GLIDE: The new “creative” Artificial Intelligence which can compete with human graphic designers and artists

Idea to Value

Because this system can generate images based on text input, it has the possibility to disrupt graphic design and art, since it can produce dozens or hundreds of possible images for a challenge very quickly, which would take a human designer or artist significant time for each image.

Design 203

What the #*&! is a Hybrid Creative? Advertising mumbo jumbo.


Google “advertising hybrid creative” and you’ll find shiny phrases like “rare breed,” “next-generation,” “shaking things up,” “the future.” Nowadays, if you write, shoot, edit and design, you’re revolutionizing the world of advertising. Exciting! Scary. Scary? Not too long ago people talked about “hybrids” the way they talk about mutants in X-Men. But more disdainfully, as if we lacked focus: Mixed-up. Uncommitted. Dilettantes. Pick one thing and be great at it,” they said.


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Role of Size in Logo Design

Matthew May

Advertising Media envato logo designLorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old.

Design 100

Designing for Meaningful Social Interactions

Boxes and Arrows

Now the time has come for us—designers, working on digital products—to step up our game and act like real gatekeepers. Instead of unethical practices and cheap tricks to lure people into more and more engagement, we need to do the hard work of designing meaningful products where people can connect, collaborate in a meaningful way, and help each other build a better world. We have a huge responsibility here as designers. helps designers to craft useful feedback to each other.

Post-Pandemic eCommerce Growth: Leverage Product Data, Market Research & Shopping Trends

Speaker: Phil Irvine, VP & Director of Audience Intelligence

This session will dive into how organizations can still leverage historical customer and product data but need to also think about how to augment development of strategies with marketing research and other shopper signals to efficient drive e-Commerce growth. Join Phil Irvine, VP & Director of Audience Intelligence, for this in-depth discussion of the current e-commerce landscape. Whether concerned about data privacy and data management, or curious about how businesses can rethink approaches to designing shopping experiences, the answers are here.

Designing for Interaction

Boxes and Arrows

Now the time has come for us—designers, working on digital products—to step up our game and act like real gatekeepers. Instead of unethical practices and cheap tricks to lure people into more and more engagement, we need to do the hard work of designing meaningful products where people can connect, collaborate in a meaningful way, and help each other build a better world. We have a huge responsibility here as designers. helps designers to craft useful feedback to each other.

The new Platform Navigator: How to Design and Implement Platform Business Models

The BMI Lab Blog

the content is free but users need to consume advertisements). Developed by the University of St.Gallen and the Bosch IoT Lab, 'The Platform Navigator’ is a proven tool for the design and implementation of platform business models. Design: How do we create value?

Emotional Design with A.C.T. – Part 2

Boxes and Arrows

model, a user-friendly take on using existing frameworks for designing emotional experiences. Designing relationships. Design goals, types of reactions & triune brain. At this point, you may be wondering how all of this relates to designing emotional experiences that encourage relationships. Design Goals. Discussions of emotional design often focus almost exclusively on the aesthetics or Desirability of a product. Designing relationships with A.C.T.

When the World Zigs, Zag.

Destination Innovation

They started with a highly unusual principle for an advertising agency – no creative pitches. Hegarty came up with a design showing white sheep heading one way and a single black sheep moving in the opposite direction. It had the original button-fly design and was priced high for a pair of jeans. Based on Hegarty on Advertising by John Hegarty published by Thames and Hudson.

Elements of Learning Experience Design

Boxes and Arrows

The process of designing any sort of human experience, regardless of purpose or platform, is centered around reaching a desired outcome, ideally with as little fuss and as much joy as possible. Although each of these experiences require their own unique methods and frameworks, the elements that should be taken into consideration during the design process remain mostly the same. That process of curriculum creation is most commonly called instructional design.


