What Innovators Can Learn From the Spectacular Rise and Crash of Theranos

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Including its CEO Elizabeth Holmes Last week in a Silicon Valley courtroom, Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes was convicted on four counts of fraud in connection with the failed blood-testing company she founded in 2003.

FedEx Not Keeping Pace

Braden Kelley

In 2003, in a … Continue reading → Strategy Technology Amazon customer service fedex logistics ups US Postal ServiceFedEx took the shipping world by storm about forty years ago, growing to become the defacto shipping leader, unseating UPS and DHL. But, then after thirty years of strong growth they began to lose their mojo.


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The promise of open innovation


While the idea goes back to the 60s, Henry Chesbrough, faculty director of the University of California’s Center for Open Innovation, coined the expression ‘open innovation’ in 2003. He defined it as ‘a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas, as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as firms look to advance their technology’. The post The promise of open innovation appeared first on www.exago.com. Blog Insights open-innovation

A Remote Innovation Brainstorm Method

Destination Innovation

In acknowledgement of their method they called themselves ‘The Postal Service’ and the album they released in 2003 was called ‘Give Up’ It was well received and sold over one million copies. Gibbard and Tamborello.

Lessons in Leadership from Ross Perot

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In 2003, I sold a company to Perot Systems, the large IT services firm started by Ross Perot, where I then worked for the next four years. The most important lessons of leadership came from the man behind the larger-than-life personality.

It’s Time To Be Skeptical About The Lean Startup. Here’s Why:

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That was until Henry Chesbrough published Open Innovation in 2003 and that got hot. In 1997 Clayton Christensen published The Innovator’s Dilemma and it sparked a revolution. It seemed that for years all anyone could talk about was disruptive innovation. Then Stanford launched its d.school and design thinking was where it was at. Yet go. Entrepreneurship Innovation The Lean Startup


The Hair On Fire Use Case

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When he co-founded the company in 2003, electric cars seemed like a pipe dream. Elon Musk is often hailed as a visionary, and rightly so. Tesla, not to mention his other ventures, has the mark of a business that can truly change the world. Today, however, just about every major carmaker is investing in the. Innovation

Transforming Healthcare from Within

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How One Woman Is Working To Transform The Healthcare System From Within The successful decoding of the human genome in 2003 was a historic achievement. Not only because it unlocked the biological code to life, but also because it marked a new fusion of life sciences and information technology, using powerful computers and analytical techniques to. Change Government Health/Healthcare change doctors healthcare medical professionals Patients Transformation University of Texas

Why do we Underestimate the Power of Progress?

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Life expectancy in Kenya increased by 10 years within the ten period of 2003 – 2013. How well-informed are you about the state of the world? Please try this short quiz. How did you get on? Most well-educated people do badly in this little test. The average person gets only two or three questions right out of 13. This is because we generally hold a distorted view of the world – we see the world as much poorer and less developed than it really is.

Business Model Innovation Basics Series - Part 1: What is a Business Model?

The BMI Lab Blog

These processes and activities, along with the involved resources (Hedman and Kalling 2003) and capabilities (Morris et al. 2003).

Is Myopia the Biggest Threat to Innovation?


In 2003, Apple introduced the iTunes Store, which tied into their popular iPod. Innovation is all about the ability to see clearly. A lack of clarity can be deadly to companies in any number of ways, but one of the most deadly is how it can choke off innovation. Here are a few case studies and what organizations can learn from them. Kodak. Kodak was once the most powerful company in photography. Precious times with your family and holiday cheer were “Kodak moments.”

How Innovation Awards Can Fuel Business Growth


IS: heard that since 2003 Wolters Kluwer each year consistently invests 8%-10% of total revenues in product development.

Trends 130

Nine Short Innovation Lessons from Lego

Destination Innovation

But in 2003 the company was $800m in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. Lego is now revered as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world. The turn around in its fortunes has been spectacular. It is currently rated the number one toy company in the world and the world’s most powerful brand. There are many books and studies describing the company’s approach. Here we try to compress all the myriad comments and analyses into a few transferable lessons.

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate, Innovate

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It was the 52 nd game that Rovio had launched since the company was founded in 2003. The game Angry Birds was a huge hit for the Finnish game developers, Rovio Entertainment. It sold over 20 million copies on various mobile platforms. The spin-off products include books and a Sony film. Angry Birds was released in 2009. There were 51 earlier attempts before the big hit arrived. WD-40 is a widely used lubricant and penetrating oil.

Create the future

The Future Shapers

An example is the Wimbledon Championships, which has been paying for pandemic insurance since the SARS outbreak in 2003. Have agency over your future by using innovation both as a means to creating something more desirable as well as reducing the possibility of unwanted scenario’s. .

