It’s Not Enough to Drive Change, You Also Have to Survive Victory

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In early 2004, Viacom announced it would spin off Blockbuster Video, leaving CEO John Antioco master of his own fate. He moved quickly to meet the threat posed by Netflix head on, launching Blockbuster Online in 2004 and, after successfully testing the concept in a few markets, ending late fees in early 2005.

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How One Organization Created A Movement That Transformed Healthcare

Innovation Excellence

By 2004, Don Berwick realized he had reached a crossroads. His organization, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) had been working since the late 80s to promote the quality methods that had transformed manufacturing to do the same for medicine. He had made some headway, but felt that progress had been too slow. Things changed. Innovation


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4 Things Leaders Can Learn About Transformation from Social and Political Movements

Innovation Excellence

In 2004, I was managing a major news organization during the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. One of the things I noticed was that thousands of people, who would normally be doing thousands of different things, would stop what they were doing and start doing the same things all at once, in nearly complete unison, with. Change Innovation business transformation

Dr. A **e

Innovation Excellence

In 2004, Stanford Professor Robert Sutton published “More Trouble Than They’re Worth” in the Harvard Business Review. His subsequent book, The No A **e Rule, expanded on the theme and described how toxic the syndrome can be and whether you are one or not. Are you one? Here is a test to find out and the accompanying survival guide for a s. Innovation

Lateral Thinking in the Fight Against Crime. The Northern Bank Robbery Story.

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On the night of Sunday 19 December 2004, two groups of armed men, masquerading as police officers, arrived at the homes of Christopher Ward and Kevin McMullan in Belfast. Both men were officials of the Northern Bank, one of the largest banks in Northern Ireland. Their families were taken hostage and the men were told to go into work as normal the next day. Ward and McMullan followed instructions and gave the robbers entry to bank the next evening.

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65% of Venture Capital-backed deals fail to return investment, and only 4% make substantial returns

Idea to Value

The chart above shows the financial outcomes for 21,640 different financing deals between 2004 and 2013 (note that these were the total number of deals, not individual companies). Everyone knows that investing in innovative new ideas carries a degree of risk. However, new data from Correlation Ventures shows just how risky investing in new companies can be.

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Innovation adoption in the technology lifecycle for Energy Translation

Paul Hobcraft

Everett Rogers (March 6, 1931 – October 21, 2004) was an eminent American communication theorist and sociologist, who originated the diffusion of innovations theory and introduced the term early adopter and the model for this we have become very familiar with. Building the systems enabling framework. Source: World Economic Forum. Technological innovation has a central role to play in the Energy Transition currently being undertaken throughout the world.

The Geek who Changed the World

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In 2004, Berners-Lee was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his pioneering work. Tim Berners Lee. Sir Tim Berners Lee is known as the inventor of the World Wide Web. He created its three fundamental components: the formatting language HTML, the address system URL, and the HTTP system for linking sites. He was born in 1955 and grew up in London. As a schoolboy he was an avid trainspotter. He learnt about electronics from tinkering with a model railway.

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Organizational Design: Clearing the Runway for Collaboration and Breakthrough Thinking

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This involved replacing people with machines to do the same work, but such systems are inflexible and not able to adapt to new challenges unless a person steps in to make changes (Ake et al, 2004; pg 27). Ake et al, 2004; pg 266). 2004). Most industries in today’s world run on a balance of sophisticated computer systems and skilled people to use them.

The Best Tools For Low Risk Innovation


For a company which was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2004, the toy maker has made an amazing turnaround. When LEGO restructured and returned to their core business to climb out of a $300 million loss in 2004, they realized innovation as usual was not an option. LEGO has earned the right to celebrate. Not only are kids playing with more mini LEGO people than there are human beings on the planet but in 2015, they were nominated by Forbes as the most powerful brand in the world.

