Content Marketing Strategy – 8 Reasons a B2B Company Should Engage in Social Media


He is now the C-level sales and marketing executive at a B2B service company. His big question about social media and content marketing strategy was, “Why would a B2B company engage in these areas?” 8 Reasons a B2B Company Should Engage in Social Media.

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Why Big Data Will Revolutionize B2B Marketing Strategies


B2B, or business to business marketing, involves selling of a company’s services or products to another company. Consumer marketing and B2B marketing are really not that different. Basically, B2B uses the same principles to market its product but the execution is a little different. B2B buyers make their purchases solely based on price and profit […]. Trend Alert B2B big data

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PBTO31: Insights on B2B Selling and Leading a B2B Sales team with Alok Goyal

Rmukesh Gupta

The subtle shift in B2B buyer behaviour. In this episode, we host Alok Goyal, Partner at Stellaris Venture Partners and until recently, he was the Chief Operating Officer of SAP India Pvt. Ltd., a large global software company’s India subsidiary.

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Eliminating Walls in B2B Platforms (keep an eye on Amazon)

Innovation Excellence

The stark truth of platforms and ecosystems for B2B companies is that there will never be one dominant platform that everyone accepts and leverages.

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How to Improve the Customer Experience for your B2B Customers

Outside Innovation

In my recently published article, The Top 12 Issues for B2B CX , I take you through all twelve of these customer showstoppers and give you the current set of customer expectations for how business customers want you to perform on each one.

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Is Innovation Just a Buzzword?


Everyone exchanges mission statements that begin with, “We’re making the world better by disrupting…” or, “We’re the Uber of…” Some of the lingo is helpful shorthand, like B2B and B2C. It included crowdsourcing , SaaS , cloud-based , B2B , ideate and the big one: INNOVATION.

7 Signs to Invest in a Social-First Content Strategy for Your Brand


We still come across many companies, especially in B2B, that do not incorporate a content marketing strategy to effectively reach potential customers. We assure them that a social-first content strategy works, even in B2B.

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Hack: How I got free LinkedIn ads with fake account

Board of Innovation

At the moment, LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B sales. By far. LinkedIn knows this and monetizes this with Sales Navigator, paid advertisements, etc. After spending hundreds on our first campaigns, I started to experiment. Eventually, I found a way to get free LinkedIn ads and tons of personal exposure on top. The hack I used, is suitable for both sales. Read More. The post Hack: How I got free LinkedIn ads with fake account appeared first on Board of Innovation.

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What the Consumer Electronics Show Can Teach Us About AI Disruption


The 2017 show was the year of artificial intelligence (AI), forecasting massive changes that are occurring within the consumer and B2B markets. The technological innovations featured at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) reflect cutting-edge trends that are about to sweep the market. Trends Artificial Intelligence (AI

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14 Top Content Marketing Quotes – Social Media Strategies Summit


“There are B2B opportunities in viral video because so few B2B companies have tried to do it.” I presented a solo social media presentation at the February 2016 Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas.

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A Fresh Take on Strategy Development


Depending on your business, this might be only procurement and sales in B2B, or sales and retail if you do not have direct customer distribution channels. Businesses have been using the same formula to develop strategies for many years.

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Does Your Branding Strategy Include Employee Celebrities?


Talking with a B2B company about a day-long customer program, I suggested they invite employees to fill various roles at the event. Are your employees celebrities within your branding strategy activities?

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Why Many Mid-Career Marketers Are Dinosaurs and Not Great Social Media Strategists


Looking back on the combined internal and external team we assembled to market our Fortune 500 B2B brand, we rarely had one person doing both sides of any of the pairs of talents and responsibilities above.

Social media: value creation through interaction

Norbert Bol

Although I very much believe that social media platforms can be such an actor in both business-to-business (B2B)and business-to-consumer (B2C) contexts, it requires that social media should be a part of the communication strategy between firms and customers in the first place. Last week I wrote about how Facebook is becoming the innovation platform. Singaraju et al.

Corporate Branding Decisions – You Gotta Get Physical


I long ago learned an important lesson about corporate branding decisions : no matter how many intriguing, mentally-engaging brand strategy conversations you have among senior executives, those conversations NEVER lead to final decisions.

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Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 2

Tim Kastelle

The B2B marketplace has also been slow to catch on. In part 1 of this post , Ralph revisited key innovation issues that were already addressed by us three years ago.

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Three Flavours of Open Innovation: breaking down institutional boundaries through the X-Factor, Speed Dating, and iOT


Additionally, the problem in question could be internal, within a corporate B2B relationship, or industry wide.

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5 Excuses of Companies that Don’t Innovate (And How to Overcome Them)

Moves the Needle

This doesn’t work in b2b. Customer Development came from b2b.). “We’re too big.” “We’re We’re not a startup.” “We’re We’re not ready.” “We We have the wrong culture.” “We We acquire innovation.”.

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Qmarkets & Amer Sports – An Innovative Partnership that Created Unprecedented Employee Engagement


Amer Sports is a large, international, Nasdaq-Helsinki-listed sporting goods company with both B2B and B2C focus in 34 countries.

