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How the Customer in 9C Saved Continental Airlines from Bankruptcy

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Howard Tiersky When Gordon Bethune took over as CEO of Continental Airlines in 1994, the carrier had just emerged from its second bankruptcy and was headed for their third and potentially final round. US Department of Transportation … Continue reading →

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Launches "Fly Responsibly" Program

Rebel & Reason

However, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is proving that it is possible to slay larger, globally recognized monsters – even if the organization itself is an inherent part of the problem. Of course, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recognizes that, sometimes, flights are necessary.


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The Double-Handed Approach to Innovation

Destination Innovation

Start by focussing on the market leading product (or products). Can you differentiate your innovation and increase the appeal of the product – maybe to a certain segment of the market – by adding something and removing something else? It does not have to appeal to the whole market. Does the new combination work?

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You Might Need a Loyalty Program If…

Business and Tech

As a marketer, there are some telltale signs to look out for that may indicate that you need a loyalty program: 1. Look at the airline, hotel, rental car, and specialty retail industries. You are competing in a “sea of sameness”. Don’t buy it? Your “leaky bucket” looks more like a sieve. You know nothing about your customers.

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Yet Another Interesting Safety Announcement by an Airline

Rmukesh Gupta

Here is another interesting in-flight safety announcement by Turkish Airline. It is always great to see brands and businesses having fun and collaborate with each other, just like the Lego team and the Turkish Airlines have done so for this campaign. . Enjoy the announcement here. .

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Internal Branding Strategy – 3 Ways to Be Smarter than United Airlines


The folks at Armada Corporate Intelligence offered an internal branding strategy take on the United Airlines woes, offering strategic thinking questions you can ask and answer to improve your brand’s resiliency and avoid brand crises. 3 Ways Your Internal Branding Strategy Can Be Smarter than United Airlines.

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Branding Strategies – A Scary Mistake for Southwest Airlines


I’m not sure where to start with the brand experience problems for Southwest Airlines in this picture. The entire Southwest Airlines ticketing area was decorated for Halloween. We talk about Southwest Airlines frequently example in Brainzooming branding and content marketing workshops.