Boxes and Arrows

So, to help us make sense of this ping-pong, broad-to-narrow game we need to play today as experience designers, we wanted to go back to the thing that unites and inspires us all: our users. They are the glue that connects us as a practice — and also connect our broad and narrow thinking, our wild flights of expansive concepting to the late-night detailed design sessions. RE:DESIGN/ UXD, with a focus on small-scale, salon-style discussions, eschews the typical panel format.

Keep Brand Chaos From Eroding Your Innovation Platform

Innovation in Practice

So they get together with their design team and branding agencies and throw a lot of money creating the next big thing. For example, a competitor might begin an advertising campaign telling consumers that the benefits of your brand just aren’t that important. This affects everything from how the logo can be used, the look of a website, how social media is used, advertising, product design, and so on.

What UX Designers Need to Know about Conversion Rate Optimization

Boxes and Arrows

The real problem many organizations face regarding conversion, is that content is often still considered “the stuff that goes into the design.” Putting content at center stage means changing some of the fundamental ways we think about content in the design process and how it helps conversion. This helps developers empathize with the users they’re designing for. UX Design. Integrating science into web design: Consumer-driven website optimization.

Emotional Design with A.C.T. - Part 1

Boxes and Arrows

As UX professionals, we strive to design engaging experiences. Whether you’re designing a website or a physical product, the formation of a relationship depends on how useful, usable and pleasurable the experience is. Then, we’ll dive deeper to explore how design elicits and communicates emotion and personality to users. Defining “Affective Design&# Some time ago, a friend offered me a ride home after work. Designing Pleasurable Products.

How Wordle reminded me to slow down

Idea to Value

No advertisements on the site. And every other game out there is designed to let you play more. So it was unexpected when a hit game like Wordle is designed to actively prevent you from getting addicted.

Practice Exponential Thinking with the Both/And Principle

Daniel Burrus

Web Design. This means these companies are completely reliant on running paid advertising on their platform to generate new leads, as opposed to a natural discovery via Google search. Decisiveness is hard to come by in today’s world.

Open Innovation: co-creation, and intrapreneurship

Innovation Excellence

Before he joined Icon, Nicholas had his own branding consultancy in the UK, was a director of a design group and was an account director in an advertising. Nicholas Ind is Associate Professor at the Oslo School of Management and a partner in Equilibrium Consulting.

From legal services to health care to banking, Brunner client campaigns win ADDY awards


Awards: The “Perfect World” campaign won six silver ADDY awards at the regional level for art direction and sound design. And they often require specialized expertise, equipment and treatments designed just for kids.

Das Design Revolution

Boxes and Arrows

Experience design comrades, I speak to you today because I have a vision. A vision where one day the person who really matters is back at the heart of our design processes. I am talking, of course, of the Designer, or more specifically, the Designer’s Portfolio. Portfolio-Centered Design. We have to remember that our designs are essentially a series of pictures: to be looked at, commented on and copied in a suitably reverential setting.

Innovation Sighting: "Sweaty" Billboards That Fight the Zika Virus

Innovation in Practice

Two marketing agencies in Brazil have designed a novel way to do just that. Advertising Inside the Box Practitioner Science Task Unification inside the box SIT sweaty billboard task unification zika virusAccording to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Zika virus is a global emergency. To fight it, humans have to find a way to kill the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. . They call it The Mosquito Killer Billboard.

Six best innovation practices to engage Millennials and Gen Zers


Then, once you are in business, you need new thinking for design, engineering, radical improvement, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, problem-solving, customer retention, etc. All businesses are created first by ideas. Often the difference between success or failure in business is a simple idea. The post Six best innovation practices to engage Millennials and Gen Zers appeared first on Exago.

Ring Fencing Constrains Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

It is consciously being held in check as it conflicts with the present design of an entity built and designed in the 20th century. It has been a runaway success, in taking technology innovation and exploring all the possible weaknesses in the current systems of business design. Then you have the best case of taking innovation into the core and designing solutions that solve many of our previously unrecognized needs.

