Lateral Thinking in the Fight Against Crime. The Northern Bank Robbery Story.

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Both men were officials of the Northern Bank, one of the largest banks in Northern Ireland. Ward and McMullan followed instructions and gave the robbers entry to bank the next evening. Most of it was in the Northern Bank banknotes. The Northern Bank Robbery Story.

Infographic – Banking Darwinism


In a scenario of many changes, adaptability is a decisive factor in bank survive. That’s why we came here to bring up a hot topic these days: Banking Darwinism. Then download our Meaningful Banking eBook and find out how to make your bank take the lead in the market!

Consumer Brutal, Chase Bank

Gregg Fraley

I do my banking online, as much as is possible. Online banking saves me time. I bank with Chase, more formally known as JP Morgan Chase. To be fair, according to my colleagues in the innovation space, this true story could probably apply to any USA bank (“stuck in the 90′s” was a phrase I heard more than once). The Branch Manager did his best, but he was put on hold by his own co-workers and we both sat there waiting until the bank closed.

The Future of Banking –  Promises and Threats

Rmukesh Gupta

One of the industries that seems to be on the cusp of going through a similar upheaval seems to be the banking industry. Banks in most economies pays a simple interest (and in some countries, charge a fee to safeguard the money for the party) on the money that it holds for the parties.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

Web sites off ered as citations and/or sources for further information may have changed or. changing world. Good thing for them (and Alphabet sharehold- ers), they changed their minds. unique role in “changing the game” for the better, no matter what the individual’s.

Blockchain: Distributed Shared Ledger Technology in Banking


Over 90% of the world’s leading banks are either exploring, experimenting (PoCs), or formulating a strategy for leveraging blockchain technology, says an Accenture survey. Benefits of Blockchain in banking. Source: Banking on Blockchain. Intra-bank cross-border payments.

International Hackathon for Banking Innovation


Last weekend, Barclays Bank organized what it claims was the largest hackathon in financial services across two continents, ever. Their mission was to explore the best and most innovative emerging ideas and disruptive technologies to help shape the future of banking.

The future of Digital Banking: it’s time to disrupt!

The BMI Lab Blog

Banking is ripe for disruption. As one of the main foundations of our economic systems, the banking system is a highly regulated environment. Every step a bank takes is always under close scrutiny since (fundamental) changes could have deep consequences on the overall economy.

My fridge can disrupt your Bank

Matthew Griffin

For banks one of the first potential opportunities comes not from some fantastically complicated financial instrument but from the common a garden fridge. .

How Israel’s Oldest Bank Is Engaging Employees to Become a Leader in Banking Innovation


In 2013, Bank Leumi embarked on a journey to make innovation one of its prime strategic goals. Since deployment, the Bank has run ongoing idea challenges, engaging thousands of the bank's employees in online idea brainstorming to tackle a variety of the company's challenges.

Application of advanced analytics and machine learning in the banking industry


Banks have always been custodian of customer data, but they lack the technological and analytical capability to derive value from the data. Hence, leveraging banking data is no longer an ambitious technology project; it is a business imperative.

Embracing the Power of Blockchain Technology

Daniel Burrus

We often forget just how much technology has changed our lives in the last few years. The bonus of replacing scrambling around for loose change for a purchase, or riding public transportation with contactless payment by swiping a card or smartphone, is incredibly appealing for most users.

14 LGBTQ+ Innovators, Inventors and Scientists who changed the world

Idea to Value

An American Geophysicist, Cox and his colleagues were instrumental in developing a way to measure the changes in the Earth’s magnetic alignment and the geomagnetic polarity time scale. Laws and attitudes around the world towards LGBTQ+ people and their rights are changing.

Change 195

Preserving Centuries of Corporate Memory at Lloyds Banking Group


Mark shared insight into how Jive is helping Lloyds constantly adapt and change to customers’ needs. Preserving Centuries of Corporate Memory at Lloyds Banking Group | Jive Software. lloyds banking groupWe recently sat down with the company’s collaboration programme lead, Mark Mazza , in advance of his colleague Dan Thomas ’ presentation at the upcoming Aurea Experience 18 conference in Munich.

