Panasonic on Entertainment’s Immersive & More Personalized Future

Innovation Leader

Two leaders of the Panasonic Hollywood Lab predict how entertainment will become even more personalized in a post-COVID world. They also discuss environments that promote healing and relaxation

How to Hire the Best Corporate Event Entertainment in London


In a recent study published by Cvent Inc., an event technology supplier, 52 per cent of respondents say their event budgets have increased year over year, compared with 32 per cent reporting increases in the prior year. Additionally, some 21 per cent of event planners. Event Venue

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#1,630 – 12 Monkeys and the Science of Pandemic Entertainment

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Watching epidemic entertainment will likely lead to one of two outcomes: being fearful that things could get even worse or being comforted that, in the end, life will find a way.” EntertainmentSomething weird is happening.

The Future of Innovation in Media and Entertainment

Innovation Excellence

#1,541- Reverse Trailers, Film Tapas, and the Future of Entertainment

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

EntertainmentIf you miss a sporting event you can catch up by watching the highlights on SportsCenter. If you haven’t read a book but want to be able to talk about it you can get the Cliff’s notes version. But what recourse do you have when it comes to catching up on movies or TV shows?

Danish Welfare System – Great Ideas in Public Entertainment


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Driving force, thought leader, and entertainer


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Life-Size Hologram for Speakers, Educators, and Entertainers

Daniel Burrus

We’ve seen it in sci-fi movies, television series, and the music and entertainment world. How could a band or entertainer be more anticipatory in their thinking on how to deal with the struggles of today’s music industry?

Future Squared Episode #194: The Future of Entertainment | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

Collective Campus recently announced the AsiaPac’s first virtual and augmented reality startup accelerator, the Village Roadshow Xperience Accelerator, in collaboration with Microsoft

TED Talk: “Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator” [video]

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Continue reading → Entertainment Inspiration People & Skills Presentations Video education Comedy entertainment TED Tim UrbanHilarious and Poignant, Tim Urban's presentation at TED is a must-see for the Innovator, Procrastinator, or both!

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Apple Announces Name Change to App-le

Braden Kelley

And last week Apple announced a flurry of new products … Continue reading → Apple Innovation Technology Apple TV applications entertainment future ipad iphone ipod television Trends

Change 166

The Remarkable, Predictable Decline of TV

Adam Hartung

Entertainment Innovation Marketing Strategy Television Trends Amazon prime apple TV netflix youtubeIn 2012, I wrote a post, "The Day TV Died". The trends were visible- Netflix was poised to explode and was the stock to own. What's your ad plan today?

Netflix – Delivering Your Value Proposition Is More Successful Than Optimizing Your Value Delivery System

Adam Hartung

Entertainment Film Innovation Investing Retail Blockbuster Comcast directv netflix strategic pivot Toys R Us value delivery system value proposition walmartTo innovate for successful growth, focus on your Value Proposition instead of your Value Delivery System.

#1,848 – Acoustik Attak

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Entertainment InventionsHere’s another cool audio idea: a newly designed guitar pick that actually creates enhanced sound waves. An invention that could revolutionize music as we know it.

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The Little Known Secret To Pixar’s Creative Success

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Creativity Entertainment Leadership Management movies pixarWith 15 Academy Awards and an average worldwide gross of over $600 million per film, Pixar might just be the most successful creative enterprise ever—and one of the most profitable.

The Wonderful World of App-le Television

Innovation Excellence

And last week Apple announced a flurry of new products including: Continue reading → Apple Technology apple TV applications entertainment future ipad iphone ipod television Trends

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Improvisation lessons from Prince’s sax player

Innovation Excellence

Read on Continue reading → Creativity Entertainment Innovation People & Skills Uncategorized Business Models Improvisation music Prince

#1,843 – Formant, Spot, and the Future of Video Games

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Entertainment TechnologyWe may not be able to leave the house during the pandemic but that’s okay because we can now live vicariously through Boston Dynamics’ Spot, everyone’s favorite robotic dog.

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David Bowie: Serial Innovator and Re-inventor

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Blogging Innovation Case Study Celebrity Creativity Entertainment Innovation Leadership Strategy Uncategorized David Bowie music Peter Cook ReinventionA review of David Bowie's capacity as a serial innovator and re-inventor.

Prime Time Innovation: Why Audiences Can’t Get Enough of “Shark Tank” and Other Entrepreneurial Reality TV Shows

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Continue reading → Celebrity Entertainment Innovation Uncategorized Business Models Innovation Management innovative thinking Shark Tank success

How COVID-19 Reversed ‘Tech-Lash’ and Other Lasting Trends

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Lauren Xandra, Vice President of National Research Group, explains COVID-19’s impact on the relationship between consumers, entertainment, and communication

#1,825 – Pilot Episodes To The Rescue

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Entertainment writer/editor Matt Patches had this to say on Twitter recently: And I couldn’t agree more. Entertainment

GE & Nat Geo: ‘Breakthrough’ TV series celebrates innovation in science

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Continue reading → Entertainment Innovation Inspiration Science Uncategorized education discovery GE NatGeo National Geographic R&DGE has partnered with National Geographic on a new series, 'Breakthrough', which premieres tonight, November 1st on the NatGeo channel.

