Transport Challenge: Deutsche Bahn and Data Pitch ask startups to change the future of transport

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Transportation and Logistics Startups Attracting Corporate Investment


It shouldn't come as a surprise that overall funding for transportation-focused startups doubled in just one year—from $7 billion in 2014 to $14 billion in 2015—according to Volvo Group's venture capital arm. Below are some transportation and logistics startups that have received substantial corporate backing: Finance Accelerators Venture Capital Logistics CVC

Mobility and Transportation Disruption: Manufacturing On-Demand


When thinking about the future of mobility, manufacturing isn't an industry that immediately jumps to mind for most people. Trends Logistics Mobility

Poking the Box for Innovation

Braden Kelley

Of course a million and one innovation and creativity consultants will endlessly … Continue reading → Innovation Strategy Technology Design future ground transportation Public Transportation transportation videos

Is Free Public Transportation the Answer for Germany to Meet Pollution Norms of EU?

Rmukesh Gupta

Premise: DW Akademie recently reported that Germany would like to experiment with making public transportation free in 5 of its cities to explore if this can help it meet the pollution norms of European Union. In an ideal world, they might even be willing to take public transportation instead of taking their cars out. So, why are more people not taking public transportation? Is taking public transport faster? Is taking public transport convenient?

Monetizing Personalized Transportation Experiences by Exploiting Big Data

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ACE vehicles combined with Mobility Services such as ridesharing, car sharing and multimodal transportation options will give rise to a new personal mobility model that combines car ownership with car access. The emerging car ownership/car access hybrid model for personal mobility will negatively impact the automotive industry’s established business models , as well as the models of other industries that are part of the transportation ecosystem.

Monetizing Personalized Transportation Experiences by Exploiting Big Data

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ACE vehicles combined with Mobility Services such as ridesharing, car sharing and multimodal transportation options will give rise to a new personal mobility model that combines car ownership with car access. The emerging car ownership/car access hybrid model for personal mobility will negatively impact the automotive industry’s established business models , as well as the models of other industries that are part of the transportation ecosystem.

Poke the Box and Innovation Comes Out

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Solving Wicked Problems

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Premise: DW Akademie recently reported that Germany would like to experiment with making public transportation free in 5 of its cities to explore if this can help it meet the pollution norms of European Union. Innovation Free public transportation Germany problem solving wicked problems

Easing Traffic Congestion with Open Innovation


Cairo Transport App Challenge – a search for traffic solutions that use new communications technologies. Ford Motor Company’s Innovate Mobility Challenge – looked for solutions to transport challenges faced by different regions.

Automakers Scramble to Respond to the Threat of Self-Driving Cars


Working With Startups Open Innovation Accelerators Corporate-Startup Partnerships Mobility TransportationAt times, this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) looked more like the Detroit Auto Show than an annual consumer electronics outing in Las Vegas.

Harley Davidson Has Far Worse Problems Than President Trump or EU Tariffs

Adam Hartung

In the Swamp Innovation Investing Manufacturing Transportation Trends BMW Harley harley-davidson indian kawasaki motorcycles polaris suzuki victory motorcycles yamahaHarley Davidson's response to avoid EU tariffs is to build a plant in Europe- where competition is tougher than in the US. Seems a bit too late for this aging brand that's been bailed out, lost market share for years and is facing changing demand.

7 Days Sans Voiture for Innovation

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Innovation Better Government Diversity Government public transportationOne of the activities I undertake to force my brain to step outside of any regular patterns is to listen to an internet stream of an all-news French radio station, known as FranceInfo.

Is Digital Technology Really Making Us Any Better Off?

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4 Industries Poised to Benefit from AI

Daniel Burrus

Transportation. AI Alexa Amazon Anticipatory Organization Artificial Intelligence Dan Burrus Daniel Burrus Education Hard Trend Healthcare Legal TransportationFor many of us, our experience with artificial intelligence (AI) may be, for lack of a better way to put it, “helpfully cool.”

