Innovating for a Worse Customer Experience (Insights from United Airlines)

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This week’s debacle at United Airlines highlighted a darker side of Innovation. While this was an extreme example of terrible customer service, I think it is merely the tip of the commercial innovation ‘iceberg’ that has been pervasive in the airline industry for many years.

Herb Kelleher's Legacy at Southwest Airlines: 5 Important Lessons

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Source: Southwest Airlines Yesterday, Southwest Airlines co-founder and long-time CEO Herb Kelleher died at age 87. What can we learn from Kelleher’s leadership at Southwest? At Southwest, Kelleher chose to run an airline in a very different manner.

The Risks of Sticking with Legacy Technology

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In July 2016, Southwest Airlines canceled 2,300 flights when a router failed, delaying hundreds of thousands of passengers. Legacy technology is like that old pair of jeans you wore as a teenager. They are comfortable” was always your answer to any inquiry.

When Software Can’t Change the Laws of Physics (or Leadership)


And certainly, proactively notifying airlines and pilots that new training was required should have been a no-brainer. Today’s systems are complicated and complex* requiring different leadership capabilities throughout the organization. Culture Innovation Leadership Strategy

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

leadership behaviors, organizational structure and processes, people’s skills and. decipher your innovation culture by looking at leadership behavior, organizational. Sometimes leadership says it wants a culture of innovation. Employees were invited to a meeting where leadership.

The Dangers of Legacy Thinking

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For example, Delta Airlines’ entire fleet in the United States was temporarily grounded because of computer problems—the second shutdown over a period of six months also shutting down the carrier’s website and mobile apps.

How to Skip Your Biggest Problem (And Still See Results)

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AO Innovation Leadership Starter Pack–Get Yours Today via Amazon. In 2015, United Airlines had to ground a number of flights as a result of computer glitches. Often, when confronted by problems, we have a tendency to work the problem. Then work it some more.

Brands In Memoriam 2012


I invite those dear friends who offered their suggestions to include them in the comments below—as well as anyone else who can see what is certain to end badly—as internal politics and stagnating ideas cause those who should know better to obscure the mandate of leadership.

Warren Buffet’s powerful “Two List” productivity tip for creative people

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Buffet was speaking to his personal airline pilot Mike Flint, who was asking for some advice on how to prioritise the activities which will help his career. Leadership productivity Top 5 two list warren buffetWarren Buffet is known as one of the most successful and generous investors of all time. And he recently shared one tip for how to spend less time procrastinating and more time actually executing your ideas.

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Smisek’s United Ouster – Were You Really Surprised?

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Or are we just so used to lousy leadership that we think there’s no end to it? Since Mr. Smisek organized the merger of Continental (his former employer) with United, creating the world’s largest airline at the time, things have not gone well.

Change Your Thinking, Improve Your Results

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Just ask Delta Airlines , the British bank Tesco or any other company whose legacy software caused breakdowns and data breaches. Overcoming legacy thinking doesn’t mandate a complete whitewash of every strategy, idea or other leadership concept you may have used in the past.

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Oil and Water: Why Corporations and Startups Rarely Mix


But, frankly, we’re not building an airliner. entrepreneurship Innovation Leadership startupsIllustration by Christian Laborin. There are many experienced, talented and well intentioned people who are, without knowing, blockers to innovation.

Shifting Innovation Perspectives for 2019

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And we looked at new approaches to leadership and its criticality to success both in shaping and delivering the vision as well as in leading through change. Or to put it another way, is success now acknowledged to be the ‘outcome’ of an innovation-focussed strategy, purpose-driven leadership and a truly creative and collaborative culture working in harmony? Leadership. Is this down to the leadership team? Leadership.

20 Ways to Think & Act Like an Innovator

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or Southwest Airlines that were forced to radically reduce the turnaround time of their planes due to financial pressures. 20 – THE ROLE OF LEADERSHIP. And that is exactly the role of leadership. Innovation Culture Innovation Leadership Intrapreneurship

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The urge to converge

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The airline industry is a prime example of a competitive marketplace where no-one gets to rest on their laurels. The low-cost airline (LCA) model was pioneered by Southwest Airlines in the USA in the 1970s, with the sole objective of offering cheaper fares than incumbent airlines.

5 Practices for Leaders of the Future #FutureOfWork

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So what are these leadership practices: 1. One of the best examples of this behaviour that I have come across is by Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines.

Analysis Of The Next-Generation Mobility Value Chain

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New part suppliers for ACE vehicles will emerge in leadership positions, e.g., NVIDIA, Samsung, or Intel together with Mobileye, which it recently acquired. It is interesting to note that airlines have better big data exploitation and insight generation capabilities than car rental companies.

Why CEOs have Liberal Arts Degrees


They are leading global airline, chemical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and financial companies, among others. CEO Critical thinking Culture Education Leadership Liberal Arts Management STEAM STEM

Five Reasons Companies Fail at Customer Experience Delivery

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Well–conceived, well–designed, and well–delivered customer experiences are the core foundation for achieving the sort of marketplace leadership that has become the hallmark of companies like Amazon, Apple, Disney, Southwest Airlines, and Zappos.

What is Digital Transformation in Business and Why is it Important?

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Digital products in the hands of customers, such as banking, airline or music apps, represent the last piece of the digitization puzzle since many of the back-end systems and processes became computerized over the last several decades. Leadership Mindset A company’s leaders are paramount in driving the organization forward. Digital Transformation (also known as “DX”) is the phenomenon that virtually all companies are incorporating digital technology at some level.

The Importance of Casting a Wide Net While Innovating


His Doctorate degree (2012) in Management focused learning in the areas of organizational change, leadership theory, and strategy. Clearly organizational leadership should consider casting a wide net to generate and refine ideas worth innovating among multiple sources of input. .

The Importance of Casting a Wide Net While Innovating


His Doctorate degree (2012) in Management focused learning in the areas of organizational change, leadership theory, and strategy. Clearly organizational leadership should consider casting a wide net to generate and refine ideas worth innovating among multiple sources of input.

Need for Speed in Business Model Innovation

Tata Consultancy

There is considerable untapped value in the emerging connected ecosystems for automobiles, airlines, cities, and homes. However, organizations face certain challenges to innovation agility, beginning with a lack of digital skills in emerging technologies and leadership.

Long live the pioneers, rebels and mutineers, go forth and have no fear.

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How does this relate to The Future Shapers and the desire to be the go-to platform for Innovation Thought Leadership? ” In that piece it also talked about how the Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies were enabling artists to take back control of their music’s value and how The Future Shapers are taking the design and functionality of these new music platforms and applying it to Thought Leadership and media to enable single article sales in a pay per read model.

Five Categories of On-Demand Mobility Services Companies

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This is the Singapore Airlines model. This is the Skywest Airlines model. In this case they will become more like Southwest Airlines. This is the Frontier Airlines model. This is the United Airlines model.

Can You Afford Your Legacy System?

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In another blog , I noted how outdated technology grounded thousands of aircraft for both Southwest and Delta Airlines. Big Ideas Leadership Strategy Technology Branding Cybersecurity Legacy Systems Legacy Technology Public Relations