Virtual Reality and Subliminal Marketing

Daniel Burrus

There is little doubt that VR has the potential to revolutionize the entire entertainment, tourism and even learning industries if audiences adopt the concept of strapping a device to their heads. Removing the everyday distractions of modern life and locking consumers away in an entirely immersive experience is every marketer’s dream — so before “plugging in,” we should all consider the potential implications of the use of this unregulated technology to manipulate us.

#1,596 – Best of CES 2020: Quibi, Sero, and the Future of Entertainment

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The company has announced that the Sero, a 43-inch 4K TV that can switch from landscape mode (the default) to a portrait orientation, is coming to the US and other global markets. The idea that content has to be designed with the format in mind because it means that technology is actually profoundly changing the way that entertainment is designed and performed. We’ve all been there.

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Examples Of Unexpected Marketing Tactics That Actually Work

The Human Factor

Have you ever noticed that all the best marketing tactics are the least expected? . In this post, we take a look at some of the best marketing tactics and why they’re often so unexpected. Persona-Based eBook Marketing. Use Entertainment Events.

Content Marketing Strategy – 43 Resources from Our Curaçao Workshop!


On Friday, June 17 th , I was in Curaçao, located just north of Venezuela, to present a ¾ day workshop on social media and content marketing strategy for the Curaçao Tourist Board. Angelo Harms, the CTB’s digital marketing manager, was a great host and arranged the content marketing strategy workshop for eighty social media professionals in the island’s travel and hospitality industry. 43 Resources for Strategic Branding and Engagement with Social Media and Content Marketing.

Content Marketing Strategy – 5 Things Your Content Can Deliver


Five Things Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Deliver. While Kodi Foster presented lots of great ideas, that whole very little free time necessitates focusing on one item: this photo which details five things Kodi says audiences expect a brand’s online content marketing strategy to deliver for them. Entertainment – Provides amusement or enjoyment. His five-points form a strong checklist with which to assess your content marketing strategy.

The Remarkable, Predictable Decline of TV

Adam Hartung

Entertainment Innovation Marketing Strategy Television Trends Amazon prime apple TV netflix youtubeIn 2012, I wrote a post, "The Day TV Died". The trends were visible- Netflix was poised to explode and was the stock to own. What's your ad plan today?

Content Marketing Strategy – 8 Reasons a B2B Company Should Engage in Social Media


He’d been pointed in my direction to talk about content marketing strategy and social media and just happened to run into me in the hallway at O’Hare. He is now the C-level sales and marketing executive at a B2B service company. His big question about social media and content marketing strategy was, “Why would a B2B company engage in these areas?” Share engaging, entertaining, and sought after information for the audience.

Bringing better Ideas to market faster with AI

Innovation 360 Group

The challenge lies in capturing, organizing, and testing ideas to bring new innovations to market fast enough to realise value. . Need (safe ty , productiv ity, entertainment or creativ ity etc ) . The post Bringing better Ideas to market faster with AI appeared first on Innovation Consultant | Innovation 360 | Home Of Innovation. Too many ideas? Many organizational leaders find this to be just as frustrating as not having enough.

#2,049 – 2021 Breakthrough Nominee: Shopatainment

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

And increasingly, I believe we’ll shop as a form of entertainment. it’s an economic driver that’s well understood in China, fueling a thriving video ecommerce market. Entertainment Technology

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#1,986 – Play-Doh For Grown Ups

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Marketing executives at various companies seem to agree with this sentiment. EntertainmentWhen I look in the mirror, I don’t see a 38 year old man. I see a 38 year old man-child. I suppose that’s a good thing.

Companies that last through recessions share this marketing tactic


If you ask Jeff Shill, the creative director at ad agency Brunner, that means building a marketing strategy heavy on emotion. “It’s Marketing isn’t optional — it’s a ‘good cost,’ essential to bringing in revenues from these key customers and others,” according to the HBR article, written during the peak of the Great Recession which lasted from 2007-09. It’s not necessarily entertainment value; it’s reinforcing the feelings around a brand and the experience.”.

