The 5 Best Books On Critical Thinking


This is a book written by Nobel prize winning psychologist on how cognitive biases affect our ability to think clearly. It’s a well researched book and worth the read to have a foundation on how our brain decides. This is a light book in comparison with the others.

Books about Behavioral Economics

Train yourself on the trending field of behavior change with our recommended books about behavioral economics. These are some of the best books in the field to apply to make better choices, build positive habits, and change behavior for the better. Leadership behavioral economics

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The Top 10 Business Strategy Books of 2018

Innovation Excellence

There’s a big trend when it comes to business strategy books and it’s all about business models In my work advising executives from both big companies and startups, I get insight into what’s on the minds of some of the most strategic, innovative leaders in the planet.

How To Write a Book in 45 Days

Matthew May

The proposal and contract for a new book, that is. The problem was that under ordinary circumstances, the publisher would take a year to get the book out. The only thing that stops you from writing a book, especially in today’s world of umpteen self-publishing channels, is yourself.

How To 235

25 of the Best Books on Innovation


Leadership InnovationRegardless of which stats you look at or believe, innovation is without a doubt difficult. Thus, if you’re looking to succeed in it, you need to invest heavily into continuous learning.

Pirates in the Navy Book Excerpt

This guest article from Tendayi Viki is a selection from his latest book, Pirates In The Navy. I was often happy to take whatever innovation project the leadership team threw my way.

Steve Jobs Leadership Masterclass – in Four Words

Innovation Excellence

We love to complicate leadership in countless books, articles, and insights, but there is no formula. I’ve got a leadership challenge for you. If the rift in popular sentiment around political leadership tells us anything, it’s that we still. Apple Leadership Steve JobsHowever, there is this gem that guides all great leaders. You can do better. Read on.

6 Books I Read In 2017 That Are Worth Your Time


On top of magazines, articles and reports, I read at least 1 book per month; and have gone up to 4 in years past. This year I read 15 books in all, lighter than before but interesting nonetheless. What books did you read in 2017 that you recommend I read?

Bill Walsh on Leadership


His advanced leadership transformed the San Francisco 49ers from the worst franchise in sports to a legendary dynasty. These lessons were written in a few books, including The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership. Leadership bill walsh San Francisco 49ers

Creative Construction – Book review

The Inovo Group

Well-respected Harvard Business School professor and HBR contributor Gary Pisano has weighed in on the topic of large company innovation in his new book ‘Creative Construction’. This book is a worthwhile, albeit high-level, treatment of the topic with a rich set of descriptions and examples.

4 leadership paradoxes and how to embrace them

HYPE Innovation

Managed or unmanaged” is probably my favourite of the bunch, with countless books, blogs, articles, and podcasts dedicated to describing the ultimate innovation leader and their role – active or passive - in the process. Leadership“A leader takes people where they want to go.

Bill Campbell’s Leadership Manifesto: It’s The People


This question is at the heart of a new book. His management and leadership philosophy is summed up in three words: It’s the people. entrepreneurship Leadership coachingWhat makes a great coach?

New and Classic Corporate Innovation Books To Read in 2017


One of the few things that seems as rapid as the pace of innovation is the number of books coming each year to talk about it. It's a rare executive who has time to even check out the reviews of the hundreds of titles published each year, much less read more than a handful of business books. Trends Leadership Good Reads Innovation Models

Trends 102

Shoe Dog: 11 Lessons from the Creator of Nike [book review]

Innovation Excellence

In his new book, Phil ‘Shoe Dog’ Knight, the founder, former CEO and now Executive Chairman of Nike, he tells his story of taking the business from humble origins, through an IPO in 1980 and onto its current $30 billion market capitalisation. I’m a sneakerhead.

What Matters At Work: Aligning Values and Providing Leadership

That’s why I’ve recently published, What Matters At Work , a learning Guide that helps all of us who are determined to provide outstanding leadership and service some important ways to do so. You can purchase the What Matters at Work book at Amazon. Leadership

15 Expectations for Servant Leadership


Searching through the blog this weekend for additional material to incorporate into an upcoming book, I found the list below. If you are in a leadership position or aspire to one, feel free to borrow and adapt it to share with your team.