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The power of [very] small entrepreneurial teams

Bennett Cherry

In fact, the race for space has a variety of prizes for those first to:suborbital flight -- $10 million Ansari X Prize awarded in 2004 to Mojave Aerospace Ventures for their flight of Space Ship One.similated lunar landing -- $2 million NASA/Northrop Grumman challenge ongoing, but likely that it will occur this weekend (Oct 27-28, 2007). In case you haven't heard.there's a new race for space.

71 Innovation Methodologies

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Focus stage: Growth Published: 2004 more…. Focus stage: Early-stage Published: 2004 more…. A while ago I sat down with Machiel Wetselaar & David van Dinther to create a list of innovation methodologies for a course we’re developing. Up to now we’ve gathered 71 different methodologies for implementing innovation in your organization. We are still looking for ways to categorize them, but for now we’ve based our categorization on the maturity of the organization.

Average company lifespan has shrunk to 10 years – Don’t be average!

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The Danish home of build-it-yourself toys teetered on the brink of bankruptcy several times, especially in 2004, before they found a way to reinvent themselves and survive the onslaught of video game culture. Business Rescue: Part I. Everything is an S-Curve. Even you and even your company. Everything that grows and develops over time (Including businesses) follows a predictable pattern: The classic S-Curve model.

When Information Design is a Matter of Life or Death

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2004). Directive 2004/27/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March 2004 amending Directive 2001/83/EC on the Community code relating to medicinal products for human use. uri=OJ:L:2004:136:0034:0057:EN:PDF. In 2008, Lloyds Pharmacy conducted 20 minute interviews 1 with 1,961 UK adults.

What is a Minimum Viable Product and what is its Purpose?

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In 2004 Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskowitz and Chris Hughes raised $500,000 in venture capital for their fledgling company Facebook. There is much talk in the innovation community about the need to produce a minimum viable product (MVP) and bring it quickly to market. But what exactly constitutes a MVP and what is its purpose?

Venture Capital in Scandinavia

Innovation 360

It is part of Angel Investment Network Ltd, a London-based company that was founded in 2004 having 30 networks all over the world. Just got introduced new interesting site, An online matching service for angel investors seeking investment opportunities and entrepreneurs seeking capital. It is an amazing source of knowledge if you are interested in venture and entrepreneur trends.

PayPal, Facebook, Shell Oil and Nokia: Antibodies, Part 5 of 6

Innovation 360 Group

What you might forget is that for the next two years, 2004 – 2006, it was impossible to join unless you had an Ivy League email address. Here is the success story of a company that had to go through many revisions before it discovered its own DNA is the digital payment service platform PayPal. This early leader in financial technology launched in 1998 as Field Link, a company that developed encryption software for palm pilots.

Innovate or Die: Open Innovation and 4 Key Measures to Stay Alive

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in 2004 to 8.3% This is a fascinating time to be alive. Technology is rewriting the rules of humanity. Everything is changing, how we interact, the way we do business and even the way we spend our free time. This constant and rapid state of change is creating new and big challenges… but even bigger opportunities. Companies commonly used to assume the best route to innovation was to control processes by keeping all data and knowledge internally and hiring the best employees.

What do Blue Lobsters Have to do With Innovation? Everything!

Mills Scofield

Blue Lobster at the South Bristol Coop , 2004. What’s with blue lobsters? Well, a blue lobster is rare, about 1 in 2 million , and very beautiful. To me, a blue lobster is a person who views and organizes the world differently, who rejects the status quo, who loves to try stuff, learn, fail and try again, who is interesting because they are interested and who has impact. When you get enough of them together, you create a blue lobster organization – one that creates positive disruption.

#1,302 – Facebook Dating

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

As The Verge puts it, “The features are a long time coming for the 14-year-old social network, which has allowed users to broadcast whether they’re single or in a relationship since it first went live in February 2004. With Facebook’s annual developer’s conference under way I was wondering what the big news of the day was going to be. Last year it was VR related news, with Facebook announcing Spaces, a way for people’s digital avatars to hang out together in the same place.