Influencer Marketing: What it Is and Why Your Brand Should Consider It


When it comes to social media advertising, influencer marketing isn’t a new concept—especially for the Millennial and Generation X consumer. Wondering about the power of influencer marketing? According to Influencer Marketing Hub , in December of 2016, 63 influencers posted vague graphics to their Instagram pages with the hashtag, #FyreFest. What is Influencer Marketing? The benefits of influencer marketing are expanding.

Are You Setting Yourself Up For Failure

Rmukesh Gupta

A few weeks back, I got an email from the airline announcing that they will equip their aircrafts with wi-fi and if I downloaded an app, I shall be able to have access to an array of inflight entertainment options. On my return trip, I asked the check-in clerk if the aircraft that I was about to board had the in-flight entertainment system and realized that she had no idea about what I was talking.

Three Lessons in Innovation from Jeff Bezos

Innovation Excellence

He wanted to own that segment of the market too and to prevent a competitor from seizing it. Continue reading → Business Models Consumer Innovation Entertainment Entrepreneurship Innovation Inspiration Profiles of Innovators Uncategorized Amazon Diversification Jeff Bezos kindle Online Commerce washington postDisrupt your own business before someone else does.

#1,456 – Fortnite’s Big Night

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

That honor belongs to a virtual concert held inside a video game in a stunt that could portend the future of entertainment. It truly felt like a glimpse into the future of interactive entertainment, where the worlds of gaming, music, and celebrity combined to create a virtual experience we’ve never quite seen before.”. Entertainment

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The Power of Brand: It Starts With Trust


So I was prepared to pay the after-market prices. One key activity that has lead to their rise is their YouTube collaboration with Complex, where celebrities, athletes and entertainers go sneaker shopping. And my decision to buy the sneakers at Stadium Goods was one out of trust: I’m willing to pay over-market prices from them, not from individual resellers on eBay and StockX, because I believe they offer authentic and unworn sneakers.

How Big Brands Move to Brand Journalism

Innovation Excellence

They are meant to inform, entertain and engage in much the same way that articles on any mainstream media site accomplish the same goal. Case Study Change Customers Digital marketing Advertising brand journalism Consumer EngagementThe stories aren’t meant to sell corn flakes. Naturally, there is a brand message, but it is subtle. True to the nature and mission of brand journalism.

Redefine Risk in the Face of the Unknown

Daniel Burrus

For instance, it’s a definite Hard Trend in this quarantine that people are searching for entertainment while staying safe at home, and are willing to pay to be entertained. However, it’s a Soft Trend in that during a down economy, there’s no certainty that this will continue, although it’s highly likely as individuals will still find the means to pay something to be entertained.

Agile 49

Why You Should Master The Art Of Storytelling


Recent research shows that 78 percent of chief marketing officers believe content is the future of marketing. Over two-thirds of marketing professionals responded that branded content is better than press releases, direct mail, or print advertising. Virtually nobody who uses Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook cares about a corporation’s marketing strategy, but everybody loves a good story or source of entertainment.

How Startups Slay Giants


A quick story on how I applied this is the second startup I was a part of The Jumpitz; a kids entertainment group. The strategy was to present ourselves to our audience where they’d least expect a kids entertainment group to show up, and where the industry giants wouldn’t think of showing up either because it would be “below them” That last part is key, because it challenges a giants assumptions and beliefs. Illustration credit Christian Laborin.

Care More: How You Create Loyal Customers and Fans


Similar to how music bands have die hard fans, the video game industry isn’t far behind in generating a unique level of fandom that non-entertainment industry companies would only dream about having. Creativity entrepreneurship Greatness Innovation Marketing hideo kojima marketing metal gear solid Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom PainMetal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Birthday Easter Egg. As you may have read before on my blog; I’m a gamer.

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How to Make the Most of Print Marketing

The Human Factor

Digital marketing has broadly taken over most marketing campaigns and you can see why. Digital marketing is also easy to monitor and fast to implement. But digital marketing isn’t everything. In fact, since digital marketing took over lots of companies have slowly realized that it isn’t everything and have started to explore new ways to make more of traditional print marketing methods as well as Top Printing & Mailing Local Services.

