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Driving Change is Not Enough

Innovation Excellence

You Also Have To Survive Victory GUEST POST from Greg Satell In early 2004, Viacom announced it would spin off Blockbuster Video, leaving CEO John Antioco master of his own fate. He moved quickly to meet the threat posed by Netflix head on, launching Blockbuster Online in 2004 and, after successfully testing the concept in […]

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4 Things That I Learned About Change From The Orange Revolution

Digital Tonto

The Orange Revolution in 2004 changed that. So why worry or complain about things that you couldn’t do anything about anyway? It seemed better to focus on things close to you; your family, your work, your friends. It turned out that there was a limit to what people could accept.

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Research: Can a More Detailed LinkedIn Profile Boost Your Salary?

Harvard Business Review

To measure the effects of digital presence on compensation, they analyzed a sample of 1,741 executives who changed jobs between 2004 and 2011. In this article, the authors explain how the intentional management of our online personas can have a positive and measurable connection to pay.

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Ten Modern Examples of Bad Assumptions

Destination Innovation

In 2004 Blockbuster employed 84,000 people worldwide and operated 9,000 stores. He was given a 150-year prison sentence in 2009. Blockbuster Video’s Decline: The video rental giant assumed that physical rental stores would remain popular. It failed to adapt to the digital streaming revolution, leading to bankruptcy in 2010. 2016 U.S.

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Can creativity training really improve your creativity?

Idea to Value

Here are some of the noteworthy results: A 1978 study showed that creativity training can be highly successful A 1984 meta-analysis of 46 studies showed that around 22% of variance in creative performance could be attributed to creativity training A 2004 meta-analysis of 70 previous studies showed that creativity training was effective in improving (..)

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Self-Righteousness Isn’t A Strategy

Digital Tonto

I first noticed this in the aftermath of the Ukraine’s Orange Revolution in 2004. So we feel the urge to lash out and silence opposition. That almost guarantees a failure to survive victory. Having overcome a falsified election, we were so triumphant that we failed to see the gathering storm.

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2024: A Pivotal Year

Digital Tonto

The next year, Viktor Yanukovych, the corrupt thug whose attempt to steal a presidential election sparked the Orange Revolution in 2004, was voted into power in a legitimate election. I remember walking past the kiosks that traded currency everyday, tracking Ukraine’s Hryvnia fall heralding an even more uncertain future.