How machines learn (a great video explanation of deep learning)

Idea to Value

In today’s dose of inspiration, I wanted to give you an insight into one of the most innovative technologies of the past few years which has the potential to revolutionise entire industries: machine learning. The other is “deep learning” And this is where many of most innovative advanced in technology are happening right now, as it allows software to “learn” how to complete complex tasks which previously only humans could do.

Video 178

Video Games Should Be Used at Schools and Universities To Enhance Learning


The way a topic is presented to us affects our motivation to learn. How do we make learning interesting? Our interest, attention and motivation to learn piques when a topic is presented to in an interesting way. With that said, video games are a great medium to enhance learning because they engage people by immersing us and getting us to interact with a digital world. There are many ways to learn, video games can help connect some of the dots.

Video 122

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5 Videos for Learning about Design Sprints

Innovation Excellence

This article is a republished selection from’s recommended resources: Design Sprint Videos. It’s an important concept to learn for designers, product and service developers, and organizational innovators. These design sprint videos are resources I include with my training workshops. Design Innovation Design Sprints videos

Video 56

Boston Dynamics’ robots have learned how to dance :)

Idea to Value

While the following viral video may look like CGI, it is in fact real. Boston Dynamics has taught its Robots how to dance. Boston Dynamics, the company based in Waltham, Massachusetts , makes some of the most advanced bipedal and mobile robots in the world.

Assessing and Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Speaker: Magnus Penker, CEO & Founder, Innovation360 Group

Welcome to an interactive empowering session on how to sharpen your future through innovation management, which can help guide your company’s goals. During this webinar, Magnus Penker, international thought leader and author, will dive into how to assess and foster culture and capabilities for innovation.

VIDEO: How Emotions Are Made


In just over a year, I’ve learned many things about this exciting technology and how the field of affective computing, emotion recognition technology , is in the beginning stages. I’ve also learned a bit about emotions and why we feel how we feel and the different ways we show them. Just over a year ago I became CEO of Netek , where we developed emotion recognition technology through cameras and EEG.

Video 109

The Evolution of My Speaking Video

Stephen Shapiro

In a post last week, I shared with you my most recent demo video. In this post, I share my four primary demo videos from over the years. Although I’ve had other videos for specific purposes (e.g., a Personality Poker demo video), they aren’t included here. I’m sharing this to help other speakers evaluate their own demo videos. 2009: Unedited Video: TEDxNASA (6 minutes). The video proved to be very effective.

Video 54

Gaming for Good: Everything You Need To Know About Video Games Charities


In a world that seems dominated by violence and cold-hearted people, you may be surprised to learn that people still care about their fellow human. There are already games designed to raise awareness on the difficulties refugees must overcome and VR videos where we can experience what it would be like to live without clean drinking water and more. Innovation charity gaming video games

Video 116

#1,723 – Self-Care Video Games

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The running narrative has always been that video games are bad for us. And while there may be some truth to that there’s more to the story as video games can also be educational – valuable puzzle solving endeavors that teach people perseverance and improve their hand/eye coordination along the way. But soon video games will do even more than that. And what if this something were designed to make doing good things for yourself as addictive as a video game?

Video 29

6 Ideas to Imagine Social-First Video Content for Brand Videos


The client’s organization is taking time today to imagine ideas for a brand video that looks at the customer experience they deliver from the audience’s perspective. 6 Ideas to Imagine Social-First Video Content for a Brand Video. ” In the third section, there’s a video from Lincoln Electric focusing on the impact of its welding equipment instead of the welding equipment itself. A client reached out yesterday with a “quick cry for help!”.

Video 52

Producing Great Video Content

The Human Factor

We all know that written content should be well researched, have numerous supporting links, and of course always be original – but what about video content? In the last few years, video content has become more and more popular. But making your video content exciting and shareable? Watching professionals delivery videos makes it seem like something that anyone can replicate, and while it is true anyone can produce video content, not everyone can produce quality.