7 Conditions to Adopt Emerging Technology

Business Innovation Design

Up until recent times, the role of design is to mask technology underneath by styling it. The role of design is shifting from styling and packaging to facilitating experiences enabled by technology. It is no longer about what a technology can do per se, but how human behaviours can be shaped that is enabled by technology and facilitated by design. However, a pleasant user experience cannot be designed when a technology is not ready.

#2,066 – Brand-Aids

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

On the one hand I hate advertisements. Whether it’s watching TV, listening to the radio, taking in a baseball game, or standing at the gas pump advertisements are everywhere we go. Well, soon there may be one more place that we’ll see an advertisement: our arms.

It Takes a Village: 2020 Atlanta ADDYs


Elements of Advertising, Film and Video. ? Elements of Advertising, Music With/Without Lyrics: “Woodland’s Most Wanted” for YellaWood® Pressure Treated Pine. Film, Video & Sound, Television Advertising: “Woodland’s Most Wanted” for YellaWood® Pressure Treated Pine. Elements of Advertising. ? Sound, Sound Design: “Woodland’s Most Wanted” for YellaWood® Pressure Treated Pine. Film, Video & Sound, Television Advertising, Single Spot-Up to 2:00. ?

Video 40

Your Messy Desk May Be Helping You Innovate!

Innovation Excellence

In 1993, advertising legend Jay Chiat announced his radical plans for the office of the future. His agency, Chiat/Day, was already a paragon of creativity — its legendary campaigns included Apple’s “1984” and “Think Different” campaigns — and its new LA office, designed by Frank Gehry was to be its monument.

Return Value Back to Knowledge

Paul Hobcraft

We also believe in practicing what we preach and are boldly re-imagining the digital provision of thought leadership and essentially digital news journalism around innovation; how it is produced and delivered, how it is funded and most importantly, how it can serve macro, global and diverse communities, not advertisers. “ Let’s return knowledge back to knowledge!” ” “Let’s return value back to knowledge” This held my attention.

A logo is not a brand

Idea to Value

This was the world of corporate advertising for decades. When you think of a brand, what do you think of? In many cases, the first images which popped into your head are probably of the most popular brand logos you know. Apple, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Amazon, TikTok, Starbucks.

The new pioneers

Jeffrey Phillips

At that time, there were discussions about claiming a particular location in Second Life, or designing avatars or clothing, or earning money by designing virtual buildings or locations.

Design 148

Corona releases Fit Packs: Beer cans that link together

Idea to Value

Developed with media agency Leo Burnett , it has just been shortlisted for a presigious Innovation Lion at the Cannes Lions 2019 Festival of Creativity, the Oscars of the Advertising world. One of the design briefs for the system should be that it should eliminate plastic in their packaging. More importantly, Corona is actually Open-Sourcing their can design, so that any other company can use it.

Video 169

Best Sharing and Communication Tools


The internet is now the greatest and most popular platform to advertise and share your business. Social media isn’t just for teenagers sharing photos with their friends anymore; it can be a great platform for your company to advertise and share information while staying up to date with news and ideas from all over the world. No matter the form, these sharing and communication tools can help your company advertise and share ideas internationally.

Tools 120

This video shows how bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics

Idea to Value

It shows an enlarged petri dish (2ft by 4 ft), divided into nine zones with varying concentrations of antibiotics designed to kill the E-coli bacteria introduced into the least concentrated areas. The experiment was designed to see if (and how), bacteria could spread in the zone they were comfortable in, but then had to adapt when they met the boundary which would ordinarily kill each individual cell.

Video 181

This air cooling system for the slums uses plastic bottles and requires no electricity

Idea to Value

Developed as a collaboration between the advertising house Grey and local Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd (formed as a joint collaboration between Intel Corporation and Grameen Trust, who provide IT solutions for rural entrepreneurs who provide a service using computing technology in their local communities), they set out to find a solution to the overbearing heat a lot of people lived in, while being simple enough for people to produce and benefit from themselves.

