Lessons From Airline Industry Downtime

Daniel Burrus

If you were one of the millions of travelers impacted by the technology breakdown of two major airlines a few months ago, you have my sympathies. In July 2016, Southwest Airlines canceled 2,300 flights when a router failed, delaying hundreds of thousands of passengers.

Branding Strategies – A Scary Mistake for Southwest Airlines


I’m not sure where to start with the brand experience problems for Southwest Airlines in this picture. The entire Southwest Airlines ticketing area was decorated for Halloween. We talk about Southwest Airlines frequently example in Brainzooming branding and content marketing workshops.

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Ten Things United Airlines Might Have Done

Gregg Fraley

Improving Customer Service at United Airlines Requires a Paradigm Shift and Recognizing They Have a Problem. 10 Things United Airlines Might Have Done (see below). Once again we have an incident of extremely poor customer service from a major airline.

Change Management and the Structure of Innovation

Innovation Excellence

It also encompasses process and structure, where change. Innovation change management heirarchy Holacracy Malaysian Airlines Organizational Structure P&G Shimano WalgreensOften innovation is cast in the minds as a pure product related process.

Southwest Airlines President: ‘If You Don’t Like Change, You’re Going to Hate Extinction’

Innovation Leader

We spoke with President Tom Nealon about how Southwest is working to address customer and employee pain points

The Risks of Sticking with Legacy Technology

Daniel Burrus

In a world of exponential change, legacy technology is trouble. In July 2016, Southwest Airlines canceled 2,300 flights when a router failed, delaying hundreds of thousands of passengers. Legacy technology is like that old pair of jeans you wore as a teenager.

The Dangers of Legacy Thinking

Daniel Burrus

For example, Delta Airlines’ entire fleet in the United States was temporarily grounded because of computer problems—the second shutdown over a period of six months also shutting down the carrier’s website and mobile apps. However, we are now in a period of transformational change.

United Airlines Eliminates Bonuses, Angers Employees

Michael Roberto

News reports this morning indicate that United Airlines has announced a significant change to its employee compensation policies. United Airlines President Scott Kirby issued a memo to employees explaining the change. The Points Guy" online travel site obtained a number of employee comments posted over the weekend on tthe airline’s “Flying Together” internal forum (in total, the Points Guy reports that more than 1,700 comments were posted on this forum).

Change Your Thinking, Improve Your Results

Daniel Burrus

Change Your Thinking and you will Change your Results. Just ask Delta Airlines , the British bank Tesco or any other company whose legacy software caused breakdowns and data breaches. We are now in a period of transformational change.

Change 100

United Airlines Reverses Bonus Policy Decision

Michael Roberto

After a firestorm of criticism, United Airlines has walked back their compensation policy change. Here is an excerpt: "Since announcing our planned changes to the quarterly operations incentive program, we have listened carefully to the feedback and concerns you've expressed," Kirby wrote. " Our intention was to introduce a better, more exciting program, but we misjudged how these changes would be received by many of you. Well, that didn't take long.

Robotic Process Automation: what changes with the automation process


For example, companies like airlines employ thousands of customer service agents, but customers are still waiting in line. Therefore, as in other technology projects, it is very important to implement quality change management, which includes preparing users for the transformation. .

When Software Can’t Change the Laws of Physics (or Leadership)


There have been major 737 design upgrades and changes over the years; it is usually easier to do variations on a theme in terms of design, testing, certification, regulatory approvals, etc. Boeing 737 Max in production.

What’s Really Happening with United’s Board?

Adam Hartung

The airline consistently ranks near the bottom in customer satisfaction, and on-time performance. But is changing the directors going to change the company? Or is it just changing the guest list for an haute couture affair? There is no doubt that United is ripe for change.

Entrepreneurs Bring Ideas to Life

Rmukesh Gupta

They beget change. When Richard Branson was mistreated by British Airways, he went on to start Virgin Airlines. For example, one entrepreneur that I know well is Kumar (name changed). They understand that the only thing that is permanent is the wheel of change.

The Hard-to-Abate sectors need innovation solutions to reach Net-Zero Co2 Emissions

Paul Hobcraft

They recognize that being carbon neutral can play a crucial part in their sustainability and Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy while enabling them to do their bit for global climate change. Since the Earth already reacts strongly to small changes in the amount of CO?,

The urge to converge

The Future Shapers

The airline industry is a prime example of a competitive marketplace where no-one gets to rest on their laurels. The low-cost airline (LCA) model was pioneered by Southwest Airlines in the USA in the 1970s, with the sole objective of offering cheaper fares than incumbent airlines.