MyQ will change the way you travel forever

Rapid Innovation in digital time

Continue reading → Digital & Media Innovation Ishiaku Gwamna Lagos mobile app MyQ Nigeria Queuing SeedStarsWorld Start-up TransportationThe winner of Seedstars World 'start-up competition' in Lagos is MyQ, a queue management application, which organizes and manages vehicle queuing. Ishiaku Gwamna, CEO of Softronix, the company which designed MyQ, kindly lets us discover MyQ more in-depth.

The Challenges Facing Our Future Mobility


The future of mobility looks bright, but it's not just technological challenges that have to be overcome before driverless cars, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and Hyperloop transport are common. Each of these transport revolutions comes with its own set of ethical issues, legal and liability problems, and the unique challenge of public, government, and business appetite for these changes.

Could this crazy new Elevated Bus solve China’s crippling traffic?

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A few months ago in May 2016, I saw some internet articles about a new public transport design from China: a “Transit Elevated Bus” (TEB) system which would drive above cars and be a frankenstein mix between a […]. This is an incredible example of how quickly innovations can be turned from ideas into real-world experiments.

The Story Behind Smart Roadways May Surprise You

Phil McKinney

Cities grow in size building the need for smart transportation. Need is the best driver of amazing innovations. The planet’s environment struggles with its resource limits. The need to be sustainable grows.

What is Tesla? It’s Not A Car Company…


Ask anybody what Tesla is and they’ll tell you it’s a transportation company, a car company, a software company or a technology company. Want to know what it’s going to be like to transport everything while minimizing the effects on the environment?

How Technology is Shaping Marketing in the Next Decade

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If you took a reasonably competent marketer from 2007 and transported her to today, much of what she knew about her job would be irrelevant. Ten years ago, social media was in its infancy. Nobody even heard of mobile marketing, content marketing or big data.

Welcome to the Future of Drones: An Insider's Look


For corporate innovation teams in mobility, transportation, IoT (and more), drone tech is a major area of opportunity. The FAA predicts that as early as 2017, 2.5 million drones will be used in the United States alone, and drone sales will exceed $5 billion. By 2025, the drone market will create an $82 billion economic impact and account for 100,000 jobs in the U.S. Insider Corporate Innovation Trends Drones

Big Automakers Look to Startups to Ignite Innovation


Ford's foray into ride-sharing via its purchase of the Chariot shuttle service in the beginning of September marks one of the latest moves of big automakers seeking innovation through partnerships with transportation startups. Other major global automakers, including BMW, Volvo, Toyota, and GM have made several acquisitions and dozens of investments in startups over the past five years, and CB Insights says private auto tech companies are likely to break deal and funding records this year.

A Revolutionary Idea – Thinking Inside the Box

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Multiple handling and delays made transport costly, time consuming and unreliable. In 1766 in England James Brindley designed a box boat with wooden containers to transport coal by canal to Manchester. McLean in 1957.

NYC Buses prove innovation must start with the customer

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When asked about what was most important to them, people using the buses in New York City just gave the public transport department a big surprise. You know, all of the things which directly impact the primary purpose of the service the customers actually use, which is transportation from point A to point B. “We’re

Fresh Air From Students' Open Eyes at ExxonMobil


Antigravity and Hovering Technology for Transportation. I had the pleasure of organizing a special future oriented ideation session for ExxonMobil with students of the Foresight program of the University of Houston College of Technology.

The Future Of Robots

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The job it performed, transporting die-castings and welding them onto car bodies was not only onerous, but dangerous to human workers, who faced both the risk of injury and being exposed to toxic fumes.

Solving myki's Problems using Human-Centred Design | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

Myki, Victoria’s now three-year old public transport ticketing system has been the subject of public abuse and endless scrutiny since its roll out in 2013. This brings us to the question of human-centered design, or lack thereof, as it applies to Myki’s design and development

Monetizing Big Data in Next-Generation Mobility

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In my book and previous posts I build a broad case for the importance of big data and AI in next-generation mobility , and provide several examples of data that is being collected, or can be collected, in a variety of transportation and logistics situations.

