecting Innovation is the New Order of Play

Paul Hobcraft

My opening roadmap for our individual future design is built on connecting and collaborating. Exploring innovation through more facilitated conversations and investigation, designing pathways, roadmaps, blueprints and recognizing pattern recognition.

9 Tenets of an ERP Cultural Transformation


ERP is the backbone of an organization’s operational structure, and exists to improve information flow, reduce costs, optimize processes, link with suppliers, and reduce response times.

4 Ways To Invest In Your Employees’ Creativity


Their feedback can inform how products are viewed, and potentially provide a new perspective on how they think about developing new products. Is your organization centralized or decentralized when it comes to innovation?

Scaled Agile Framework: what is and how it works


SAFe tries to gain a broader view of the product (s) and deadlines, allowing – in an ideal world – some flexibility, with an approximate roadmap of the next 8-12 weeks. the product owner of each team has a clear view of the requirements for the duration of the roadmap.

Agile 52

ITONICS as Product Challenger in the Market Segment “Accelerated Innovation”


From environmental scanning, trend, technology, and start-up scouting to idea management and innovation roadmapping, the entire innovation process is shaped and controlled.

Digital Discovery: How To Create a Digital Experience – That Is Built For The Real World…

The Future Shapers

It features all the dimensions that inform and guide ‘change roadmap’ development.

My 5 S for future Innovation: Smart, Stacks, Scale, Storage, and Software

Paul Hobcraft

What greater validation that this, that this takeover has the “legs to run” was that Siemens offered Mendix a lot of autonomy, significant financial backing and the wish to see the present roadmap deepen, broaden and keep Mendix strongly in a leadership position.

What the digital transformation trend means for technology resellers

The Future Shapers

That’s why, below we have provided you with some useful information regarding this essential change and have consolidated some of the key information available on the subject into one easy-to-read document.

#CyberAware for Small to Medium Sized Business: Cybersecurity is More Than Compliance


For instance, the NYCRR enforces businesses to develop a Cybersecurity Program to include assigning a CISO, completing periodic risk assessments, conducting a security awareness and training program, and applying suitable controls to safeguard nonpublic information and information.

Innovation needs Time, Talent and Temperment

RTI Innovation Advisors

Even passionate people need to have guidance, and can work more effectively if they have a roadmap and a defined end goal. Invest in defining what a successful innovation roadmap looks like, and here's a hint. If the culture or executive team won't support innovation, doesn't provide resources or won't make critical decisions in the lack of full information, exasperation and cynicism increase.

Develop Your Annual Innovation Strategy


With this information, you’ll be able to look back on last year and gain information that will be vital to creating your next successful innovation plan. Obviously, you’ll want to allocate resources based on your product roadmap, but don’t forget to look beyond it.

Four Steps for the successful Implementation of a holistic Innovation Management


We differentiate between Innovation Management Frameworks, Trend/Technology/Startup Management Frameworks and Roadmapping Frameworks. The market launch of these innovations can then be planned and controlled using a roadmap tool.

Your Digital Future Begins Now


If you Google “what to expect from a system implementation”, you will find hundreds of articles with titles like “6 Stages for a Successful ERP Implementation” or “10 Phases of a Digital Transformation,” and they will all have some version of the same information: Common ERP Implementation Stages.

12 Technology Categories That Will Transform Careers

Daniel Burrus

This method is currently being used by many Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, Deloitte, and Pratt & Whitney to name a few, as well as the Pentagon to provide an accurate roadmap of the opportunities that are ahead. By providing an accurate roadmap for anyone who wishes to increase their personal career relevancy in a world of transformative change, you can make career and education decisions with confidence.

The 2020 CIO: Predictions and Insights


Similarly, sales bots when used to augment your sales process help users take more informed decisions. CIOs of the future will cease to make business decisions that are not informed on data or are based on insufficient data. Digitalization has been a game-changer for CIOs.

The Dwindling Shelf Life of Market Insights?—?And What To Do About It

New Market Advisors

Information can spread quickly, and people can learn about the next big thing in a matter of hours. I also offer a few recommendations for collecting more shelf-stable research and for finding scrappy ways to gather in-the-moment insights when you need information that is more current.

B2C 52

Creating Innovation Connections as the Customer Advocate


Now Amazon, is known not only as an online product retailer, but as an open marketplace where customers can find full information on products they might want to buy. But don’t rely only on them to create the future roadmap for your product or service.

The Only Three Swim Lanes That Matter to a Business

Legacy Innovation Group

This is the land of R&D Managers developing Technology Roadmaps and Product Managers developing Product Roadmaps to plan out the year-by-year evolution of their respective technology and product portfolios. The Only Three Swim Lanes That Matter to a Business.

Stop Building Products No One Wants: How to Experiment Your Way to Success

Moves the Needle

In order to be successful, product managers need to use whatever tools and tactics they have at their disposal to understand and engage with their target customers to gather information about what features to build and when. Put that together with difficulties in tracking pertinent details of each project while being hit with a steady flow of new information from leadership and other key stakeholders, it becomes clear how a product roadmap might become muddied and lose focus.

#1,530 – The Sketchbook Project

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

A free-flowing exchange of ideas and information. But more than providing a roadmap for where we’re going it’s also a way for us to see where we’ve been. Not all libraries contain literary works. Some contain works of art. Or at least the Brooklyn Art Library does.

Digital transformation – the need to transform our innovation approaches

Paul Hobcraft

Our transformation journey needs to embrace the cloud, mobile, data and networks and relies on higher levels of analytics to interpret and translate information, into insights, into ideas, into innovation that delivers on the ‘needs’ the customer wants solutions too.

2019 Annual Report: A Look Back and What’s Ahead


The first source of friction is largely informational , and the second source of friction is what I’ll refer to as the collateral or indirect costs of change. The major change we’ve made here is to establish for customers what we call “unlimited roadmaps.”

How the Kindling Team Uses Idea Management


We even have a Customer-Requested Features Category, where customers can contribute directly to our feature pipeline, commenting and voting on the features that are most relevant to them and gaining insight into our roadmap. For Account Management, this adds a lot of value: we can better understand which customers are healthy and engaged in the product, we can quicker feedback to customers and a closed feedback loop, and easily set expectations about the product roadmap.

Chief Digital Officer - To have or not to have


Digital transformation is real, today, and here to stay; there is no debate about that. However, organizations across industries vary significantly in the transformation process they adopt. Of the few common practices, the one that's highly debated is the position of a Chief Digital Officer.

Continuous Improvement: To employees and beyond!


Are you 100% sure that there isn’t currently a customer sat on hold waiting for support or someone unable to find information on your website? Every change starts with an idea. At its inception, most of these changes are (or may seem) quite small changes.

Digital transformation – the need to transform our innovation approaches

Paul Hobcraft

Our transformation journey needs to embrace the cloud, mobile, data and networks and relies on higher levels of analytics to interpret and translate information, into insights, into ideas, into innovation that delivers on the ‘needs’ the customer wants solutions too.