Video 28

Video of the Week: Amplify your ELLs’ voices with digital storytelling

eSchool News

note : Video of the Week picks are supplied by the editors of Common Sense Education , which helps educators find the best ed-tech tools, learn best practices for teaching with tech, and equip students with the skills they need to use technology safely and responsibly. Click here to watch the video at Common Sense Education. Video: Curriculum Featured Video of the Week Video of the Week

Video 59

Creative Thinking – Music Videos with Stories


But for THIS day, here are several music videos (with stories) from Facebook friends I was quick to save when they showed up in my feed. That’s why these music videos are the centerpiece of today’s creative thinking post. This video comes via Michael Gelphman, the visionary behind the big-time Compute Midwest conference. I’m pretty sure my buddy Alex Greenwood originally shared this video of Lyle Lovett and his fiddle player doing an NPR concert.

Learning How Our Brain Learns, Unlearns and Learns Again

Rmukesh Gupta

I stumbled upon this amazing video which I think clearly articulates how our brain works, with respect to learning new skills. Before I share what I learnt from the video, I will strongly recommend that you watch the video first. What I learnt from watching the video: Our brains are lazy in a way. We need to learn something else that can replace the old learning. It takes even more effort than learning something to start with.

Video Jungle Podcast

Michael Roberto

Learn about my secret to great eggplant parmigiana, my teaching philosophy, and a bit about my research on creativity too in this episode of the Video Jungle Podcast from Animus Studios. Animus Studios Unlocking Creativity Video Jungle PodcastI enjoyed the banter with former student (Bryant alum) Justin Andrews and his colleagues. Click here to listen.

Video 20

Comment on Magic and Creativity Video by sshapiro

Stephen Shapiro

That was one aspect of the video I really liked. Learning a trick in a book doesn’t mean you own it. I also believe that when you learn something from an area that is not your expertise, you need to process it differently. Thanks Allison! Your point on theory vs. owning the knowledge is so important. When you create something, you own it viscerally. You need to understand the “deep structure” in order to internalize it.

Video 78

How we helped Sportsbet employees learn Lean Startup


Check out the video to hear how it went when we taught one of Australia's largest bookmakers how to use the lean startup methodology

Video 52

What does FAIL stand for?

Destination Innovation

First Action in Learning. We all know that we have to fail more often if we are going to try new things, learn new skills, and conquer new challenges. Failing may hurt but it is part of the process and a key requirement for learning. One of my favourite comments is this very short video from the inspirational Michael Jordan. Videos fail failure first action learning michael jordanWhat does FAIL stand for?

Video 172

10 Strategies: How to Learn Advanced Concepts Fast


In this environment, people and companies that survive and thrive are those who know how to learn ; fast. Notice I said “who know how to learn”, this is key because you can’t adjust course based on your own point of view if you don’t. Simply learning isn’t enough, because learning time doesn’t just happen in the classroom or in training; it happens all the time in every moment of your day. How do you learn how to learn?

Innovation requires learning, relearning and unlearning

Jeffrey Phillips

While people are attending the "mandatory" training to learn material of vague importance to their day to day jobs, their inboxes are filling up, cat videos are going unwatched. Learning The fact of the matter is that most of us have spent the last 20 to 30 years learning to be efficient, to succeed at our first attempt. You can learn the tools to innovate, and the more you practice these tools and methods the more creative and capable you'll become.

“Which Experiment Should We Run?” – 8 minute video

Grasshopper Herder

Figuring out which experiment or research we should run starts by laying out our assumptions and learning priorities. The Unofficial Startup Real Book helps us organize our assumptions and learning priorities by asking two key questions: Which type of information are we gathering: Generative or Evaluative? What are we learning about: Market (aka, Customer) or Product?

Video 70

What We Can Learn About Innovation From Crows

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Innovation animals Biology crows environment evolution Intelligence society videosCrows are everywhere. There is no denying it. What is fascinating is that unlike many animal species, crows live in harmony with humans (along with rats and cockroaches), and in fact choose to live with humans instead of away from them, continuing to evolve in order to thrive in areas where humans dominate the landscape.