The Internet of Things Is Creating Smart Airports

Daniel Burrus

The technology failures that caused the widely publicized shutdowns of both Southwest and Delta Airlines in 2016 underscored the very real need to update aging IT infrastructure. Thanks to new technology, many other aspects of airline travel have definitely improved. The tools that we ourselves carry have also improved airline travel. For countless travelers, the term “smart airport” is an oxymoron.

Smisek’s United Ouster – Were You Really Surprised?

Adam Hartung

Since Mr. Smisek organized the merger of Continental (his former employer) with United, creating the world’s largest airline at the time, things have not gone well. Since announcing the merger in 2010, more has gone wrong than right at United: Computer glitches have hounded the airline.

“Decouple” the Value Chain to Drive Digital Disruption


In the case of the travel industry, hotels, airlines, and tour operators decided to bypass the travel agencies and offer their services directly to consumers over the internet. However, it does not fill the medications–that’s still done by CVS (though Amazon recently purchased the company for $1 billion so that may change). “Decoupling” the value chain is the next big strategy for digital innovation and business models.

Strategy to Execution to enable Intelligent Enterprise

Rmukesh Gupta

If the organisation has a history of acquiring new companies and selling them off at a later time at a discount cant suddenly expect that their next acquisition will be different, unless there is a fundamental change in how they approach integrating the acquired companies or products. Great examples are the one’s that I have mentioned above (Alcoa, Southwest Airline, Apple or Amazon). . Premise. All organisation have a stated strategy – one that they would like to execute on.



Start-ups are agile, their organizational structure promotes innovation and drives change forward?—?this They partnered with Lufthansa Systems, Boeing and Gate Group to create innovative solutions for the whole airline-industry.

Analysis Of The Next-Generation Mobility Value Chain

Corporate Innovation

Car rental companies, and even airlines as we consider personal mobility drones and flying cars (and here ), could provide key areas of expertise to the new value chain and become important participants. Table 2 : Areas of expertise contributed by car rental companies and airlines.

The Value of One Good Idea


As Doss points out, changing company culture is not easy—it’s an organizational shift that takes time and effort. For example, in 1972, Southwest Airlines was in deep trouble: they had already been forced to sell a number of their aircraft, and were still losing money at a rapid rate. By transforming Southwest into an airline that was extremely efficient (and known for it), Franklin turned the business around almost as fast as one of his planes.

Crowdsourcing Internal Innovation

Collective Innovation

Enhancement : This is usually a small change to create a difference between other offerings. Line Extension : Takes an existing line and makes a change to set it apart and create differentiation.

Customer Experience: How customer journey impacts business


Often, changing a word may refer to another conception, that defines the success or failure of a customer interaction. In the Thomson Reuters Annual Report, Customer Experience is one of the biggest concerns of large companies leaders.

Overcoming fixedness before being locked in amber

Jeffrey Phillips

These entrants have little or no stake in how the industry or market is built or its existing business models, and in fact can profit by radically changing the business model. Apple was able to disrupt music distribution and publishing because the form factors changed, the technology (digital versus physical media) changed and the music players themselves changed. When multiple factors are changing, disruption is easier to accept.

Best Project Management and Tracking Tools


Without even signing up, the interactive website shows you how easy it is to change projects’ statuses, timelines, and dashboards. Using Wrike would help you prioritize and schedule projects with the same system as some of the biggest companies such as Google, FitBit and Hawaiian Airlines.

Tools 175

Average company lifespan has shrunk to 10 years – Don’t be average!

Innovation 360 Group

WOW Airlines had to cease operations this year while more than thousands of their passengers were in the middle of their journeys. It can happen due to reasons out of your control, like changing cultural values, changing technology, or shifts in customer demographics. Technology is changing so rapidly now that the assumptions you made about the market a few years ago probably no longer hold true. Business Rescue: Part I. Everything is an S-Curve.

What is Digital Transformation in Business and Why is it Important?