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PBTO45: The Only Sales Guide You Will Ever Need with Anthony Iannarino

Rmukesh Gupta

He also runs a B2B sales coaching and consultancy – B2B sales coach and consultancy. Who is on the show today: In this episode, we host Anthony Iannarino. He is an international keynote speaker, author and a sales leader.

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Awesome Innovation Infographic To Double Your Effectiveness

Gijs Van Wulfen

FORTH was developed in practice and has been used successfully in Europe by more than 35 organizations in both B2B and B2C markets and in non-profit sectors. Take a closer look at the Innovation Infographic as pdf. Starting innovation is for many a struggle to master. A study of Booz & Company shows only a quarter of all companies are effective at the start of innovation.

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Top 10 Innovation Links of the Week: 12.4.15


The Role of the B2B CMO in Innovation. Welcome to Spigit’s weekly roundup of innovation links, where we feature a carefully curated selection of our favorite content on innovation, crowdsourcing, and more from around the web. Here are 10 new discoveries from this week.

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On Losing Clementine, Our Director of Enthusiasm


Our cat, Clementine, passed away this weekend. While I haven’t shared much about her on the Brainzooming blog, I discovered over the weekend how many people she had touched as the only bona fide social media celebrity at The Brainzooming Group. Clementine was a beautiful and unique looking cat.

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Key Innovation Issues for 2016 and Beyond

Integrative Innovation

The B2B marketplace has also been slow to catch on. In the course of this first month of 2016, I was asked a couple of times what my prospects are for the year ahead when it comes to key innovtion issues.

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Why Target Marketing Won’t Cripple Your Branding Strategy


A common fear about selecting a single target market or audience persona is that focusing on one market when making branding strategy decisions is risky. The fear is target marketing will cause a brand to miss stellar growth opportunities coming from other markets or audiences.

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Top 7 Business Innovation Trends for 2017


Plus, they can utilize suitable B2B software solutions such as CRM, project management, collaboration software etc. Companies need to use fresh thinking and innovation to boost their business growth.

Achieving Disruptive Innovation

The Human Factor

The more you know about their unsolved problems, the better your chances of coming up with revolutionary solutions, especially in B2B markets. “Disruptive innovation” seems to be one of the more popular buzzwords in today’s business lexicon. Many companies pursue it. Few actually achieve it.

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14 Event Marketing Strategy Questions You NEED to Ask Early


I mentioned in an earlier article how the Gas Can event on June 24, 2016 was “half empty” at best. After the event, I posted on Facebook about how difficult it is, once you’ve produced events, to sit in the audience and not re-produce an event with major production problems.

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Strategic Planning Process Ideas –  9 Ways to Keep Things Fresh


When we were developing the Brainzooming strategic planning process inside a Fortune 500 company, we used it to plan strategy across a whole portfolio of services and clients in a B2B setting.

7 Internal Branding Ideas from the “Hokey Pokey”


None other than B2B marketing expert Randall Rozin ! Who could find a connection between the “Hokey Pokey” and internal branding ideas?

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8 Customer Experience Stats Every Leader Needs to Know


It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or B2C, people talk. 64% of consumers (B2C) and 80% of business buyers (B2B) expect real time communication with companies. Customer experience can literally make or break your business.

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What You Need to Know About Idea Software


Idea software is used to address many modern business challenges, for all types of organizations — including B2B and B2C companies, from brand new startups to established enterprises. What is idea software?

How law firms can benefit from innovation management platform

Idea Drop

We are beginning to see more diversity in structure across the industry and this has brought innovation into the spotlight. Recent reports which have been released reveal an awareness of the necessity to embrace innovation but a reluctance to be the first to take the corresponding steps.

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How to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone


We’re developing a workshop on creative thinking techniques for a B2B salesforce in a few weeks.

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Digital Learning and the Realtime Marketing Lab Tour in a City Close to You!


Suppose you are a marketing professional or a non-marketing leader wanting to go deep in learning about what digital marketing should be doing for your organization’s success. Further, suppose that with fourth quarter coming, professional development budgets are tight – or maybe non-existent.

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5 Questions to Move Creative Thinking into Action


Working in a B2B marketing environment, I had to develop a knack for applying creativity quickly directly to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. Short Story: Look for specifics and things that people can actually do or perform to move creative thinking into action.

Podcasting and Content Marketing – Top Creative Clicks for the Week by the Gal Friday


We, as listeners, fell victim to a B2B model. I am crazy for podcasts. Maybe I am not an early adopter. I don’t care. I love them.

Amazon’s Secret Weapon: Being Anticipatory

Daniel Burrus

Growing B2B E-commerce. In many ways it seems impossible that Amazon has been in business for more than 20 years. Time does fly! During that time, Amazon has been – and continues to be – the largest and most innovative leader in the e-commerce market. You may be surprised to discover the other markets Amazon has not only entered, but is also in the process of redefining and reinventing. Amazon Grows While Others Struggle.

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Brand Strategy – 6 Ways to Freshen an Old Brand


What are basic brand strategy moves to quickly take an older brand into today’s market? An “Inside the Executive Suite” article from Armada Corporate Intelligence looked at this brand strategy question last month. They evaluated the options for the band Depeche Mode.

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What You Need to Know About Idea Software


Idea software is used to address many modern business challenges, for all types of organizations — including B2B and B2C companies, from brand new startups to established enterprises. What is idea software?