What We Mean When We Say “Machine Learning”


So in this article we will address a new emerging theme: machine learning and try to answer the question “ who learns faster, a machine or an human?” ” What we mean when we say “learning” “Learning” is defined as changing the system´s state to produce an output based on objective functional goals. People can get stuck in the process of learning. How does a machine learn? But are they actually learning?

What I Learned by Leaving Toyota


We invite you to watch the video as well. Our 2019 KaiNexicon event in Austin was a tremendous success, thanks to all of our fabulous participants and speakers. Lots of valuable information was shared, and long-term connections formed. The event kicked off with a Keynote from Jess Orr of WestRock Company. This post is a recap of her presentation. Jess Orr is a continuous improvement manager with over 12 years of experience working in a variety of industries.

5G Is Far Bigger Than Faster Smartphones

Daniel Burrus

It’s important to understand that we will all benefit from 5G with faster downloads, enhanced video streaming and video conferencing, as well as new virtual experiences. . The world has never experienced as much uncertainty as it has today.

Internal Branding Strategy – 1 Way to Stop Horrible Executive Videos


Internal executive videos are funny things. More frequently, internal executive videos are boring things. A friend working at a university sends me links occasionally for internal videos featuring a university leader trying for a “rah-rah, pick them up, congratulate and challenge them, but leave them feeling good about themselves” videos. As I told my friend, it’s as if these videos are employee morale snuff films.

Video 45

Podcast S3E29: Roger Firestien – Learning from the man who taught the creative process to the most people in the world

Idea to Value

I recommend you go check out, because he has also included several free high quality videos to show you the techniques of CPS. Free videos for the book: [link]. In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Prof. Roger L Firestien, who is a senior faculty member for the Centre for Applied Imagination, University of SUNY, Buffalo.

How To Learn Quickly

Mike Shipulski

When the work is new, it all comes down to learning. And with learning it all comes down to three questions: What do you want to learn? What actions will take to learn what you want to learn? How will you decide if you learned what you wanted to learn? There are many definitions of learning. To me, when your beliefs change, that’s learning. If your hunch moves to a validated idea, that’s learning. that’s learning.

Answers to COVID-19 Quiz: Test Your Knowledge and Learn More


If you missed our COVID-19 quiz webinar, you can find a full recap of all the questions, answers, and an explanation from Dr. Gregory Jacobson, after the video Thank you to everyone that participated in our COVID-19 Quiz!

Video 45

How to enable Disruptive Innovation in an enterprise? [video included]


We created a short video for you on this topic. Subscribe to our channel as more videos are about to come every 1–2 weeks: [link] Besides the stage-gate process that is perfect for supporting continuous improvement in a company, we need to adopt more agile techniques that builds on small sprints of design thinking, creativity enhancing techniques and lean startup methods adopted for the company’s innovation culture. Disruptive Innovation is not a linear process.

Video 40

Testing New Business Ideas: Learnings from OWLET [Part 1]

Strategyzer Innovation

We often use the OWLET team video from the International Business Model Competition in 2013 to illustrate how to de-risk new ideas, cheaply and quickly. What can we learn from Owlet on testing new business ideas? At Strategyzer we often use the Owlet video (a pitch that led the Owlet team to win the International Business Model Competition in 2013) when we train business teams on how to execute innovation sprints.

Video 58

Video as Community Builder

Boxes and Arrows

" It's interesting how the video itself is so representative of online community as a whole. This might be because the video was created in response to a call for collaborative videos that was put out on YouTube, which seems to skew younger anyway. The organizer, Blade376 , invited people to send in their video responses to his question. He ended up weeding through and editing over 400 videos to come up with the final cut.