The History of Coronavirus in Patent Literature


Looking at the levels of activity in this area since 1971, we see a peak of 1,207 patent families mentioning Coronavirus in 2003, the year after the SARS outbreak. Matt Troyer, Senior Director of Analytics at Anaqua.

Innovation Lessons from the Master, Steve Jobs

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Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumour in 2003 and after a long struggle he died in October 2011. Steve Jobs was adopted at birth in 1955. He grew up in California. He dropped out of college but voluntarily took a course in calligraphy. He found it beautiful and fascinating. The marriage of aesthetics and technology became his life-long obsession. Jobs led a company which embodied the combination of art and science. He was an eclectic revolutionary.

Guresh Ahuja

Innovation 360 Group

Master of Project Management (MPM) – Strategy, Finance & Risk, University of Sydney, 2003. Based in Dubai, UAE. Background: I have over 16 years of diverse experience as a business transformation, Innovation and Human Centered Design Practitioner.

Sustainable futures based on Shakespeare

Norbert Bol

Van Cattenburg & Duijn (2019) relate in their article a specific case of the renovation of the Hogesluis Bridge in Amsterdam during 2003 – 2012 to Shakespeare’s The Tempest (a play written in 1611 that is full of symbolic meaning). Last week I wrote about the use of narratives in strategic foresight using the speeches of Steve Jobs as examples (see last week’s blog ). Narratives can be helpful in finding opportunities and limits in a challenging environment.

Broadening the church of Open Innovation

The Future Shapers

The term Open Innovation (OI) was brought to us by Stanford Professor Henry Chesbrough in 2003, based on his observations of technology firms, yet is certainly not exclusive to the technology world as many other industries from Pharmaceuticals to FMCG have been through these changes, and their practices are still evolving today. Open Innovation is about increasing the innovation potential of firms by opening them up to new ways of working with external organisations.

Business Model Innovation Basics Series - Part 2: Why Business Model Innovation Matters

The BMI Lab Blog

Let’s take a look at how the British cycling team went from zero Tour de France victories and ninety-five years without any Olympic medal by 2003 to sixty-six Olympic or Paralympic gold medals and five Tour de France victories between 2007 and 2017 (Clear, 2018).

A brief history of work, innovation and skills in the UK


2002 – The social network By this time, social media was rapidly growing with the launch of LinkedIn and MySpace in 2003, and Facebook in 2004. There’s no question the world of work has evolved over time.

Research Policy added to FT journal list

Open Innovation

The previous list of 45 FT journals was published in 2012 , and an earlier list of 40 journals appeared around 2003. I remember when I was up for tenure in 2005, the department tenure committee was questioning my 2003 RP publication (which until recently was my most cited journal article ). Today the Financial Times announced that it has updated its list of journals used for ranking global business schools.

The Raid on Entebbe – A Tale of Two Leaders

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He died in exile in Saudi Arabia in 2003. Idi Amin. Yitzhak Rabin. On June 27 1976 Air France flight 139 from Tel-Aviv to Paris was hijacked following a stop at Athens airport. Security at Athens was lax and four terrorists boarded the flight. Two were German, Brigitte Kuhlmann and Wilfried Bose and two were Palestinian. The plane was forced to fly to Benghazi, Libya, for refuelling and then on to Entebbe in Uganda where President Idi Amin showed his full support for the terrorists.

LEAN 100

How the current patent system actually hurts innovation (and how patent trolls are being fought)

Idea to Value

In 2003, he was at a conference and saw that a company called CoreValve had been trying to sell his design, after Norred unsuccessfully discussed a licensing deal with them. One of the most common questions I get asked when talking to companies about their issues with innovation is “how do we prevent someone stealing our ideas? Should we get them all patented?” ” Unfortunately, the answer to that isn’t so simple.

System 114

Hatem Azzam, DBA

Innovation 360

In 2003, after he finished his MBA in international business, Hatem resigned to start his journey as an Entrepreneur. Based in Freiburg, Switzerland. Background. Hatem Azzam is a Serial Entrepreneur and International Business Veteran, Management and Business Development Consultant, and Executive Leadership Coach.

#1,875 – Let’s Name Heat Waves

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

One catastrophic heat wave in 2003 killed tens of thousands in Italy and Spain. Back in 2012, I wrote about the National Weather Service finally getting around to naming winter storms the way they name hurricanes, an idea that I had had myself.

Hiring: Ask Why, What, and How

Michael Roberto

He has served in that capacity since 2003. Source: modernhealthcare.com Kevin Lofton is CEO of Catholic Health Initiatives. Catholic Health Initiatives is the country's third largest nonprofit healthcare system. It includes roughly 100 hospitals across 17 states.

Six Myths about Open Innovation


The idea of Open Innovation dates back to the 1960’s, even if the term wasn’t coined until 2003. You have heard about Open Innovation in the news, but are hesitant to implement OI because you think it won’t be successful. Below are 6 myths about open innovation that will make you rethink your reluctance. Nobody Has Success Using Open Innovation. No success?

