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Inspiration and hope at the I3 Access to Market event in Nigeria?

Christensen Institute

On December 6, 2022, I got the opportunity to attend the inaugural Investing in Innovation (I3) Access to Market event in Nigeria. First the event was focused on the innovators and, more specifically, connecting them to markets. Investing in market-creating innovations is the key to this prosperity.

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Ignite Inspiration: Selecting an Innovation Keynote Speaker for Your Corporate Event


The choice of speaker can set the tone for the entire event and influence the mindset of every attendee. Defining a Keynote Speaker’s Impact on Corporate Events A keynote speaker does more than just address the attendees of a corporate event. They imbue the gathering with energy, insights, and inspiration.


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Advancing Hybrid Events Will Enhance Attendee Experience and Build Business Value

Business and Tech

Hybrid events will are here to stay. Event marketers must continually adapt and innovate, with an eye on delivering unified live and digital experiences. . One prevalent idea is that hybrid events are here to stay. One prevalent idea is that hybrid events are here to stay. The future is hybrid.

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The New-Normal of Hybrid Events Offer AV Tricks

Business and Tech

Hybrid events have grown up quickly. Presenting an event with a live and a remote audience creates new opportunities that were unimaginable two years ago. Hybrid events can position any brand for dramatically more reach, more revenue and more market share. Pre-recorded content is the star of the new era of hybrid events.

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Measuring Innovation Performance

Why do only a third of the organizations worldwide have formal innovation metrics in place despite accepting that innovation is critical to survival? Download this eBook to learn about the 5 basic principles that guide every successful innovation process.

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Top 5: How to plan your 2023 innovation activities and events for maximum success

Idea to Value

If you have an event and are planning to book an inspirational speaker , ensure that the topic highlights how creativity can be enhanced, at any age. Nonetheless, the major issue which needs to be considered looking forward to 2023 is what might happen in the wider market.

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Vitamins Don't Have a Triggering Event


The inability to overcome consumer inertia (habit) and friction (anxiety) is the reason why most first-to-market products fail. The average time to finding product/market fit is about 2 years and 80% of startups never find it. There isn’t a clear triggering event for either. Unicorns, anyone? This brings us to vitamins.

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