Elon Musk – Serial Entrepreneur and founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX

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In 2004 Musk had helped fund the start-up Tesla Motors in order to produce mass market electric cars. Elon Musk was born in South Africa in 1971. He got his first computer at the age of 8 and started to program. At 17 he went to University in Canada and subsequently settled in the USA where he founded a company, Zip2, which provided online travel guides. Zip2 was an early internet success and in 1999 he sold it to Compaq Computer Corporation for $330m.

Crowdsourcing Case Study: Polaris Industries

Planview Spigit

When the program started back in 2004, the goal was to bring employees from all over the company together to present game-changing ideas, solve business challenges, and introduce exciting new offerings to market. Polaris Industries’ crowdsourcing case study is inspiring people both internally and externally—and their story is still relevant today.

The 5 Ways Chairman Lampert Destroyed Sears’ Value

Adam Hartung

The brand is now so tarnished that Sears Holdings is writing down the value of the Sears name by another $200million – reducing intangible value from the $4B at origination in 2004 to under $2B. When Chairman Ed Lampert fashioned the deal that had formerly bankrupt Kmart buying Sears in November, 2004 the company was valued at $11billion and 3,500 stores. In 2004 Sears had a LOT of assets. Additionally, Sears had great brands in 2004.

Top 9 Actionable Employee Engagement Ideas and Activities


For example, founders of Google – Larry Page and Sergey Brin wrote in their 2004 IPO letter that “We encourage our employees, in addition to their regular projects, to spend 20% of their time working on what they think will most benefit Google”. In today’s competitive business world employee engagement is an essential element in creating a positive work culture and a productive workforce. Organizations with engaged employees perform better than those without by whopping 202%.

Typology for Innovative Organizations

Open Innovation EU

structured ambidexterity; O’Reilly & Tushman, 2008; i.e. contextual ambidexterity; Birkinshaw & Gibson, 2004). 2015, Christensen, 2011, Birkinshaw & Gibson, 2004, Kelley, 2005). 2004). Typology for Organizations: an update. It has been a while since Henry Mintzberg developed his influential work that made us aware of the importance of structures in organization design.

Venture Capital in Scandinavia

Innovation 360

It is part of Angel Investment Network Ltd, a London-based company that was founded in 2004 having 30 networks all over the world. Just got introduced new interesting site, An online matching service for angel investors seeking investment opportunities and entrepreneurs seeking capital. It is an amazing source of knowledge if you are interested in venture and entrepreneur trends.

Open innovation in Anaheim

Open Innovation

Since the very first open innovation session at the 2004 AOM, I’ve tried to attend the OI sessions — but nowadays it’s a lot more complex than it used to be. Friday marks the beginning of #AOM2016, the last appearance of the Academy of Management conference for a decade or more.

Why Business Strategy Shouldn’t Be “Scientific”

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In 2004, I was leading a major news organization during the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. When the physicist Richard Feynman took the podium to give the commencement speech at CalTech in 1974, he told the strange story of cargo cults. In certain islands in the South Pacific, he explained, tribal societies had seen troops build airfields during World War and were impressed with the valuable cargo that arrived at the bases.

Organizing for Simultaneous Innovation Capability – key findings from +1,000 companies, republished from Drucker Forum 2016

Innovation 360 Group

Another source on the theme, O’Reilly III and Tushman (2004) , talks about being able working ambidextrously with incremental and radical innovation at the same time. A fter collecting and studying innovation data from over 1,000 companies in 62 countries, I’m often asked whether Small and Midsize Enterprises (SME) are more innovative and entrepreneurial than larger corporations.

Integrating UX into the Product Backlog

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Pearson Education, 2004. [2] 20, 2004: [link]. [3] Addison-Wesley Professional, 2004. [5] Teams moving to agile often struggle to integrate agile with best practices in user-centered design (UCD) and user experience (UX) in general. Fortunately, using a UX Integration Matrix helps integrate UX and agile by including UX information and requirements right in the product backlog.