The Digital Bank – How to make Business Models fit for the Future


Banking is necessary, banks are not”. Many traditional banks have reacted and are now en route to the digital world. ITONICS advises numerous banks on how to make their business models fit for the future and not merely keep up with digitization, but even become a first mover.

What’s Next – The Disruptive Innovation Toolkit™

Braden Kelley

I think managers and leaders are wondering now that I’ve written two popular books (Charting Change and Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire) and a chapter … Continue reading → Change Innovation Bank of Montreal Change Planning Canvas Change Planning Toolkit disruption Disruptive Innovation frameworks methodologies OSF Healthcare Tools value innovation… and a new Innovation Intervention service.

Open Banking: what it is, how it works and why invest ASAP


In this movement, the term Open Banking becomes a promising reality. In this article, we will demystify and simplify the open APIs concept for banks. Keep reading to see what benefits are for banking institutions, their customers and more! The banks’ challenges with Digital Transformation. Before we go deeper into the Open Banking concept, we need a contextualization: just like the rest of the market, banks face numerous challenges with Digital Transformation.

FinTechCube benchmark study: “Banks lack a customer focus”


What is the state of digitization in the German banking sector? In order to answer this question, FinTechCube carried out the benchmark study “Digital Transformation of Banks”. More than 30 banks and around 200 private customers were surveyed for this.

2017 will be to banking what 2016 was to politics


Banking is at a crossroads against its own will, facing threats from Brexit regulation, from Trump – and continued change from social and technological evolution. These are my predictions for the banking industry in 2017.

Will Blockchain Change How Financial Businesses Innovate?


Blockchain will change finance, even if you never buy a bitcoin. It’s far from perfect, and that’s where innovation from blockchain can change everything. Part of the problem is banks refuse to see themselves as anything other than filing cabinets for money.

Change 151

Bitcoin’s Highs and Lows: Where to Next?

Daniel Burrus

They are future facts that cannot be changed. Soft Trends can be changed. Since the critical acclaim of Bitcoin and digital currencies in 2017, there has been a lot of talk about its future.

10 Industries The Internet of Things Will Change Forever


As Nico Adams of CSIRO points out , with IoT companies can evolve from product businesses to service businesses that are capable of affecting real economic and social change. Here are ten industries the Internet of things will change forever: Manufacturing.

BANK ON IT: Episode 055 Negotiating Contracts That Stimulate Growth

BPI Thought Leadership Media Coverage

In order to grow today banks and credit unions need partners and suppliers in order to grow with capabilities that are not necessarily readily available in house.& & Flexible contracts are key, yet, how can contracts get created with flexibility and the ability to change built in

Change Your Thinking, Improve Your Results

Daniel Burrus

Change Your Thinking and you will Change your Results. Just ask Delta Airlines , the British bank Tesco or any other company whose legacy software caused breakdowns and data breaches. We are now in a period of transformational change.

Change 100

How KBC Bank Used Crowdsourced Innovation to Create Massive Employee Engagement

Planview Spigit

And when an industry is going through disruption, a company can’t afford to have those game-changing ideas sit in people’s heads or get lost in translation. KBC Bank, a European bank and financial services leader , is an example of a company that experienced disruption first hand.

Changing Lanes

Boxes and Arrows

Maybe you started out in your teens by bagging groceries, or perhaps you filled up that piggy bank by babysitting or mowing lawns. This kind of introspection can be illuminating in that it can help you consciously account for the factors that could lead you to stay in a role as it exists, make changes to the role so that you continue to reap rewards in the current position, or determine it is again time to look for that next great adventure. A few types of job changes.

Idealize the Answer

Destination Innovation

The teams developed their designs and in doing so anticipated every change in the telephone system, except two, that has appeared since then. Staff at a major bank looked for an ideal solution for clients’ needs. Books Creativity History of Innovation at&t ATM bank.

FinTech and Machine Learning


These programs can grow and change on their own once they know how to learn and some financial companies are beginning to use machine learning for a variety of different reasons. To learn more about Standard Bank’s internal innovation community, download the case study here.