Video 40

5 Valuable Innovation Lessons Companies can Learn from Google


But Google has learned from these failures: Google Glass doesn’t make a great consumer product, for example, but for industrial applications it’s perfect. YouTube is designed to make video universally accessible, although maybe Google’s mission should be to clean out those comment sections. What can we learn from Google? The post 5 Valuable Innovation Lessons Companies can Learn from Google appeared first on IdeaScale.

Lessons Learned About Innovation Communications from the City of Calgary


This included nine different channels which included in-person events, meetings, blog posts, newsletters, social media, print media, video, website advertising, on top of the tried and true email. To learn more about the City of Calgary and their myCityInnovation program, download their case study. . The post Lessons Learned About Innovation Communications from the City of Calgary appeared first on IdeaScale.

Future of Work: Rewriting Learning Rules for the Digital Age

Rmukesh Gupta

You can have a look at the short video below to find out about all the 10 trends that they have identified. Learning: One of the most important trend that I see playing out in the market that is critical and that affects all of us is the trend around learning. They talk about the fact that learning is ongoing and realtime. Organisations: Will organisations want to aid the employees in their learning and development (rhetorical question but needs to be answered)?

Innovation is Always an Opportunity for Learning


You can learn a lot about the meaningful trends in your field of practice (and about your crowd) by reviewing the information in your innovation system. Registrants will receive a link to the webinar video recording and attendees will be able to participate in a live Q&A. The post Innovation is Always an Opportunity for Learning appeared first on IdeaScale. IdeaScale Webinar city of calgary insights learning opportunities webinar

Marketers Must Learn to Anticipate Content Trends

Daniel Burrus

In no time, videos were streaming on iTunes. Learn to be anticipatory—start with my book, The Anticipatory Organization, available on The post Marketers Must Learn to Anticipate Content Trends appeared first on Daniel Burrus. Do you remember when MTV was the best way to get in front of the teen and young adult audience? Once mobile technology became popular, it didn’t take long for that age group to be on the move.

7 Lessons in Leadership, Diversity And a Culture of Learning from an Animated Short Film

Rmukesh Gupta

I stumbled upon a short animated video which did such a great job of showcasing the kind of leadership and a learning culture that will be needed to succeed in a workplace – which operates in a volatile business environment, has a multi-generational workforce and wants to thrive by moving forward. Before we can continue, pls take the two or so minutes to watch the video below. In this video: The younger one represents the younger employees in your organisation.

Video 50

How Gamification Can Alter Our Behavior

Daniel Burrus

During this unique period of technology-driven transformation, the education sector has so far been slow to embrace the power of digital tools that can be used to accelerate learning. This is forcing a dramatic rethink of how we can help people of all ages learn, comprehend and retain the knowledge they need to take their lives and careers to the next level. I often hear people even likening their work experiences to that of a video game.

All Work and No Play May Not Help Your Bottom Line

Daniel Burrus

It is no secret that children are attracted to video games like moths to light. Believe it or not, they are likely learning while playing their favorite game, and furthermore, we as adults can learn a lot about these intuitive young individuals based on what they play.

3 Lessons Learned from Open Nation 2017


They came to discuss how crowdsourcing ideas is changing their organizations and to learn best practices from each other. Later, they ran an IdeaScale campaign to capture the lessons Coast Guardsmen learned in the response. Because they shared lessons learned in a transparent, online fashion, they were able to cut through military bureaucracy and put their ideas for improving disaster response directly in front of Admirals.

Covid-19: Strategy as a Learning System


Strategy as a Learning System. This is “Strategy as a Learning System,” for as change never stops, learning never stops. A fantastic way to find the answer to question 4 is the engage in an ecosystem-wide learning process.

VIDEO: Nine Steps to Creating a Culture of Innovation

Idea Champions

Big thanks to Jon Peters, of Athena Online (the Micro-Learning Gods) for getting the word out about my culture of innovation work. Click here to watch the video. And here's Idea Champions' Micro-Learning offering to help you raise the bar for innovation. Simple. Self-paced. Cost-effective. Interested?