Please Consider Supporting My Run For the Troops

Michael Roberto

Since its inception in 2004, nearly 90 cents of every dollar donated to Homes for Our Troops has gone directly to their program services for veterans. During my sabbatical year from Bryant, I'm training to run the Minneapolis Marathon on October 1st. I'm running to support Homes for our Troops (HFOT). This organization builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured Post-9/11 veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives.

What’s Really Happening with United’s Board?

Adam Hartung

Retired since 2004, is Mr. Bethune really in step with the needs of airline customers today? Mr. Smisek was the fellow who took over Mr. Bethune’s board seat in 2004 after being appointed President and COO when Mr. Bethune retired. United Continental Holdings is the most recent public company to come under attack by hedge funds. Last week Altimeter Capital and PAR Capital announced they were using their combined 7.1%

Innovation – Is it all just a game of Jeopardy?


In 2004, researchers chose Jeopardy! Innovation, it all starts with jeopardy. Is this a truism? Does all innovation start with jeopardy? There is little doubt that “the risk of loss, harm or failure,” which is the dictionary definition of jeopardy is a component part of why we innovate. The pace of change across most industries, driven by new technology and more open, collaborative and transparent ways of working, means we are all in potential jeopardy. We all need to innovate.

A brief history of work, innovation and skills in the UK


2002 – The social network By this time, social media was rapidly growing with the launch of LinkedIn and MySpace in 2003, and Facebook in 2004. There’s no question the world of work has evolved over time. Advances in mechanisation, mass production and, more recently, technology have shaped where and how we work, as well as what we produce.

Innovation Management: Importance, Ideas, and Examples


Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin addressed in their 2004 IPO letter that “We support our employees to contribute 20% of their time to work on the innovation that will benefit organization”. In less than a decade, innovation management got recognized as one of the most powerful strategies an organization can use to streamline internal processes and boost their business productivity.

Innovation – Why Bezos Succeeded, While Lampert Failed at Sears

Adam Hartung

By November, 2004 the stock has risen to $90. It happened a lot faster than anyone would have imagined in 2003 or 2004. Last week Sears announced sales and earnings. And once again, the news was all bad. The stock closed at a record, all time low. One chart pretty much sums up the story, as investors are now realizing bankruptcy is the most likely outcome. Chart Source: Yahoo Finance 5/13/16. Quick Rundown: In January, 2002 Kmart is headed for bankruptcy.

What is Crowdsourcing, and How Can it Add Value to Your Enterprise?


Since the 2004 publication of James Surowiecki’s highly influential book, The Wisdom of Crowds , the idea that large groups of people can be smarter than a few individuals, no matter how brilliant, has been gradually gaining prominence in academic circles, business communities, and public opinion.

Great to Good Innovation


Jack Ma (2000), Jeff Bezos (2003), Mark Zuckerberg (2004), Reed Hastings (2007), Brian Chesky (2008), Travis Kalanick (2009), Anthony Tan (2012). Yes, you read it right. The title of this piece is ‘Great to Good’. I’m going to talk about how, in the 21st Century, we need ‘Goodness’ more than ‘Greatness’ when it comes to innovation. Between 1996-2001, Jim Collins’ team researched and wrote a bestselling book called Good to Great.

On the Origin of Companies

David Marks

If our traditional retailer made this analysis back in, say, 2004, when web retailing was still in its infancy, it should have recognized that it’s disruptibilty score, was, well, disrupted. When published, in November 1859, “On the Origin of Species” stunned a bewildered and reluctant public with its audacious claim: Life was not created in its present form but is a result of gradual evolution.

On the Origin of Companies

David Marks

If our traditional retailer made this analysis back in, say, 2004, when web retailing was still in its infancy, it should have recognized that it’s disruptibilty score, was, well, disrupted. When published, in November 1859, “On the Origin of Species” stunned a bewildered and reluctant public with its audacious claim: Life was not created in its present form but is a result of gradual evolution.