System 160

Innovation Starts with A Question

Rmukesh Gupta

Why don’t we do advertising? WHy don’t we use Design thinking? Once you have enough ideas/possibilities, you might use a “ clarifier ” to start zooming in and close out with a “ binary “ Cultivating a Designers Mindset: This is based on a designers mindset and how designers think – they diverge and converge their thoughts and continue to do so as long as they are not satisfied with their outcome of the exercise.

Deliberately Look in a Different Direction

Destination Innovation

These would be regional operations which could offer advertising on TV for the first time. Various companies were interested in this opportunity and they naturally focussed on the regions with the best demographics – it seemed natural that rich regions would generate more advertising revenue. Bernstein employed a Russian theatre designer to create opulent interiors for his cinemas with Gothic, Renaissance and Moorish influences.

A New Model to Start Innovation

Gijs Van Wulfen

When a major design conference came to town in 2007, they saw an opportunity to earn some extra cash by renting out their spare floor space. In no time they had put together a website advertising lodging for overnight guests which they called “Airbed and Breakfast”. creativity design thinking innovation idea route innovation maze

Smart Online Business Strategies

The Human Factor

Designed by slidesgo / Freepik. Today, businesses don’t have to rely on limited advertising channels; they can utilize several at once to improve customer engagement and raise the profile of their brand. . Time to forget about television and the expense of advertising there.

Employee Spotlight: Abbie Hediger


A: I’ve been interested in Brunner since I first learned about the agency while studying advertising in college. A: I designed graphics for the school newspaper and managed a few websites for different clubs and committees. Meet Abbie Hediger—Brunner’s new Senior Lead, Marketing Communications Planner. She’s got a creative background and a dream of writing and illustrating a children’s book. Read on to learn more about what keeps Abbie busy! Q: Why did you choose Brunner?

Study 56

Let Them Pee: Avoiding the Sign-Up/Sign-In Mobile Antipattern

Boxes and Arrows

This is an excerpt from the upcoming Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers (Wiley, 2013) by Greg Nudelman. Not content with the business of simply “Squeezing the Charmin” (that is, simple advertising), P&G executives decided for some unfathomable reason to force people to sign up for the app in multiple ways. Design Principles Special topic: Mobile UX Uncategorized

10 Awesome Lessons on Innovation from Great Explorers

Gijs Van Wulfen

This advertisement ran in a London newspaper in 1913. He ran through a 417-step checklist designed to ensure that every switch was set in the proper position. Uncategorized design thinking innovation innovatorCould you have imagined answering it? If you did, you are a real innovator. Besides you, over 1000 men did. They were hoping to be chosen for an Antarctic exploration led by Sir Ernest Shackleton. He gained fame for his 1909 expedition to the South Pole.

A New Model to Start Innovation

Gijs Van Wulfen

Dr. Cornelius Herstatt and Birgit Verworn state on this: “Within the innovation process, we believe, the early phases (“fuzzy front end”) to have the highest impact on the whole process and the result, since it will influence the design and total costs of the innovation extremely. When a major design conference came to town in 2007, they saw an opportunity to earn some extra cash by renting out their spare floor space.

3 Innovation Specialists Busting the Myth About Brainstorming

Innovation in Practice

This is how Mark McGuinness defines the term: “‘Brainstorming’ is such a common word that it’s often used to describe any meeting or conversation designed to generate ideas. But what the critics are really complaining about are formal brainstorming sessions, governed by a set of rules that originated with advertising manager Alex Faickney Osborn, in his 1963 book Applied Imagination. Design Thinking Innovation Inside the Box StrategyBy Orly Seagull.

Brunner has been named a 2022 Google Premier Partner


This program is designed for advertising agencies and third parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses. Pittsburgh-based agency, Brunner , has achieved 2022 Premier Partner status in the Google Partners program. This month, Google recognized the achievements of top-performing digital marketing partners across the globe by awarding Premier Partner status as part of the new Google Partners program.