Global Project Portfolio Management Software Report 2017-2021


About Technavio: Technavio is a leading technology research and advisory, company with a global coverage, The company was founded in 2003 in London and focus on emerging technology trends that can shape markets. Global project portfolio management software market report 2017-2021. Bubble joins Technavio’s list of prominent PPM software vendors. .

yet2 Insights: Innovation Fatigue


Even before the popularization of the term “Open Innovation” (OI) in 2003, companies have been striving to build the best framework for harnessing external innovation; but yet2 is seeing a second phenomenon: Innovation Fatigue. Innovation Fatigue can be defined broadly as a negative impression of OI caused by the overuse of the term, poorly-executed initiatives, internal misalignment and innovation for the sake of innovation.

Which Music Do We Prefer? Interesting New Research

Michael Roberto

They write: The present article also provides the first evidence that listeners tend to prefer music from artists of the same sex, which had been previously theorized but not studied empirically (Hagen & Bryant, 2003).

Study 26

Open Innovation and IP Contamination: Are you at risk?


Since the introduction of the term in 2003, OI has become a way of being for companies looking to keep an edge on the competition, from large corporations to small and medium size enterprises. Open Innovation (OI) refers to the practice of accelerating innovation by leveraging ideas and technologies from outside sources.

The truth about the truth

The Future Shapers

The hubris of mission accomplished in May 2003 has been followed by ignominy.

Innovate or Die: Open Innovation and 4 Key Measures to Stay Alive

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In 2003, this term introduced by Henry Chesbrough was defined as an open system that fostered the exchange of resources of a firm with its external environment. This is a fascinating time to be alive. Technology is rewriting the rules of humanity. Everything is changing, how we interact, the way we do business and even the way we spend our free time. This constant and rapid state of change is creating new and big challenges… but even bigger opportunities.

WOIC: Day 1

Open Innovation

Chesbrough Keynote The conference opened with Henry Chesbrough , summarizing the evolution of the OI concept from his 2003 book. He noted that when the book came out in April 2003, a google of "open innovation” produced 200 hits; exactly 10 years later, it was 450 million. On Thursday, open innovation scholars enjoyed a very exuberant 1st day at the 1st annual World Open Innovation Conference in Napa.

OUI comes to Lisbon

Open Innovation

After alternating between Boston and the Germanic language portions of Europe from 2003 to 2011, the conference detoured west (to England) in 2013 and this year south to Portugal. Monday marks the beginning of the 13th annual Open and User Innovation Society meeting (née OUI Workshop née UOI Workshop née UI workshop).

Presenting and publishing OI research

Open Innovation

Although originally the “User Innovation Workshop,” regular readers know this was the first conference to solicit open innovation research, and that it provides a great community of innovation researchers who have been meeting annually since 2003. It’s a new year, and many OI scholars are preparing work for submitting to conferences, special issues and regular issues of journals.

Reviewing research on 3D Printing

Open Innovation

By comparison, the first special issue on open source ( Research Policy June 2003 ) was about the phenomenon — with modest methods. At #RnDParis2019 today, I presented an updated overview of the business and economic research on #3Dprinting — almost all in the past five years. The talk was part of two 3DP sessions within the 2019 R&D Management Conferece hosted by Thierry Rayna, Frank Piller & I.

The Secret Genius of “Eating Your Own Dog Food.”


was the spring of 2003 and energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull had really started taking off.Unlike those other drinks, however, Bhargava noticed that "for the next six or seven hours I was in great shape.

Be Anticipatory and Go in the Opposite Direction!

Daniel Burrus

Tesla has been revolutionizing the automotive industry since 2003 by heading in the opposite direction from all the other car manufacturers. Everyone knows what a battery does. Just plug it in and it provides the power to make something go. Lately, some people have been taking batteries in an entirely fresh direction—one that expands our understanding of what batteries can do when they’re used in ways that go beyond conventional boundaries and applications.

LEAD Innovation Selects Qmarkets’ Platform to Help Global Businesses Crowdsource Solutions to COVID-19 Challenges


About LEAD Innovation Management GmbH The company was founded in 2003 under the name “LEAD User Network”? Qmarkets’ software has been chosen by LEAD Innovation Management GmbH to support a groundbreaking initiative – designed to leverage the collective wisdom of global businesses against the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

MS Society celebrates innovative partnership with Wazoku


He first started experiencing strange symptoms in 2003 while working a conference in Frankfurt. Wazoku – a crowdsourcing company based in West London – has named the MS Society as their first ever charity partner. The partnership aims to empower the MS Society’s work to support everyone with multiple sclerosis (MS), and will kick off at Wazoku’s annual Christmas ‘Kuathon’ – a 48-hour hackathon – at their headquarters in North Acton from 12-13 December.