Disrupting Markets – Why PayPal Is Worth More Than Ebay

Adam Hartung

But times have surely changed. Paypal is increasingly becoming a threat to traditional banks. Today most folks use a bank for depositing a pay check, and making payments. There are loans, but frequently that is shopped around irrespective of where you bank.

FORRESTER: Financial Services Innovation Requires Digital Tech, Matchmaking, and Discipline

Planview Spigit

Banking is an old business. But in the past year, the rapid adoption of financial services innovation technology has catapulted banking, insurance, and financial leaders into the now.

Consumers Driving Technological Change in the Financial Industry

Daniel Burrus

In yet another twist to a modern tale, it was recently revealed that it was consumers who were leading yet another round of disruption in the banking and insurance sectors. A fifth of respondents also said they would consider obtaining banking or insurance services from potential disruptors such as Google, Amazon or Facebook. . These changes in customer attitudes will unlock a wealth of opportunities for those who lead the technological change.

Listen to Employees When Evaluating Leadership

Adam Hartung

Trend 2 – Employees often “see change coming” and become negatively vocal. A Banks jumped onto the list as #4 in 2013. A Banks and Family Dollar. Or due to some change in market competition.

What is change management and why is it essential for digital transformation


“When it comes to change management, “implementation” isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning.” ” –Beth Banks Cohen.

The Dangers of Legacy Thinking

Daniel Burrus

A more serious example occurred last year when the British bank Tesco shut down online banking after 40,000 accounts were compromised. One example is agility—the ability to respond quickly to changing events and market conditions.

Pivotal Innovation Management: The Past, Present, and Future of 180° Business Changes


Companies always had to work hard to improve, but they seldom had to transform their core product – a fact that changed with the times and the sophistication of consumer tastes and preferences. Thriving on change in today’s world.

Killer of change? ‘Idiot policy’


With a penchant for embracing change my consequential run-ins with the corporate police was to be expected. Despite organizational commitment to driving innovation and change it’s hard to find good case studies of real transformation. I’m still trying to get to the bottom of what impedes ‘organizational’ change. I read of a bank that elicited feedback across the organization in an attempt to identify ‘idiot policy.’

Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Blockchain Technology

Daniel Burrus

Since then, I’ve seen no need to change either designation, as there are now more than 100 different cyber currencies. The rapidly evolving technology of blockchains holds enormous promise for game-changing disruption across any number of industries and fields.

Will Biometric Logins Replace Your Passwords?

Daniel Burrus

Bank notes and silver coins are starting to feel incredibly primitive or quaint at best to an increasing number of shoppers. Despite many thinking this technology would be nothing more than Hollywood fantasy, Apple’s latest smartphone changed that for the masses when it introduced both biometric identification and its Apple Pay system using tokenization. It has recently been estimated that one billion users will access banking services through biometric systems by 2017.

The rise and rise of Entrepreneurs

Matthew Griffin

When I talk to clients about disruption and how the future is already fundamentally changing the paradigms of business I talk to them about the ants but I get them to imagine the people are all Entrepreneurs with a common purpose to create the next big business or industry.

Wells Fargo’s CEO is Gone, But What About the Board, Compliance and the Other Execs?

Adam Hartung

CEO Stumpf’s testified to Congress that he didn’t know the details of what was happening at the lower levels of his bank. Any competent Chief Compliance Officer had to know, after five-plus years of firings, that the practices violated multiple banking practice laws.

The death of the 20th Century corporation

Matthew Griffin

The growth of the internet changed all that. “Evidence shows us that the 20 th Century Corporation is dying and that it’s being replaced by a new breed of Millennial Organisation that operates, scales and runs in an entirely new way.

Small “i” Insights or Large “I” Insights Yield Different Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Information, and higher level insights, can emerge from qualitative, but there is a thinking step between the data and the market-changing insight. ” or, “How might we improve the banking experience?” World’s first ATM at Charring Cross in London, 1968.

Data 56

Innovation in the workplace – are you doing enough?


Earlier this week, Simon Hill spoke with James Goad of Owen James Events, ahead of the upcoming “Meeting of Minds Bank and Brand Distribution of Retail Financial Services” Event, with the aim to explain the importance of innovation in the workplace.