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4 Disciplines Essential to Strategy Implementation

Focused Momentum

With a strategic plan complete, the leadership challenge switches from strategic thinking to strategic management. Fundamental to the successful management of a new strategic direction is an organization's ability to guide strategy implementation while managing the current plans and commitments.

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Integrating corporate sustainability in strategic management

Norbert Bol

Based on a literature review of 114 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles it shows that sustainability is an important topic for managers but they just rarely consider it in strategic management. Many companies therefore still lack a strategic approach to integrating corporate sustainability into strategy.


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Open Strategy: Mastering Disruption From Outside The C-Suite


Innov8rs | Making strategy behind closed doors is a prescription for failure when disruptions are coming from all directions. Formulating and executing a sound organizational strategy is complex. Strategy is often made by elite teams and can thus be limited by their biases about competitors, customer needs, and market forces.

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Embracing the Future: Fractional Executives and Generative AI

Tullio Siragusa

This model is particularly beneficial for startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that require strategic leadership but may not have the resources to support a full-time executive position. This allows the COO to make swift adjustments to financial strategies, ensuring the company’s healthy financial standing.

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The Way to Successfully Share a Strategy


Two junior team members in chief of staff / program manager roles asked how to best align with senior leaders to successfully share a strategy across an organization. The Way to Successfully Share a Strategy. Facilitate objectivity when judging the effectiveness and success of early strategy implementation. Objectives.

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CEO’s who are blogging about strategy

Norbert Bol

In this Strategy Blog I would like to share with you the blogs of CEO’s that I follow because they also discuss strategic management issues. CEO Blog – Time Leadership by Jim Estill CEO of Canrock Capital. Ben’s Blog by Ben Horowitz, CEO of Andreessen Horowitz. CraigConnects by Craig Newmark, Founder of Craiglist.

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Strategy Quotes Part 4


This is the fourth installment of a four part series about leadership quotes. This section will cover inspirational quotes about strategic management. The post Strategy Quotes Part 4 appeared first on CMOE.