Why innovation requires transformational leadership

The Future Shapers

And that’s a big ‘however’ as statistics indicate that in far too many instances, leadership approaches are still firmly rooted in transactional thinking. Because of legacy approaches, management style and outdated hierarchical structures, we unfortunately still see evidence of leadership and management for that matter, centred around a “do what I say and don’t ask questions” culture. Transformational leadership is a must for innovation.

Is your creative leadership style hopeful?


I have (finally) written a book on creative leadership. The book, Idea Magnets – 7 Strategies for Cultivating & Attracting Creative Business Leaders , emerged from my experiences working with and knowing Idea Magnets throughout my career.

Product Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful Teams

Innovation Excellence

Chad McAllister interviews Richard Banfield, co-author his soon-to-be-released book "Product Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful Teams".

Bob Iger's Lessons on Leadership

Michael Roberto

Several months ago, I read Iger's book on leadership and his career at Disney/ABC. I thought that it was one of the more insightful books I've read by a senior executive. Here are a few of my favorite leadership lessons from the book: It’s not good to have power for too long.

Book in Brief: Meeting Design for Managers, Makers, and Everyone

Boxes and Arrows

Editors’ note: This “Book in Brief” feature here on Boxes and Arrows is from Kevin Hoffman’s Meeting Design for Managers, Makers, and Everyone. We’ll publish an excerpt, up to 500 words, of your book. The catch is that we’ll only publicize one book a month; first come, first serve.

Leadership Training – Walmart Hopes for Big Impact


We’re happy to have them back today with an article adapted from a newsletter they published on a leadership training program Walmart is rolling out in its US stores. Walmart and the Impact of Leadership Training. Leadership Training Implications for Your Organization.

12 Great Performance-Coaching Books to Read [2019]


One of the simplest methods for learning or teaching better coaching is reading books on performance coaching that are written by performance coaches and mentoring experts and express timeless principles. We have compiled a list of twelve of our favorite performance-coaching books below.

Favourite 2016 books by CEOs

Norbert Bol

Last week McKinsey published an interesting list of books that CEOs read during the summer holdiday season. For the readers of Strategy Blogs I have made a selection of the 2016 non fiction books from the list McKinsey published as they are related to the themes of Strategy Blogs. The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing —Benjamin Graham (Harper Business, 2006). Strategic Management Innovation Leadership Learning Marketing Strategy

A disruptive world requires new leadership capabilities


Whether you are a company that wants to attract top talent or an individual who is trying to land your dream job, or create a new business, it’s becoming clear that the future of work is both human and technology centred and involves the development of new leadership capabilities.

Listen to Employees When Evaluating Leadership

Adam Hartung

And that same year Books-A-Million was #1 on the list, as part time staffers saw the same advancing Amazon. Employees have consistently expressed their dismay with CEO Ed Lampert, and 80% actively dislike his leadership.

Best Among What I Read Today, The Leadership edition – Jan 1st 2017

Rmukesh Gupta

Hence, going forward, on days that i read and find interesting articles, blog posts, books, podcasts and any other piece of content, i will share them in a blog post titled – “Best Among What I Read Today” and publish on my blog. Best Leadership books of 2016.

The Art of Asking Good Questions with The Language Compass

Strategyzer Innovation

Organizational Culture Thought Leadership Tools BooksA big problem that we often see out in the field is that we humans have a tendency to make a lot of assumptions.

Tools 114

7 Strategies for Creative Leadership – Exclusive Facebook Live Today


Today, Monday, July 23, we’re launching the new Brainzooming book, Idea Magnets: 7 Strategies for Cultivating & Attracting Creative Business Leaders. Embodying Servant Leadership. Related posts The Idea Magnets Book Is Available with an Exclusive Free Offer for You!

