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Your Favorite HBR Articles of 2023

Harvard Business Review

And how specifically did it change the way you operate? They called out articles ranging from a 2001 classic article about managing your energy as a worker to a recent magazine piece on storytelling for leaders. We heard from readers in a variety of different industries, writing in from various corners of the world.

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A Vital Change Management Strategy Role: Sharing an Innovation Vocabulary


What are all the change management strategy roles a change agent plays? As we worked on strategic thinking exercises to explore the company’s future vision and user experience, the change management strategy vocabulary the group used was conventional, unemotional, and lacking innovative thinking.


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Avoid Addition Bias – Crop the Photo

Destination Innovation

Nature magazine recently published a paper with the headline – People Systematically Overlook Subtractive Changes. We investigated whether people are as likely to consider changes that subtract components from an object, idea or situation as they are to consider changes that add new components. ‘We

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How college presidents can last in the job to create lasting change

Christensen Institute

Instituting and solidifying lasting change at most colleges and universities is not an overnight phenomenon. Understanding their success has much to teach leaders about how to manage innovation and change. Specifically, what tools of leadership and management a president should use and in what circumstance they should use them.

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How law firms can take governance seriously in today’s changing work environment


Briefing Magazine spoke with Dan Anderson, Vice President and General Manager at SeeUnity , an Anaqua Company, about how law firms can take governance seriously in today’s changing work environment by investing in content automation to keep their systems secure. Firms are heavily tied to their document management systems.

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25 Podcasts for Managers (with Episode Recommendations)


25 Podcasts for Managers. Manager Tools. Change Creator Podcast. We’ve entered the age of podcasts, and everyone can benefit from the distillation of the experiences of experts, including leaders and managers. Find life-changing advice for both yourself and others you know. 25 Business-Management Podcasts.

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A recent article in Forbes Magazine stated that “research scientists have long said every thought that enters the mind eventually finds a place in the body where it bears the burden”. This is because one of the biggest issues that most of us struggle with when it comes to turbulence and exponential change is, dealing with uncertainty.