Discover New Opportunities Never Before Available

Daniel Burrus

Here are three that come to mind: Sports Entertainment. Disruption is a central component of the Anticipatory Organization Model , focusing closely on how Anticipatory Organizations and individuals can look at disruption and see enormous opportunities. The untimely situation we currently face with COVID-19 is no exception; not only has every industry been touched by the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, every country has.

Game On! Turn Your Product Into An Experience – Business Model Inspiration #5


It highly effectively uses gamification elements like rewards, virtual currency, badges, and social areas in order to support its users in the learning process with an outstanding and entertaining user experience. Blog Business Model Inspiration Marketing business model entrepreneurship experience gamification inspiration bite startupResearch shows that serial entrepreneurs develop business models more successfully than others by building on proven strategies.

Wings: Remastered and Revisited


That “interactive movie” — as it was marketed — was a World War I flight simulation that followed the lives of the very first fighter pilots, trying to make combat sense of fragile biplanes curiously equipped with machine guns. I was CEO of SHOP.COM, Executive VP of Disney Online, and VP Entertainment and Education at Broderbund Software.

The 10 Reasons People Buy New Products

New Markets Advisors

I advocate for developing a rich understanding of consumers that allows companies to build successful products and market them in the right way. Yet entrepreneurs, marketers, product managers, and other innovators often get lost in the complexity of their businesses and their new ideas. Offer entertainment? —?The The fact that you can offer value by entertaining consumers seems so obvious that it’s hardly worth mentioning. I write frequently about Jobs to be Done ?—?a

7 Strategic Thinking Questions – What Happens on the Way to Your Brand?


A sidewalk message to navigate the way to what is already a very visible landmark reminds me of my wife’s marketing activities in college. Before we dated, she was in charge of marketing for student activities at Fort Hays State University where we both earned our bachelor’s degrees. She was famous for using sidewalk signage to cut through the clutter and let students know which way they should walk to get to the latest music or entertainment program on campus.

Why Tesla Could Be the Next Apple – and Put a Hurt On Exxon

Adam Hartung

In a market of 95million barrels per day production, electric cars made a difference of 25,000 to 70,000 barrels of lost consumption; ~.05%. Now you likely have shelved the DVD player, lost track of your DVD collection and stream all your entertainment. Markets that did not exist for mobile products 10 years ago are now huge. When markets shift, they often shift a lot faster than anyone predicts. The trends shift, and one market is rapidly displaced by another.

10 Disruptive Trends for 2020


Entertainment Fragmentation – The proliferation of competing content providers and apps, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu, will continue to contribute to the rapid growth of niche viewing audiences and the accelerated demise of cable television. Regardless of your industry or target markets, watch these disruptors closely. Disruption is everywhere. Here are 10 trends that will create opportunities – and threats – in 2020.

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A $7.6B Write-off Plus Layoffs Is Never a Good Sign Microsoft

Adam Hartung

Because between 2011 and 2013 Nokia had already lost half its market share. Why would any developer build an app for a Windows phone, when almost the entire market was iOS or Android? And there was no doubt that Windows 8 had missed the mobile market. Only we continue to see that the market is wildly indifferent to Windows 10 and hybrids. Less than 5% market share. It wasn’t a technology prediction, it was a market prediction.

Adjusting to a changing world

Paul Hobcraft

To quote Chuck Robbins, the Cisco CEO and Chairman “ We believe that no one company can deliver the full breadth of technology solutions that customers need at the pace the market requires ”. Ecosystems need to form to take advantage of many rapidly emerging market opportunities.

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Nine Short Innovation Lessons from Lego

Destination Innovation

Knudstorp sold all the peripheral activities including many overseas properties and the Legoland parks which are now owned by Merlin Entertainments. David Gram, Head of Marketing at Lego’s Future Lab, said, “We only develop the few key features that are really needed. We throw it into the market and get feedback from consumers.”. In a brilliant stroke of marketing Lego licensed Star Wars characters and vehicles.