Netflix – Demonstrating Why Good Strategy Matters

Adam Hartung

Entertainment Innovation Investing Television Web/Tech Blockbuster DVD nflx nteflixNetflix based its strategy on the trends toward increasing broadband speed and streaming content. Then created its own content to fill the pipeline. Investors who saw the same trends had big returns.

Telling Compelling Stories

Innovation Excellence

Conferences Creativity Entertainment Presentations forming connections impact improv improving memory Innovation michael graber Relevance relevance drives impact storytelling talent is hard work William Greenwald Windsor Leadership Group

#1,815 – The Future of Streaming

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

EntertainmentIt’s a Saturday night during a global pandemic. There’s no where to go. Nothing to do.

Innovation Lessons from Bohemian Rhapsody

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Continue reading → Creativity Entertainment People & Skills Technology Bohemian Rha[sody Innovation music queen technology The Academy of Rock

#1,778 – Space Week: Star Song

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Entertainment SpaceI don’t know the first thing about music. In fact, it it wasn’t mentioned in School of Rock I’ve probably never even heard of it. If you want further evidence consider the following…I listen to Christian Rock even though I’m not religious.

#1,753 – Frome

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Entertainment UncategorizedIt’s official. I am OBSESSED. I want them all. Each and every one of them. Can’t live without them in fact. There’s just one problem: there are way too many choices. How will I ever choose?! What is it that I’m referring to?

#1,795 – Karat

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Business EntertainmentWhen I first heard about Karat, a new credit card designed for social media influencers I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical. Basing a line of credit on how many followers you have and not your financial history? Seems gimmicky.

#1,684 – Virtual Escape Rooms

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

EntertainmentWe can all use a break right now. A retreat to our happy place. Somewhere to escape to. As I mention this your mind may be drifting towards idyllic landscapes in far-flung locales. Picturesque beaches. Skylines of cities buzzing with possibility.

#1,834 – Comic Con at Home

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

EntertainmentIt is universally understood that Comic Con is a haven for nerds. The one time a year where they can let their freak flag fly without fear of getting picked on or made fun of. Unless of course they happen to draw the ire of Puddy in Ted 2.

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#1,796 – Dark

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Entertainment UncategorizedDid you know that “America’s” sweetheart Rachel McAdams has starred in FOUR time traveling movies and has never once time traveled herself?! I did. You see, I’ve been on a time-travel kick lately.

David Bowie and Innovation Excellence

Innovation Excellence

Remembering David Bowie as a consummate innovator.

Muhammad Ali: an analogy for innovation

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Curated for you by our team: Mustread innovation longreads

Board of Innovation

Board Of Innovation Daily Inspiration Entertainment & tourism Entrepreneurship books Innovation reads Longreads Reading Summer holidaySummer is coming, which means most of you take time for a vacation.

Serious Games & Innovation Management: Hélène Michel on Cubification™

Innovation Excellence

Hélène Michel is a brilliant professor at Management School of Grenoble, Creativity Disruption Entertainment Experience Innovation Games Innovation Cubification Gamification Hélène Michel Mathias Salanon OpopoïEditor’s note: Hélène Michel is a researcher in innovative learning systems and an expert in serious games and gamification. She develops, imagines and experiments the digital tools that will be part of tomorrow’s classrooms.

Spinglish for Innovators

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Continue reading → Book Review Creativity Entertainment Psychology Uncategorized marketing Communication Cristopher Cerf Henry Beard Humor language politics Satire Spin Spin Doctor SpinglishWhy is Spinglish important to innovation practitioners?

Key Takeaways from 2017 Internet Trends Report [presentation]

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Data Entertainment Industry News Presentations Trends Advertising digital internet mobileGreg Swan summarizes Mary Meeker’s famous annual Internet Trends Report.

Lego’s Innovation Lessons

Innovation Excellence

Case Study education Entertainment Innovation Management Profiles of Innovators growth growth strategy risk Toy Industry ToysIn strange and disappointing news, Lego announced that it was facing dire sales projections, with growth slowing from over 25% per year to low single digits. Strange, when just a few years ago Lego was on top of the world, with great new toys, Lego kits, Lego Robots and the Lego movies.

#1,724 – Zenimation

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Entertainment HealthEarlier I wrote about some new self-help and self-care video games that are helping people reign in their emotions and cope with the COVID-19 global pandemic. But there are other ways to relax and unwind that don’t involve playing video games.

Video 43

The Yin And Yang Of Elon Musk

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Innovation Profiles of Innovators Technology 3D Conspiracies Elon Musk entertainment future gaming Science Simulations Solar City technology tesla Trends Virtual Reality vr Xbox

Our Content Needs To Go On A Diet


books entertainment facebook Google strategy technologyTime to fight the bloat Did you know that FOMO has been around since the 16th century? Back in 1525, Erasmus, among many others, opined that due to the printing press, that there were just too many books to read — that one could never read all of the books out there in one’s lifetime.… … The post Our Content Needs To Go On A Diet appeared first on hellofuture.