Moves the Needle

Digital products in the hands of customers, such as banking, airline or music apps, represent the last piece of the digitization puzzle since many of the back-end systems and processes became computerized over the last several decades. The fundamental issue: the way people think and work has not changed to fit the new digital reality -- people and processes are the bottleneck. Digital transformation is just as much about changing the company culture as it is about the technology.

BMI´s 55 pattern cards: ADD-ON

The BMI Lab Blog

Airlines, car manufacturers, and software companies are usually creating and capturing value in this way. Recent studies have shown that for consumer products choice is first made on the basis of price and other rational criteria, and after that it changes to more emotionally driven criteria.

Book Review – The Disruption Mindset by Charlene Li

Rmukesh Gupta

The case studies are from T-Mobile, nokia, McKinsey, Adobe, Piedmont Healthcare, Stadel Museum, Southern New Hampshire University, ING, Microsoft, South West Airlines & Amazon. Overview: I got a digital preview copy of this book via NetGalley.

Rediscovering sustainable competitive advantage

The Future Shapers

70% of change programs fail to achieve their objectives?. In summary: our organisations make people miserable, they cannot innovate, they cannot change and as a result performance drops like a rock. learns, improves and changes in everything it does.

5 Practices for Leaders of the Future #FutureOfWork

Rmukesh Gupta

This blog post is for you if you plan to become or already are a leader who intends to lead their team in a world where change is the only constant and engagement (employee/customer) is extremely difficult to build. They talk about improvement and not change.

Leave Your Title at the Door and Remove the Door From It's Hinges

Idea Champions

Southwest Airlines also understands this. And so, I decided to share my title-changing revelation with my colleagues -- the "Senior Consultant," the "Webmaster," the "Chief Technology Officer," and the "Director of Operations.".

Five Reasons Companies Fail at Customer Experience Delivery

Legacy Innovation Group

Well–conceived, well–designed, and well–delivered customer experiences are the core foundation for achieving the sort of marketplace leadership that has become the hallmark of companies like Amazon, Apple, Disney, Southwest Airlines, and Zappos.

Shifting Innovation Perspectives for 2019

The Future Shapers

And we looked at new approaches to leadership and its criticality to success both in shaping and delivering the vision as well as in leading through change. For a start there has been a 67% spike in the number of organisations which have increased their funding for change initiatives since 2017 and there has been an 18% uplift in companies which believe they have the culture in place which will enable them to embrace change. [4] 4] Moorhouse Barometer on change 2018-19.

Game Changers: How Citizen Science and Gamification Are Transforming the Business World


In 1890, the American National Weather Service launched the Cooperative Observer Program – a still ongoing project that supports long-term climate studies by reporting national meteorological changes in real time, as recorded by volunteers.

A new value chain for next-generation mobility

Corporate Innovation

Changes in personal mobility. Let’s begin by reviewing the most important challenges contributing to changes in personal mobility. Pollution and climate change are also impacting the quality of our lives, particularly in cities (and here ). Changes in technology. This is common practice today in the airline industry. Today, each TNC runs its own reservation system, much like airlines used to do in the past.

You Are What You Eat, but Not What You Tweet – Thoughts from the Road


I just got A-List status on Southwest Airlines. What You Get Traveling. First trip of the year, and I started getting a sore throat by the first morning. How did I not build up more immunity than THAT? A scratchy throat makes for a long week.

Why you need extreme constraints to fuel innovation


You’ll see that with curiosity you can change the world no matter what daunting constraints try to rein you in. Often, when constraints are imposed on you, you find that changing your initial position on something has helped throw open a whole world of possibilities.

#1,507 – Continuing Education

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Why there are so many Climate Change deniers. We have all become victims of our cognitive biases, refusing to change our worldviews even when presented with compelling new evidence, choosing to believe that which we grew up believing, that which adheres to how we already perceive the world.

Is Surge Pricing Coming of Age?      

Rmukesh Gupta

Hotels, airlines are known to have done this for ages and done well. What has changed is that Toronto International Film Festival did a similar thing – they announced a 2 to 7 USD surcharge on their 49 USD tickets for movies that were the most popular one’s.

20 Ways to Think & Act Like an Innovator

The Future Shapers

We’re not changing anything! But we also have to start believing that we can affect change. To make change possible we need to start believing that we too can affect change. Their attitude drives change. 1 – DARE TO BE DIFFERENT (even a little crazy).

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