Why Christopher Columbus was a master innovator

Jeffrey Phillips

All of them entertained the ideas, but few seriously supported him. They were happy to listen and entertain Columbus but were not willing to support him. He did not find a new trade route to India to corner the spice market.

Innovation or Disruption: What’s Your Aim?


The results of innovation may be a stronger market share or an extended market. Innovation helps you take market share, or upgrade the experience of existing users. Disruption creates new markets or fundamentally changes how you think of a product or service. For example, you used to think of home entertainment in terms of going to Blockbuster on a Friday night, but now you think of it as streaming a movie or TV series on Netflix. Market effect.

The Inaugural: A Modest Proposal


Word on the street is that entertainment options for the 2017 Presidential Inauguration are sparse, and that President-elect Donald Trump is not at all happy about being snubbed by Hollywood. Naturally I have a few conditions: 1) Following the swearing-in, I must get an offer to become the President’s head speech writer at market rate with full Congressional retirement benefits when I am fired.

The Ten Types of Innovation

Destination Innovation

Channel – how you get to market. E.g. Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft gives players a collaborative gaming experience. It is clear that a firm can innovate in each of its structural functions – e.g. in Sales, Marketing, Operations and HR. How many types of innovation are there? The simplest way to categorize innovation is into two forms – incremental and radical. Incremental innovation is an improvement in an existing thing (e.g. product, process or service).

How Consulting Will Likely Change Because of the Pandemic


The entertainment industry was already undergoing digital disruption. Consulting is a $250 billion behemoth global market. Even prior to Covid-19, market growth had all but screeched to a halt with growth estimates for 2020 at 0.5 The consulting industry was already being disrupted before the coronavirus. Now the disruption is accelerating. If you work with consultants or have your own consultancy, take note: Things are changing, fast.

Change 100

Breakthrough Innovation or Disruptive Innovation?


It is innovation that opens the company to new markets or changes the way customers interact with the market or the industry. Businesses must grow by finding new markets and improving what they offer and how they interact with their customers and clients. Often, close contact with customers and entertaining new ideas lead to breakthroughs. A breakthrough can be an even bigger deal than a disruption.

Which is better – Planned or Emergent Innovation?

Destination Innovation

Nobody knows for sure whether the play will be a success until it goes to market and is seen by real audiences. Sometimes the show flops but more often the results are brilliantly entertaining. Most innovation initiatives are planned and programmatic. We focus on a challenge, analyse the problem, brainstorm some great ideas and then put together teams to implement the best ones.

Fix the Planet – Protect Our Species

Innovation 360 Group

Crowdsourcing has changed nearly everything in the 21st century, from computing to business operations to startup funding to entertainment, redrawing markets and reshaping political life. “I want you to act as if you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if the house is on fire. Because it is.”. –Greta Thunberg, Swedish climate activist and youth leader. What are your plans for raising awareness and taking action on Earth Day, April 22?

Predictions for a post-COVID world: US economy through 2025

Jeffrey Phillips

In a locked down economy, much of our discretionary spending (entertainment, travel, dining out, etc) cannot happen. If the dollar grows stronger, businesses will suffer from weak local demand and products will be considered expensive in the export market, meaning many companies will struggle to drive sales in the US or abroad. Amazon will take even more of the retail market for may of the same reasons.

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The 5 Business Model Patterns You Should Follow in 2021

The BMI Lab Blog

In the consumer market, the trend has been growing since the mid-2010s and the explosion of the streaming wave: anything from music, movies, TV shows, documentaries and gaming. The world is digital – that is, at least since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate, Innovate

Destination Innovation

The game Angry Birds was a huge hit for the Finnish game developers, Rovio Entertainment. The target market liked the product but could not afford it so it was a commercial failure. It sold over 20 million copies on various mobile platforms. The spin-off products include books and a Sony film. Angry Birds was released in 2009. It was the 52 nd game that Rovio had launched since the company was founded in 2003. There were 51 earlier attempts before the big hit arrived.