Why a Thought Leadership Strategy Isn’t What Your Brand Needs


I’m scheduled for a background interview today on creating a thought leadership strategy. The interview is an outgrowth of an eBook on thought leadership. My personal antipathy toward thought leadership strategy stems from a moment during corporate life.

Here’s A Great Workshop Exercise To Help Your Leadership Team Challenge Their Beliefs / Assumptions


I’ve recently been asked to recommend a good workshop exercise for a leadership team to help them challenge their beliefs / assumptions. The oldest trick in the book, very simple… Reverse Assumptions. Creativity entrepreneurship Innovation Leadership

Does Your Team’s Creative Leadership Need a Boost? Here’s the Answer!


Stronger creative leadership to identify productive tactics, make better (and faster) decisions, and successfully implement with a major impact. The Answer to Boosting Creative Leadership within Your Team! This Brainzooming book demonstrates the value of stronger creativity.

Leadership Skills – 8 Ways to Fake It Until You Make It


Suppose you’re going into a meeting and taking over leadership of a team or initiative where those you will be leading have been involved and active previously. The question in each of these cases is how you use your leadership skills so you can “fake it until you make it?”.

The Idea Magnets Book Is Available with an Exclusive Free Offer for You!


Idea Magnets: 7 Strategies for Cultivating & Attracting Creative Business Leaders , my new Brainzooming book on daily innovation, is now available on We’re planning to stream it live on the book’s Facebook page. Is your creative leadership style hopeful?

eBook 56

Insight: the Metaskill for Product Managers and Innovators [podcast]

Innovation Excellence

The discussion here is about a book 'The Muse' called the number-one best career book available. The book is Insight: Why We’re Not as Self-Aware as We Think, and How Seeing Ourselves Clearly Helps Us Succeed at Work and in Life.

Implementing Big Business Leadership In A Small Business

The Human Factor

Running a successful business, no matter how big or small, starts and ends with effective leadership. These leadership principles apply to all types and sizes of businesses. From my perspective, here’s what effective leadership looks like in a small business.

Imaginatik CEO publishes groundbreaking business book


BOSTON – May 29, 2018 – Imaginatik today announced the publication of a groundbreaking new business book, Topple – The End of the Firm-Based Strategy and Rise of New Models for Explosive Growth.

Ideas about Building a Great Company and Being a Great Leader from the book – The Republic of Tea

Rmukesh Gupta

I picked up and started reading the book “ The Republic of Tea “, based on a recommendation by Seth Godin as a must read book. I am an avid Tea lover and so reading a book about Tea and a business around tea was an interesting proposition by itself. The book is a collection of fax messages that were exchanged between the people discussing the idea of starting a business selling Tea in the US with little commentary by the players giving some context when needed.

How Do You Know If Your Business Is At Risk From Disruption?

Strategyzer Innovation

Thought Leadership BooksOver the last weeks the coronavirus disrupted the entire global economy and almost every business on the face of the planet. Yet, Covid-19 is a black swan and a once in a century event.

The Soul of Leadership-The Heartbeat of Sustainability

3Q Leadership Blog

© Irene Becker, Just Coach It-The 3Q Edge™ (IQ-EQ-SQ) Building a Better, Stronger Tomorrow 3Q Leadership™ Blog- 52,000+ Social Media Followers & Growing! We were speaking about purpose, about David Lapin’s excellent book Lead by Greatness and what greatness […].

Monitor Your Innovation Capability in these Three Areas

Destination Innovation

Books Leadership of Innovation capability innovation measure metric monitor ROI three areasMany organizations have top-level goals for innovation but struggle to measure progress toward them. How can you assess the current state of your innovation capability?

Chasing Invincibility: Lessons Learned from Top Organisations Around the World

Strategyzer Innovation

Innovation Thought Leadership BooksNo company is invincible. Those that come closest are the ones that constantly reinvent themselves before their business models become obsolete. This need for reinvention is more pressing than ever.

Building a Strong Foundation for Change

Braden Kelley

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Will Sherlin of 3PillarGlobal about my latest book Charting Change on The Innovation Engine podcast.

Change 144