Lessons learned from RocketSpace's Corporate Membership Summit in September


With two days of workshops on topics like practical innovation and presentations from entrepreneurial leaders such as Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation, the event gave attendees a practical toolkit to bring their ventures to market faster.

High-Profile Deals Show Corporate Fervor for Tech Startups


JetBlue's venture investment in airport ground-transport booking firm Mozio in July is one in a recent series of high-profile deals that demonstrate the eagerness of big businesses to partner with tech startups that can provide expertise, new capabilities, and innovative leadership. “We

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The Living Labs Driving Open Innovation in the Public Sector


Communities around the world are gathering together to solve a wide range of challenges – health, transport, access to technology, energy, food, and more. Open innovation is becoming well established as an important business model. But can it be used in public services, creating opportunities for citizens to participate in generating solutions for their communities? We think it has a lot of promise – and we’re not alone.

Comment on To Fee or Not To Fee…That is the Question by Chris Price

Stephen Shapiro

As Uber makes transportation more accessible, so do other technologies make our content more accessible. Great points Stephen and good analogy with Uber. Like a taxi company that once had a monopoly, we no longer can sit on our laurels and expect customers to bend over backwards for us. We have to come to where they are. That’s hard work and many would rather moan, complain, and wish for the old world. Thanks for sharing your perspective

Evolution of Hyperloop: Propelling innovation the Elon Musk way


Elon Musk revealed his vision for the new transport system at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia. In 2013, Elon Musk pulled a famous all-nighter to publish a whitepaper on a revolutionary transportation system called Hyperloop.

10 Industries The Internet of Things Will Change Forever


Transportation. The complexities associated with transportation – particularly in densely populated urban environments – are many, though studies show, increasingly, that the IoT has a part to play in making transport safer and more efficient.

What Dubai gets right about innovation

RTI Innovation Advisors

Starting from a very humble base, Dubai has moved quickly to develop its air transportation (Emirates), its port, tourism, health care and other economic factors. Good examples of experiments and concepts are drones for personal transportation, a potential hyperloop and massive solar investments. It sits near a significant amount of oil, much of which is transported through the Gulf, right by its front door.

If the Door is Shut, Open it. If the Door is Open, Shut it.

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It was originally created for the French and then the British armies and enabled them to store, transport and use fruits, meats and vegetables long after they would otherwise have rotted. •

Trend-driven Innovation for Product Managers

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It made transportation more convenient and also made earning money easier for drivers. Smart product managers study trends and innovate accordingly. This is trend-driven innovation. Uber’s success is an excellent example of trend-driven innovation.

Can you innovate with the under-utilized assets in your business?

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Brandy was originally a by-product used to help transport wine. In the middle ages in France duties were levied on the volume of wine being transported. Sometimes the by-product, the surplus or the unwanted extra can become the unexpected success. All it takes is a little imagination.

The Raid on Entebbe – A Tale of Two Leaders

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And the Ugandan Military had surface to air missiles and MIG fighters which could easily shoot down the lumbering Hercules transport planes. The commandos also destroyed 30 Soviet-built MiG fighters of the Ugandan Air Force so that they could not be used to pursue the transport planes.

Internet of Things will make you live longer!

Board of Innovation

The healthcare industry, just like the manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and many other industries, has not been spared by the IOT revolution.

Why Corporate Accelerators Fail — and What to Do About It [Part I]


This capability is especially important in industries like aeronautics, food and agriculture, telecommunications, and transportation that are otherwise resistant to change.

Innovation Sighting: Attribute Dependency in Swiss Trains

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Taking over 14 years to build, and climbing at 110% gradient, the Stoos Bahn provides another transportation option for children traveling to school in mountainous Switzerland. And, tourists traveling to car-free Stoos now have another transportation option.